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Are You Also Frightened?

He doesn’t even have shoes on.

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The McCloskeys waving what amount to toys in the hands of the untrained was the single most impotent display of fear and guilt that has graced the screens of the West this month. This incident was laughable in and of itself, but was made even worse by the couple’s spineless cope [1] of a public statement on the matter:

“Both Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey acted lawfully on their property which sits on a private gated lane in the City of St. Louis,” Watkins claimed. “Their actions were borne solely of fear and apprehension, the genesis of which was not race-related. In fact, the agitators responsible for the trepidation were white.”

“The peaceful protesters were not the subject of scorn or disdain by the McCloskeys,” Watkins claimed, though videos from the scene show the couple shouting and gesticulating with their guns, sweeping the barrels back and forth over the crowd. “To the contrary, they were expecting and supportive of the message of the protesters.”

The McCloskeys belong to a social class of people who generally feel invincible. Consider their “stylish” digs in the middle of what many are hasty to point out is a gated community. Their life is solely devoted to their lawyerly work and enjoying the bountiful fruits of their highly-valued labor. To them, the law and the country they live in are abstractions, societal ephemera that call out for their careful manipulation to the ends of their clients and themselves. They ultimately care not for the “real world,” as it were, because they have the opportunity to retreat back into their gaudy mansion behind the walls that guard other rich people from the riff-raff outside.

Perhaps it is difficult to blame them. Afforded the opportunity to retreat from the often chaotic, violent, and collapsing West when such a thing is suitable sounds like a sweet deal. This is the attitude, of course, of the bourgeoise; one who flees immediately from the scene of trouble, as such a thing scares a man who spends his time and money every waking moment in the pursuit of insulating oneself from conflict. The McCloskeys are lawyers, but their struggles lie exclusively in the domain of civil society, whereby disputes can be litigated and settled without fists. The McCloskeys can afford to shield themselves from the scary outside world, as they’re skilled at navigating the byzantine codes that govern the society they’d evidently rather not participate in.

It is easy to criticize the protestors and defend the McCloskeys on the basis that these groups broke into a gated community. Anyone living inside of this upper-class enclave would rightfully be concerned about a mob walking past their homes, and knowing the “peaceful” redistributive tendencies of these mobs, might consider whether they need to bring out the big guns. But why do these communities exist? They are hideouts, safe spaces for the country’s bourgeoisie to tuck tail and run to whenever things start getting hairy outside the walls. It’s difficult to criticize men for wanting peace and safety, but in a country where our rich occupy very powerful positions in society, we have to wonder why the same opportunities are not being afforded to us.

The McCloskeys are civil rights attorneys. They have the power to use their law skills for good, and potentially make some effort towards offering the same peace and security they value to wider society. There is often talk of the need to court the rich and successful to our causes, under the belief that these same people can be convinced of our aims and support us materially and legally. But the fact of the matter is that such a deal does not check out in the calculus of the upper class. These people stand to gain much more by gaming the system in the ways that they know how to, and by brokering deals with those that are in power and can offer them something for their efforts. The Right is not in power. We cannot “offer” them anything concrete but our own visions, and such visions don’t include the promise of profit by legal maneuvering or money-changing.

When the birds come home to roost as a consequence of the ruling class’s actions, they can afford to run away. Many have already run away to gated communities and guarded mansions, like the McCloskeys have. Some are considering running away towards relative safety [2] in other parts of the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. When shit hits the fan, these people run away.

The fabulously rich, in danger of sounding like a Marxist, are not “just other people” who can be persuaded. Their interests do not align with either the New Right’s or those of the average white person in general, since the functions of the global financial system, local and international legal systems, and the global real estate market depend upon globalization and ever-increasing profits at their core. When the rich behave in this way, it’s foolish to sympathize with their plight. We ought to hold them accountable. It is exactly the sort of people who have the greatest power to impact history who should bear the most responsibility for what’s going on. The McCloskeys had an opportunity to do something, and they instead chose to capitulate in the hopes of recovering some of their business. They might succeed in clawing back enough to live semi-comfortably for the rest of their lives, but we all know by now that you stand to make no friends by cucking.

It will be interesting to see what remains of their law firm in a year.

The people that make up the bulk of the Dissident Right today tend to be those who couldn’t afford being doxed and losing their jobs or place in their university. This is a partial motivation for these spheres’ emphasis on anonymity. So why is it that the people who stand to lose everything are the ones willing to take that risk, and those that could (seemingly) afford a sharp disruption to their cash flows do not? There is ultimately no real excuse for this, unless we naively presume that the lily-white suburban dwellers and investment company managers of the world come home at 6:00 PM and sign in to their Twitter account @KasDegikes931488 to relax after a long day.

We stand to gain nothing from attempting to appeal to the interests of people that view our ends as unfortunate disruptions to their otherwise idyllic existences. We stand to gain everything from mocking them, especially when the jig is up and the best they can do is go full Siege Karen on their manicured lawns. The restless public is not looking for a political bloc that can broker alliances with those running the same institutions that they do not trust. They are looking for the political bloc that calls these people what they are: useless and pathetic.

The New Right is not “new” in the grand scheme of things. We have been relevant long enough that if big money saw anything of interest in us, they would have bankrolled us by now. They haven’t, and it’s increasingly unlikely that they will. My tune on this subject could, quite frankly, be changed very easily if I saw evidence to the contrary.

The single best thing that could happen for white interests right now is for the elites to get scared and realize they no longer have anywhere to run to. Perhaps then they’ll consider putting gates up around a country instead of a neighborhood. A teasing of this occurred on the greenways of Saint Louis this week. Let’s not do anything to assuage their fears.

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