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Jewish Discomfort in New York

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Jews were faced with two uncomfortable events last weekend.

One was a black man stabbing Jews at a rabbi’s home in New York.

The other was a New York Times op-ed that said Jews were genetically smarter than other people.

Both events made Left-wing Jews deny the obvious facts before them. In the case of the synagogue attack, Left-wing Jews blamed Trump, white supremacy, and the police for the black man’s violence.

In the case of the op-ed, liberal Jews said genetic studies are white supremacist pseudo-science and should not even be mentioned by the New York Times.

Left-wing Jews truly believe blacks are incapable of anti-Semitism. The same group also thinks mentioning their high average IQ poses a threat to their existence. They know these facts make it uncomfortable for them in the great POC coalition. Blacks and Hispanics resenting Jews tells them they’re different from their POC allies. Genetic studies showing their inherent intelligence provides scientific proof of it.

As America becomes less white, Jews will be faced with a nation of color that doesn’t appreciate their efforts to make it diverse. Jews will be just privileged white people to the new Americans—and Jews refuse to accept this.

The denial was in full effect after the New York attack. A black man burst into a Hanukkah celebration at a rabbi’s home in Monsey, New York with a machete. He sliced five Jews before fleeing. None of the victims died in the assault.

Journalists were shocked by the attack, but were hesitant to point fingers at the obvious culprits. In recent years, non-white attacks on Jews have skyrocketed in the New York area. Just a few weeks ago, two black supremacists gunned down Jews at a kosher deli in Jersey City. A week before the machete attack, multiple assaults on Jews prompted New York City to increase police patrols in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.

The overwhelming majority of attackers are black and Hispanic. The Monsey stabbing only played to type. Yet, many Jewish journalists are at a loss at what to say. Forward editor Batya Ungar-Sargon wrote: “[T]he majority of the perpetrators of the Brooklyn attacks, and the suspects in Jersey City — who were killed in a shootout with the police — and now Monsey, were not white, leaving many at a loss about how to explain it or even talk about it.”

Ungar-Sargon says it would be easier for Jews to talk about such attacks if they came from their “traditional enemies,” which must only mean white people. The Forward writer is fine with admitting its non-whites attacking Jews, as are other Zionists. The ones who aren’t comfortable with this fact are Left-wing Jews.

Journalist Erin Biba claimed the machete attack was “complicated” and urged Jews and non-whites to “unite against white supremacy” in its aftermath. She also claimed that noting who’s attacking Jews sows “division among minority groups” and serves white supremacy.

A day before the machete attack, activist David Klion said POC are not to be blamed for the attack and said an increased police presence would only hurt minorities.

This response is markedly different from the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. Then, it was okay to blame all of white America and President Trump for the shooting. Prominent commentators demanded the curtailment of the First Amendment and other extreme measures to combat white anti-Semitism. White America was portrayed as the greatest danger to Jews—no doubt about it; it wasn’t “complicated” at all.

In the case of the Monsey stabbing, an obvious group was to blame but few dared mention who.

At the same time of the stabbing, a black woman was released after she assaulted three Jews on the street. She was shortly arrested again for assault. A day before the stabbing, police arrested a black man who planned to “bomb all of the Jews” in Jersey City.

The reason for the sudden spike in violence isn’t a mystery. Blacks always attack racial aliens who come into their neighborhoods. Whites learned this in the 1960s and ’70s. Koreans found this out in the ’80s and ’90s. Orthodox Jews have known this for a long time too. The Crown Heights riot, which witnessed blacks assault dozens of Jews, testified to this fact. Blacks don’t see Jews as fellow minorities—they see them as white outsiders preying on their community.

More Orthodox Jews are moving into black neighborhoods due to the high costs of living in whiter parts of New York. They’re pushed into cheap neighborhoods where they’re not welcome. Violence and hate are the inevitable outcomes.

Tough policing would make these communities safer, but Left-wing Jews oppose that. To support police is anathema to the great POC coalition. They must stand up for the black and brown people they idolize, even though the same black and brown people hate them.

On the same day as the machete attack, Left-wing Jews were furious at New York Times columnist Bret Stephens. Stephens is an odious neocon and NeverTrumper. He has previously called for the deportation of “deplorables” and champions increased immigration. The only thing he likes about Trump is his militant Zionism. Stephens is despised by the Left for his sanctimony, neocon foreign policy, and hatred for Arabs. He once claimed a critic’s joke that he was a bed bug indicated we’re heading toward genocide.

Stephens can’t resist a hot take, so he decided to write a column on why he and his fellow Jews are just so dang smart. Most of the (very bad) column says Jews are smart due to their unique culture. But he does mention a study conducted by the brave anthropologist Henry Harpending on Jewish intelligence and how it’s genetically influenced.

That citation ignited a storm of outrage against Stephens. The consensus was that the column affirmed eugenics, racism, and anti-Semitism.

Eventually, the Times deleted the “racist” citation and issued a “correction” to the column.

That still didn’t satisfy the outraged Leftists, who fumed over the paper of record naming the genetics.

Stephens’s point is so obvious that it shouldn’t even be controversial. Jews are more likely to have higher IQs than other races, and genetics explains why. But relying on genetics is Nazism, so that’s a big no-no. Everything comes from our environment or “culture.”

Stephens emphasized the politically correct explanations in his dumb column. However, the mere mention of genetic inheritability and the reliance on a wrong thinker like Henry Harpending was enough to warrant a correction. Will the Times now correct all such references in past articles?

It is curious that Left-wing Jews would oppose a genetic explanation for Jewish intelligence. If they don’t believe it’s natural, then they must believe Jews are overrepresented in media, finance, law, and academia due to social causes that just happen to prefer Jews. For the Left, of course, that would be racism—racism, which incites nonwhites to attack whites and serves as their “get out of jail free” card.

It would be good for Stephens’s critics to explain why Jews are so overrepresented in power and influence if it isn’t due to IQ.

This is one of the uncomfortable questions Jews have to face. Their non-white “allies” are going to ask why there are so many Jews with wealth and power, and they’re less likely than whites to be cowed by anti-Semitism accusations. No minority is going to believe Jews are their fellow oppressed minorities. Non-whites see Jews as white and privileged, no matter how many Jews supported integration and mass immigration.

A majority-minority America will be less friendly to Jews. They’ll be pushed into neighborhoods where the locals target them. They’ll be confronted about Jewish overrepresentation in media and politics. They’ll see far fewer Americans give a crap about Israel. And they’ll be excluded from the POC coalition.

European Jews recognize this sting from Muslim immigrants. Now American Jews will feel it from blacks and Hispanics. The present violence and uncomfortable questions are just a taste of what’s to come.



  1. Posted December 31, 2019 at 4:22 am | Permalink

    Prescient comment by Vox Day from two years ago:

    “>I’m not too worried about the Jewish, as they have not adapted well to other low trust peoples now pushing them out all over the USA.<

    Exactly. Which is why it is foolish for Jews to dismiss my observations as anti-semitic rather than utilizing them as a predictive model. If they are correct, they will benefit because the IQ delta is even greater, on average.

    If I am correct, they're in for failure because their low-trust games will not work on other low-trust peoples, and they will be outcompeted by smarter or even lower-trust people. Remember, the Asians are not monolithic. Only now do the various Asian nations have sufficient numbers in the USA to start playing the identity game themselves." –

    Also by him: The myth of Jordan Peterson's integrity &
    "With a mean IQ of 105.1 and a population of 5,425,000, the standard distribution curve indicates 21,158 Jews with 145+ IQs in the United States. In addition to this, the mean IQ of 102 for the White population of 246,660,710 indicates 517,987 Whites with 145+ IQs, plus another 31,913 equally high-IQ Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans resident in the United States."

    Important papers that are increasingly hard to find online, that is why I am providing archived links:

    The Myth of East Asian Intellectual Supremacy:


    How Jews Became Smart:
    Anti-"Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" R. Brian Ferguson
    Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Rutgers-Newark
    "Introduction to the Online Posting
    This paper was researched and written from March 2006 through January 2007. In
    February 2007 it was submitted to an anthropology journal, and in December it was rejected. It
    became clear that this paper was simply unpublishable in anything like its present form. It is well
    over twice the length of a standard journal article, yet nowhere near a book."

    For anyone interested in this topic; I have exhaustively commented/written on it, here my most recent and relevant comments:

    "East Asia has been gripped by an unprecedented rise in myopia, also known as short-sightedness. Sixty years ago, 10–20% of the Chinese population was short-sighted. Today, up to 90% of teenagers and young adults are. In Seoul, a whopping 96.5% of 19-year-old men are short-sighted." –

    "In high income Asian countries like Singapore, South Korea and China – which have intensive education pressures including homework at preschool level – as many as 90 per cent of people are short-sighted by the time they leave school at 18.

    Half of these children are already myopic by the end of primary school, compared to 10 per cent of British children." –

    The influence of study habits on myopia in Jewish teenagers

    “Myopia is about twice as common in Jewish people than in people of non-Jewish ethnicity.[96]” – Jensen, A.R. (1998) The g Factor. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger Publishers

    “To put it crudely, myopia is not the ophthalmic sign of intelligence, rather it marks the striver”, says Alireza Mirshahi.” – &

    • Stronza
      Posted December 31, 2019 at 8:26 am | Permalink

      If I am correct, they’re in for failure because their low-trust games will not work on other low-trust peoples, and they will be outcompeted by smarter or even lower-trust people.

      Once whites are all gone or mixed, who do these minorities think is going to keep the peace (such as it is) and the goodies flowing. South Asians, Mexicans, Chinese, Blacks and Semites (of all kinds) will be clawing at each other instead of co-operating as they now do to make evil whitey extinct.

    • Lord Shang
      Posted January 1, 2020 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

      Thanks so much for these links. I was completely unfamiliar with both this Australian group and these ideas. I have always assumed that Lynn’s and Rushton’s work was unassailable, given that I’m not a scientist and had only ever heard of its being attacked from the Left. But something other than race pride always rankled about alleged East Asian (and especially Jewish) cognitive superiority. I have long entertained four separate areas of challenge:

      1. Whites could have been superior in the past, but have become inferior over time due to dysgenic trends begun in the 19th century, and massively accelerated in our times both by the intra-white civil war of 1914-45 (not to mention the Judeo-Bolshevik aristocracides in Russia and Eastern Europe 1917-circa 1950), and later, widespread Western-first adoption of feminism and birth control, leading high-IQ white females to under-reproduce compared to lower IQ ones with fewer abilities and thus career options. Note also that at least the Red Chinese have been practicing eugenics since the early 1980s.

      2. How certain are we of the validity of various interracial samples? I’m fairly certain of the accuracy of white samples (given that whites seem to be the most ethical race – with Nordics possessing on average the most integrity by far). I imagine the Japanese samples are valid, too. But Chinese are notorious cheaters and palm-greasers across all areas.

      3. Median IQ might be less racially salient than the number and quality of right-side-of-the-IQ bell curve outliers. If Orientals are a bit smarter than whites on average, but whites produce more geniuses, which race is “cognitively superior”? The really great achievements have mainly NOT been a product of accretionary or evolutionary civilizational change, but of revolutionary insights, discoveries, compositions, and inventions. Who cares if Orientals are a bit better, say, at math than whites, but only whites produce Euclid, Descartes, Leibniz, Newton, Gauss, etc? Or again, if they are superior verbally on average, but only Europeans give us Aristotle, Aquinas, Kant, Dante, Shakespeare, Balzac, etc ad infinitum?

      4. What is the relation between intelligence understood as instrumental cleverness versus wisdom? Jews are, as a race, very clever, which makes them good in commerce (ethnic nepotism, and very possibly a lower level of integrity, certainly help, too, as does perhaps a simple higher relative attachment to material gain). But how much wisdom have they collectively produced?Many leading Jewish “thinkers” were really nothing more than word-spinners, verbally facile Talmudists whose contributions, while superficially plausible to second rate intellects, were in fact deeply false (ie, at odds with reality) and massively destructive (some would say that was always the intention, but I’m not so sure that was always the case: did Marx know he was a phony? did Freud, Boas, Marcuse, Derrida, etc?).

      White intellect built the world. What did the Jews do? The Orientals? Surely that fact, too, must cast some doubt on the Jewish and Asian cognitive superiority theses. (But, again, this is not my field at all.)

  2. Lesley
    Posted December 31, 2019 at 4:36 am | Permalink

    Back in the day, when Hitler wanted ANYONE to take Germany’s Jews, and do whatever they want with them, he worked with all and any organisation that promised to get rid of the Jews.

    He worked with Zionists who needed Jews for Israel, he worked with US Jews who wanted to boost US Jew numbers with German Jews.

    However, at one point international Jewry began sabotaging every effort to evacuate the remaining 300K German Jews.
    They needed to sacrifice them, in order to achieve bigger historical goals.
    It worked.

    So whatever is happening now with dindus walloping Jews all across NY–it may be a small scale version of the “German sacrifice”.

    After enough NY urban poets stab enough NY Jews, it may very well turn out that “the answer to growing antisemitism” is to clamp down on the remaining rights of white gentiles.

    Just like every time a bunch of urban blacks shoot each other with illegal guns, “the answer” is to confiscate the legal guns of rural whites.

    So, let’s keep an eye on all this, and watch out not only for the obvious sane reactions, but also for the insane Liberast ones.

  3. Vauquelin
    Posted December 31, 2019 at 4:47 am | Permalink

    In my greatest moments of Q-anon level delusion I sometimes wonder if Trump’s philo-semitism is a secret way of exceptionalizing the Jews as a community, killing them with kindness so to speak. It’s no secret that most of them are uncomfortable when the goyim are paying attention to them.

  4. Posted December 31, 2019 at 4:48 am | Permalink

    In other words, Jews are about to reap the rewards of pushing diversity on the rest of us. The 2020s are going to suck for everyone but a heaping helping of just desserts will make it a little more tolerable.

  5. Jürgen
    Posted December 31, 2019 at 8:18 am | Permalink

    Another higher level to see here is that the attacker was ideologically motivated, being a black hebrew Israelite.

    This is a movement which claims the bible for black people and disparages Jews as Khazars. This was not just an attack of some ape against an outsider, this was an attack of a true Israelite against fake impostors. Very different story.

  6. Stronza
    Posted December 31, 2019 at 9:57 am | Permalink

    More Orthodox Jews are moving into black neighborhoods due to the high costs of living in whiter parts of New York. They’re pushed into cheap neighborhoods where they’re not welcome. Violence and hate are the inevitable outcomes.

    Here are some further details, at least according to these folks at Christians for Truth:


    Now we know why the jewish mayor of Jersey City immediately proclaimed that the recent mass shooting at a kosher market was an ‘antisemitic hate crime‘ even before the police had a chance to investigate it — the mayor already knew there was an ongoing turf war between the local Blacks and the wealthier Hasidic Jews who are trying to forcefully push them out

  7. Some White Guy
    Posted January 4, 2020 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

    A middle ages Lefty-Jewish cat lady in my old neighborhood got a rude awakening when she politely asked a neighboring black family to keep their endlessly barking dog quiet. She was called every name in the book and harassed so intensely, she sold her home and moved.

    Perhaps all Lefty-Jewish types should be relocated into black neighborhoods so they get a proper education in reality.

    Living in that environment certainly woke me up to race realism and got me over my liberal ideas.

    • Alexandra O.
      Posted June 13, 2020 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

      Your reply is perfect! If all the intellectual Marxists who just graduated from college and know everything about Socialist views on minorities, could just do two things: 1) Work in an office or other work situation with them for at least a year or two; 2) Live next door to them in a ‘working class’ (i.e., marginal ghetto) neighborhood, then they’d get the ‘true education’. I’ve done both and that is why I am now a disciple of Counter Currents — I’m seeing in writing, day by day, the things I saw myself but just dismissed as a ‘one-time’ observation! So glad to hear the same, validating, observations from you!

  8. rujv
    Posted January 5, 2020 at 6:22 pm | Permalink

    Cue Nelson.

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