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Are the Good Times Really Over?

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Americans do not have a white racial consciousness because we never needed one. We no longer have a choice. It was simply understood that the United States were founded by white men exclusively for their posterity. America was never an idea, or merely a geographic entity, for our forefathers.

Throughout American history, our people, and through them our leaders, were wary of immigration. Our population exponentially grew primarily due to natural increase, not immigration; and that immigration which did sometimes enrich us came wholly from Europe, the ancestral land of our people. With the 1965 Hart-Celler Act, the National Origins Formula was cast aside along with our national sovereignty. Since then, our nation has tumbled headlong into the abyss. Within just a couple of decades, whites will be a minority in our own country. White children are already the minority in public schools. Our elections long ago ceased to be simply about choosing leaders, and are now censuses – racial headcounts. Virginia has fallen. Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina will soon follow. So goes California, so goes the nation. We are losing our country.

It is undeniable that with the replacement of the white founding stock, all that we hold dear will crumble to dust before our eyes. The Bill of Rights and the notion of good governance itself is a joke in the hateful eyes of our conquerors, who view government not as self-sacrifice but as a piggy bank with which to line their pockets and as a reservoir of unlimited power. As anti-white crime rises to a fever pitch, the gruesome Wichita and Knoxville horrors will become increasingly commonplace. Our people are being raped, slaughtered, and humiliated every day with not a moment’s attention from our hallowed media. Without the Second Amendment, we will be left defenseless. We are going the way of Rhodesia and South Africa before us, or perhaps more aptly the way of Saint-Domingue.

Our successors cackle as they topple our icons and altars, playacting in the institutions our fathers built. Television programs like Watchmen depict the triumphs of American history as the sad pornography of a defeated people and portray whites who refuse to lay down and submit as the most heinous of terrorists. Captain America, 007, and the Fairy Godmother are turned black. A Confederate flag adorns the wall of every villain.

Our symbols are being vilified, our monuments torn down, our streets renamed, our history rewritten. And we do nothing. Of course, American history is white. All of our history and all of our achievements were accomplished by whites. We cannot blame our multicultural underclass for hating us and for despising our nation. It’s not theirs. But we can blame our white and Jewish Leftist elites, and above all, we must blame ourselves for allowing this social, cultural, political, and legal conquest to occur without even the slightest pushback.

What do we think is next? Once they drive Old Dixie down, they will come for Old Glory. Once they succeed in replacing all of our cultural figures and icons with those of the soon-to-be majority “minorities,” what else will we have lost? Everything we nostalgically vaunt as “Americana,” from our music to our food, is white. We have nowhere else to go. This is our home. It is well past time we started behaving like it. When whites cease to be a majority, when we no longer even ostensibly control the ship of State, our lives will truly be in danger. Our successors do not share the pathological altruism by which we have empowered them and castrated ourselves.