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Fróði Midjord and Gemma Kits:
Rekindling Native Spirituality

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After his speech at this year’s Etnofutur Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, Fróði Midjord sat down with Gemma Kits, a young Estonian nationalist and fellow speaker at the conference to discuss native Estonian spirituality, traditions, and what it means to be an Estonian. If you liked this interview, be sure to subscribe to the official Scandza Forum YouTube channel where more speeches, interviews, and news will be uploaded from the Scandza Forum and events just like it across Europe.

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  1. Fenek Solere
    Posted March 6, 2020 at 12:35 am | Permalink

    Very thought provoking and powerful!

  2. Alexandra O
    Posted March 8, 2020 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    I loved this interview with the lady from Estonia, speaking about her love for the forests and the land there, and how she found an older, heathen religion which expressed her feelings for nature. I love nature above all else, and part of Nationalism, I am sure, means keeping our natural land as pristine as possible, despite all the deprecations it has undergone so far from intensive agriculture, mining, industrialization, etc. I am blessed to live in a rented house that has very old trees on the slopes behind, and I feel as if I am in a forest of sorts, and this is the best part of my life in Los Angeles. But I see my city and my entire country disappearing, both naturally and spiritually, which I hope that our White Nationalist path can regain for us. I am convinced that only Whites feel this way about this country, and that is why what we are doing is so important.

    • R.ang
      Posted March 10, 2020 at 1:38 am | Permalink

      I have to agree with this.
      A while back I’ve read an old book (originally published in 1907) about Slavic gods. I am Slavic and I have to say I’ve never felt so at home with any other religion or movement than I did with the descriptions of our gods and mythical beings.
      All European religions deeply cherished nature and it’s the core of our beings!

      And, think of it what you want, I have an interesting story on this topic: I work in an industrial zone which borders on a forest (which, unfortunately, often has to give way for more factories) and I often go there for a walk during lunch break. That part of the forest is semi-wild, it’s not really being taken care of, fallen wood is left to break down naturally and I’ve even stood not more than three meters away from a deer buck and he couldn’t care less about me. There’s a beautiful huge oak roughly in the middle, but it’s not easily seen, I often miss it even if I try looking for it. But I’ve also always felt kind of uneasy inside this wood.
      Then, recently, I’ve watched Princess Mononoke and on one ocasion the main characters asks to be granted safe entry into the ancient forest. And I thought “hey, let’s try that out next time!” So now whenever I come to the edge of the wood, I ask in my mind to be granted safe entry and I thank for the safe entry when I leave. And I have to say, that uneasy feeling is completely gone and I feel right at home!
      Whether it’s something divine or supernatural or me just easing my mind I don’t know, but it sure is an interesting experience and I’m planning to use this mentality when I get the chance to visit more ancient places.

      • Alexandra O
        Posted March 10, 2020 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

        It’s a beautiful thought that you have come across, communing with the spirits of a particularly nice place.

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