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How To Survive the Apocalypse

Jean-Pierre Houël, The Storming of the Bastille, 1789.

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There are times when the best course of action is to do absolutely nothing. This is one of those times. The events of the past three or four months need no recapitulation here. There is a level of madness seen throughout the West today that we have not seen since the French Revolution, a madness that is centered upon a complete inversion of reality. Truth cannot be spoken, and when truth cannot be spoken, no problem can be solved. In times such as ours, prudence and discipline are the foremost virtues. We are, indeed, “riding a tiger,” and it is best not to make of oneself a tasty meal for the tiger, but to allow the beast to consume our enemies instead.

Tempting as it may be, no one on the Dissident Right should even contemplate getting involved in a counter-demonstration or a street fracas with Antifa or BLM. Let the subhuman rioters attack with abandon the property and persons of the civic nationalists, corporate conservatives, and even those of their supporters on the Left. It is a delicious irony that the more BLM, Antifa, and their fellow travelers burn, loot, and rape, the more self-evident the truths become that the Dissident Right has been espousing for years.

Protect yourselves, your families, your loved ones, and friends. Remember, for white people, America is enemy territory. You do not have freedom of speech; you do not have freedom of assembly; you barely have freedom of religion; and the right to bear arms is hanging by a thread. If you have a concealed carry permit you should belong to one of the organizations that provide legal assistance, bail money, and insurance protection against civil and criminal penalties. Keep in mind that if an armed Negro breaks into your home and threatens at gunpoint to loot, rape, and murder you and your family, and you shoot the perpetrator in a perfectly justifiable act of self-defense, it is likely that you, not the home invader, will be indicted for multiple felonies.

Forget about organizing boycotts. Amazon’s profits aren’t going to be affected one iota if a group from the Dissident Right stops purchasing from the online Leviathan. Rather, accept the harsh reality of the situation and try to use it to your advantage. Let Amazon deliver to your doorstep the materials you need for the fight against globalism. To paraphrase Lenin, after the revolution, the oligarchs may discover that they have not only sold the rope by which they are hung, they may also have sold the lumber for the scaffolding and the nails by which the 13 steps to the gallows were assembled. By all means, do business with small white-owned and white-positive businesses as much as possible, but don’t feel guilty if you need to buy something from one of the evil giant retailers.

White positivity is becoming increasingly mainstream. One sees it in the most unexpected places — in the comments sections from various articles on Breitbart to conservative nationalist podcasts like Dr. Steve Turley. Normies are coming to our side. We need to be patient and allow them to discover us. Plato understood that the most lasting lessons learned are those when students believe that they have uncovered the truth on their own. Even a few Leftists are beginning to understand that feral Negroes do not distinguish between the daughters of woke and unwoke whites when they seek to satiate their lust and barbarism. Some will never get it; others will need to be robbed and raped several times before they reluctantly come to race realism.

It may sound heartless, but take it from an old guy. Once you get your affairs in order, sit back, relax, and enjoy the carnage. It’s rough seeing normie whites — even woke liberal whites and the AWFLs who love them — have crimes perpetrated against them by SADs (my new term: Savages of African Descent), but some lessons can only be learned by some the hard way.

I don’t really care if the Left burns down a Chase Manhattan branch or a Starbucks. Likewise, if Negroes burn down Negro small businesses, why should any white person care? My country domicile has just doubled in value, and I am being inundated by real estate agents wanting to buy my house for cash. Sorry, I’m not selling my quiet home in a riot-free zone. Rich white liberals and civic nationalists caused this problem, and they can suffer the consequences. Hey liberal, get back in that burning building and do some gentrification. What are you, a racist?

Events have been set in motion, and there is nothing that one individual — certainly nothing that one individual member of the Dissident Right — can do to affect the outcome. I think that the Left is going to discover the truth of the old maxim, to wit: If you sow the wind, you will likely reap the whirlwind.

Although he a feckless fool, Donald Trump accidentally does something right every now and then. It’s worth voting for him simply for the reason that he causes so much agony among the Left and the Republican establishment. I come into contact on a regular basis with many members of the academic Left, and they actually believe that Donald Trump has inalterably changed the United States into a fascist state run by white supremacists.

If only.

Until a few months ago, I thought that Trump would lose his reelection bid. Now I think he will win — not because of anything positive he has done — but because of the Left’s lack of self-control. And after Trump wins reelection, there will be an orgy of self-destruction among the Leftists. They may try and start an actual civil war. They’ve boxed themselves into a position that they may be unable to demobilize their African pets. What is it that the laissez-faire economists call it? Oh yeah, creative destruction. But in my Heimat, my homies call it schöpferische Zerstörung. Out with the bad old globalism; in with the good new ethnic nationalism.

Sit back, my friends, and enjoy the spectacle. This is going to be one apocalypse you won’t want to miss.

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