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Video of the Day:
Psychos & Incels with Fróði Midjord & Ty E

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Fróði Midjord was joined by guest Ty E on Guide to Kulchur yesterday to discuss the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho. This episode of Guide to Kulchur [1] is a bit different. YouTube has become openly hostile to the Right in any form, which has led to the deletion of several channels on the site. The time has come for us to commit to alternate sources for our media and news. As a result, you’ll now find Fróði and friends’ conversations on the Guide to Kulchur BitChute channel [2]. Guide to Kulchur will also stream their shows on their DLive channel [3] as they happen, so don’t forget to follow them there as well. For updates about the channel and related topics, make sure to follow Guide to Kulchur on Twitter [4].

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