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Guide to Kulchur, Episode 23
Videodrome: Entertainment as Mind Control

[1]117 words / 1:07:52

To kick off the new season of Guide to Kulchur [2], John Morgan and Survive the Jive [3] rejoin Fróði Midjord to discuss David Cronenberg’s classic 1983 film, Videodrome, which is about a shadowy network using signals hidden in television transmissions to induce preprogrammed hallucinations in the viewers. The film deals allegorically with issues about how the media can manipulate the masses’ sense of reality and alter their sensitivities and beliefs which have only become more relevant today. Henceforth, Guide to Kulchur is now being livestreamed. Follow the official Guide to Kulchur Twitter feed [4] to learn about upcoming programs. The episode is available on both YouTube and Spreaker (see below).

Listen to “Entertainment as mind control – VIDEODROME” on Spreaker. [5]