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Groyper War UCLA

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Los Angeles, Sunday, November 10, 2019: Charlie Kirk’s Talking Points USA (TPUSA) organized an event at UCLA to promote Donald Trump Jr.’s new book, Triggered. But the event was cut short when the younger Trump, his homewrecker girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Charlie Kirk were heckled offstage – not by Left-wing protesters, but by America First populists. It was glorious.

I was one of them. This is what I saw.

My friends and I attended with some trepidation. We were staunch, but so few, and I wondered if there would there be plants, false flags, spergs, and so on. I was hoping to meet a few new people and keep up the momentum that others had started. Nobody thought that it would result in a decisive victory in exchange for such little effort and risk.

There is a thirty-five-minute video on YouTube of the event [2], and numerous small cellphone clips. Awesome as they are, even they do not capture how badass it was in actuality.

We arrived early and rehearsed our questions in case we were lucky enough not to be cucked by plants wearing backpacks to pathetically suggest that they had just sprinted from class (on a Sunday). While walking through the serene campus that was literally and figuratively above the urban squalor caused by its Marxist policies, we came across a lone man walking in the opposite direction. He had “the look”: clean-cut, good posture, and obviously lifts regularly. I wondered if he was just a generic frat bro or a fellow comrade. We asked him if he was a groyper, and got a yes. This was the first of dozens of cases of instantaneous and mutual recognition.

We walked past buildings of thoroughly European architecture in which thoroughly Jewish nonsense is now taught, passed by the Communist petting zoo containing a few lame protestors, and dutifully stood in line. Immediately, we had groyper friends. Time sped past as different bands of friends organically morphed into a single tribe. Anyone who says that America is a “proposition nation” is wrong. When real Americans meet together, they feel it in their blood.

Finally, they started to let us in. That security would be tight was a given, but it’s interesting that their security measures seemed designed to split large groups up. Divide and conquer is a time-tested tactic, but it did not avail them. It cannot work if at least two-thirds of the audience are groypers. It just added to the feeling that we were everywhere, and it helped us make even more friends.

The hall, with its quaint wooden rafters, seemed laughably small. It was barely an auditorium; more of a deluxe-sized lecture hall. There obviously had to be larger forums available on campus. It was clearly a tactic to keep us out: Rent a small hall and let UCLA students and VIPs in first. Not all of us who lined up got in, but we still outnumbered everyone else. We certainly overpowered them.

It started off with a girl in red doing pep rally-style cheers. Another girl then announced that, due to time restraints, there would no Q&A. The booing was loud and spontaneous. My previous fretting about timing our boos right and not overdoing it so we wouldn’t be kicked out was irrelevant. I don’t know if TPUSA was just being disorganized and dumb (again), or if she was a brave resistance fighter sabotaging them from within.

The initial explanation for there being no Q&A is very telling. The long video does not include it, probably deliberately because it is inconsistent with several other explanations given, one of which was that previous questions had been rude. Trump Jr. nonetheless mentioned that he had endured attacks at Leftist events that he had attended instead of being treated like a guest – despite the fact that he’s supposed to be a tough “culture warrior” like Kirk who can take criticism.

Most importantly, though, the event lasted less than forty-five minutes when it was supposed to go for two hours. It doesn’t take that long to shake hands and exchange pleasantries with such a meager handful of VIPs, and it would normally be an “after party” thing and not part of the main program. This was cowardice, plain and simple.

They had no problem trading jabs back and forth with a Muslim woman in a hijab and another liberal crybaby in the audience. Given that this legal immigrant cheered for Abu Bakr and Communist bread lines alike, I suspect that she was probably a plant; a convenient strawman to score Boomer-tier points against.

It is a lie that Left-wing protestors forced the event to end early. The few Leftists who got inside were more like useful props than a disruption.

Groyper questions hit hard. That’s why the establishment cannot endure them – or even a request for a Q&A – without rage quitting. Charlie Kirk asked some questions about Trump Jr.’s book while awkwardly sitting between him and his girlfriend. His body language was devoid of composure. He fidgeted, glanced about fearfully, and obviously wanted to retire to a tame cocktail party where nice, fake people exchange vapid pleasantries while the Republic sinks like Atlantis under a tidal wave of demographics and degeneracy.

Trump Jr. became increasingly agitated as well. He must have expected something, but not the thundering of a groyper legion. Despite the title of his book, Triggered, he was hardly unflappable. In fact, he was as triggered as any purple-haired, misgendered thot when chants of “Q&A,” “America First,” and “Build the Wall” went up. Isn’t it the Left that’s supposed to be triggered by “America First” and calls for free speech?

Ironically, the woman on stage had the most dominant presence. At one point, she told the liberals that “there are student health services available,” but the only people who needed such services that day were the cucks of Conservatism Inc.

Out of desperation, she hurled insults implying that we are incels who have to catfish on dating sites. Insulting the most ardent Trump supporters – young white men – is not a good election strategy. Apparently since we’re unfazed by the old insults of “fascist” and “Nazi,” they hope that “virgin” will work. All it does is make them look puerile, not to mention ridiculous given how chad we are. We’re thin, fit, handsome, with strong jaw lines and good haircuts, and exude a friendly confidence. The lone conservacuck who came up to us while waiting in line to simper about the plight of the Kurds (apparently they’re our second-greatest friend and ally) might have been an incel, but not us.

Despite having served as a criminal prosecutor, Guilfoyle came across as scolding instead of authoritative. I also couldn’t help but wonder how a former Deputy District Attorney could be so hostile or blind to matters of demographics. Didn’t she spend years of her life enduring first-hand numerous heartbreaking stories that could have been featured in Ann Coulter’s book, Adios, America?

It turns out that she was a member of the La Raza Lawyers Association, so it’s no surprise that she is as America First as Jared Kushner and Senator Feinstein, who likewise pledge allegiance to a foreign nation instead of the American flag. That Trump Jr. is romantically involved with a woman openly affiliated with “La Raza” should be a red flag that he, too, may have uncertain loyalties.

Conservatism Inc. will trawl the social media accounts of Nick Fuentes and others for gotcha moments from years ago while the pseudo-elites openly embrace radical Left-wing groups that hate America as if they were as benign as the Girl Scouts. Young college kids were doxed because they peacefully held a torch at Charlottesville, but this harlot is allowed to prance about the halls of power while flaunting allegiance to mass invasion. Such closet Leftists should be blacklisted as subversives. She also serves as a warning against the dangers of legal immigration. Even if we were getting the best and brightest (and they usually aren’t), they tend to use their talents against us.

The three stooges abruptly terminated their farce and then ordered anyone with a wristband to leave. The guards were visibly nervous. Total victory was achieved in less than forty-five minutes.

What happened that day must be told because it is so illustrative of what our pseudo-elites are really like and what we are actually up against. They are pathetic cowards. There was no good reason to fear us. We are law-abiding men. However, I think it was obvious to those who saw it firsthand that meme magic from Bronze Age Mindset was afoot – or something like it. This may sound like hyperbole, but it’s true. We dominated them not only physically with our high testosterone voices, but also in a psychological way with our sense of authority, and in a metaphysical way. The cucks knew that they stood in the presence of men who were not only their most important voting bloc, but more importantly, their betters. Submerged instincts that evolved over eons overtook them. That day the aristocrats of the soul, the natural aristocracy that the Founding Fathers envisioned as the proper leaders of this country, dominated through sheer will-to-power the pseudo-elites who presume to rule.

The son of the most powerful man in the world could neither tame nor debate us. His waifu was reduced to impotent scolding. I’m pretty sure that Charlie Kirk had to go cry in his safe space afterwards.

The pseudo-elites are powerful only so long as they are permitted to play their little games with no one calling them out and a treasonous media propping them up. That is impossible now, because with the Internet, if the emperor has no clothes, it’s going to go viral. All of their money, titles, and consultants couldn’t stop the groypers.