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They Do This Because They Can

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On January 18th, 2016, a white police officer named Philip Brailsford shot and killed [1] an unarmed man named Daniel Shaver in Mesa, Arizona. Shaver had been in a hotel room where he innocently pointed a pellet gun towards his window. A witness called the police, who arrived and found an inebriated Shaver exiting his room with an acquaintance. They ordered him to crawl towards them while he was sobbing and begging for his life. When he made a motion they didn’t like, Brailsford shot him five times with his AR-15.

Brailsford did not lose his job over this, and was found not guilty of second-degree murder at his trial. Footage of the shooting exists, if you have the stomach for it.

Rewind to Dillon Taylor, the unarmed kid who was fatally shot [2] by a black police officer in Salt Lake City in August 2014 as he was exiting a 7/11. As with Shaver, he was inebriated and didn’t respond as well as he could have. And as was the case with Brailsford, the officer, Bron Cruz, was cleared of all wrongdoing.

Most Americans do not know about these nauseating episodes because both victims were white. But what most Americans do know is that white people did not initiate riots because of them.

Fast forward to 2020, and the Left, including swarms of Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs, is rioting in cities across the country. They’re committing murder, assault and battery, burglary, looting, arson, and kidnapping. It’s gotten so bad that President Trump has finally declared Antifa a terrorist organization and has threatened to deploy the military if the governors cannot get the situation under control. Unrest in the United States has not been this bad since the 1960s.

This outbreak of anarchy is the perfect storm of ostensible causes. First, there is the May 27th killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd, a six-foot-six-inch bouncer, was believed to have been passing counterfeit bills and had once served time for armed robbery. Initially, he resisted arrest, and later died while being held down by police, with officer Derek Chauvin placing his knee on his neck. Of course, it was all caught on video. And because Chauvin is white and Floyd was black, black America and their Leftist enablers have erupted in righteous fury against the Man.

Unlike other instances of white-on-black violence, this may in fact be a wrongful killing. I don’t know. I imagine that since Floyd died in police custody, the cops on the scene should bear at least some of the responsibility. On the other hand, many unanswered questions remain. Did Floyd have any pre-existing medical conditions? Were there any drugs in his system? Did he or did he not die of asphyxiation? Was Chauvin following official police protocol while restraining Floyd? I would like for all the evidence to be revealed after a thorough investigation before reaching a conclusion.

Clearly, however, many blacks in America do not show this level of restraint. They flew off the handle the moment they saw a black man dying beneath the knee of a white cop. That was all they needed to see red. At least with the LA Riots in 1992, they had the courtesy to wait until the officers were acquitted before rampaging through the city. In this case, it was balls to the wall as soon as they could get their shoes on. And nationwide, baby. It was almost as if they were waiting for something like this to happen.

Not only do these rioting blacks eschew restraint, they also lack the short-term memory to recall that, yes indeed, blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in America. A highly disproportionate [3] amount of it. This may be the reason why police officers of all races are a tad tougher on them than they are with suspects of other races.

This vast vacuum of understanding wouldn’t be complete without an abject dearth of perspective as well. Not only do blacks commit over ninety percent [4] of the interracial violent crime in America, but their intra-racial violence — including murder — is also through the roof. Clearly, the biggest threat to the wellbeing of blacks is not cops, but other blacks. If anything, a strong police presence reduces [5] their murder rate, and by extension, saves black lives, which supposedly matter to these people. And yet, whom do they constantly complain about? Well, turn on CNN. I’m sure they’ll tell you.

And for the cancer-causing, tooth-rotting maraschino cherry on top of this bloody sundae, these black rioters seem perfectly blind to irony. Here they are, objecting to the criminal stereotype of blacks by. . . acting like criminals.

(Get it? See, they resent being perceived as criminals, but then they, you know, start behaving, like, in a manner that reinforces. . . well, never mind. . .)

Lots of clever yobs on these inter-nets will latch onto another ostensible cause for our current unpleasantness. It was the Left, man. It was all staged. It was Soros. They were ready for this. They’re punishing us for electing Trump. They’re trying to wreck the economy so Trump will lose in November!

I typically find this kind of inexorable, backward-facing logic a little distasteful. But I think if we look hard enough, we’ll find more than just pellets at the bottom of this particular rabbit hole. First, it was the impeachment, then it was Russian collusion, then it was COVID-19, and now this. Look at the way the Left dug its pointy nails into Brett Kavanaugh. And the Jewish-run media has not stopped screeching the same note over, and over, and over: Orange Man Bad.

Someone ought to write a parody of Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” and call it “Orange Man Bad” if only for that amazing one-note guitar solo. I’m sure they could make it real annoying:

Don’t wanna live
with the Orange Man Bad
I can be happy
The rest of my life
Without Orange Man Bad

So, an opportunistic and well-funded Left is using this unfortunate business with George Floyd as an excuse to take a dig at Trump, Trump’s supporters, and America itself. Or, rather, white America. Anything dealing with American civic nationalism and the Enlightenment values it was founded upon, just gotta go. Because we all know that such a setup is good for white people. And what’s good for white people must be bad for everyone else. Because, like, racism. And quite a few of these rioters want to replace the American system with their favorite cure-all: Marxist totalitarianism! Apparently, they forgot about what happened the last time a bunch of Jewed-up, nation-killing, Left-wing radicals took over a country. Or perhaps they haven’t. Remember those Bernie Sanders staffers waxing on [6] about Soviet gulags and promising that cities will burn if Trump wins again? Well, maybe they got their wish a little early.

But this dig is not only a low blow, it’s so low that it strikes entirely beneath the cup. It’s like they’re hitting our thigh over and over. How can they take us out by hitting us in the thigh? Most of the destruction is occurring in blue states or blue-run cities. The Left is only eating itself. It is repelling its own base and forcing Trump and his civnat legions, who are otherwise favorably disposed towards racial minorities, to mobilize against them. Furthermore, normal, law-abiding whites are not missing the racial angle here and are pushing back, sometimes with guns [7]. This is exactly what many on the far Right have wanted since Trump got elected: an America polarized more or less on racial grounds.

Any time any of these lefties whine about “white supremacy,” what they’re really doing is promoting non-white supremacy. It is that simple. These people cannot do without the racism they say they despise because anti-white racism is what animates them. If these riots have shown anything, it’s that our primary struggle today is white America versus non-white America. That particular line in the sand gets deeper and longer with every burning church and beaten bystander we see on the news.

And before this rant of mine begins to sound a bit triumphalist, I must say that the deepest and most comprehensive reason why the Left and its black and brown horde are instigating all this mayhem is not because of George Floyd or George Soros or the mainstream media or Antifa or Black Lives Matter. It’s because they can. It’s ultimately because whites in America have grown so weak and demoralized that in certain places in the country, we can’t stop them. There’s just not enough of us. Many of these blue areas have become occupied territory. Injun country. We’re not just talking neighborhoods here — we’re talking whole cities and regions. Civilization has been beaten back in these places by the kind of Satanic savagery that visits upon all declining nations. Sure, Trump is doing the right thing by singling out Antifa and deploying the military (if it indeed comes to that), but this strikes me as a little like projecting strength from Ravenna while Rome burns.

You can buy Spencer Quinn’s novel White Like You here [8].

So, this is basically a prelude to Civil War 2.0. The bad news is that this is war we’re talking about. The good news is that these dirty-diaper tantrums are only pushing whites closer together again. Remember the movie 300? Remember the slow-motion battle scene [9] in which Leonidas and his gym-rat hoplites were out in the open, slaughtering Persians in a blood-spattered, cinematic ballet? Well, one of the classicist complaints here is that this was not how the Greeks waged war. They fought in formation, tightly packed together, and with paramount discipline. What they did not do is charge into the enemy as individuals and take them on mano a mano. (I generally disliked the HBO series Rome, but for a more realistic depiction [10] of ancient warfare, see episode one, the scene in which Caesar takes on the Gauls.)

This is the ultimate effect of individualizing whites and coercing them to lose their racial identity. It breaks the bonds of the formation and allows them to be picked off more easily by the nation-killing Left. Whether it’s by temptation or ideology, these loner whites can either be recruited by our enemies or diverted into irrelevance — all because they broke formation.

Well, guess what? Burning our cities down will force the remaining whites to strengthen whatever formation they still have. And their racial connection will strengthen as the racial divide in this country becomes more and more difficult to ignore. (Lord knows, Twitter seems to be doing a bang-up job of making it so.) Whites may not control as much real estate as we once did, but the real estate that we still have can and will be shored up as a result of these riots. And as for Injun country, the Left can have it. I want to rule over those people as much as I want them to rule over me — and that includes all the mask-wearing, Antifa-flag-waving, communist whites who have drifted away from their race forever. As we all know, some of the most despicable people on the planet are white.

I believe these riots are the inevitable consequence of multiracialism. When whites in America become the victims of state-sponsored injustice as was the case with Daniel Shaver and Dillon Taylor, they don’t riot and loot and tear down cities. This is their civilization. They built it. They love it. And it is far more important in the grand scheme of things than what a pair of trigger-happy cops did to a pair of intoxicated young men in the mid-2010s. On the other hand, when blacks become the victims of state-sponsored injustice (which, sadly, may be the case with the George Floyd) they can’t wait to “tear the roof off this motherfucker” because this civilization is not theirs. They didn’t build it, and so they don’t love it. The same goes to varying degrees for any non-white population.

I say this not because I want to lynch blacks and gas Jews and then link arms with the Übermenschen to sing Wagner in a lager-infused Männerbund. I say this out of self-preservation. For myself, for my family, and for the civilization that my ancestors built and fought for. I’d boast that this civilization will go down only over my dead body and several of my enemies’ besides. But I don’t know if it will come to that. I don’t know if I am that tough. Maybe I am. We’ll see about that.

But the thing is, I’d rather not see about that. See? I’d rather we cite irreconcilable differences today, shake hands, and have that much-needed racial divorce [11]. We’ll establish a white America and a non-white America and share this spacious continent like grownups. We deserve it, largely because what we don’t deserve is the alternative: another civil war.

So, let’s read the writing on our burning walls and do something that Dillon Taylor and Daniel Shaver could not do. Let’s dodge that bullet, shall we?

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