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Let’s Reignite “It’s Okay To Be White”


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Editor’s Note:

The UK establishment is currently shrieking in one voice about how the words “White Lives Matter [2]” have no place in the UK. This is a massive self-own by the establishment and can only push people toward our camp. So, it is time to revive It’s Okay to be White. The same techniques can be used to spread the White Lives Matter message. Let’s make it happen.

We are fast approaching peak clown world.

Many of us just want to run away and never look back.

But you know we can’t do that.

The solution is to focus on something productive instead.

That’s why I want to rekindle what is perhaps our most successful meme campaign ever, “It’s Okay To Be White.”

A lot of our memes have no effect on normies; they are just too esoteric.

But not this one.

Look, they are still over-reacting to it in the media.

The online Right are novelty junkies, and some might scoff at resurrecting IOTBW.

But they are wrong. We need to be patient and persistent with our best propaganda.

Phrases like “Diversity is our greatest strength” and “Israel is our greatest ally” became commonplace by repetition, after all.

We can easily do the same for “It’s Okay to be White.”

But we need to be prepared to put in the work.

There are still plenty of people who haven’t come across this message yet, and those who ought to be periodically reminded of it.

So, I’m asking you all to take one night off every month until August and go spam your local town or district with IOTBW posters.

Remember, do this at night, and don’t place posters on private property.

Do a trial run if you want, so that you can find the best spots.

Think about how you’re going to attach them. I just used tape, but it was fiddly. Wheatpaste might be better, and it’s entirely organic. Small stickers are better, but you need to print them on special paper which is a bit more expensive.

Put them in awkward spots if possible so that people can’t easily rip them off.

A few more tips:

I went on a bike so I could cover a lot more area.

I’ll admit I found it an exhilarating experience.

Your goal is to make the local newspapers respond to it.

So forget Trump, forget Brexit, put away the computer games, and let’s do something that actually gets our blood pumping and helps your people and gives us all a break from clown world.

Because it really is okay to be white.