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Eastern European Women, IKEA Dates, & Airport Farewells

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[1]I’m at the airport right now. Being in Eastern Europe for the past two years, I’ve spent a lot of time at various European airports. In regards to my personal life, I’ve found myself in a revolving cycle of meeting Eastern European women on Tinder, taking them on dates to the local IKEA, and then breaking up and saying goodbye to them at the airport. Would I recommend any of this to my fellow white men? Let’s find out!

First, I need to address the Eastern European Woman question (EEWQ). We have all heard the stereotypes and rumors. Apparently, all Eastern European women are beautiful supermodels that are based, red-pilled, know how to cook, and are just waiting to give birth to your seven children in order to save western civilization. All while being the masters of lovemaking and never aging.

I don’t want to destroy your hopes and dreams, but from my experience, Eastern European women are still women. And no woman, or man for that matter, is perfect. So while there may still be some cultural, linguistic and behavioral differences between Western and Eastern European women, you are still going to have various issues when dating or being in a relationship with any woman. Regardless of where she is from. After all, relationships are between two people, and no two people will ever be perfect themselves or truly perfect for each other.

That being said, I’ve gone on dates with Eastern European women that had none of the qualities listed above. I’ve also been in serious relationships with women that did have some of those rumored qualities. Without divulging too much personal information, I’ll simply focus on some relationships I had with women that I dated in Ukraine, Latvia, and Hungary.

I found all three women by using Tinder. Now I know exactly what you are thinking. Yes, I know all about the 80/20 rule and how online dating is both a waste of time for most men while also contributing to the narcissism that plagues many young women. I also agree that online dating shouldn’t be the only sole method that our men use to find women.

What I suggest is that our guys use online dating sites as a tool along with other methods of meeting women. One alternate method is striking up conversations with women in public, whether it be a book store or a supermarket. This can be a way of meeting a woman in your geographical area who may at the very least have similar interests as you. Another option is to simply ask your male friends whether their girlfriends or wives have any single female friends that they could potentially set you up on a date with.

Yet whether we like it or not, online dating, as horrible as it can be, has become the standard norm of modern dating and will be the standard norm for some time. If a white man doesn’t have any online dating profiles, he is severely limiting his options and number of potential women he could contact. After all, would you really tell a job seeker not to apply for jobs online? Naturally, the odds are better for applying to jobs online, but the same logic applies.

So after contacting and chatting with a woman online, I immediately try to get an in-person meetup within 48 to 72 hours. Whether this be a coffee shop or a restaurant depends on a few factors such as schedule, and more importantly, your budget. And just from my personal experience, the first-dates where I met a woman at a restaurant for dinner more often than not turned into serious relationships, as opposed to the first-dates where I met women casually at a coffee shop. Yet even after surviving the first few dates, I never really felt that I knew a woman until I took her on a date to the local IKEA.

Some people hate IKEA, and I’m sure they have many valid reasons. But I will admit without shame that I greatly enjoy going to IKEA, even by myself. I like the variety of food there and their relatively cheap prices. I also really enjoy assembling and building IKEA furniture, as it always reminds me of playing with Legos as a kid (although I will admit Lego sets have better instruction manuals than IKEA furniture).

More importantly, taking a woman on a date to IKEA can give you a lot of insight about her that you wouldn’t normally get in the initial dating phase. I recommend eating at the IKEA cafeteria first, and keep an eye out on whether she helps gather plates, silverware, and napkins for you. A woman that will gather such things shows that she is at least making an attempt to be helpful. After the meal, start at the beginning of the showroom and see whether she walks with you at your pace or whether she walks ahead of you. I’ve found that women who constantly walk ahead of you have a lot of social issues.

Be ready and willing to show her all the furniture pieces you like or would want in your place and see how she responds. There’s a reason why most professional poker players are men, as most women, even if they stay silent, will often show their thoughts or feelings through facial movements. For the furniture pieces you like but she doesn’t like, see how much she is willing to compromise. Would she settle for that couch or shelf in a different color, or does she always expect to have her pick and choice every time?

Lastly, if you ever end up actually buying some furniture that you have to assemble, be sure to have her watch you assemble it. I’m not exactly sure why, but women I’ve dated in the past have always enjoyed watching me assemble IKEA furniture. Maybe it’s the fact that I actually like assembling furniture and they enjoy watching me have fun. Or maybe they find it attractive and masculine for a man to work with his tools and bare hands. Regardless, you yourself can take pride that you built something all by yourself.

So why am I writing about all of this? Because I care about you, white man. I care about all of my fellow white brothers and I want to see white men dating white women. Yes, you definitely don’t need a woman to be happy or to reach your full potential. There will even be periods in your life where you are probably better off focusing on yourself instead of pursuing women.

That being said, when you are ready to search and find a woman, you need to realize that the chances of you finding a woman who is already based and red-pilled are going to be slim to none. This is the cold hard truth, and perhaps the main takeaway from this article. It is our responsibility as white men to find a woman, red-pill her, and be a continuous source of leadership for her and your future children, if you want those things in life. An IKEA date merely acts as a litmus test as to how comfortable and compatible the two of you are together, while also helping you identify certain character traits.

Ever since I was a kid, I always enjoyed people-watching at the airport, and I still do today. You always notice couples close to tears as they say their goodbyes and farewells at the departure area. You also see people get excited as they kiss and hug their partners when they meet in the arrival area, as one can only imagine how long they missed each other and waited to see each other again.

Being in Eastern Europe these last two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had both experiences. I’ve taken flights to airports where I anticipated meeting my online crush for the very first time. I’ve also had difficult farewells and goodbyes at the airport, knowing that it was the very last time I would kiss and embrace the woman I thought could have been my life partner. I’m at the airport right now, and today was one of those days.

But to my original question, as to whether all the time on Tinder, at IKEA and at the airport was worth getting into a relationship with a woman in the first place. The answer ultimately depends on you and what you want out of life. Regardless, the next time I’m at an airport, I hope to see you greeting a woman in the arrival area. And if the two of you make it to IKEA, the first round of Swedish Meatballs will be on me.