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Open Borders Caused the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Coronavirus, or COVID-19, the virus which originated in China, has now swept the globe. People are sick, many have died, there is widespread panic, entire nations have been shut down, and daily life has been disrupted virtually everywhere at this point.

The virus is both more infectious and more deadly than the common flu, though it is being compared to the flu by some due to overlapping symptoms. [1] [1]

COVID-19 first appeared in China sometime in November of 2019. [2] [2] One theory of the virus’ inception is that it came from a Chinese “wet market, ” where live animals are sold in the open, including dogs, cats, fox pups, koalas, bats, and other “meats” that are uncommon to Europeans. Whether or not this theory proves to be factual remains to be seen. However, no matter where the virus originated, the barbaric practices of the dog meat trade, among others, should not be ignored. If nothing else comes from the wet market theory, we should understand the Chinese are radically alien people who do not leave their customs at the border when they arrive in Europe or the United States. Pets have been found on countless occasions at these open-air markets; kittens and pups with collars and name tags are not uncommon. [3] [3] These practices, along with other anti-nature barbarisms such as shark-finning, are common throughout all of China, Korea, Japan, and the rest of Asia. [4] [4] These are not the type of people I want as neighbors under any circumstances.

With that said, the hostile media and diaspora Asians living in the U.S. and Europe have, on some level, picked up on this sentiment. There was general disgust at the revelation for many people at the types of “food” the Chinese and others were eating, along with the horrific methods of preparing the “food,” such as skinning and boiling dogs and cats while alive. Then there were legitimate examples of early “social distancing” on public transit, to which Asians noticed and took offense. Some of the reports from the mainstream media:

“A new virus stirs up ancient hatred,” Chinese columnist Jeff Yang wrote. “Across the internet, we’ve seen widespread eruptions of racist scapegoating, blaming Chinese for a disease that has so far only killed Chinese.” [5] [5] Yang’s claim of racism is what others would call basic observation. If the virus started in China, why would we “blame” the Irish, for example? Why would we pretend it didn’t start in China? Yang is asking us to deny reality. If our nation were run by competent people, they might have proactively ensured nobody came into the U.S. from China without being quarantined — or, better yet, banned all travel to and from.

The ADL’s predictable blog post, titled “Extremists Use Coronavirus to Advance Racist, Conspiratorial Agendas,” was sure to make readers know the real issue is not a rapidly spreading pathogen with lethal potential, but the fact that people are saying unflattering things on the internet. [6] [6]

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“Fear of coronavirus fuels racist sentiment targeting Asians” headlines the truly harrowing story of a random Asian in the LA Times: “I don’t know if it’s just people looking at me coughing or because I’m an Asian person coughing, they think I might have the coronavirus. . . I feel like every time I cough, people are going to be uncomfortable with that. I shouldn’t have to feel that way.” Oh, you feel a little uncomfortable, and shouldn’t have to live this way? That’s funny, I feel like my entire life shouldn’t be turned upside down, and the lives of my elderly family members threatened, because you and your co-ethnics are transmitting a global pathogen. I agree that we shouldn’t have to live this way.

After Italy took reasonable precautions, like ending flights to and from China, a group of Chinese nationals in Italy put on a display of sorts called, “I’m not a virus. I’m a human. Eradicate the prejudice.” At this display, a Chinese man offered “free hugs” to help end so-called xenophobia (the fear of the stranger). [7] [8] Shortly thereafter, over 1,800 Italians are dead from COVID-19, all of Italy is on lockdown, Spain and France have followed suit, and the number of Europeans infected continues to skyrocket. [8] [9]

Then came the day-to-day terror from the diaspora Asian community in what they found to be good-natured humor to combat “racism.” A viral tweet with over 200,000 likes read, “Coughing real loud on the subway today to see who’s racist.” [9] [10] Another Asian living in the U.S. decided to more explicitly harass a passenger, by coughing towards them, in a viral video with over 380,000 likes. Min, the Asian Twitter user, then went on to berate the woman for racism and stupidity, finally claiming she was the victim of discrimination because the woman covered her face and eventually moved away. [10] [11]

Former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, in a tweet ostensibly covering for his fellow Asians, wrote: “The fear of the coronavirus is likely to be as or more destructive than the virus itself.” [11] [12] People are dead. They are dead because of a disease that came from China, yet Asians living in White nations are more concerned people might gaze at them too long or move away from them. People have lost loved ones, and Asians think this is some sort of joke, or that perhaps they are the real victims here at the hands of White people who have a bit of their self-preservation instinct left. The “racism” that diaspora-citizens and the media are describing is illegitimate on its face. Even if they were being treated differently, it is justified and based on wholly legitimate reasons.

Fundamentally, the cause of disruption in day-to-day life across Europe, the U.S., Canada, and other Western nations, is globalism and neoliberalism. The commitment to open borders and the free movement of people from place to place, along with the irrational deference to “the market,” brought us here.

The official Twitter account of the New Jersey government tweeted, in rather condescending fashion:

*taps mic*
coronavirus is no excuse for racism

That same day, the first death in New Jersey due to coronavirus was announced. [12] [13]

A man lost his life because his traitorous government believes the commitment to “anti-racism” was more valuable than his life. By not taking measures to ensure the safety of its citizenry, these government actors might as well have shot those who have died from the exotic disease in the head themselves. Elected officials in the U.S. had months to prepare; their lack of response for so long is at least tantamount to gross negligence. It was more than foreseeable that this virus would make its way to the West if nothing was done. Their obligation to act was disregarded; inaction was the route taken instead. Perhaps the government of New Jersey can explain to the family of those who lost a loved one that this was simply the price to be paid so that it could virtue-signal on Twitter dot com.

What nonwhites and liberals call “racism” is, in their intellectually stunted, juvenile minds, the notion that, for no apparent reason, a subset of Whites decided one day to irrationally and inexplicably hate others solely for the most superficial of characteristics, such as skin color or accent. In reality, however, what they call “racism” actually just appears to be a healthy and natural in-group preference, combined with astute pattern recognition and common sense. Understood properly, “racism” would have saved lives, and would keep our nation functioning. Leaders with foresight would be able to recognize that certain parts of the world are dealing with serious health epidemics and therefore must be separated from the people they were elected to protect. After all, if a nation is not charged with protecting its own, it is essentially illegitimate and should be seen as either an occupation government or a rule-making proxy for large corporations (or perhaps some other fifth-column). Suppose the U.S. or Europe did shut down travel to and from China or anywhere else? What about it? What does an American or European owe to his paper-citizens? What do we owe people whose ancestors did not build these nations, while ours did? I believe nothing at all. [13] [14]

A government that operates under the presumption that the health of the people is paramount would not have waited even a moment to act. All flights, cruises, and travel could have been stopped, and anybody re-entering the U.S. or Europe could have been quarantined. The disruptions we face now — schools and universities closing, events canceled, people struggling to pay their bills, deaths — is all a direct result, the inevitable result, of a government that is hostile to our interests, valuing “diversity and inclusion” and market deference above the safety of the people. Instead of stopping flights, inconveniencing a few people and costing a few companies to be out some money, we are all now facing the consequences of “anti-racism.” States, like Ohio, are mandating bars and restaurants to suspend dine-in service, and small business owners and their staffs will now be absorbing the impact because our illegitimate government would not cancel flights and cruises two months ago when the costs would have been absorbed by billion-dollar corporations. Instead, they waited until the effects would disrupt the lives of the most vulnerable.

Once this sickness was in China, it was only a matter of time until it found its way into our hometowns, as there is nothing in place at all to prevent its free travel. Globalism necessarily means exotic diseases are coming to your home town from the farthest corners of the globe.

The first instance of COVID-19 in the United State was a Chinese man who returned on or about January 14, 2020, after visiting family in Wuhan, China. [14] [15] China reported the virus to the World Health Organization on December 31, 2019, and had documented the novel virus since sometime in November. Although the Trump administration announced on January 31, 2020, it would be restricting entry into the United States from China, the so-called restrictions were in name only. “The restriction does not include immediate family members of American citizens and permanent residents,” [15] [16] meaning that patient zero in the United States would have been permitted to enter, as well as nearly all of those traveling back and forth.

The chilling part is this is only the beginning, the opening viral-salvo against our way of life. What it once meant to be “first-world” and “third-world” will begin to merge. Nations that were once able to eradicate diseases and care for them with extreme efficiency will become a thing of the past, as the diseased and wretched hordes continue their flood into historic White homelands. There is no reason at this point to assume the next dangerous outbreak that happens in some faraway land will be stopped from entering Europe and the U.S. unless these nations are secured and managed by their founding stock, who possess a clear and express desire to keep their kinfolk safe.

In a White nation with closed borders — a real White nation, run by people like us, who are committed to the safety and future of our people — none of this would be an issue. Instead, people are fearful they may get sick and die, they are out of work, their children are worried about their next meal, their daily lives are being significantly disrupted, thousands have already lost loved ones, and ultimately for what? So that heads of state can pay lip service to “racial and ethnic diversity” as they live in nearly all-White neighborhoods and send their children to private schools away from diversity? So that we can pretend we are “advanced and tolerant” as third-world diseases ravage our homelands and people? So that we can get trinkets for a few dollars less? This is a tremendous deviation from how proper nations have operated historically, i.e., with their own people coming first. We should never have been in a position where the possibility of elderly Europeans and Americans dying is weighed against being called “racist” or costing airlines to cancel some flights.

I have zero faith that our elites will make any considerable changes to the law or public policy in the aftermath of this event. The full extent of the devastation caused by this epidemic is yet to be seen, but what is for certain is this: If nothing changes, there will be another. And another. And another. As it stands, there is nothing to prevent a disease that pops up in any corner of the globe from making its way right into your favorite bar, grocery store, your university, your parent’s or grandparent’s nursing home, or your child’s school. More than ever, this is clear evidence that our current elite must be replaced with those who have their sights not on today’s stock index, but eternity. Those who are not going to concern themselves with the feelings of alien interlopers (who already have their own homelands), but with the safety of their own extended racial family. We should not have to live this way — and White nations with hard borders will ensure we alone control our fate.

If nothing else, I hope this serves as a wake-up call to everybody that we must secure our own future. We must build our own institutions capable of wielding power and influence, and see to it that our interests are no longer last in line behind what an alien with no legitimate reason to even be here has to say, or what may or may not happen on Wall Street at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

I am of the simple belief that our lives should not be turned upside down so that we do not offend people who ultimately hate us anyway. No amount of hurt feelings mitigate the fact that men and women of my own stock are struggling and dying because of something entirely preventable. After all, the only way an isolated epidemic becomes a pandemic is through open borders.

Life could be so much better. Everything could be so different. It is more clear than it has ever been that our very lives and the lives of our families depend on regaining control of our homelands, and that those in power reflect our image.


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