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Choose Your Own Prison Adventure

From a manuscript of Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy.

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I have never been to prison and I hope I never go to prison. In a perfect world, obeying the laws and refraining from illegal activity would be enough to guarantee a life without imprisonment. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. We are living in a world where propaganda, intimidation, and violence against white people is being promoted and encouraged. Yet when white people defend themselves, we are the ones who get arrested and sent to prison. For fear of their safety, many white people feel like prisoners in their own homes, neighborhoods, and countries. Nevertheless, some of the greatest works of European literature have been created under similar circumstances. It is through these works that white advocates can make the best choices from the most difficult situations.

On my 30th birthday, I woke up from a dream where I was in prison serving a life sentence. It was one of those dreams that seemed very real when I was experiencing it. To this day, I remember almost every detail from it. While I am not afraid to defend myself and my property, the idea of ending up in prison for those reasons is a frightening thought.

White men who end up in prison must sometimes join a racial gang in order to survive. They will then be expected to commit violent acts for that gang. Naturally, these violent acts will extend their prison sentence. Ex-convicts have noted that many white men with short prison sentences end up spending several extra years in prison due to the violent acts required to be in a gang. But if they do not join a racial gang, they would have little to no protection against the non-white prisoners.

I often ask myself: What would I do if I ever went to prison for wrong-think, thought-crimes, or for defending myself? My main goal would be to spend as much time as possible in the prison library where I could focus on things other than gang life. I would probably focus on reading and writing. Maybe I would write my own fantasy series. Perhaps I would write about my own life and experiences. Some of the greatest works of European literature have been written when men were locked away in a cell or tower. One such book is The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius.

Boethius was a Roman philosopher, politician, and adviser to the Ostrogothic king Theodoric the Great. Despite being loyal to Theodoric for over a decade in various administrative positions, Theodoric accused Boethius of treason and had him imprisoned in 523. It was during this imprisonment that Boethius would reflect on the concepts of fate, free will, and the age-old question: why do bad things happen to good people?

One of the main concepts of The Consolation of Philosophy is how evil can exist in a world created by God. If God can stop evil but chooses not to, can God be considered merciful? If God cannot stop evil, is God worthy of worship? Another main concept is how happiness can still be found in a cruel world with an uncertain fate.

The book is written as a conversation between Boethius and Lady Philosophy. Lady Philosophy comforts Boethius by discussing the fleeting nature of wealth, fame, and power. With the help of Lady Philosophy, Boethius discovers that happiness ultimately comes from within and that honor and virtue are the only things a person can truly own.

After being imprisoned for over a year, Boethius was eventually executed in 524. Nevertheless, The Consolation of Philosophy has been regarded as one of the most important works of the early Middle Ages and one of the last great works of the Classical Period. Boethius is often referred to as the last of the Romans and the first of the medieval scholars. Various politicians, historians, and authors have all been inspired by Boethius and his philosophical ideas.

I sometimes wonder what I would miss the most if I went to prison for my beliefs and writings. While I would eventually like to find a woman and have a family in the countryside, I know that I could live my life without a woman. I love role-playing video games, but I have played enough Elder Scrolls games in my life to go without them. After finally completing The Malazan Book of the Fallen series, I never need to read another fantasy series again.

The thing I would miss the most in prison would be my dog. I would miss petting my dog, walking my dog, and playing simple games with my dog like fetch or tug-o-war. I realize that genuine happiness comes from within and that you cannot always depend on others to make you happy. Nevertheless, having a dog in the past has always been a source of happiness for me. I could always count on my dog to get excited to see me when I came home. An ex-girlfriend even got me a placard for my old apartment that read “home is where your dog is.”

Many white people no longer feel at home in the neighborhoods, cities, and countries they grew up in. They no longer feel safe. They worry about their family members being attacked by non-whites. They worry about BLM or Antifa interrogating them in public on their smartphones with accusations of “racism.” Many people are also worried about losing their jobs for saying or posting the “wrong” thing on social media. For many white people, our modern society has become a prison that they cannot escape or find protection in.

I am tired of living in fear. I am tired of seeing our monuments removed, our history erased, and our people attacked. I am tired of seeing politicians and corporations supporting these terrorist groups and their anti-white propaganda. I hate the idea that white people must feel like prisoners in their own homes because our police, governments, and institutions refuse to enforce the laws and protect us.

Sometimes the hardest pill to swallow is the realization that many of the legal rights and protections in our societies no longer apply to white people. This may sound like an exaggeration until you consider the young men that got arrested for defending themselves at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. James Fields was trying to drive away from the area when Antifa terrorists targeted his car with baseball bats. His choice was to either drive away from the violent protestors or be attacked. He decided to drive forward, and he accidentally rear-ended a car in front of him. During the incident, Heather Heyer died. Fields was sentenced to 419 years in prison without parole. What about all the white people that were pulled from their cars and beaten to death by protestors within the last three weeks? Are those protestors going to get 400 years in prison for their crimes?

There were other attendees at the Charlottesville rally that were arrested for defending themselves. One such group was the Rise Above Movement (RAM). In August 2018, charges were brought against several RAM members for violating federal rioting statutes. While some members were able to have their sentences overturned, three RAM members are still in prison serving three-year sentences. Their names are Benjamin Daley, Michael Miselis, and Thomas Gillen. The FBI charged them for “rioting.” BLM and Antifa have been rioting and looting for the last three weeks. How many of them are going to be charged by the FBI?

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure books. For those unaware, this was a children’s book series where young readers were given character and plot choices at the bottom of each page. Readers would then turn to the page that continued the story with their selected plot choice. By having different plots on different pages, each book offered numerous story paths with different endings. Perhaps this is a concept that Lady Philosophy and Boethius can help the Dissident Right better understand. Many of the Choose Your Own Adventure books put the character in situations that got worse and worse. While the reader could not control all aspects of the character and plot, the reader could at least make choices that ultimately decided the ending.

I am aware that we are limited in our options and the things we can do. Nevertheless, there is an old saying attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte that reminds us to never interrupt our enemies when they are making a mistake. After three weeks of destroying Western civilization, our enemies have shown their true colors. More white people are now slowly realizing that BLM and Antifa were never about racial equality or fighting fascism. These terrorist groups want nothing less than the erasure of white culture, white history, and white people. Our enemies have overplayed their hand and have lost all self-control. Our choice now is to let them continue making mistakes so we can have more white people embracing white identity politics. We will continue defending ourselves, our families, and our property. We will continue growing our communities. We will continue to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Until then, stay safe, but do not live in fear. If you ever find yourself in a prison, never choose to live like a prisoner. Choose your own prison adventure.

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