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We Have Indulged Them Long Enough

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I don’t like black people. Let’s get that out of the way right now. Yes, in my life there have been perhaps three black individuals that I was truly fond of (one of whom I still am). But as a group, I recognize that black Africans represent a particularly violent threat to Western civilization, a civilization I love dearly.

Of course, this dislike is a factor of location rather than an eternal emotion. I don’t dislike blacks in an absolute sense. I freely recognize the things they do well and appreciate them for it. I simply resent having to share a country with them, with all the tension, risk, and violence this entails. I want my country to accomplish great things. I want law and order. And I want a nice, safe place where I can raise my children. Since blacks make these three goals more difficult to achieve, I dislike them.

Does this disturb you? I am addressing this question to all the blacks, Leftists, and liberals reading this. Does this disturb you? The correct answer is, “I don’t care.” The reason why is because “Hey, let’s censor our own thought and speech because we might offend white people” is something blacks do not say these days. In fact, they haven’t had such a respectful attitude to their white countrymen in a very long time. So, if blacks do not care about what offends whites, then why should I or any white care a whit about what offends blacks?

Years ago, the Left established this anti-white imbalance: Black feelings matter, whereas white feelings do not. For example, a white using the word “nigger,” say, fifty years ago, would have been considered gauche or impolite. Thirty years ago, it was grounds for ostracism. Twenty years ago, it amounted to career suicide. Today, it’s grounds for a vicious beating [1] on the streets. Tomorrow, it will be a crime — followed by more vicious beatings, no doubt. Meanwhile, blacks can use the word “nigger” as often as they please, along with anti-white epithets such as “cracker” and “redneck.” In the past, they would mostly speak their racism. Now, as our cities burn and our police departments are disbanded and our city governments toppled, they’re acting on it.

The purported rationale behind this imbalance is that, since all races are equally intelligent and have equal potential, the only explanation for blacks being at the bottom of the barrel is racism and oppression from whites. That this is a whirligig of lies means nothing to people, black and white, who frankly don’t have the intelligence and honesty to realize that, no, the races do not have the same intellectual potential, and no, white people do not oppress black people. It’s the other way around if you look at crime statistics and how in 2018 blacks committed over ninety percent [2] of the black-white violent crime in America.

Here’s a nice chart to illustrate my point:

Since the May 25th death of George Floyd, which ignited the nation-wide riots, there have been two cold-blooded black-on-white murders of police, one of Sgt. Stephen Williams [3] in Alabama and one of officer Cody Holte [4] in North Dakota. So, technically, Floyd has been avenged two times over, but is this going to satisfy the blacks? Are they finally going to realize that they’ve made their point and go back to their lives?

Of course not.

Because the true rationale behind this imbalance is not a fight for justice (as blinkered and ignorant as it is) but a grab for power. Another reason why I dislike blacks — they lie. At least their leaders lie, and the others follow them well enough to render dissenting black voices, like that of Candace Owens, irrelevant. They say that black lives matter, but when blacks murder blacks by the thousands every year, they say nothing and do nothing. They say they want justice, but when their own kind commits gross and violent acts of injustice [5] against non-blacks, they say nothing and do nothing. And now, murder rates are spiking [6] in our burning cities as black thugs go on rampage after rampage, and what do black leaders do? They call for more of it.

No, the only thing that truly animates blacks is attacking whitey. These riots are nothing more than the black bid to break the back of white America and replace it with African-styled mayhem and murder — just like they did in Haiti over two centuries ago. [1] [7] It’s anti-white racism, pure and simple. Imagine that. People who can’t stop running their mouths about how much they hate racism engaging in his racist behavior themselves.

So, tell me, what is there to like about black people? Black people don’t even like black people. The barbaric black-on-black homicide rate should indicate this well enough. If they did like each other so much, they wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to integrate with whites during the 1960s. I interpret this as their wanting to get away from their own kind. They were drawn to whites because of the safer, better world we build for ourselves and anyone lucky enough to live among us. Whites, in fact, treat blacks better than they treat themselves. Whites were the best friends the blacks ever had — yes, and this includes slavery. To prove this, I will ask who’s the competition? What other race has been in substantial contact with blacks and treated them more humanely than whites? Did the Arabs treat them better? Doubtful, since the Arabs enslaved far more blacks than the whites did, led them northward through Africa in a route far more treacherous than the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and castrated all the males. [2] [8] Did the South Americans treat them better? Doubtful, given how bad the poverty is for blacks over there. Finally, did the blacks in Africa treat themselves better? Not according to the archeological record, which indicates that African blacks warred with each other constantly and had a greater number of war deaths as a percentage of their population than in the civilized world — even in France during World War I. [3] [9]

Compare all of this to the $1.1 trillion [10] in buying power that blacks have in the United States. In terms of GDP alone, this makes black America the 17th wealthiest nation [11] in the world, above the Netherlands and Switzerland, according to the IMF. And they have the nerve to complain? Does anyone really believe that blacks could have generated this kind of wealth on their own, without whites and their suicidal determinization to indulge them every step of the way?

This black bid for power must end now. Their use of history and slavery as a weapon against gullible and well-meaning whites must end now. Whites simply have to say no to this. And there are many things we can do to restrict the power and influence of blacks, starting with a boycott of all things black. This includes sportsball, black pop music, black comedians, and movies and television programs that prominently feature blacks. Much of their wealth and influence stems from their three fields of genius: sports, music, and show-biz. Whites need to anathematize all three whenever blacks are involved. Recently, retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather decided to pay for George Floyd’s funeral. UFC Middleweight champ Israel Adesanya also spoke up in favor of Black Lives Matter. In response, whites should boycott all boxing or MMA cards in which blacks like these headline.

A general boycott of black businesses is another tactic, and these businesses don’t need to be black-owned, just visibly black. For example, I recently chose not to buy a certain brand of barbecue sauce because the label featured a black man. Whites need to cut blacks out of our social circles and openly forbid black-white miscegenation with our children. Speaking of children, whites need to start having more of them within the bounds of traditional marriage. If we’re afraid of black people now, when they are in the minority, imagine how we’ll feel when they’re in the majority. We have to make sure that never happens, and this can only mean more white babies.

Whites also need to stop supporting and identifying with our universities. It does not matter how many fond memories we have of alma maters. Our alma maters have been hotbeds of Leftist insurrection for years. Nothing says “cuck” more than a white person sporting university paraphernalia. Our universities bow to pressure from Black Lives Matter and other organs of black power, and they actively discriminate against whites. So why give them money? Why attend their functions or their sporting events? Why buy their merchandise?

Why feed the beast which seeks to devour us?

Whites also need to call blacks out on their racism. For example, any time a black uses the W-word (or the other N-word [12]) in the presence of a white, that white should, within the bounds of reason, complain and push back. As a group, whites need to complain and push back. But that can only start if individuals lead the way.

Of course, we should do no harm. We should not engage in violence. We should not take the enemy on in the streets where they are strongest. We also lose nothing in being polite with blacks who are polite with us. But we must recognize that America is not our country anymore. It has become too convoluted with too many races and religions and languages to properly stand on its own. We cannot identify as Americans anymore. We are white-Americans. As much as I hate to say it, we have to embrace the hyphen.

Until the happy day we can return to a more natural state of affairs in a white ethnostate, American whites are just going to have to get used to the fact that we are going to be a minority very soon. We need to start acting like it. This means fighting for our own interests as a demographic group, like all demographic groups do.

It also means that, from now on, we indulge no one.

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