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On Bioleninism

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I have a special relationship with the concept of bioleninism. While I’d been based and redpilled for a while, reading Spandrell’s initial posts in early 2018 resonated with me on a deep level. It jumpstarted my own path as a commentator and a more active participant in dissident politics. In fact, for the bulk of 2018, I functioned as a superfluously erudite explicator and expander of the idea of bioleninism. Before, I had been reading the old paleocons and paleolibertarians, graduating to Moldbug and allied neoreactionaries, but internalizing using bioleninism as a conceptual lens awoke in me a deep contempt for the enemy — the bioleninist coalition — not just because of the fact that as a white, heterosexual male I am the object of their resentful crusade, but also due to the sheer ugliness and anti-civilizational force of the bioleninist coalition. It has been two and a half years since Spandrell’s three [1]part [2] essay [3] was completed — it may be time to reflect on it.

It begins with an analysis of the problem of creating a ruling coalition — a winning political formula, and all the problems inherent in both feudalism and classical liberalism with regard to that. Long story short, the classical liberal model provides a massive state staffed by people with no loyalty to each other or the state, whereas the feudal model provides excellent loyalty and stability, but the feudal state is of necessity small and not very good at major projects — after all, what is feudalism but a homeowners’ association writ large? And so, a political formula arises to capture power — Leninism.

Leninism is, quite simply, the gathering of a political coalition based on their loser status, their resentment towards their betters in society, and the fact that they’d be nothing without the Party. The loyalty of Leninist cadre is ensured through his dependence on the Party for his status in society, which status he would not have otherwise. Conversely, the enemy of the Party is of necessity the person who would have something independent of the Party, even if the Party were to disappear tomorrow. The enemies of the Party run the gamut from a kulak — a peasant farmer who has two cows rather than one — to a shopkeep in Petrograd, Cossacks in Zaporozhye, Germans in the Volga, all the way to the Little Father, emissary and servant of the Great Father in Heaven, the Tsar and Autokrator of All the Russias.

Who is, therefore, the Party? Resentment is a strange thing — we don’t see it in the peasantry of Russia, but rather, the Bolsheviks were middle and upper-middle class. We don’t see much of it in Russians, either. Bolshevism was a movement with Jewish brains, Caucasian (as in, from the Caucasus) balls, and Latvian muscle [4]. What did these three ethnicities have in common? They were the perpetual other in the Russian Empire, permanently separated from both the German-Nordic aristocracy and Russian commoners despite their newfound wealth.

Leninism was a means of weaponizing resentment, of using its burning passion to forge the iron bonds of the Party. The CPSU was a well-oiled machine that ruled everything in the Soviet Union and got things done. Considering the economic insanity under which they found themselves forced to operate, they did a fairly good job of governing the vast expanse of ye old Soyuz Nerushimi, even after the death of Stalin left a massive power vacuum that was never again filled by a charismatic, capable strongman, only by the grey, old men of the Politburo.

You can buy The World in Flames: The Shorter Writings of Francis Parker Yockey here. [5]

Bioleninism is that same basic model of building a ruling coalition — a revolutionary army turned ruling party — from the losers and dregs of society. This time, however, mobilizing the working class didn’t quite work out. The working class in the mid-to-late 20th century in Western Europe and North America was well-off and well-respected. Therefore, the coalition had to be built out of people who’d catch the bum end of even the wealthiest and most egalitarian society. Those who are biologically unfit to be in it. The stupid, the violent, the sexually deviant, the mentally ill, the unmarried, unmarriable women. The ethnic minorities, even if they were indeed wealthy, for being a member of a foreign tribe makes you low status regardless of wealth. And so, the Bioleninist coalition hoved into view — an army of blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, feminists, homosexuals, pedophiles, transsexuals, schizophrenics and worst of all, single women in their mid-to-late 30s. And they are fanatically loyal to the Party because they are literal human garbage without the party. Without the ideology of woke and the massive power of the state to protect them, the bioleninist clients would be shit out of luck — like Antifas attacking a Right-wing gathering, they’d be crushed in a fair fight. This is why the cult of woke is so fearful of those evil white racists and supremacists — because they understand that unless their party remains in power, they’ll be carted off to the various institutions — mental and correctional — that sane societies construct to house their kind. Contrast that to the lack of loyalty which the Republican party commands from the Right. The average white Republican voter rightfully understands that the GOP is a bunch of dorks without whom his life wouldn’t change much, or might actually get marginally better. Apropos, he votes in elections, but does not go the extra mile — he doesn’t pester his relatives, leaflet neighborhoods, put up posters or try to get liberals banned from social media. He just wants to grill, for Chrissakes! [6]

Bioleninism is also applicable to the foreign policy [7] of a hegemonic empire ruled by a bioleninist cadre. The bioleninist hegemon will choose to support nonviable tribes aspiring to the status of client statelets in conflicts that do not otherwise concern it, because in such entities, it will find reliable and fanatically loyal allies which give it pretexts and moral cover to involve itself in various conflicts around the world. Behold, bioleninist loyalty in song form [8].

We are now witnessing the ever-progressing expansion of the bioleninist coalition to such dregs as were unimaginable just a few years ago. The recent unpleasantness in America resulted in the beatification of the violent criminal, porn star, drug addict, and all-around worthless excuse for a human being George Floyd, who is now venerated as a saint in the cult of woke. If he had only been trans and mentally ill, he’d have been bioleninist Jesus. The bioleninist cadre has been given free rein to loot and vandalize America’s cities in honor of this new saint.

We might be tempted to think that the resentment fueling the bioleninist coalition is class-based, economic in nature or otherwise, well. . . rational. But it’s all status-based, and money and class don’t always grant status. Even Leninism Classic had an enormous bioleninist component — all those outsider ethnicities, especially the one which is perpetually low status despite wealth. As we have learned this week from the erstwhile Abigail Shapiro and her crusade for nose positivity among Disney princesses [9] (I shit thee not, dear reader), the root of resentment is usually something petty like nose shape or size among women. Imagine being made to feel excluded as all those blondes with petite noses get hitched to the muscle-bound Nordic-presenting chads with lantern jaws, and then going home and have your yenta mother yack your ear off about Jerry from down the lane with the mole on his upper lip and the schnoz which can sniff Oz whose dad is an accountant for Goldman Sachs. Almost makes a girl want to pursue a career in professional grievance studies and hack out a Ph.D. thesis explaining why male attraction to women with normal-sized noses is pathological and indicative of Advanced Rape Fascism.

Beyond just the coalition of the fringes, bioleninism is the single most successful political formula on the planet, and its passionate resentment of the white, heterosexual, male, Christian, and increasingly, sane and law-abiding will only intensify as the bioleninist coalition needs ever-greater hysterics to keep trucking along, to find increasingly dysfunctional, crazy and downright ugly (in the spiritual sense) people to fill its ranks. It’s been long a joke on the Right that the Left will eventually make pedophiles and child molesters the latest addition to the coalition. There are many signs that this is next on the menu. After all, is there a better candidate for “has nothing outside of the party” than a literal child rapist?

Expect pedophile story hour to come to a library near you.

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