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To Enlist or Not to Enlist

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Young men even in the best of times often have trouble identifying what paths they should pursue in life. It is common to know that you want to achieve something, but not know what that thing exactly is, or how to go about it. As of now, the Global Virus has caused mass economic devastation that makes finding a job, especially as a new entrant, difficult. A proper, dignified career may seem further away than ever. Likewise, the peaceful African riots have caused colleges around the country to further intensify their liberal anti-White poz even further, making college even less attractive to a sane Nationalist. We were already having to walk on eggshells, but come fall semester, setting foot on campus will be like navigating a minefield.

Even before the double whammy of an economic recession and the rise of the all-pervading cult of the martyrdom of Saint Fentanyl Floyd, enlisting in the military was extremely attractive to right-wing youth. Adventure, excitement, free college, cool weapons and vehicles, getting away from pesky parents, and the need to challenge and differentiate ourselves made it seem like a natural choice. Healthy men and particularly aristocrats have a natural desire to fight for their people and to step outside of their comfort zone.

To enlist or not to enlist — that is the question. Ultimately, that is up to you to decide. However, I would tentatively recommend yes — assuming that you understand exactly why you are joining, and what you are getting into. All is not well in the state of military affairs. Also, you should only enlist if you do not already have opportunities in politics, business, or a trade, or if your parents cannot or will not pay for college. This may seem crassly self-interested, but as you will see, such an attitude is entirely justified.

Your principal goals of enlisting should be free college, friendship with other patriots, respect and differentiation, and character building. You should not enlist for ‘‘boogaloo’’ training, a dream of jumping out of airplanes like in Call of Duty and the recruitment posters, or with the expectation that you will be doing some great service for your Nation (which is America, not to be confused with the Disunited States or ZOG).

It may seem paradoxical to enlist with the goal of free college if you enlisted in whole or in part to avoid going to college for whatever reason, such as liberal insanity or a dislike of academia. However, this should be your primary goal above all others. The GI Bill is incredibly lucrative, and given the number of schools with Yellow Ribbon programs it will almost always cover tuition 100%. It also covers living expenses based on how expensive the area around your college is. Unless you have the financial irresponsibility of a Negro rapper, you will not have to go into debt. You can even live quite comfortably. This is important because it will fundamentally change your college experience from what it would otherwise be. You will not have the existential dread of debt, or the worry of losing scholarships (a cisgender white boy — aka fascist — like you wouldn’t get special scholarships anyways), or have to eat cheaply, or have to beg your parents for money like a little kid. This is a life of both fun and dignity, which is rare in this degenerate age. Even if college still isn’t your thing, you can still use it for trade school.

Besides, given the hard work and nonsense you will have to endure, you will fully deserve these lucrative benefits. As things currently stand, if you do anything other than 4 years and quit, you are seriously being underpaid and degraded to the point of being an indentured servant. 20 years and retire is no longer a viable option because of how much things suck, and besides, it has been replaced by the BRS (blended retirement system). BRS is as confusing as it is unpopular, and is generally held to be a massive scam. Besides, this farce of a country may disintegrate long before then. Do not be persuaded by enlistment bonuses offered for doing 6 years or for reenlisting, as they are a trap. If things didn’t suck so badly with poor quality of life, systematic career field mismanagement, liberal poz, burnout, and low retention, they wouldn’t be offered. Therefore, doing 4 years with the primary goal of the GI Bill in the spirit of a shameless mercenary is the only logical path in the current year.

Friendship with other quality white males should be another prime objective, particularly if you are from a liberal area. You will still have your fair share of Shaniquas, libtard traitors, and imbeciles to sort through, but it will be significantly easier to find and connect with /ourguys/. This may seem like a trivial thing to enlist for, but given how insufferable and even dangerous normies have become (apparently not posting a black square on Instagram is worthy of being doxed by wannabe commissars) it is actually a very legitimate goal. Finding true friendship is almost impossible these days, probably at least in part by the design of would-be social engineers and the invisible forces that they unknowingly serve. Finding a true comrade is not just good for your own health and happiness, but also essential for our nationalist struggle, as every great endeavor in human history has been the work of teams, not atomized individuals. Even the divine Julius Caesar had his bro, Marcus Antonius. The friendships that you form while in the military will last long after you leave.

The differentiation that you will gain can not be understated. Before, you were just another cis-gendered, able-bodied white boy when it came to admissions, scholarships, and hiring — in other words, least favored no matter your merits. After you get out, you get a magical diversity and inclusion box to fill. The only other way to get such a position as a white boy in the current year is to chop your dick off, or at least dress in drag. If you plan on going into either politics or metapolitics, the added respect will prove immensely helpful. While this may seem very self-serving, remember that it’s playing the rigged game against itself. Besides, as discussed below, the current establishment is focused on gathering resume bullets for their careerist promotions, so it makes sense to throw it in their faces and treat the whole farce as a resume bullet for the outside world.

Building character may sound like a boomer cliché, and most nationalists already have substantially more character than the masses. Neither is it necessary that all or even most of our leaders in the movement have military experience. Nonetheless, enlisting can greatly increase your character, which will make you an even better asset to the movement. It will afford you not just an opportunity to learn about the various aspects of character such as discipline, respect for self and others, integrity, good judgment, patience, and teamwork, but also an opportunity to apply them hands-on. Of course, this varies across branch and career field within a branch, and there are many dirtbag enlistees in these dreary days who shun such salutary things, but a nationalist can still find these opportunities and grow from them.

If you can organize your gear, you can organize an event. If you can work with random people under stress, you can work with nationalists whom you have a lot more in common with under less stress. If you can make it to PT (physical training) formation on time to avoid extra duty, you can be punctual to job interviews. If you can complete taskers by close of business, you can write essays well before the night they’re due. If you can be impassive in the face of a shrieking Drill Instructor, you can smirk at a shrieking blue-haired demiboy. If you learn to obey, you are better suited to command as you will have compassion for those you command. And if you are a nationalist, you had better maintain your fitness and grooming standards so that our people will see you as a natural leader instead of becoming fat and disheveled like a normie.

An illustrating case study of this is Nathan Damigo. It was under his leadership by example that Identity Evropa was founded and thrived, which in hindsight was one of the few good things to come out of the era of the Alt-Right, and to such an extent that Identity Evropa was arguably distinct from it, separated by a gulf of positive attitude and quality. While he appears to have retired from politics, while he was with us, he shone as a beacon of excellence amidst a sea of toxicity, immaturity, infighting, chaos, and unmitigated autism. Although he undoubtedly would have still been a net positive to the movement if he had remained a civilian, his experience as a Marine, and a combat veteran at that, enhanced his leadership skills. This was in spite of the PTSD that those same experiences inflicted on him. Of all the would-be leaders of that era, who among them had true character? Besides Nathan, not many, and certainly not to the same degree. He was both a badass and kind, decisive and even-handed, hardworking but chill. The podcasters, Twitter personalities, and livestreamers may be numerous, but most of them aren’t much good for anything. If Nationalism is going to go anywhere, we need more leaders with character like him at all levels of the movement.

Let us turn to dispel some of the things which you should not enlist for. I am hesitant to even address it, but enlisting for ‘‘boogaloo’’ training — as in infantry tactics, techniques, and procedures — is honestly silly. First, there are already legions of veterans, many with combat experience, who are already part of or adjacent to our movement. Virile men prefer virile jobs and virile politics; this is basic biology.

Second, there is a disturbing trend of the treasonous brass freaking out about ‘‘white supweeemacists’’ entering the ranks to obtain combat training. At first glance, this may seem like an argument to pursue it, as what the adversary doesn’t want is usually a good thing. However, it is probable that inquisitorial-like scrutiny will only increase. If you are doxed while in uniform, and especially in something that is combat-related or requires a security clearance, it’s not going to be fun. To the argument that you are dox proof because you aren’t part of an official nationalist organization, remember that doxing has been expanded to include moralistic busybodies reporting that guys once said the N-word two years ago and the like. If that seems unlikely, consider how the brass has taken allegations by Antifa terrorists as reliable. Acting on intel provided by some twerking sheeboon or Instagram thot would actually be an improvement. To the argument that they wouldn’t take action because they need politically incorrect White men to function, remember that the brass at this point is not interested in winning wars so much as they are interested in advancing their careers, which means virtue signaling. They are happy to train 850 Saudi savages [1] despite how the worst terror attack committed on American soil was almost entirely committed by Saudi savages. Their priority is not honor or victory, but competing to see who can commit the most treason to advance their pathetic careers, and bringing the hammer down on you to intimidate other patriots is probably the best way to do that.

Third, while I am not a tactical person, I assume that combat training can be taught and learned like any other skill, and there are numerous tactical classes taught by high-speed combat veterans including special forces for various prices. Fourth, there is a chance that your life would be thrown away on some poorly conceived escapade, and probably to advance Israel’s interests. America desperately needs you alive and eventually outside of the military. Fifth, if the brass are traitors who want to elevate soulless careerists, trannies, and Shaniquas over honorable men, let them sleep in the bed they are making. If nationalist men treated the military as everyone else did, and only did 4 years in easy jobs, the whole thing would implode. It actually already is imploding. Our adversaries are imbeciles; they fear nationalists in the ranks, when it is the exact opposite that they should fear. To the argument that if we did a soft boycott like this then the military could be more easily used against our people, remember that Africans make poor soldiers, liberals are pussies, and in such a scenario they would probably kill anyone suspected of being loyal to America within the first few minutes anyway.

To the argument that combat would make you a badass like Nathan Damigo, consider that it is a gamble. You might come back a badass, but also possibly not at all, or badly wounded in body and mind. Some of /ourguys/ have told me they want to pursue combat as an Evolian quest for metaphysical purposes. I will concede that there is a slight possibility that it can be such a thing. However, that is highly unlikely in the current year due to both the Kali Yuga and the nature of modern warfare. I don’t know many who have gone through modern combat, but of those who did, none described it as spiritually uplifting or possessing metaphysical qualities. This is no longer the era of phalanxes. You are perhaps better off pursuing extreme sports or nationalist politics for an Evolian quest. Modern warfare sucks, and the losses it inflicts are not glorious, but senseless.

Now, let us turn to how stupid things currently are so that you can enlist with proper expectation management. If you hoped to escape liberal poz, think again. The highest levels are social justice warriors instead of a warrior caste. Take for example how Army General Milley almost resigned [2] after being in a photo with his Commander in Chief outside a church that had been infested with rioter scum. Apparently, his feelings were hurt by criticisms on social media, like a little girl instead of a leader. Furthermore, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Wright posted a subversive picture and Twitter thread in which he stated ‘‘I am George Floyd’’ along with comparisons to several other Dindus. This is not possible, because testing positive for drugs and committing armed robbery are one-way tickets to a speedy discharge.

Dindu Wright also subverted President Trump’s policy on transgender freaks [5] and played the race card at the same time in 2017, when he remarked “there was a time when I couldn’t serve in our United States Air Force.” It’s unsurprising that he would be so insubordinate, because he knows his boss General (((Goldfein))) will back him up. Fun fact: Goldfein is being replaced by a black man, General Brown, in August, undoubtedly picked via affirmative action in wake of the martyrdom of Saint Fentanyl Floyd — but not before starting an ‘‘independent review of our legal system, racial injustice, and opportunities for advancement [6]’’ which will undoubtedly be a waste of time, money, and effort. Former Marine General Mattis, who made a career out of hyping his image up like a politician (he’s also almost certainly gay, and in a subversive fifth column way), attacked Trump as a ‘‘threat to the Constitution.’’ A breakdown in the rule of law with separate rules for Whites and Joggers is just fine with him, though.

As shit rolls downhill, so too does SJW poz. There are now briefings, training days, and CBTs (computer-based training) that could have come straight out of the sociology department of a liberal arts school. The most dangerous though, is SAPR (sexual assault prevention and response). Imagine #MeToo, but on steroids, with every female in the unit being instructed on how they can wreck any man’s life on a whim.

Even before the poz, the military had numerous briefings, trainings, and policies that were asinine to the point of being insulting. There is a CBT for almost everything — to include fire extinguisher use. It’s like being lectured and nagged by an overbearing Karen. This is part of a wider problem of condescending to warriors as if they were toddlers. Admittedly, quality has decreased and some really are that stupid. For those of us who are not, though, it is unbearably humiliating at times. I and dozens of others were once reminded to properly wipe our butts because someone in the unit acquired an embarrassing rash from not doing so. Group punishment is another insulting thing. In the wider world, it is not my problem in the slightest that some Dindu got a DUI, was late to work, got fat, or missed a dental appointment; they instead have to at least die in police custody from a drug overdose for their shortcomings to affect me. That my roommate left loose change on his desk is somehow a problem at all, let alone mine, fails to elude my comprehension. It was rather hypocritical, too, because higher-ranking officers have nice fancy houses tended to by their waifus and with their yards mowed by Mexicans, but strangely, I was not allowed to invade their personal living space and unreasonably criticize it. Whether or not Marines could roll their sleeves was a running controversy; for years, the micro-managing answer from above was ‘‘no, you may not roll your sleeves, because I get sunburnt,’’ as if that was any of their business anyways. These so-called leaders of the most badass branch had the same effeminate attitude of ‘‘you need to wear a sweater because I’m cold’.’

There is also a tedium of bureaucracy that is in stark contrast to the life of adventure, action, and meaningful sacrifice that was promised. Everyone is expected to obsess over writing perfect performance review bullets so they and their supervisees can maybe get an edge in promotion, when they should instead be focusing on any number of more worthwhile things, such as doing their job. Writing haiku poetry about how wiping down gym equipment helped defeat ISIS is silly. Someone going a day overdue in annual training is a crisis. There are a plethora of taskers (many of which you are notified of last-minute) and busywork that do not advance national security in the slightest. Volunteering is a nice, white thing to do, but expecting guys who are deployed for half of the year to also volunteer is overbearing. The myth of military efficiency will be dispelled when you log into DTS (defense travel system) to file a travel voucher.

I don’t know how things became like this, but I have theories. Even decades ago, there was a cult-like mentality that some military men slipped into. Destroying morale and acting like a petty dictator was long tolerated for unknown reasons. There were also cycles of war and peace. During peace, people might indulge in careerist nonsense, but things always came back into focus during wartime. However, with each cycle, the tide of vapid careerism went a little higher. Finally, the War on Terror happened, which was an extended intermingling of war and peace, which managed to combine the worst of both. Everyone who wasn’t a warfighter or in direct support of warfighters wanted to get shiny promotion points too, so they collectively pushed for careerism. The death knell was Obama, though, who seems to have accelerated the quiet decay that had been going on and who made sure that left-wing careerists dominated the brass. The rest is history. As the nonsense increased, the quality guys who decided to stay in became fewer and fewer. Anyone who stays in these days must be inept, crazy, or really like their job. The lack of retention exacerbated the lack of quality, and so things finally became the disaster that it is today. There are still a few cool guys from the old guard, but they are outnumbered and close to retirement.

Now that you really know how bad things are, it’s time to learn how to mitigate the suck and turn lemons into lemonade. You need to find a good squad of guys, who even if they aren’t red-pilled yet, at least have good instincts. Along with being right-wing, they need to be the type that avoids trouble. Friendship makes everything better, and it’s good to know who you can rely on. Try to do something other than clichély drink at the bars every weekend. If you see underage drinking or drugs at a party, you need to leave ASAP.

Do not have social media, unless it is totally private, hidden, and separated from your normie life with an iron curtain. Watch whatever you say around liberals, and don’t try to debate them either. Don’t argue during the SJW indoctrination sessions. Instead, feel out white guys one-on-one by slowly revealing your hand; try to identify them based on physiognomy, interests, and body language.

Pass your PT test, don’t go overdue on training, don’t be late. This will put you ahead of several losers, and your supervisors will be grateful that you simply function as it means less work for them, and so will be inclined to leave you alone. Be above average as you don’t want to be a dirtbag or a burden on others, and because you ultimately must sleep in the bed you make. However, don’t be too good, as people will then constantly expect you to do everything, and this can lead to burnout.

While I am very natalist — and yes you get extra pay for having a wife and kids — I recommend not jumping into marriage, if at all. Do not get married straight out of Basic as your judgment will be impaired, and don’t marry mil-to-mil either, as your wife would then know exactly how to vindictively destroy you via #MeToo accusations as discussed above. Be wary of a mentally unhinged thot hunting for BAH (basic allowance for housing), as they are a future dependopotamus. Your wife also needs to be loyal, and especially so if your career field deploys a lot. While most military wives and girlfriends are faithful, the negative stereotype that they are not exists for a reason due to some bad apples who excel at causing drama.

You need to have a plan that becomes more concrete as time passes. By two years, you ideally will know what you want to major in, what schools you want to apply to, and their deadlines and requirements. The number one reason that people reenlist despite how much things suck is that they didn’t plan anything out. Completing CLEP tests to get some college units knocked out ahead of time is a good idea, and it looks good on your performance review. The other main reason that people reenlist is that they acquire strings that tie them down. They use the lucrative benefits to buy a house that happens to come with a mortgage, when a nice condo rental would have sufficed. The same idea applies to cars. Pets are great stress relief, but don’t collect a personal menagerie. Despite the low pay and the ease of getting unemployment when you get out, you need to save more than you spend so you have something to fall back on.

The tone of this article may be caustic, but that is because it is necessary. The current state of affairs does not detract from the sacrifices that so many have made and continue to make. It simply is what it is, and I wish that it was otherwise. Hopefully, you will have a low-drama enlistment and make some lifelong friends along the way, and then head off to college or elsewhere to further advance your personal goals and to wage metapolitical war for the movement.

Keep your head down for now, and you’ll be able to stir up right-wing trouble on campus later.

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