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What Will Liberals Do When Trump is Re-Elected?

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If you enjoyed the salty taste of liberal tears as much as I did in 2016, get ready for 2020. All signs point to a Trump win. (Don’t take my word for it. See here [1], here [2], here [3], here [4], and here [5].) But it is what happens next that really interests me.

Liberals have gotten their hopes up for 2020. And they have learned nothing at all, it seems, from 2016. We can count on them to stay within their bubbles, looking at the polls that reassure them Trump is going to lose. Yes, we can count on the fact that the same misleading polls with their skewed methodologies will be trotted out once more as proof that Trump has finally had it. Americans have very short memories, and those that craft their news hold them in contempt. Thus, the same playbook will be in use, as if 2016 had never happened.

We don’t need Freud to explain the psychology of liberals in the wake of Hillary’s historic defeat. Denial is not a river in Egypt. Unable to cope with the fact that they lost, liberals have denied the loss ever really happened, and that maybe none of what’s happened since then is even real — or that somehow, maybe, it could all be undone. The Dems are counting on 2020 to “put everything right.” Somehow (don’t ask me how) 2020 will be the great undoing of 2016. Thus, when Trump wins yet again, you can count on the fact that it will be even more painful for them than it was the first time.


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The result, I predict, is that the spirits of many libs will be crushed. Foolishly, I thought this would be the result in 2016. It’s because of the contempt I feel for them. What a sorry lot of losers they all are. “Surely a Trump victory will frighten them,” I thought. Surely they will scurry off and bare their fangs at us from the safety of their dark little ratholes. Obviously, I underestimated my opponents. It wasn’t that I didn’t give them enough credit for courage or guts; it’s that I underestimated their sheer looniness. I certainly didn’t expect that the result of Trump’s victory would be a situation in which his supporters (around 60 million people) were the ones who felt like they needed to hide, for fear of setting off deranged libs.

But I predict that 2020 will, in fact, deliver what I mistakenly thought 2016 would bring. When Trump is re-elected, the Democrats’ usual strategies of evasion are not going to work as well as they did before. Imagine trying to argue that Russia stole the election . . . again. Yes indeed, friends, we really will hear that argument from a few libs. But can you imagine how sad it’s going to sound the second time around, and how loudly sensible normies are going to laugh at it? No, there will be no way this time to try and write off a second Trump victory as some kind of fluke. To all but the most deluded, it will be an unmistakable repudiation of the Left. As unmistakable as Labour’s unprecedented loss in the recent UK general election — something US libs are determined not to discuss and not to learn from.

We are already seeing signs that the wind has been taken out of the Left’s sails. Democratic voter turnout was meager in the Iowa caucus, though it was much better in the New Hampshire primary. It remains to be seen how enthusiastic Dems will be to turn out in the other primaries. But the really remarkable thing so far is that record numbers of voters have turned out to vote for Trump in the barely-discussed Republican primaries — despite the fact that Trump faces only token opposition and is guaranteed to be the party’s nominee. In short, the Republican base is energized, and the Democrat base is not. Sure, one might respond, but wait till the Dems settle on a candidate they can all get behind. The trouble, however, is that there is no such person.

The depth to which Dem spirits are crushed in November will have something to do with which of the current contenders gets the nomination and loses to Trump. If Bernie finally makes it, a loss to Trump will clearly signal the country’s repudiation of socialism. We can expect that a fair number of the craft beer-drinking hipsters eager to tell us that the USSR “wasn’t real communism” will lose their mojo, especially since 79-year-old Bernie has no obvious successor. If, on the other hand, Sanders is again cheated out of the nomination, we can expect some spirit-crushing well prior to November. And we can expect the Bernie Bros (who are a sizeable contingent) to stay home. This is especially true given who the alternative might be.

Bloomberg? I predict that a large percentage of the Democrat base will stay home and, effectively, quit the party in disgust if the miniature mayor gets the nomination. As to the other mayor, Mayor Pete, he represents the moderate alternative to Bernie and, unlike Bloomberg, actually is a Democrat. But as a candidate, he is faker and more manufactured than Obama, and he comes along at a time when voters of both parties are sick of the platitudes that he trades in. Besides, according to a recent poll [8], Trump could double his 2016 share of the black vote if Buttigieg is the nominee (presumably because blacks don’t want a gay president). No one is really enthusiastic about this guy, except maybe gay male Democrats. If either Buttigieg or Biden wins the nomination, probably by means of a brokered convention, a loss to Trump would signal the end of the line for the hopey-changey, mush-mouthed, moderate liberal establishment candidates in the mold of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. If Warren gets the nomination, which seems highly unlikely at this point, her loss to Trump would be a blow to identity politics and the far-left of the party.


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Any way you slice it, the Democrats’ loss to Trump in November is going to be catastrophic for the party, and will deeply disillusion its base. Such a loss ought to cause the Democrats to engage, finally, in some serious discussions about which policy positions win votes, and which do not. As I have said, a second Trump victory cannot be written off as a fluke. But I may be, yet again, underestimating the craziness — as well as the cynicism — of my enemies. After all, Labour’s historic defeat does not seem to have caused it to engage in a whole lot of soul-searching. Instead, the party’s leaders have recently doubled down on “transgender rights.” The Economist has covered the story in an article aptly titled “When Social Justice Activism Becomes an Act of Self-Destruction [11].” Jeremy Corbyn’s likely successor, Keir Starmer, has issued “ten pledges” to voters [12] replete with vote-losing Leftist babble about “economic justice,” “social justice,” “climate justice,” as well as the ominous call to “defend migrants’ rights.”

Starmer is obviously trying to hang on to the Party’s base. But there’s an obvious problem with that. In a recent poll [13], thousands of Britons were asked to name who they thought was the best Labour leader of the last 50 years. The majority chose Tony Blair. When Labour voters were asked the same question, the majority named Jeremy Corbyn — and this poll took place after Corbyn’s loss in the general election. Furthermore, a whopping 53% of voters who defected from Labour to vote Tory said they did so because they wanted to stop Corbyn from becoming PM. In short, Labour voters are catastrophically out of touch. No real surprise there.

I predict that while a loss in 2020 ought to make the Dems rethink their strategies and policies, for the most part, it will not do so. I don’t think I’m going out on any limbs here. Disillusioned Dems will hunker down and consider themselves virtuous for continuing to believe in the nonsense that ensures they lose votes. And, yes, there will be some increased craziness and violence by Leftists in the wake of Trump’s victory. This will only serve, needless to say, to push more level-headed, non-ideological people away from the Left.

A further possibility remains: The Democratic Party may splinter. If Bernie is cheated out of the nomination, I can see this happening — possibly even prior to November. Indeed, if I were Bernie, and got cheated yet again, I would run as an independent (which is, in fact, what Bernie is). I can easily imagine the younger, socialist, woke wing of the Party striking off on their own (in Children’s Crusade fashion) if the Dems lose yet again to Trump, declaring that they are through with the stodgy old Party machine. A divided Left is very good for us, of course.

In widely-circulated comments earlier this month [14], longtime Democratic strategist James Carville asked: “Do we want to be an ideological cult or do we want to have a majoritarian instinct to be a majority party?” But the party could literally divide into just these two things: an ideological cult of wokeness, and a new, improved Democratic Party that would once more champion the interests of working Americans. If Democrats were smart, they would jettison the far Left and retool themselves thusly. The trouble is that the Republicans have now become the party of working Americans [15], and there’s almost no one left in the Democratic Party except the woke — and un-woke non-whites who’re in it for a free lunch. In short, there doesn’t seem to be anybody left who could help the party change course.

The fate of the liberals in this country and abroad may indeed be to take on the status of what amounts to a religious cult. Since the French Revolution, we have had more than two centuries of disasters unleashed by Leftist dreams. And every day, science strikes a blow against the proudly “pro-science” libs. We are rapidly reaching a point where believing in the equality of man, the blank slate, the planned economy, and the social construction of race and gender will seem as fantastic as believing in the virgin birth and creationism. Leftist ideas will be consigned by educated people to the category of what Hume called “superstition and enthusiasm,” and only people who are thick or “special” will profess them. In short, Leftism will become like Fundamentalism, with one crucial difference: Leftists don’t reproduce.


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The evidence indicates that the number of self-identified liberals is already shrinking. Gallup recently released polling data [18] showing that the number of Republicans is increasing, while the number of Democrats is declining. Meanwhile, Trump recently garnered his highest approval rating ever among independent voters. Unmistakably, a shift to the Right is taking place. The only thing that can save the Dems, as all my readers know, is if they can manage to import a new people who can be relied upon to vote them back into power and if non-white birth rates continue as projected.

Ideologically, the Left is as dead as a doornail. Their ideas have been completely discredited, and voters are rejecting them again and again. But we are facing a situation where the malevolent lunatics who still believe this ideology could be empowered in perpetuity. This is why immigration and demographics are now really the only issues that matter. We have won the war of ideas, but we may still lose the demographic war. We can be sure that however wounded and disillusioned the liberals are by their loss in November, they will still fight for open borders and amnesty with everything they’ve got left. They know it’s their only chance. If we defeat them on this front, they will go the way of the dodo.