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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 263
Unapologetic Nationalism:
Fróði Midjord on the Baltic States

84 words / 56:35

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Greg Johnson talks to Fróði Midjord about his travels in the Baltic states, where he spoke at two nationalist youth conferences and took part in two torchlight independence marches.

Blue Awakening March



  1. Posted March 8, 2020 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    In looking at this Coronavirus I’ve run across the term “immunologically naive.”

    It means a population has not been exposed to a disease and therefore has not developed any immunity to it. Of course it won’t show any symptoms of the disease.

    If we look at charts of where the Coronavirus is spreading we see there are few cases in South America. Would we conclude that the population of South America has some magic immunity to Coronavirus? No, a sane person would say they just haven’t been exposed to it yet. Obviously they won’t show symptoms of a disease they haven’t been exposed to.

    When we look at Eastern Europe, we see relatively few signs of the effects of the anti-white mind virus spread through anti-white propaganda. Would we conclude that they have some magic immunity to the anti-white mind virus? Again, no, a sane person would say they simply haven’t been subjected *YET* to the massive anti-white multibillion dollar cradle to grave brainwashing campaign that Anglophere and Western Europe have been subjected to. They are immunologically naive. Therefore, Eastern Europe really has no special insight to give us in how to fight the anti-white mind virus.

    • R.ang
      Posted March 10, 2020 at 1:27 am | Permalink

      No, you’ve got that completely backwards.
      You totally forgot we’ve had decades of exposure to socialism. It doesn’t really matter whether that socialism is based on nationality, social class or race, it’s still the same thing.
      And unlike the West, we (East Europe and large parts of Central Europe alike) realized early enough that it can’t go on like this.
      Of course there are dozens of problems we’re facing to this day because of that exposure, but in this particular case we’re far more advanced than the West. And unlike the West, we’ve actually been facing “anti-white” war nearly constantly throughout our history.
      So no, we’re not immunologically naive. We’re actually that organism that already suffered from smallpox and can never get infected by it again. There’s a small rash here and there, but the disease won’t be able to cripple or kill us.
      You’d do yourself a favour if you got off your high horse and accepted that you messed up and it’s us where the future of the white race lies and we can help you safe as much of your culture as still possible.

  2. Headz
    Posted March 10, 2020 at 10:42 pm | Permalink

    Might makes right. Decades of degradation due to boys getting raised or more like looked after by women created men who are in their entire social culture like women. And just like women they are easy prey which puts an extra stress factor on the real women who have no manly men in their camp anymore. Add to that the racial component of interracial violence. The boomers had stupid ideas about fighting like when somebody goes down you stop while in a divers society this is where the actual fight, the head stomping, begins. The peace spoiled homogenous social culture of our parents and weak men is what kills the palefaces today and i have absolutly no pitty for them. I want the palefaces who still can bully people around and bullying the dark skinned rags around isn’t hard. Most of these muslim youths get beaten by their worthless mothers and are not an actual real physical threat to a fighting man. But find me a fighting man today between wholefoods supermarkets, e-scooters and all this late stage civilization garbage.

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