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From Destruction to Desolation

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It is often difficult to identify the period of history you are currently living in. Yet there are certain events that give you the feeling that life as you know it will never be the same again. The ongoing riots throughout the US that began on May 27th, 2020 have become such an event. Watching the footage of riots, looting, and violence reminded me of the famous painting by Thomas Cole called Destruction. This painting has been used on various album and book covers, particularly Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Both the painting and the book offer insight into our current situation and the challenges white people face in the unforeseeable future.

Thomas Cole was an English-born American painter best known for creating detailed paintings of landscapes and historic sites. Influenced by painters of the Romantic Era, Cole created vivid landscapes of nature and the wilderness. One of his most famous works was a five-piece series called The Course of Empire.

These paintings depict the rise and fall of a city through the various periods of its existence. While the paintings only show a view of the city along the same area, each painting represents the different stages of the city’s people and civilization. The five paintings are named after each period of the city: The Savage State, The Pastoral State, The Consummation of Empire, Destruction, and Desolation.  The paintings show how mankind and society evolve from simple farms and villages to complex cities and empires. Yet it is shortly after their zenith that both mankind and society decay and deteriorate back to their humble origins, as shown in the paintings of Destruction and Desolation.

For various reasons, Destruction is the painting that is most known and recognizable from this series. The painting is reminiscent of the Sack of Rome by the Vandals in 455 as it shows a city engulfed in flames, violence, and chaos. The painting depicts a fleet of enemy warriors overthrowing the city’s defenses while looting, killing the men, and raping the women. The city’s architecture of bridges and buildings are broken and burning down. Over the city stands a vandalized statue of a gladiator with its head recently removed by the invaders. This headless statue can represent the severing of the city from the original people and culture that created it. The next and final painting of the series, Desolation, shows an eerie scene without people where only nature survives over the ruins of the once-great city and civilization.

Cole’s Destruction was used as the cover illustration to many versions of Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Originally published in six volumes from 1776 to 1788, Gibbon’s main thesis throughout this work is that the Roman Empire fell due to the gradual loss of civic virtue amongst its citizens. Gibbon defined civic virtue as being the morals, behaviors, culture, and identity shared by the citizens of a society.

While not explicit about ethnicity and race, Gibbon noted that as the Roman Empire became increasingly non-Roman, the cohesiveness and strength of the civic virtues declined. Gibbon was also very critical of Christianity and how it became the official religion, replacing the original Roman-pagan religion of the founding people. Gibbon’s main contention with Christianity was that it was a foreign religion at the time and replaced the original morals, culture, and identity that the original Roman religion gave to the founding people.

Gibbon was an English writer, historian, and politician. While he is often considered to be a product of the Enlightenment, Gibbon himself identified as a conservative along the lines of Edmund Burke. Both Gibbon and Burke rejected the egalitarian movements of their time and both rejected the arguments made in Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man. Gibbon also wrote his history during a period where the British Empire was drastically changing and entering uncharted waters. The British Empire had just lost the thirteen American colonies and was turning its attention to exploration in and around the Pacific Ocean. Just as the barbarians eventually sacked Rome, Gibbon also worried that a similar fate would happen to the British Empire.

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Many modern historians have also noted that empires tend to rise and fall under similar circumstances and along similar timelines.  There are many examples of empires lasting around 300 to 500 years. During the first 100 years of an empire, the dominant group will expand their land, resources, and territory, often at the expense of neighboring groups. Yet as empires grow, their need for labor also grows. The importation of foreign labor, whether forced or voluntary, is one of the major downfalls of every empire.

As the foreign group increases its population, the empire’s original people decline in population. The foreign group then receives rights and citizenship. Eventually, the foreign group becomes the majority population and takes control of society (usually through conflict). However, the foreign group is not the original people of the empire and cannot maintain the original culture of the empire. Thus, the original people die, and their culture and empire also die with them. This is the situation that white countries around the world have been dealing with in varying degrees for the last few decades. Up until now.

Late Saturday night on May 30th, I had to wake my mom up to show her the videos and footage from the George Floyd protests throughout the US. These videos showed Antifa instigating anarchy in various cities, while blacks were looting, rioting, and attacking white people. I saw a group of blacks beat a white store owner close to death. I saw a group of blacks attack a white woman in a wheelchair. A white man tried to chase a group of blacks away with a golf club, but he was eventually outnumbered and attacked. I saw at least two white truck drivers pulled from their vehicles by black “protestors,” and what happened to those truck drivers is still unknown.

There were some white people looting and rioting too. Most likely, these were the Antifa cells that often started or incited the original protests. I reminded my mom that there are various anti-white oligarchs like George Soros that fund Antifa groups to incite violence. The Democratic Party then helps organize these groups while the media either cover up the violence of Antifa or praises them as heroic “anti-fascists.” Nevertheless, I saw a fair amount of self-hating white people that participated in these protests on their own accord. Yet it is only a matter of time before the black rioters turn violent against them.

The next morning, I had to have another conversation with my mom. I showed her leaked photos of Antifa’s social media posts, bragging how they were planning to take these protests to the suburbs and target white people in their homes. While my family has always been proponents of self-defense, I told my mom to start carrying self-defense tools at all times. I saw too many videos this weekend of cop cars being looted and torched while police officers were dragged through the streets and beaten. If the police can’t protect themselves, they aren’t going to be able to protect white people. Not when white people have become the target after years of anti-white propaganda in academia, the media, and our political systems.

I don’t want to live like this. We as white people shouldn’t have to live like this. Then again, we should never have been forced to live with non-white people in the first place. If similar ethnic groups like the people from Pakistan and India couldn’t live together, what makes you think that people of different races can live together? Yet only white countries are expected to be tolerant, diverse, and multi-cultural. Only white people are called racist, fascist, white supremacists for wanting to have their own land, resources, and sovereignty. Only white people are told that they can’t have a positive racial identity, a positive in-group preference, and organize for their own interests.

White people need a racial divorce from non-whites [1]. We need to reclaim our freedom of disassociation from non-whites. Any law, policy, or government that stops white people from establishing their own homogenous communities should from here and now be considered illegitimate. There is nothing left to debate, argue, or negotiate. A person is either pro-white or they are anti-white. The choice is theirs. But the decision must be ours to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. That means having our own white societies.

There is an old saying attributed to Henrik Ibsen that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is definitely the case with Cole’s Destruction painting. But what does that say about the numerous videos and photos of black people who attacked and murdered white people on the weekend of May 30th? Perhaps it says what Thomas Cole and Edward Gibbon were trying to say over 200 years ago. Diversity leads to division and multiculturalism leads to multiple conflicts. Everyone should have the right to live amongst their own people in their own lands with their own sovereignty. That includes white people. But if white people are forced to live amongst non-whites, then we will repeat the fate and course of all empires and civilizations, from Destruction to Desolation.

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