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Nations, Not Projects:
A Response to Keith Woods

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Imagine drinking beer with your neighbor. Imagine your families having a barbecue. Imagine helping your neighbor fix his vehicle, which is notorious for breaking down at inopportune moments. Imagine your neighbor picking your kids up from school because you can’t get out of work.

Then imagine that the next day, you’re shooting your neighbor, burning his house down, killing his sons, and raping his daughters. Oh, and you appropriate his car for your use afterward. Tough to imagine. But it happened. We called it the Yugoslav wars.

While they’re nowhere near the scale and scope of other conflicts, I maintain that the Yugoslav wars remain the most intensely brutal of white-on-white conflicts due to the sheer mutual hatred of its participants, doubly underscored by their previously pacific and even bucolic coexistence in a common state. When I say no more brother wars, I do not think of faraway Kursk or Somme, but of things that happened to men I know. Peaceful and normal men, with large pot-bellies in their middle and old age, but capable of unimaginable brutality, just like Colonel Kurtz’s VC who “hacked off every inoculated arm.”

When I discuss war and brutality, I always harken back to Chesterton’s fence. Madmen did not wander off from the asylum to build this fence in the night. Reasonable, rational men constructed this fence for reasons which appeared sound to them. If you’re asking me, Chesterton’s fence is just a special case of Hegel’s “If it exists, it is reasonable.” When we say reasonable, we don’t mean good, but we mean that the men doing it have good reasons for doing it, i. e. they are not doing it to their detriment as they understand it. So, why did Yugoslavia erupt into violence, death, and destruction in the 90s? Keith Woods has an idea. 

If you want my take on why Yugoslavia went the way of the dinosaur, you can peruse any of my articles on the subject. From its charlatanic intellectual class, of which the most famous is Slavoj Žižek, to the hilarious attempts to foster civic camaraderie through national military service. And of course, there’s my three-part vision of a future for whites which attempts to learn from the lessons of the Yugoslav disaster, of which the first part tries to dissect the problem of forcing people to live together. I take a stand against petty nationalism, but also against racial imperialism. The consequence of the first is weakness. The consequence of the second is Bosnia, followed by weakness.

You can buy Greg Johnson’s The White Nationalist Manifesto here

I’ll also add that Yugoslavia, in its initial form, was a thoroughly globalist project, initiated by Woodrow Willson in the wake of the Great War. It was seen throughout its existence as a model multiethnic, multicultural state; a state of the future that would transcend ethnic and religious boundaries. It was a creature of Versailles and of Yalta, beginning as a Serbian imperialist project, but ultimately ending as an anti-Serb project, while remaining anti-Croat, anti-Slovenian, anti-Bosniak, and anti-Macedonian to the bitter end. Any attempts by the rulers to reform the country into something more manageable, such as Prince-Regent Pavle Karadjordjević’s attempts to give each constitutive nation home rule and achieve neutrality during the Second World War were cruelly subverted, usually by either English, Soviet, or American intelligence services stoking Serbian imperialist fantasies. I want to add a disclaimer here that I do not blame Serbs for Yugoslavia and their breakup. They were taken for a ride and lied to, probably more than any other of the constitutive nations. They were given cheap and mostly symbolic privileges over the other nations, but in the end, paid the heaviest of prices with the bombardment of 1999 and the loss of Kosovo.

Keith contends that Yugoslavia fell apart as a result of American intelligence pressure. Reality, however, shows us that Yugoslavia was — for all 70 years of its existence — propped up by either Britain or America. While the common people of Serbia and Macedonia felt a kinship with their fellow Orthodox in Russia, and Croats and Slovenes preferred closer relations with Germany and Austria, Yugoslavia consistently acted against the interests of those countries and for the interests of the two Anglophone thalassocracies, even when it had to be nudged into it by their intelligence arms, such as in the March putsch of 1941 which dragged the Kingdom of Yugoslavia into an unnecessary war with the Axis powers. During the Cold War, the country’s failing socialist economy was endlessly propped up by both Americans and Soviets, each fearful that Yugoslavia would turn to the other in the event of economic hardship. You can read about this and much more in Dr. Tomislav Sunić’s phenomenal Woodrow Wilson’s Defeat in Yugoslavia: The End of a Multicultural Utopia. This work was written in 1994, so it’s about as fresh as it gets. Here’s a quote which I believe greatly encapsulates the state of affairs immediately following the Yugoslav wars:

The results of the war in the former Yugoslavia will certainly lead to an unparalleled historical revisionism regarding two world wars in Europe. Some German observers have pointed out that the Croatian fight for independence indirectly challenged the legacy of Versailles and one of its crucial pillars, Serb-controlled Yugoslavia. Should Serbia lose in the Balkans, then the real winner of World War II, in a retroactive way, becomes Germany.

For America, Yugoslavia was a model multi-ethnic state, which aside from being a buffer zone in the East-West condominium, had also had a duty to weaken the natural German glans in Central and Eastern Europe. With the dissolution of Yugoslavia, Woodrow Wilson suffered a serious defeat in Croatia.

An important takeaway from Dr. Sunić’s assessment was that the crisis arising out of the Slovenian and Croatian declarations of independence were ultimately solved by Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Berlin. Data that became available after the publication of that article revealed that Belgrade was likewise involved in the de-escalation of the crisis. All the while, Washington and Brussels dithered. A silver lining of that whole sad historical episode gives us an important lesson: sovereign nations working together in concert can find solutions, whereas large supranational entities mostly get in the way. I can see many parallels between the way my own homeland of Macedonia and our dear neighbor Greece gradually learned to grudgingly work together between 1991 and 2018, only to see the old wounds reopened in a violent fashion by globohomo’s supranationalist structures. Nations work together when given space to breathe. But force them together and the urge to murder, burn, pillage, and rape arises in the featherless biped’s simian hindbrain.

A note on “divide and conquer.” Keith makes the point that Yugoslavia had to be divided in order to be conquered by international capital. However, a casual look at the economies of the post-Yugoslav nations indicates a lower presence of international capital than in many other countries, certainly when compared to old Yugoslavia, when one adjusts for the rate of internationalization of capital which has certainly increased since the 1980s. Of course, Yugoslavia wasn’t “divided” in the 90s. Rather, it was a divided, unstable, and ungovernable entity between 1918 and 1991 which fragmented into six relatively homogenous, stable, and safe entities. All six of the republics weathered the 2008 crises far better than their Western counterparts, not only because of their lower levels of internationalization, but also due to the simple fact that it is far more natural to take one for the team if you have genetic similarity with everyone on the team.

As to the claim that six republics are easier to manage than a single federation, I’ll point out US influence has waned in the region, with the exceptions of Albania and Kosovo, and since the illegal, Albanian-backed seizure of power in 2017, Macedonia. Serbia is quite successfully triangulating between China and Russia, with Croatia closely cooperating with its historic German ally. Compared to the direct lines of coordination that existed between Washington and Belgrade during the Cold War, this is a remarkable retreat. And indeed, anyone who has been in a fight will testify that in many ways, it is easier to handle one big man than it is to contend with six smaller ones, especially if they’re not chained together at the ankles.

What’s that about a failing economy? Wasn’t Yugoslavia a socialist nation? That’s supposed to protect from a failure of the economy, right? Unfortunately, a lot of people in the Dissident Right have taken the repudiation of the markets-and-GDP cult practiced by Conservative Inc. to mean a full endorsement of socialism. When I say I’m a third positionist, it means that I refuse to worship markets and efficiency. I assert that the state is sovereign, and this sovereignty applies to economic matters as well. I am willing to take on any and all economic measures for the good of the state and people, without being beholden to either free markets or command economies. Socialism, much like neoliberalism, means becoming beholden to such ideologies. If an economic sector is best run by the state, let the state run it. But if it’s best run by the market, let the market run it. Usually, whenever we want efficiency (and we do want efficiency), we delegate to the markets, understanding that this comes at a cost of security. Wherever security is needed, the state steps in, understanding that this comes at a cost in efficiency. However, Yugoslavia’s economic system wasn’t the kind of socialism you saw in the Soviet Union, nor was it the kind of socialism you see in the Scandinavian countries. It was the kind of socialism you could see in 19th-century Britain, or 20th-century America, which is to say socialism for the ruling class.

The first thing that was done was the nationalization of farmland, much of which was held by small and medium-sized farmers, as well as some estates held by large landowners where individual farmers held parcels of land in perpetuity and paid percentages of their crop profit to the landowner. This land was taken from all the owners — large, small, and medium — and then given over to a local party potentate to manage, who’d employ only fractions of the population as farmhands (it was more “efficient”, see), forcing the bulk of the people to move to the cities.

Something far more sinister was done in the mountainous areas where the primary method of agriculture was animal husbandry. It involved the wholesale massacre of farm animals, sometimes for ridiculously stupid reasons. Macedonia’s first communist president of government, Lazar Koliševski, infamously instituted a (I hope you’re sitting down) goat genocide, killing almost every goat in the country with the rationale that goats eat shrubbery on which soldiers depend for concealment, therefore threatening national defense. In practice, this meant that entire families which had depended on goatherding as their source of sustenance and employment now had to move to the cities.

Once they were corralled into the cities, the people’s labor was exploited to construct and later work in the factories managed by the communist party. Many of these factories were placed with zero regard to public health, pollution, or environmental issues. I give you the most flagrantly stupid example: the Veles lead and zinc smelter. The smelter closed in 2003, but to this day, the ground and groundwater are so imbued with lead particles that children in Veles are more often than not born with growth deformities. Veles, as some of you may know, is also the name of the Slavic god of the underground, herders, music, trade, and wine. He is a serpent living in the roots of the world-tree, struck at by mighty Perun’s thunderbolts. Pollution of his city and criminal negligence for public health have angered this cunning god and we are now paying the price.

Having grown fat on the labor of their fellow man, the communist managerial class came to be known as the “red bourgeoisie.” The jig was up, however, and the common folk were rapidly re-learning the old arts of dolce far niente, of pretending to work, of “boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, and so I shit on company time” which they’d practiced for so long during the 500 years under the Ottoman empire. Whether the production capacity is owned by the bey, or by the state, it makes very little difference to the man who toils. All he knows is that someone else — someone of a different ethnic and religious group — is getting rich off the sweat of his brow. And so he ceases to sweat. And so he re-appropriates some of his labor from the company’s inventory. And so he neglects to show up for work, falls asleep on the job, or sneaks out to play hide the ćevapčić with the bossman’s wife.

How do we get one over him? Well, enter self-governing socialism, where the productive capacity is not state-owned, as with the Russians, nor are they privately-owned, but directed by the state, as in most third-positionist regimes, but “commonly owned,” which is to say “everyone’s and no-one’s.”

It makes as much sense to me, friends.

In practice, workers were often issued shares and were required to participate in self-governing councils, but this went the same way as every other experiment in democracy did. A managerial class arose to wield power and extract value from the labor of these workers, and whenever they were called out on their abuses, they could always very credibly claim that they were just another worker, just another voice in the multitude, certainly not the owner or the boss. When control and ownership are unclear, the controllers and owners cannot be held to account. And so it went, for many long years, until “democracy” came, and the managerial red bourgeoisie privatized the companies which they’d run for 40 years, profiting once again from the labor of the much-exploited workers. These people and their descendants form the bulk of globohomo’s creatures, NGO grifters, nation-wreckers, and government-academia-business-media apparatchiks in the post-communist era. Many of the people whose fathers and grandfathers sang the glories of self-governing socialism now extol the virtues of homosexualism and globalism.

You can buy Greg Johnson’s Toward a New Nationalism here

Where I will agree with Keith is his treatment of Kosovo and the Kosovar Albanians. I don’t have much to add to that section of his video, except to say that I believe that present-day Kosovo is the end-stage of demographic replacement. First, it’s Western Europe, with 10% minorities causing a ruckus. Then it’s the USA, with 40-something percent minorities waging low-level civil war. Then it’s Brazil, with a mostly white ruling class trying to keep an unraveling nation together, then South Africa with a nonwhite ruling class plotting to eradicate white minorities, and then Kosovo, when the nonwhites (I do not consider Albanians to be white) have proliferated to such an extent that they form a supermajority; the final stage. Whatever’s left of the white population is at the mercy of a regime and a populace which hates it, and all memory of it ever having existed will probably be erased from the territory.

The Albanians have had the full support of America and her deep state, and their mafia now threatens the great cities of Western Europe as well. This is only to be expected. America is a bioleninist empire and its foreign policy is likewise bioleninist. It will intentionally seek alliances with the weak in order to ensure their undying loyalty, using them as excuses to get involved in various areas of the world.

Keith then overcompensates in the other direction and tries to whitewash Serbian atrocities during the Croatian and Bosnian wars. I’ll reiterate my reluctance to pass blame around and my willingness to heal the very deep wounds caused by these brother wars, but the artillery shells which fell on Dubrovnik were very real, and they came out of Serbian guns. You can still see the shrapnel pockmarks on historic buildings in Dubrovnik. Every local seems to have a horror story, and then a tale of heroism and togetherness in the war. We’ll get nowhere by denying that monstrous things were done. What must be understood is that these monstrous things were the natural response to people being forced to share living space.

Yugoslavia failed because it was an insane and stupid project. It was an attempt to force people to live together while they had irreconcilable differences. People naturally respond violently to such pressures, and when they are forced by authoritarian states to live together, those violent instincts go to ground and are unleashed all at once at the first opportunity. This makes the state insanely fragile. If foreign intelligence services exploited ethnic fault lines, it was because these fault lines existed and were handily exploitable. Naive Westerners will often deride our conflicts as the narcissism of small differences, but when you live here, when it’s your skin in the game, these differences do not appear at all small. In fact, they are life and death differences, often with significant implications for reproductive success, material well-being, or even just pure honor and prestige as understood in the Hegelian master-slave dialectic.

What right has any Westerner to tell me that I am basically the same thing as a Serb, with minor linguistic differences? What right has any outsider to tell a Croat that he must pay homage to a federal presidency in Belgrade? What right has any outsider to ask a Serb to sacrifice himself for the security of some Slovene who considers him half-Turk? That’s not even getting into the fact of the far greater genetic diversity which the Balkan peninsula has compared to Western Europe. If genetic similarity theory is anything to go by, no wonder we can’t stand each other. But provide us with spaces which are for us alone, and suddenly we’re friendly and can even work together on common projects.

Keith’s a good kid. I’ve followed him for a while now. He’s a bright fellow, although he has that tendency to overcompensate in the other direction. Like all young people, like myself when I was his age, he has no patience for the middle ground. Like others of a philosophical disposition, he can’t brook the open contradictions and even hypocrisies necessary to get things done in real life. In fact, whenever I find myself disagreeing with Keith, I find that the voice is Keith’s, but the words might as well be a demented rant about octaroon midget kikes, professions of love for a good burger with caramelized onions, or mad visions of racial imperium. It’d appear that the PR department at NPI/Radix has decided that Spencerism sounds less inauthentic and insane if said in an earthy Hibernian baritone, rather than a flinty, smarmy twang.

Keith, buddy, if you’re reading this, understand that you’re better than that. I understand your frustration with petty nationalists in Ireland — Lord knows I have very little patience for my own kinsmen who lack racial consciousness. I can’t really fault them for that, though. Racial consciousness, and taking part in an international racialist movement, are an elite phenomenon. The Dissident Right is itself an elite phenomenon, formed by the disaffected sons of the first and second echelons of power in the West, the men who would have been potentates if not for their unusual attachment to their people and unwillingness to consume them for profit. I can no more expect the common Irish or Macedonian man to think of himself as a white European than I can expect him to understand Heidegger’s object-act of consciousness distinction. And furthermore, the existence of race as a category and layer of identity does not invalidate the existence of the nation as a category and layer of identity, nor need the nation be the enemy of the race, as the region isn’t the enemy of the nation, the town isn’t the enemy of the region, and the family isn’t the enemy of the town. I understand, likewise, your desire to curb international capital and restore the dignity of your people. The answer does not lie in embracing socialism, or looking among the failed and discredited economic theories of the past for solutions to such problems, and certainly not to nations which produced astounding inequalities and exploitation even during their socialist period. I’d also caution you not to consort with has-beens who’d mud-wrestle their own mother for a moment in the limelight, or at the very least, re-examine their ideas in the context of the ideas here discussed.

Only when each brother has a house of his own will we see an end to brother wars.

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  1. Happyberry
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 6:34 am | Permalink

    What is the author’s opinion of the conflict in Northern Ireland?

    • Posted April 23, 2020 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

      Inevitable and unfortunate result of forced integration of two disparate populations. That being said, the current political arrangement might be the least bad option, but I will withhold further opinion until I learn more about the region.

      • scott johnston
        Posted April 23, 2020 at 11:42 pm | Permalink

        Im an Ulster Scot from Belfast and our situation is very similar when left alone and given breathing room we ignore each other for the most part, the catholic Irish keep to themselves in the west side of the city and the ulster Scots protestants keep to themselves in the east.

        What caused most of the bloodshed in Northern Ireland was the British government using their military to forcibly breakdown ethnic neighborhoods and “integrate” the two groups which lead to low level ethnic cleansing.

  2. Utgard Loki
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 9:00 am | Permalink

    I don’t see why you Slavs don’t join against the mutual threat of Veles! He wants to divide you!

    Curious that Slavic mythos has a world tree similar to Norse. Is there a good source for Slavic mythology, like an Edith Hamilton?

    • Posted April 23, 2020 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

      Veles is not necessarily an evil god. While definitely an opponent of Perun the sky god and a Loki-like trickster, he is far from Satan or even Loki. He even fuses with Perun and Dažbog to form Triglav, the three-headed ur-deity of the Slavic religion.

      Herdsmen, vintners, merchants, musicians and others naturally pay homage to Veles, and even a Perun-worshipper will pay him his due, though worship of the two deities is kept separate.

  3. Bruno Bucciaratti
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 9:03 am | Permalink

    I have long been a fan of the author, but this piece stands head and shoulders above prior works.

    It is long past time that the “Third Positionism” of certain quarters of the old AltRight was called out. The likes of Erik Striker do not embrace a 3rd Position at all, they are just Commies, period. A J-Woke Communist is simply a Communist who ignores the Talmudry inherent in his ideology.

    I do have one question for the author. It was always my understanding that the personality of Marshall Tito held Yugoslavia together long after it would otherwise have collapsed. Is this not the case?

    • Lord Shang
      Posted April 23, 2020 at 10:45 pm | Permalink

      Stalin was sound on the JQ – but no friend of Euroman. (Was Stalin white? An interesting question, I think, with wide implications however it’s decided.)

  4. HamburgerToday
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 11:47 am | Permalink

    Racial consciousness, and taking part in an international racialist movement, are an elite phenomenon. The Dissident Right is itself an elite phenomenon….

    If that were true, the elites would not fear us so much that they feel the need to relentlessly deplatform and exclude us from public discourse.

    I think the reality is that intellectual racial dissidence as an elite enterprise. But we are merely the articulators of what the White Street knows in its marrow: Races are not equal. Racial separation is best solution to racial conflict.

    • Breidablik
      Posted April 23, 2020 at 11:00 pm | Permalink

      Racial consciousness is mainly a black and “poc” phenomenon, since racial pride and organizing is regarded as something good and legitimate for them.

      Explicit white racial consciousness, on the other hand, is mainly associated with “angry white men” from a working class background who repel many middle-class people. C-C, Amren, and Scandza belong to the few exceptions from this rule.

      • HamburgerToday
        Posted April 24, 2020 at 7:58 am | Permalink

        Maybe we’re just arguing over what ‘racial consciousness’ means and — depending upon that definition — whether some people have it or not. To me, ‘racial consciousness’ simply means being aware of ‘race’ and, for Whites, being aware of being a member of the ‘White’ race. It’s not the same thing as being aware of these things and making a decision about them, politically, such as explicitly embracing White Identity or becoming a White Nationalist. In my view, ‘racialism’ occurs on a spectrum. In the 1960/70s, there were these things called ‘consciousness raising groups’.

        Quite a few White people are aware that ‘diversity’ is not their friend, after that, it gets a bit muddy because they’ve been indoctrinated into — and are still attracted to — the idea of ‘racial harmony’. They’re confused and/or upset about the fact that it seems that ‘racial harmony’ always entails Whites relinquishing status or money or jobs. However, they’re not willing to ‘go racist’ because their self-image is one of being ‘nice’ and not being a ‘hater’. So, ordinary Whites use the ‘anti-racist’ standard to criticize non-Whites. Here’s an example from a CNN interview. The woman is responding to the behavior of the US Congressional anti-White delegation known as ‘The Squad’:

        “Why haven’t they befriended one of their white female congresswoman colleagues and let her join the group?” (Dena) Miller asked. “They don’t like white people. C’mon, they’re racist.”

  5. Jules
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    The US initially opposed the break-up of Yugoslavia. It was Germany’s controversial unilateral recognition of Slovenian and, especially, Croatian independence that changed everything. The rest of the West, particularly the French and British, were infuriated and even scared by the newly united Germany’s confident unilateralism on Yugoslavia. Germany realised that pretty quickly and from then stuck to the multilateral approach that pleased its EU partners and NATO allies. It sounds like Woods is parroting the old Michael Parenti Marxist interpretation of events.

    Also Germany’s decision to recognise Croatia while seen as great power politics by many Europeans, Americans, and even more cynically by Serbs, had some domestic considerations that have nothing to do with geopolitics and American intelligence, such as Croatian expat lobbyists in Germany, a sympathetic Catholic Church, and their connections to Germany’s Christian Democrats and the Christian Social Union (Bavaria). Not everything on earth is an American (or Jewish) conspiracy.

    • Posted April 23, 2020 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

      Indeed, the post-Bleiburg Croat nationalist movement moved wholesale to the West, mostly in Germany. They bided their time and worked on infrastructure until the opportunity arose to free Croatia. 45 years of hard work, financing, organizing and activism paid off. I’m a great admirer of these people and hope to achieve something similar for my own nation.

  6. Bobby
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 1:34 pm | Permalink

    I literally witnessed one example of what Nicolas is pointed out about the Yugoslav wars. Around 25 years ago, I was buying some beer(Pabst Blue ribbon) at a liquor store close to where I lived. Suddenly two men, both around the age of 50, hard as this will be to believe, broke out into a violent argument that escalated into serious physical violence. Since these guys didn’t seemed armed the proprietor of the store and myself forced them apart and he told them to leave his store and don’t come back. I asked him a few minutes later after they complied, what in the hell happened with these two. He said that he eventually got fed up with them, because they were repeat customers and when they crossed paths, they constantly became hostile to each other. He further said that one guy was a Croat and the other guy was a Serb. Knowing the history between the two cultures from my Dad, I understood right away. I knew that there is a Serbian version of a plum brandy called Slivowitz and a Croation version of the same drink. I knew later on, that there were great chess masters that were Serbian and others that were Croatian, although I think Serbian masters were more common. In any case, Nicholas’ article educated me further on the whole topic.

  7. Uranium
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 2:40 pm | Permalink

    Very unbalanced and poorly reasearched article. The authors opnions demonstrate lack of understanding of what acutally transpired in the former Yugoslavia.

  8. John
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 6:36 pm | Permalink

    “He’s a bright fellow, although he has that tendency to overcompensate in the other direction”

    You mean by being critical of capitalism? If so, take a look at the world around you. It is capitalistic ideology that has created global neo-liberal hegemony. Communism is entirely dead, and has been for quite some time. It’s a complete failure of an ideology that poses no threat. Capitalism, on the other hand, is currently the vehicle driving the anti-white establishment.

    The majority of people are all on-board when it comes to anti-communism. And that’s great.
    However, what’s keeping people from embracing a third position is their suicidal attachment to capitalism/conservatism, and that is what needs to be targeted by people like Keith and you. But instead, when someone dares to confront the issues we face, you put on your cape and come to the rescue of the conservative establishment, warning us of the horrors of socialism.

    • Nikandros
      Posted April 23, 2020 at 11:46 pm | Permalink

      You don’t think it’s warranted to be concerned about some of these guys drifting too far left on economic matters? From what I’ve seen on twitter, a few of them have pretty much stopped talking about race and are bordering on becoming full Marxist class warriors.

    • Nikandros
      Posted April 23, 2020 at 11:47 pm | Permalink

      And then there’s Matt Heimbach who really did become a full communist.

  9. Martin Venator
    Posted April 23, 2020 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

    I was wondering why the author thinks that Albanians are not white but, say, Montenegrins or Sicilians are. I’m confused: maybe there’s some genetic evidence I am not aware of?

    • Grnadiose
      Posted April 24, 2020 at 10:36 am | Permalink

      Simply put:
      In order to be White you have to belong to one or more of these categories:
      Slavic, Greek Celtic, Latin, Germanic, Baltic, and Fino-Ugric.

      The majority of Albanians, aside from not belonging to any of these categories, never truly assimilated to Europe. Instead they’ve always been very hostile towards Yugoslavs and Greeks, initiating wars and making the crime rates skyrocket ever since the 90s, all while being best pals with Turkey. Sicilians, etc. are simply too Mediterenan. That by itself is no reason for not being White. Greece and Sicily lately evaded intermixture with he Goths and the Vandals (hence the word “vandalism”), and thus have remained purely Southern.

      • Martin Venator
        Posted April 24, 2020 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

        So you’re saying that Bosnians too aren’t white because they’re historically Muslim and hence not assimilated into Europe? What about the thousands of Greeks who used to be Muslim (especially in places like Crete and Thassaly)? Were they also not white? I’m still confused.

      • Walrus Night
        Posted April 26, 2020 at 9:26 am | Permalink

        Those are all language families in Europe, of which Albanian is also one. You’re just arbitrarily deciding Albanian doesn’t count because you don’t like it. Albanians and the language developed in Europe, that’s a fact, the genetics prove it and so does the language. It’s pathetic when people let personal prejudice in the way of science.

  10. Altlanta Man
    Posted April 24, 2020 at 4:31 am | Permalink

    You say you don’t consider the Albanian people to be white? That is funny, because every geneticist in the world would disagree with you but let’s not kid ourselves, this is not about genetics.

    This is about politics, by designating a people as non white you essentially create a dichotomy in which you don’t have to deal with the other in equal or even humane terms, you can consider him a different/lower form of being, as a pest to be gotten rid of, and his opinion or say doesn’t matter.

    Funny that the Slav that arrived in the late 7th century complains about the Albanian whose genetic line goes back to the bronze age in his lands. This is what the Slavs have always done, attack others, and even each other, while then creating all sorts of excuses about why they are supposedly the victims.

    In this case the whole narrative goes back for more than a century and it’s being trumpeted by the Belgrade propaganda machine for all this time. It’s borders are not clearly defined but I would call it the Russian/Duginist/Orthodox nationalist narrative. It’s latest expression was in Ukraine when all sorts of theories were coming out about how the Ukrainians are not a real people and all sorts of stuff like this. By extension a non real people cannot have real claims and demands, so Russia wins, like I said they attack and then they act like the victim, while the real victims ends up looking like the perpetrator.

    Unfortunately this Slavic narrative has become dominant in the majority of the Alt-Right to a point where it is indistinguishable from it’s core philosophy. The peaceful coexistence of various white peoples will not be realized under such an ideology because it will be tailor made as it suits each person, and then some people become less white then others and are therefore ripe for attacks and dehumanization, as long as one gets his way then it doesn’t matter.

    I hope this movement rises from irrelevance to a nuisance and then the Feds will crack down on you. You have seen it before, they will twist laws and stipulations and throw the book at you. When these happens I will do anything I can to help them because you have put me in a defensive and nonnegotiable position, I will see you crushed and totally destroyed, like Turd Flinging Monkey said to the tradcons. You could have had an ally, instead you chose to have an enemy, as Bon Scott said: If you want blood, you got it.

    • Posted April 24, 2020 at 5:09 am | Permalink

      And this is exactly why we need separate spaces. It wouldn’t matter if Albanians are white or not if they were all in Albania, instead of invading other people’s lands.

      • Atlanta Man
        Posted April 24, 2020 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

        The “invasion” of other’s territories is Belgrade’s main propaganda point and it’s not only a complete lie but a total inversion of the truth, like I said the Slavs do. No one seems to say when this invasion came from and from where.

        Here’s what really happened, the Serbian army in 1912 attacked the Ottoman Empire with it’s Balkan allies and occupied Kosovo (and most of Albania) area which simply by researching one can find was majority Albanian population at the time. Not by a vast proportion but a majority nonetheless. Of course they didn’t care about the people so they went about committing crimes in the thousands in a very savage manner. If I was a religious man I’d say what Austria did to them in WW1 was divine retribution but in fact it was just the way power and conquest was back then played out.

        The borders between Albania and Yugoslavia were closed from 1912 until 1999 when the war ended, so when did this invasion happen? The answer is of course, never.

        What did happen was the baby boom of the 60s and 70s when indeed it was the patriotic policy of the Albanian population “one more for Kosovo” they said and they had more babies, as you are mememing nowadays. After the war that thing ended so it’s now below replacement. And it was by the people who were already there. But even with that the Serbian population continued to increase in it’s lowest rate of course.

        There was no invasion, there was merely a conquered people that tried to gain freedom after decades of occupation. There are ethnographic maps, historical data, names and dates of the personalities in history, and everything that can support and prove the truth, not just the propaganda of the Greater Serbia of Belgrade and Moscow. In conclusion whatever demographic change happened didn’t affect the geographical borders and in Kosovo the populations are living there in the same areas they did 100 years ago.

        I hope for a renewal of western Europe after this existential trial they are going through because wignats, Putin fanboys, and Slavist propagandists have become the main voice of the Alt-Right. To balance lies and propaganda with actual research and truth seeking.

        • Node
          Posted July 23, 2020 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

          I’m in the same boat as you. I find it amusing when groups like Bulgarians (Macedonians being a subgroup of that larger group) tell people like me that we are not white, considered they are a mix of Central Asian Bulgars and South Slavs. Even though I have the Aryan characteristics that many in the dissident do not even have (blonde hair, blue eyes, large stature, fitness, etc.) Seeing swarthy lards of fat like Matthew Heimbach or Black Pigeon Speaks say that I’m not white is always a good source of comedy.

          The current state of the alt-right is that it is a project that has been co-opted by the Kremlin (which also happens to be very friendly with Israeli Zionists). There is no hope for Albanians in this movement, no matter how white or Aryan they appear to be, not even if they are of 100% Catholic or Orthodox stock. (Never mind the fact that Albanians were recruited by the SS but most Slavs were annihilated by Germany.) It is silly to see so many Albanians online begin to adopt alt-right talking points and memes. They see through Zionist propaganda and see blacks and third world migrants destroying European nations, and foolishly they think that the alt-right will accept them.

          I will forever be hostile to neoliberal Zionism and the globohomo agenda, but I will never side with the alt-right (a movement that in fact reeks of PSYOPs). Not simply because of disagreement, but by the fact that they want to annihilate me and my people and by the fact that I cannot trust their integrity. Ironic, because I am in a position where I could help them significantly, but like you, I am forced into the position of doing what I can to dismantle them. Without going into unnecessary detail, I’m somebody who would have been a natural ally, but because they want to attack my people, then I am their enemy.

    • Grandiose
      Posted April 24, 2020 at 10:39 am | Permalink

      There goes their traditional hatred towards Europeans. What’s next, Southern Heipirus or Eastern Vardaska?

      • Node
        Posted July 23, 2020 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

        That’s sorta like punching your neighbor and saying “see, I knew you hate me” when he punches back. You created an enemy out of someone who never provoked you. I’m sure your dissident right project will see splendid success at this rate…

  11. Esoteric Du30ist
    Posted April 24, 2020 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    The Yugoslav Wars did have one good thing about them, as the author points out: the creation of Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, etc., which are better off apart because of the manifold differences of the peoples forced to live together first out of an effort to be independent of Austro-Hungarian rule and then in an effort to be a softer kind of communism. Both efforts failed, and the resultant independent states are better off for it.

    The opposite happened in the case of Germany. Under the hegemony of Prussia, the warring principalities and small kingdoms all because better for their unity, and this was because Prussia behaved like the ur-Germany and wanted to build the best version of the nation. I suspect that in the more distant past a similar phenomenon happened to a lesser or greater extent in the British isles and was in the process of happening in the United States, which originally based its citizenship requirements upon membership in the European race and at least the yeoman class.

    However, the opposite scenario to the Yugoslav Wars played out – but in the other direction as Germany’s wars of unification – in the US Civil War. The USA was indeed best all together, with each region doing its part to make the whole better. But this was only a concept, as the entire union was entirely disfunctional from the start. And then, due to the spread of the first awakenings of modern racial equality liberalism, the lunatic fringe in the north (the radical Republicans and Abolitionists) goaded the situation to the point that the Southern states seceded at least heavily on the basis that the white people who built the civilzation ought to be supreme in North America. However, with the defeat of the Confederate States, the people were forced to be absorber into a sickening new formulation of America that had never existed before. The South never got its chance to be free and independent and to see what its own unique destiny was in the world.

    It is because of these realities that we, as white people, should, despite our differences, recognize that we all have the same kinds of struggles and complaints against each other. History has happened to all of us and all our peoples. But unless our Kind wishes to be swept from history, we have to stick together and, then, maybe after it’s all settled with the rest, then we can settle up between each other in a peaceful and mutually respectful way.

    • Posted April 24, 2020 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

      If I’m being honest, I’m not sure German unity has worked well for Germany’s various regions. The early Kaiserreich and current Bundesrepublik are too bourgeois, too Rhineland, smothering the Prussian militaristic spirit, whereas the late Kaiserreich and the Third Reich (and the DDR to an extent) were too Prussian, too militaristic, trodding the comfort-seeking Rhineland spirit underfoot.

      The solution isn’t even a middle. It’s about letting the Rhineland be bougie and the Prussians be militaristic. I very few ideas on how to solve this problem, and not one of them is pleasant.

  12. Christian Cutler
    Posted May 25, 2020 at 2:29 pm | Permalink

    All Europeans are White and are genetically homogeneous regardless of religion.
    Having said that the recent wars in the Balkans as well as in the Donbass are proof that feelings of enmity still run deep amongst some of us. Like Jared Taylor said perhaps if these countries take a few million blacks and Asians they will stop squabbling.

    No more brother wars.

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