Encouraging Signs for 2020


Joseph Wright of Derby, A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery, circa 1766

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I believe that optimism is a sucker’s game. Motivation is for losers. If you cannot find motivation within yourself no amount of cheerleading will make you succeed. Optimism is the enemy of reality, and reality is the only path to truth. Likewise, the dire pessimism expressed by so many on the Dissident Right is a constraint on the perception of reality.

In a social organism as vast and complicated as Western Civilization, it is almost impossible for any dissident group to initiate a wholesale change. Dissident groups succeed by exploiting the internal weaknesses and contradictions of the dominant political power. The Bolsheviks succeeded only because the Germans, desiring a quick end to the fighting on the Eastern front in World War I, transported Lenin back to Russia. And the Soviet Union collapsed from within. Its 30,000 nuclear warheads were unable to prevent its internal collapse, which was exacerbated by ideological exhaustion and hubris.

It is, therefore, timely and appropriate as we approach the new year to reassess in a manner based in reality, not in wishful thinking or suicidal gloom, the position in which the dissident right finds itself.

1. Although the past several years have been challenging, the Dissident Right has benefited by a culling process that has seen the disappearance or sidelining of a number of dubious characters who have allowed their ill-conceived public activism, daddy issues, and moral turpitude to impact negatively the entire movement.

2. The Groyper War was an unmitigated success. It was a carefully executed and well thought out plan that exhibited good leadership, excellent tactics, and appealing optics. The sight of intelligent, well-groomed, overtly Christian, and well-mannered young people politely asking questions and being attacked in such a hostile manner by Charlie Kirk, Ben Crenshaw (and that egregiously awful negro poofter whose name escapes me) is quite shocking and off-putting, especially to normies. Congresscritter Crenshaw was also revealed to be a bully and moron, someone so dense he still shills for Israel after having sacrificed an eye for ZOG. Most of all, the Groyper War was a wakeup call for normies that the Republican Party is every bit as much an enemy of whites as the Democrat Party.

3. As I have been predicting for some time, the left is eating its own. The latest and most woke Leftist to be condemned for not being woke enough is J. K. Rowling, who was a victim of “cancel culture” for being insufficiently down with transgender bathroom rights. Now that I think of it, I don’t believe there’s a whole lot of diversity at Hogwarts Academy. I think we need to start a campaign to get Rowling’s books and movies banned by Amazon. At the very least, Rowling needs to donate all of her earnings to a fund to provide scholarships at Hogwarts for Muggles of Color. Hey, hey, ho, ho, Harry Potter’s got to go!

4. Leftist control and subversion of academia is destroying a key component of the Cathedral. The situation is so dire in academia that college administrators are actually admitting there is a problem. Total college enrollment in academic year 2019–2020 is 250,000 students fewer than in the previous academic year [2]. This is the ninth consecutive year of decline, and the decline shows no sign of abatement.

The most serious decline in academia is in the humanities, the most woke segment of the most woke component of the Cathedral. As colleges become more desperate for students they lower standards in a concomitant manner. Of course, as standards lower, tuition increases at an exponential rate in order to pay the high salaries of the ever-increasing armies of diversity and affirmative action officers. Ever-higher costs for an ever-lower quality product. Well, it’s no wonder they call economics the dismal science.

As the demands go out for more and more non-existent qualified negro applicants for college teaching positions, qualified white Leftists with Ivy League Ph.D.s are often rejected in favor of negroes with only masters degrees, or even just B.A.s. In other words, woke academia is destroying the goose that laid the golden egg.

As humanities departments shrink, there are fewer fellowships for woke white Leftists to pursue doctorates. And those who do matriculate often cannot find any jobs, or they are not considered for jobs reserved for unqualified negroes. The lack of academic qualifications has a very negative effect on teaching ability, which further drives down enrollment. Do you really want to pay $75,000 a year to be taught by affirmative action hires who don’t know their fields?

For example, most newly-minted Ph.D.s in Classics cannot read Latin or Greek. Even doctoral-level instruction is done with English translations, the original Latin and Greek deemed too “Eurocentric” (in reality, too difficult for feminists and negroes).

Another example, when I was in college back in the ’60s, my undergraduate institution had a very distinguished fine and applied arts department, many members of which were performers of international reputation. They were (horror of horrors!) all white, cisgender males.

I recently heard a faculty recital at my alma mater and the white, cisgender males were no longer present. Instead, there was every combination of gender-fluid, non-binary, non-white humanoid present. What was missing was any semblance of musical ability. For one singer, it was not entirely clear if he (she, it, zur?) was singing or attempting to pass a kidney stone. The students of my era performed at a much higher level than the faculty of today. And tuition has only increased 22.5 times since I graduated. Getting less for more. That’s the real definition of diversity.

The good news is that woke academia faces an existential crisis of incredible proportions. Clayton Christensen of the Harvard School of Business even predicts that 50% of America’s college will go bankrupt in the next 10 to 15 years [3]. If Professor Christensen is right, that’s a lot of gender studies majors who are going to have to become baristas. They better hope Starbucks doesn’t become automated.

5. While I have no doubt that Boris Johnson will be every bit as disappointing a politician as our Buffoon-in-Chief Donald Trump, the December British Parliamentary election was a joy to witness, complete with hours of Leftist butthurt and the decoupling of the British working class from the Labour Party. This will, of course, cause the Labour Party to become even more overtly anti-white, which will drive even more whites to the cause of white well-being. Unlike Trump and woke academia, Boris Johnson, a classics major at Oxford, can actually read Latin and Greek, and this YouTube video [4] shows him reciting from heart a large segment of the Iliad during a talk in Melbourne.

Think about it for a minute. The white working class of Britain embraced a posh graduate of Eton and Oxford, a man of wealth and privilege who can recite from the Iliad in ancient Greek just for kicks. Something is afoot, and it is making our enemies very, very scared. 2020 is going to be a very fascinating year.