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Blacks Are America’s Gods

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Riots in America continue to blaze. Hundreds of stores have been looted and gutted. Police stations, city halls, and museums have been put to the torch. Monuments to the historic American people have been vandalized and torn down. Dozens of cities have been affected and the chaos is apparent in every riot clip.

Yet, the proper social consensus is that the riots are good. It’s the voice of the “unheard” crashing through your window. These looters and arsonists are in serious pain at the loss of the saint George Floyd, a convicted armed robber high on fentanyl [1] at the time of his death. They just need space to get out their feelings and initiate change.

It’s a revolution — that somehow is supported by every facet of the system.

https://twitter.com/BaronVillin/status/1267872759331328007 [2]

No serious country would’ve tolerated this level of violence. France deployed water cannons and armored vehicles against the Yellow Vests last year. Germany used the same methods against the G20 protesters in 2017. It’s outrageous America would allow most of its cities to be taken over by black youths and Antifa militants. But here we are, seeing every single corporation and celebrity posting a black square in support of the anarchy.

The difference that explains America’s reaction to mass riots versus Europe is blacks. The Yellow Vests and G20 demonstrators were white, so no state would feel guilt at beating them to a pulp.

Blacks, on the other hand, are America’s gods. Their livers matter more than others, their feelings are a national concern, and their misdeeds go unspoken. They require respect at every turn and we must place them at the center of our history [3]. They’re superior to whites in every regard — athletics, music, dancing, humor, and especially in virtue. Their women are even magic [4]! Blacks have an entire month where we worship their invention of peanut butter and the super soaker. We’ve made their great hero Martin Luther King the true Founding Father, transcending all the dead white males who actually built this country.

The George Floyd riots are a religious revival, propounding a new pantheon for our humble citizens. The gods walk among us, and they’re ordering Popeyes.

The new gods are already introducing new forms of worship to their white liberal devotees.

Goofy white liberals have demonstrated their faith in their black superiors throughout the turmoil. Many performed humiliation rituals to express their inferiority to POC.

In multiple places, hundreds of white people lied face down, put their hands behind their back, and chanted “I CAN’T BREATHE” for nine minutes.

https://twitter.com/hannah_natanson/status/1268319734833053696 [8]

A drill sergeant would never make his own grunts perform such an embarrassing act. It’s pure masochism that inspires speculation about the sexual fetishes of its participants. This is primarily a religious act reenacting a martyrdom. It’s the Stations of the Cross for secular liberals. Instead of reenacting Jesus’s death, they relive the death of St. George Floyd — the new martyr for the master race.

Thousands of whites knelt before blacks in submission over the last week. An internet troll approached dozens of white women, persuaded them to kneel, and personally apologize for their white privilege. Protesters in many cities demanded soldiers and police officers to take a knee out of respect for their cause. Most of them acceded to the request, signaling their submission to higher beings.

The most incredible religious display comes from Bethesda, Maryland, a wealthy suburb of the nation’s capital. White people who work six-figure government jobs and contracting gigs gathered together to kneel, put their hands up and apologize for being white. A black woman forced them to recite lines disavowing whiteness and promising to elevate black voices.

https://twitter.com/selfdeclaredref/status/1267911752462843904 [13]

And it’s not just goofy white liberals doing this. An evangelical pastor led his church group in kneeling before a black congregation and apologizing for slavery and white supremacy. He begged for forgiveness for being white. The magnanimous divines granted their white supplicants penance.

https://twitter.com/Shaggie_Tweets/status/1267273066461007872 [14]

In possibly their most stunning display of power, blacks cured coronavirus! A little over a week ago, we were told to stay inside until the end of time to stop this most deadly disease. People who went out deserved shame and even jail time. Social distancing was the most important order, and authorities were justified in using brute force to impose this new standard on ordinary citizens. Large-scale gatherings were unconscionable.

You can buy The World in Flames: The Shorter Writings of Francis Parker Yockey here. [15]

But the demonstrators managed to congregate in close quarters without masks and without any concern for maintaining social distance.

Anti-lockdown protesters were considered the greatest threats to humanity for just showing up in public places. Now hundreds of thousands of Americans are gathering in large numbers without any threat to humanity. Blacks must have cured coronavirus with their righteous anger. It’s the only explanation for this sudden turn of events.

A few self-aware journalists noticed the cognitive dissonance within the elite consensus. How does one square thinking church services are dangerous but mass riots are safe? They figured out the reason: racism is a more deadly disease than coronavirus [16]! If blacks don’t all protest against racism right now, they may all die. . . or something. This explanation works for most idiots in media and will now spread to the masses.

The effects of the new spiritual revolution are already apparent. Public figures are no longer allowed to say we should use the military against the rioters — because these words would threaten black people. New York Times staffers revolted [17] after the paper published an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton calling for military force. Each critique of the op-ed — which states a position nearly 60 percent of Americans support — threatens the lives of black NYT staffers. None dare frighten these sacred creatures.

Offending the divine Africans in any way is a blasphemy that requires extreme punishment. The dozens of white kids ruined for racial jokes on TikTok serve as the burnt heretics of our time.

Though our culture treats blacks as gods, our society is built around trying to avoid them as much as possible. Whites use every trick in the book to keep them out of their communities. Whites try to ensure their kids don’t go to bad schools, yet will never admit what makes those schools bad. The almighty nature of blacks is too great for mortal whites to live next door to. The suburbs are a sanctuary from their gods’ wrath.

This is not a new social trait; the riots just made it clearer. Blacks are the gods of modern America. You must kneel before them and sacrifice for their happiness. This is our new faith.

Now it’s time to pray — get on your stomach and say you can’t breathe for nine minutes.

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