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Interracial Marriage & White Genocide in Latin America


Elizabeth Warren shows off her non-white grandchildren

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I was happy to see the high amount of activity on my last article [2] on the future of the white demographic in the USA. As I had hoped, I received counter-arguments. The most common criticism of my predictions references Latin America as a contradiction of them. It is claimed that Latin American countries have been engaging in miscegenation for over 300 years, and yet there are, it is claimed, staunch and powerful white minorities in these countries still, due to resistance to intermarriage. Yet, I claim that whites in the USA (excepting “rural backwaters,” as Eric Kaufmann calls them) will be mixed in 150 years or so.

I will respond to these counter-arguments and disseminate some of the fascinating information I have found on race in Latin America.

The main counter-argument to the white genocide hypothesis

My earlier simulations suggested that current racial-romantic preferences regarding mating, if they remain in tact into the future and drive marriage, are such that almost all Americans will be mixed within the next two centuries. This will happen despite the appearance that our population will only decay very slowly since only a minority of whites choose interracial marriage currently.

The key assumption that is disputed is that the racial preferences of whites will not change in the future. The counter-argument is that the whites that remain in the future will be those who are more racialist, as the less racialist ones will be the ones who marry out.

It has been claimed that this is exactly what has happened in Latin America. I will dispute this.

Race in Latin America: Mexico

Latin American countries each have unique racial profiles. The Mexican population appears to be mostly Amerindian, with a small percentage of people retaining European heritage.

From Admixture in Latin America: Geographic Structure, Phenotypic Diversity and Self-Perception of Ancestry Based on 7,342 Individuals  (https://journals.plos.org/plosgenetics/article?id=10.1371/journal.pgen.1004572 [3] )



The samples from which this breakdown were taken are represented as dots on the below chart:


You can also see that the northern part of Mexico is more European.

I would argue that the reason that whites have (hardly) held on in Mexico is not due to their evolving to be more racialist, but due to circumstance. Many whites in Mexico are relatively recent immigrants, and many are long-time residents of Amerindian-devoid, rural northern towns. From wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexicans_of_European_descent [6] ):

Mexico’s northern and western regions have the highest percentages of European [7] population, with the majority of the people not having native admixture or being of predominantly European ancestry, resembling in aspect that of northern Spaniards [8]. In the north and west of Mexico, the indigenous tribes were substantially smaller than those found in central and southern Mexico, and also much less organized, thus they remained isolated from the rest of the population or even in some cases were hostile towards Mexican colonists. The northeast region, in which the indigenous population was eliminated by early European settlers, became the region with the highest proportion of whites during the Spanish colonial period [9]. However, recent immigrants from southern Mexico have been changing, to some degree, its demographic trends.

While the majority of European immigration to Mexico has been Spanish with the first wave starting with the colonization of America and the last one being a consequence of the Spanish Civil War [10] of 1937, immigrants from other European countries have arrived to Mexico as well: during the Second Mexican Empire [11] the immigration was mostly French, and during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries migrants mainly from Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany followed. Additionally small numbers of White Americans, Croats, Armenians, Greeks, Poles, Romanians, Russians and Ashkenazi Jews [12] came. The European Jewish immigrants joined the Sephardic [13] community that lived in Mexico since colonial times, though many lived as Crypto-Jews [14], mostly in the northern states of Nuevo León [15] and Tamaulipas [16]. Some communities of European immigrants have remained isolated from the rest of the general population since their arrival, among them the German-speaking Mennonites from Russia [17] of Chihuahua [18] and Durango [19], and the Venetos [20] of Chipilo [21], Puebla [22], which have retained their original languages.

Race in Latin America: Brazil

Brazil is a country lauded by the world for its thoroughly mixed population. Yet, on the white-positive internet, there are many who claim that the whites in Brazil are racialists who have successfully preserved their heritage, despite hundreds of years of mixing..  Take this comment from Unz, for example:


But, according to geneticist Sérgio Pena “with the exception of immigrants of first or second generation, there is no Brazilian who does not carry a bit of African and Amerindian genetic.” (http://www.ufcg.edu.br/prt_ufcg/assessoria_imprensa/mostra_noticia.php?codigo=5289 [24] )

This proclamation, if true, would confirm my hypotheses. Still, it is interesting to dig into the ancestry of Brazilians.

In this article (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3040205/ [25] ), geneticists gathered DNA data of 934 Brazilians from four of the biggest Brazilian cities, and compared their self-reported racial categorization to their actual ancestry. What they found was that self-identified white people in Brazil can be anywhere between 60-90% European by DNA.


We can see that the definition of “white” is radically different in these different cities. The anti-white activists seem to love to pick and prod at the definition of white, as if it disqualifies the desire of people of European descent to maintain our genetic integrity, which frustrates those of us who are white-positive. But we must give the devil his due. Yes, the definition of white can change. In the real world, white is a coloration, and it is the coloration of the lightest-skinned people around.

There are some pure whites in Brazil, still. We must look to South Brazil, (the patch of land dangling off the bottom of the country’s map).

The city of Porto Alegre is a coastal city in the southernmost region of Brazil. This region was almost entirely built by recent European immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is also the region that is always trying to gain independence in their O Sul é o Meu País movement. What you can see from the  Admixture in Latin America: Geographic Structure, Phenotypic Diversity and Self-Perception of Ancestry Based on 7,342 Individuals study, which mostly sampled from South Brazil, is that there are many residents in this region that retain pure white ancestry. Take a look at these heartening graphs, which come from samples mostly taken from this southern region. 



Given that O Sul is unique in its purity of European ancestry in a country of thoroughly mixed people with aggressive race-mixing mores, it is hard for us of the white-positive internet not to interpret O Sul é o Meu País as a request for a white-ish ethnostate. However, if it is, they are keeping it quiet. I’d love to see what some of our more internationally-aware comrades have found. The wiki page for it (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_South_is_My_Country [29] ) cites non-racial rationale :

Its defenders allege that the states of Paraná [30], Santa Catarina [31] and Rio Grande do Sul [32] have particular and distinct characteristics from the rest of Brazil [33], and thus they claim the right to political, economic, social and cultural self-determination, based on the expectation of self-sufficiency to direct better the resources of the state to attend to its regional peculiarities.

And it is very popular. In October 2016, the region held an unofficial referendum on whether to secede from Brazil. Of the 616,917 voters, 95.74% voted to secede. The Brazilian government, however, has not recognized its independence.

This case study is black-pilling to those in the white-positive space who would like to ask for a kind of “ethnostate” in the USA. Even if you get 95% of a small region to support it, the US government would probably still not concede, just as Brazil does. 

One contention of the critics of my theory is that amalgamation will start to fizzle out, and that Latin America shows that eventually a white minority that staunchly refuses to mix will be formed. If this is possible, it has not happened in Brazil; the interracial marriage rate of Brazil is three times that of the USA (https://paa2015.princeton.edu/papers/150808 [34]). This rate has increased from what it had been in the past. The pardo population is growing faster than any other, and the white population is in absolute decrease, after many decades of increase from high birth rates despite amalgamation.

Brazil is well underway in its amalgamation process. It will be interesting to watch the next century pass in Brazil. What will become of the whites there?


Sidenote: The Princeton paper linked above shows that there is a positive correlation between social class and likeliness to intermarry in Brazil. The Root reports (https://www.theroot.com/why-successful-black-men-in-brazil-won-t-marry-black-wo-1790854485 [36] ) that this is due to the aggressive pursuit of white women by successful black men.

It’s also obvious to all Brazilians that once black Brazilian men attain a certain social status, they choose white women as their life partners. Brazil’s most famous soccer player, Pelé, has been married three times, but never to a black woman. Nearly all of Brazil’s top male samba singers are married to white women. A study conducted of high-level black Brazilian businessmen in 2011 found that out of the 50 interviewed, 49 were married to white women [37] (https://teses.usp.br/teses/disponiveis/8/8134/tde-11062012-154959/publico/2011_PedroJaimeCoelhoJunior_VOrig.pdf [38] ).

Black Brazilian actress Polly Marinho, 32, thinks this is a natural outcome in a country that values whiteness on television, in its magazines and in government.

“We are educated to think, like, that black is not beautiful. Black is a slave. Black is not good,” said Marinho, who recently starred in a popular television show on Brazil’s largest television network. “Let’s take, for example, a very famous black soccer player. When they want money, they want good things. A beautiful house. A Ferrari and a white, white, blue-eyed chick.”

Claudette Alves, a black professor based in Sao Paulo, conducted a study to find out if love truly has no color in Brazil. She laid out the results in her 2011 book, Virou Regra: Becoming the Rule. The book’s title and book cover imply that marriage between black men and white women is becoming the rule rather than the exception.

In a YouTube interview [39] with Brazil’s most famous black actor, Lazaro Ramos, Alves said that her research of 1,435 interracial marriages in every level of society in Sao Paulo revealed that this preference crosses classes.

“It’s a phenomenon that is in every level of Brazilian society,” Alves said. “It’s a way that black men protect themselves. In history, and in their lives, they are pushed to deny their identity.”

In the final stage of the study, she conducted in-depth interviews with 11 black women. She found that they were sad and frustrated with the status quo.

We could all agree that black men are not pursuing white women in Brazil to “protect themselves,” whatever that could possibly mean. The reality that racialists, whether black or white, must admit is that interracial marriage is not something that happens due to some racist evil, it is something that people naturally do when there are no norms against intermarriage, and when there is diversity.

Race in Latin America: Other Countries

I found the best data for Mexico and Brazil, but I will still report the graphics from the previously cited Admixture in Latin America: Geographic Structure, Phenotypic Diversity and Self-Perception of Ancestry Based on 7,342 Individuals study, for the edification of readers.




I think the amalgamation hypothesis has played out quite well in Latin America, if these samples are representative (Brazil’s is obviously not). People are almost all mixed, with some exceptions coming from recent immigrants from Europe and their descendants and people spatially removed from non-whites. This seems to have happened despite the fact that racism was common in this region before their governments embraced and promoted mestizaje after the international academic establishment renounced scientific racism in the early 20th century (Mexico, at least, promoted mestizaje before this time).

Updated Simulation

The main criticism of white genocide is that there is a genetic basis for ethnocentrism (an theoretically racialism) and that natural selection will weed out the least racialist whites, leaving a remnant of the white race that has genetically immunity to miscegenation. While I cannot know the heritability of racialism, or the distribution of it, I can set something up to test the idea that random mating dynamics will produce this end.

I have updated my simulation to allow for large variation in the racial preferences of each data person. Data people are set with a certain baseline own-race preference, which reflects the preferences of the table presented in my last article. Some people end up with very strong own-race preference, and some with very weak own-race preference.

The results are below:


As you can see, the results are almost exactly like the results in the last article.

Why is this? Surely, the racialist whites will slow the amalgamation more? Surely, natural selection and will lead the racialists DNA to remain in the pure-race population?

It doesn’t work in such a way in my simulation, because the racialist whites are still very likely to marry non-racialist whites, and have mid-ethnocentric white children (racial preferences in my program are inherited from parents).

I do not think this would be avoided in society unless there are out of the closet white racialists. Without the intentional mating of genetically-racialist mates, people are just marrying on the basis of chemistry, and a closeted, crypto-normie, genetically-racialistic person might still have chemistry with a genetically non-racialist person of his own race.

To test this, I would need to create a program where people’s mating is not just dependent on preferences for own-race or other races. That is not really the hypothesis I am testing, though; I am testing the normie-tier idea that we can leave society alone, being liberal as it is, and expect that whites will not be amalgamated away because “there will always be whites marrying whites.” I test this hypothesis because this is how normies dismiss the White Genocide idea.

Some philosophical analysis of the counter-argument

The claim that one’s natural ethnocentrism actually prevents interracial marriage actually has not been proven, and I am not yet convinced. For example, a person could be very proud of his or her own people, but due to extreme general confidence, perhaps even deriving from feelings of ethnic invincibility, feel no fear that miscegenation will harm or change anything. Or perhaps, the genetic controls on ethnocentrism are no match for the environment in which a person in raised. Perhaps even the best racialist genes cannot undo the imprinting effect of being raised since preschool around people of other races.

In college, I had many Asian-American friends, and most of them came from very patriotic and proud Asian families. Most of the Chinese attended “Chinese School” a few days a week, and the Koreans went to Korean-specific churches. Most of them held the racist belief that Asians are superior, which occasionally could cross the line and become offensive.

Nevertheless, about half of the sexually-active ones pursued white girls (the non-sexually active also liked white girls). This was especially true of the most racist ones who had the more hard-driving, hardcore-Chinese parents. I cannot get inside their heads or inside their genes to see what kinds of people they really are, with respect to racialism, but the experience sticks with me, and confounds me.

Personal thoughts on the actualization of amalgamation in the real United States of America

It goes without saying that my simulation is not reflective of the real world, which is full of caveats. In the future, I would like to get into statistical techniques in demographic predictions, as these will have better predictive power in at least the near-term. My simulation’s main fault is that any human in my simulation can meet any other person in the population. This is obviously untrue in the USA, where people are spread across vast geographic areas, and where there are white rural areas where people often leave and rarely enter.

A spike in TFR would allow us to ward off amalgamation, also, though I have never mentioned it. If the TFR is 3.0, we can tolerate interracial marriage rates of 30% and still hold our population. But, if our interracial marriage rates approach those of Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, or the American Indians, we will not be able to make enough babies.

So, the best I can do for the reader is to begin hypothesizing, based on available regional data. We start with this map.


Sidenotes: see how the Southeast is amalgamating at similar rates to the Northeast! Despite the “good” modern behavior of these white Southerners, who grow up in the most integrated schools in the country, the world continues to hate them with the strongest hatred in the 21st century world. *Sigh* And see how Vermont, that deep-blue stronghold, has literally the lowest rate of miscegenation in the entire country. Its “too white, needs-to-change” neighbor New Hampshire, with its naughty propensity to elect the occasional Republican, has twice its miscegenation rate. Should I suggest that voting Democrat could be a good way to deflect suspicion from whites who have no intention of integrating into the mainstream USA?

The key takeaway from this graph, for me, is that almost every state in the Union is amalgamating at rates that exceed the USA in the early 20th century. Still, I would suggest that amalgamation will produce thoroughly non-white people only in the cities. There must be a global slowdown in immigration, and given that slowdown, the numbers of non-white people who naturally wander into Montana, Vermont, etc. will only lower. I say naturally because religious humanitarians have a habit of shoving Africans into places like Maine (https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2020/01/02/the-way- [45]life-should-be-maine-as-a-microcosm-of-jewish-activism/ [45] ).

Even with these actions, there will probably be pure whites surviving in rural areas around super-cities like Chicago and NYC which draw the regional population inwards, and also in super-remote areas like Montana. There is also the Amish factor, which is surely already shifting the surprisingly low (8%) miscegenation statistic in Pennsylvania. But as white as they are, they are not really our people; they are distinct.

I predict that the white race in the USA will resemble the American race in some Latin American countries, such as Peru or Chile, which remain pure only in the rural areas, due to centuries of amalgamation in the historically European-built and European-run cities.