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The Iran Opportunity

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I’d like to say that the assassination of Qasem Soleimani isn’t the end of the world, but it’s too soon to say, because World Wars have started with similar provocations.

It is, however, safe to say that Donald Trump has made his dumbest foreign policy decision yet, for the same reason he made all of his other dumb foreign policy decisions: listening to the Israel First lobby (“neocons”) who basically control the Republican Party when it comes to foreign policy.

Assassinating a foreign general is an act of war. It doesn’t matter if Trump denies that. It doesn’t matter if he says it ends here. That is not in his hands. Whether it ends here is now in the hands of Iran, and the Iranians say they want revenge. If Iran — or its proxies, or its allies, or independent sympathizers, or even Israelis acting under a false flag — assassinate an American general or carry out a terrorist attack on American soil, then the US will retaliate. Trump has already promised to destroy Iranian targets, including — taking a page from the Taliban and ISIS — important cultural sites.


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The stupidity of risking war with Iran was made crystal clear by the announcement on December 30, 2019, of a Taliban cease-fire in Afghanistan as a prelude to signing a peace treaty with the United States. The Taliban is an Islamic political movement that ruled Afghanistan from 1998 to 2001, when the US overthrew them. George W. Bush was told it would be a “cakewalk” and that Americans would be “greeted as liberators.” But the Taliban smoothly transitioned from ruling government [4] to guerilla insurgency [5]. And 18 years later — after more than three thousand US coalition deaths [6], uncounted injuries, uncounted Afghan deaths and injuries, and billions of dollars in expenditures — a few thousand medieval fanatics have fought the United States to a draw, and we are now contemplating a peace agreement with them. (Because negotiating with terrorists is something that we do all the time.)

The same people who sold George W. Bush on the idea that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would be cakewalks are steering Donald Trump toward a war with Iran. Iran has a mountainous terrain similar to neighboring Afghanistan. But the similarities end there. Iran is a nation of 82 million people. It has a huge standing army with high-tech weapons, which the Russians and Chinese are eager to resupply. Iran has allies all over the Muslim world and beyond. There is also an Iranian diaspora in Europe and the United States (two million in the US alone), some of whom are Iranian government assets and many more of whom would side with Iran if the US started attacking their cousins. Does the United States, a nation that is now politically divided about even having a border, have the political will to intern two million Iranians?

Beyond that, when the US attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, it enjoyed a great deal of international sympathy due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That good will has been spent. Moreover, the US was united behind George W. Bush. Trump is a highly polarizing figure, at home and abroad. He simply does not have the capital to start a war, unless he wants to sacrifice his reelection bid and his place in history to the Moloch in Jerusalem. (He might.)


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America is a much weaker country today than in 2001, in large part because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A war in Iran might be the last straw. This could be the end of the American Empire, and there is reason to wonder if the regime at home could survive the collapse of its empire.

In the eyes of people all over the globe, Trump’s assassination of Soleimani makes America look weak rather than strong. That’s why Iraq’s parliament has voted to expel the US from its soil. As soon as the US is overextended in Iran, expect terrorism, revolutions, coups, and insurgencies in every outpost of the American Empire.

So, at the very least, we can say that an American war against Iran would have a much worse outcome for America than our war in Afghanistan.

But we all knew that something like this could happen from the very start of Trump’s candidacy. Despite his promises of an America First foreign policy, Trump parroted the worst neocon talking points about Iran. I still supported Trump, however, because on balance the rest of his policies were good — some of them decisive breaks with Republican orthodoxy. Beyond that, the alternative was Hillary Clinton.

I take solace in the fact that the pain we are feeling at every new blustering Tweet — the embarrassment, the cringe that reaches to our very core, continuing on into the subatomic level — must be what Leftists are feeling every single day.


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So what should White Nationalists do about this horrible blunder?

First, we take stock: there are some things we can do, and some things that we can’t.

We have a shrinking number of beleaguered outposts on the internet from which we can speak the truths that the establishment denies. And despite all the attempts to deplatform us, our audience and our credibility are growing. This is where we need to concentrate our efforts. No matter what Trump’s blunder leads to, we can turn it to our advantage by using it as an opportunity to speak forbidden truths.

In this case, the most target-rich environment is on the Right. Soleimani’s assassination is a great opportunity to educate our people about:

We will never have a genuine National Populist movement and an America First foreign policy until we clean house of the people who have polluted the American Right with neocon talking points, bellicose delusions about American exceptionalism, and the idea that America’s status as the vanguard of liberal degeneracy gives us the right to force it on the rest of the world at gunpoint.


For the most part, our forces are doing a very good job so far, but I have three caveats.

While the rest of the world loses its head about the new Iran Crisis, we need to keep calm and exploit this golden Iran Opportunity.