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Black Lives Matter is Black Supremacy

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If there is one universal truth about humanity, it’s that we are, by nature, tribalistic. We identify with our tribe, whatever that tribe may be. In a monoracial society, tribalist loyalties can form around clans, nations, religions, classes, or even actual tribes, as is the case in many places in Africa. In multiracial societies, however, everything boils down to race. And in such a milieu, when all things are equal, it’s hard for people to value outgroup lives over ingroup lives.

Of course, unequal circumstances can override tribalism, such as when the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan disavowed the black Beltway Snipers in 2002 but acknowledged ties to them anyway. Say what you wish about Farrakhan, but in this instance, cold-blooded mass murder overrode his usual intense tribalism for the black race.

In the case of Black Lives Matter, however, tribalism tends to trump unequal circumstances. In fact, this is becoming more and more the rule for these people, given how they are less and less interested in hearing about how unequal the circumstances really are. By “unequal,” I mean the obscene propensity blacks have for murder, rape, and all other forms of violent crime. No group of people in the United States commits violent crime at the rate of blacks — both against their own ingroup and against outgroups. As a result, non-blacks have good reason to be wary of blacks, and police of all races often have good reason to use force, even lethal force, when apprehending them. These points BLM activists simply ignore, and instead focus on examples of perceived white-on-black crime as an excuse to further their tribalist agenda.

If they can make white people as a race feel guilt and shame over these perceived injustices, then whites will become more easily subjugated. And if some whites waffle over this (as conservatives tend to do), a little violence and intimidation will certainly nudge them in the right direction. In fact, the best way to nudge white people in the right direction is through violence and intimidation.

Case in point is Garrett Rolfe, the Atlanta police officer who justifiably shot a black named Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot, a man who had been driving drunk and resisting arrest. Not only did Rolfe lose his job, but he’s now facing a murder charge which could bring the death penalty. Soon after the incident, “protesters” burned the Wendy’s down and faced no charges as a result. Popular opinion, in the press at least, supports the arsonists, their BLM enablers, and whatever deep pockets enable BLM.

The message could not be clearer: Do not fuck with us.

How’s that for violence and intimidation?

American Renaissance recently called attention to another incident in which Lee Fang, a journalist for The Intercept, tweeted a video of a light-skinned black man questioning why black lives seem to matter to blacks only when whites take them.

It’s a reasonable question, and he asked it politely, but did not skirt around the fact that blacks murder blacks at a much higher rate than whites do. For this, Fang nearly lost his job (a black co-worker complained) and was forced to make a groveling apology. His sin was to cast light on the inequality of the circumstances which could only underscore the absurdity of black people complaining about violence from whites. It does not matter that the man in Fang’s tweet was making valid points. What does matter is BLM’s ultimate goal of subjugating of whites, which Fang’s tweet was undermining.

The American Rennaisance piece also mentions an incident involving David Shor, a data scientist who had worked on Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. Shor simply tweeted data which reveals that peaceful protests are more likely to swing elections in the Democrats’ favor than violent ones.

For this, he was fired. He was fired, in essence, for questioning the violence that BLM uses to achieve their conquest of whites. It doesn’t matter whether Shor even agrees with this goal (and the echo signaling in his Twitter handle indicates that he probably does). What matters is that Shor was looking to impede the use of violence as a means to the BLM end. And since violence is central to the existence of BLM, he cannot be forgiven.

So if Black Lives Matter is not a black supremacist organization, why does it prop itself up with lies and insist on the use of force and destruction? Is it doing all of this merely to achieve political and financial equality with whites — as if once they achieve this noble goal they’ll just pump their brakes and willingly disband? It’s ridiculous to even consider.

No. Black Lives Matter and groups like them will never stop.

When looked at from an evolutionary perspective, we have two distinct and contrasting groups (blacks and whites) competing for control over a political ecosystem (the United States). The whites have the advantages of numbers and wealth, but each of these are dwindling. Blacks, on the other hand, have the advantage of ethnocentrism, and that’s certainly growing. Black Lives Matter is the tip of the spear of black ethnocentrism. Its key animating principle, as with all tribalist initiatives, is to value ingroup lives over outgroup ones. Black Lives Matter. . . More Than White Ones is what the organization should be named. They are far more racist than the people they condemn, and they seek nothing less than conquest.

In so many words, black supremacy.

Of course, there is more to this picture. Many Jews play a role, either in funding BLM, demonstrating along with them, or cheering them on from their perches in the mainstream media. Jews, by and large, have always shared the same anti-white agenda as blacks, and so this alliance is as strong as ever — despite the spate of black-on-Jewish violence from earlier in the year. Hispanics and Middle Eastern Muslims are as ethnocentric as blacks are, and they are wary of BLM causing havoc in their neighborhoods. At the same time, these groups will not lift a finger to save white communities caught in the BLM bind.

As for how whites should respond to this outrage, the first needs to be to unshackle themselves of guilt. Blacks perform badly in life due mostly to low average IQ and poor impulse control. These are genetic factors over which whites have no control. If anything, whites have done more than any other group to protect blacks from themselves (through strong policing) and to bestow influence, wealth, and power upon them which they do not earn (through affirmative action and various wealth-distribution programs). Whites have had a net positive effect on blacks, and should, therefore, view these riots as a betrayal, not a comeuppance. And if anyone wishes to bring up how whites should pay for the legacy of slavery, whites should simply point out that the Black Lives Matter does not care about slavery. If they did, they’d move to Africa and start riots in places like Eritrea, Burundi, and Sudan, where slavery is still rampant.

No, BLM would rather cause trouble in one of the few places on Earth where blacks prosper and where all white slaveowners have been dead for well over a century. This is not about slavery per se. It is about using a long-defunct system of slavery as an evolutionary weapon against white people.

Whites next need to realize that they are in a demographic war against most non-whites, blacks especially. Black leadership nearly always acts on its tribalism and will continue to take take take from whitey as long as whitey is willing to give give give — or even if whitey is not willing to give. Essentially, they want power over whites. And they will get it and exploit it ruthlessly if the whites let them. The overarching goal of whites from now on should be not to let them. Whites must realize that they are creatures of God (or the gods) too, and there is no future for whites when groveling at the feet of violent, barbaric people who despise them.

Another thing whites can do is to start talking about black supremacy and viewing all anti-white actions on the part of blacks as this very thing. Whether it’s crime, affirmative action, welfare, gun control, or any initiative that cuts into the white share of the pie, whites should view this as black supremacy. It’s not enough to call it racist or anti-white. No, it’s black supremacy. This a pertinent distinction, because a year ago Congress unanimously condemned white supremacy. And if they condemn white supremacy, then it is not too much of stretch for them to condemn black supremacy as well. Further, accusing BLM of black supremacy takes whites out of the equation and forces its supporters to prove how BLM is not a supremacist organization.

Good luck with that.

Further, imagine hundreds of irate white voters calling their white representatives each day demanding that they condemn the black supremacy of Black Lives Matter. Maybe eventually there will be someone crazy enough to actually do it. Like this guy.

Finally, in the face of the encroaching black supremacy of Black Lives Matter, whites should prepare for the worst and stock up on ammo. Because when the revolution comes, it’s gonna come fast.

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  1. Colonel Blimp
    Posted June 23, 2020 at 10:20 am | Permalink

    As others have said, these riots were about black honour and power. A white policeman kills a black criminal. But blacks see only ‘white man kills black man’ and respond through vengeance upon white society. The current iconoclasm is another example of correcting past grievances (although the Left should beware that history judges the destroyers of monuments and statues poorly). But, the best solution to the woes of blacks would be separatism; something which most of black organisations refuse to consider.

    • Victor Henderson
      Posted June 23, 2020 at 5:22 pm | Permalink

      I have a bigger problem with the high amount of white people in these riots destroying things . As these are own people doing it under blm which a LGBTQ agenda driven organization. Next to that dont forget the high amount of Hispanics, Asians in these riots aswell who destroy and use BLM to show their anti- alt-right white male hate .

  2. Jgood
    Posted June 23, 2020 at 5:15 pm | Permalink

    This article really jumps to conclusions and oversimplifies what is really happening. For one thing, what is cited regarding people getting fired over mildly criticizing BLM doesn’t really have much to do with the organization per se so much as the extravagant social currency connected to BLM; companies are firing people because we live in a capitalist economy; criticizing BLM is equated with criticizing blacks; criticizing blacks is taboo; and a company that associates with people who commit a taboo will lose social credibility and thus money. It is really capitalism that has given the abundance of soft power to BLM— BLM just happens to be the “moral truth” at this moment in time. In the past, I’m sure in certain places you could lose your job and social capital for SUPPORTING blacks. Same system, different truth.

    Secondly, BLM surely implicitly permits the rioting, but it is a dubious claim to say that BLM is behind organizing anything aside from protests. Where is the evidence that BLM is planning riots and looting?

    There is no organized agenda to be found aside from what has been made blatant (defund/abolish the police, stop police “racism” etc). Other than that, what we are witnessing now is better described as a collective hypersensitivity regarding racial issues. Claiming that black supremacy is the end goal for BLM is quite a stretch.

    • Adrian Bartholomew
      Posted January 13, 2021 at 5:50 am | Permalink

      Jgood – Yours is a gross misrepresentation of BLM.

      It’s quite obvious that BLM is based upon racism – the hatred form. Black Supremacy is ignored. Black violence is ignored. Black racism towards Whites are ignored. Black criminal activity is pardoned. Those pardons are not met with riots. It is clear that the goal of BLM is revenge. What is not clear is that this revenge is over historic African Slavery. For most – that is, White liberals – it is a brilliant excuse to grab power in the name of Black causes.

      And Blacks are the least of their beneficiaries.

  3. Victor Henderson
    Posted June 23, 2020 at 5:18 pm | Permalink

    Based on the factual observations the burning of wendies was not done by protesters but by 2 white females which was recorded by phone on placed online.

    What i think and many i think would agree as well is that Whites need to realize that they are in a demographic war with Asians and Arabs/Muslims predominantly and politically with leftist and Jewish lobbyist. What i have noticed how many writers except a few hardly mention the deep deep threat of Asians in western society ( look at Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand) Canada, New Zealand and Australia are becoming Asian satellite colonies of Asia. Asians have deep deep hatred for whites but because white males are so brainwashed with this whole ”waifu/manga/anime/ Asian yellow fetish fever” they can’t see reality and how many Asian groups are turning western society as places for political, technological, economic and social agent canters for to assist the power Asian countries to rise like the Chinese. I have seen to many articles on Black Americans but hardly on threat of Asians globally as a Yellow peril to our existence. I know many Canadians, Australians etc share my viewpoint. The fact many Asians are in anti-white groups also should tells us their agenda to undermine us. Would be nice if writers can focus on the Asians/yellow peril parasites living among us. The UK even want open its borders for masses of Asians from Hong Kong with high levels of crypto CCP Chinese pretending to be Hong Kongers.

    • K
      Posted June 25, 2020 at 2:57 am | Permalink

      This is very true. I think the reason why you don’t see that many articles on Asians here is this is primarily an American website and Chinese are not demographically a threat to whites in America. But I believe Johnson and company are well aware of how threatening Asians are to our demographic future. In particular, the Chinese, who have wrecked the housing markets in Canada and Australia then cried “racism” when called out for it. Chinese people also act as daigou in white countries buying up goods and selling it back to the mainland to avoid the taxes and tariffs in mainland China. Baby formula is often targeted and it actually has become very hard for Australian women to find it where there are a lot of Chinese.

      A lot of the waifu/manga stuff you mentioned is from Japan and unfortunately what most whites don’t realize is most of what they like from Asian culture is Japanese. Also, Japanese people aren’t immigrating en masse to white countries; it is Chinese people and they are two very different groups.

  4. Dave
    Posted June 23, 2020 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

    The BLM movement is really about advancing LGBTQ agenda and breaking down the traditional family structure of one man and one woman. The organization is led by lesbian feminist, who have found a perfect opportunity to advance their ideas under the disguise of BLM. Just go to their website for confirmation of what I’m talking about.

  5. Jud Jackson
    Posted June 23, 2020 at 10:46 pm | Permalink

    I am reminded of the Black African Marxist Frantz Fannon who said that the goal of the slave is not simply freedom Rather the goal is to change places with the slave holder. So the slave becomes the slave holder and the slave holder becomes the slave.

    • Car Factory
      Posted June 24, 2020 at 11:49 am | Permalink

      “Pimpin’ ain’t easy.” Neither is owning and overseeing slaves. If any white people do end up being held as slaves by blacks, they will probably easily escape, malinger, rebel, etc. as long as it’s blacks doing the overseeing. It might be harder if the black slaveowners hire mestizos, Asians, or whites (!) to do the overseeing.

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