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Towards a European Social Credit System

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Reading about China’s social credit system [2] makes me thank my lucky stars for not having been born Chinese. I imagine that living in a state of constant surveillance and constant submission would fray my nerves to the point of aggressive antisocial behavior. I couldn’t hack public school, and I sincerely doubt that I could hack living in modern China. But looking at the social credit system as an idea, I can’t help but think it is not fundamentally a bad one.

Human biodiversity is an important concept. Whites are different from Orientals, culturally, religiously, linguistically, and in every other way worth mentioning. These differences stem from our genetic differences, which in turn stem from adaptations to different ecologies through time by means of evolution by natural selection. Therefore, it’s important to recognize that what works in China won’t work in the West, and conversely, what works in the West won’t work in China. Our cognitive differences run deep, resulting in irreconcilable differences in our ways of being in the world, our ways of perceiving it, and our ways of running our societies. To this end, despite my initial revulsion, I have very little doubt that the social credit system will work out well for China. Just as me and my people cannot be expected to live as servile bureaucrats with an irrepressible desire to accumulate material goods, I cannot in good faith expect the Chinese to live as rambunctious and intermittently violent mama’s boys, insatiable both in bed and at the dining table.

There are also similarities between East and West, but not enough to say that we share a destiny. People often taunt the similarity in levels of IQ and civilization, but I’m inclined to believe that the much-vaunted East Asian IQ is only comparatively high because the West is decadent and has had two centuries’ worth of dysgenic fertility. As for civilization, the gap between Western and Chinese achievement is vast. There is no equivalence worth speaking of. The conceitedly-named Middle Kingdom was a plaything of the Western powers not that long ago, no more in control of its destiny than a whore passed around by three merciless pimps. And no, friend Derb, there’s not going to be an Arctic alliance [3]. The ChiComs (and they remain commies, despite – or rather, because of – their voracious mammonism) would rather feed us to the Temperates and Tropicals than break bread with us. China is in many ways an Israel writ large, hopelessly dependent on Western aid and complacency in trade policy, but ridiculously jingoistic and with a large diaspora hostile to their Western host countries. Whereas the Ben Shapiros of the world loudly oy vey at the very idea of whites not hating themselves, the Chinese diaspora buys up entire cities and steals technology from the West. Unlike Israel, they don’t have a steadfast ally in Donald Trump, but they did – and do – have such an ally in the Clinton crime family. China’s much-vaunted modernization was more the doing of Slick Willie than of Deng Xiaoping.

That being said, we can take the basics of the social credit system and develop our own version. Just like a sneaky Chinaman, we will steal this foreign technology and re-jigger it to suit our own nefarious needs while twirling our moustaches and sniggering in a snidely manner. It’s not that hard. We already have a social credit system in the West. For example, if you disagree with the ruling ideology intensely enough, you can, like our esteemed editor Greg Johnson, be kicked off of payment processors, social media platforms, and Amazon. Oh, and it’s not just “private” (as if these gigantic corporations could exist without the assistance of our gelded governments). Mild-mannered Southern gentlemen engaged in huwite advocacy will be banned from travelling to the Schengen area [4] because the dulcet sounds of their Virginia drawl could inspire disapproved thoughts in the delicate skulls of European youths. On the other hand, any man who can issue “Uncle Jared’s Fitness Challenge [5]” is probably not safe to let loose in your country. Sorry, Uncle Jared, you can’t take those guns into Europe.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the motley crew of shitlibs and cuckservatives which pass for the West’s ruling class. Their high social credit score ensures they have every advantage accorded a Chinese Communist Party leader, and then some. These people often get away with murder, insulting them gets us punished and deplatformed, and on top of which they don’t have to do real work. Really, the list of privileges accorded to those with high social credit scores in the West is long and diverse. You can freely peruse the Zman’s archive on Cloud People [6] as he brilliantly calls them to understand the extent of their privilege. Oh, and they get to tell us low-status white people to check our privilege, too. It’s called fucking with people and, as someone who has smacked people across the ears while my gopnik cousin held them down, I’ll tell you, it’s really fun when they aren’t able or allowed to hit back. Honest.

Now, needless to say, this is a bad system. For starters, it pretends that it doesn’t exist, which means we cannot critique it without incurring accusations of conspiracy-mongering. What do you mean, dissident voices are deplatformed? We’re only fighting HATE! White supremacist hate at that. Free speech doesn’t cover hate speech, BIGOT! There is no social credit system, it’s just that some people are deplorables and should be disenfranchised. Also, it’s quite informal and it’s controlled by the media and NGOs, who reach a consensus on who’s a deplorable and who’s laudable. Contrast that with China’s formal, unabashed, and state-run social credit system. It’s refreshingly honest.

At the heart of the current Western social credit system’s evil nature is the dishonesty of pretending it doesn’t exist, as well as its informality and private nature, whereas in China, you understand that going against the government is going to lead to nastiness. You then make an informed choice: Do I live with the consequences of speaking truth to power, or do I live with the consequences of keeping mum about injustice? In the West, we are lied to. We are told that we have freedom of speech, freedom of inquiry, freedom of this, freedom of that, but in fact we are less free in many respects than the Chinese. If I voice my deeply-held opinions about the nature of human differences and the consequences thereof in a Western public forum, I could very well be arrested for fomenting racial violence. I could voice those selfsame opinions in a Chinese public forum and remain unmolested. The Chinese might snigger at me for stating the blatantly obvious, but that’s about it. Critiquing the Chinese state is not advisable, though. In the West you can talk smack about the elected officials, but dare suggest an illiberal mode of governance and you’re attacked as a FASCIST NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST!

I’ve made my choice. I’ve paid the price. I’m still paying it, and I will keep paying it in the future. It’s not all bad. It’s pretty cool to be a rebel. I’ve carved out a niche for myself in both meatspace and online. Besides, I couldn’t live in a servile position, repeating lies just to guard my material wealth like some whipped cur whimpering and shimmying up to the very master that whipped him. And so here I am.

Obviously, we should work to formalize this system, if for no reason other than to annoy the powers that be and their myrmidons. This is because the Western Left’s big foundational lie is that fascists have infiltrated every level of government in the US and other Western countries, and they are busy collaborating with evil fascists in major corporations, with clerical fascists in the various churches, and networking with fascists in other countries to stamp out the beleaguered liberals in their scattered archipelago of universities and food co-ops. This ideology is called Chomskyism, and would have you believe that CNN is a Right-wing extremist outlet. There’s also a slightly different interpretation according to which the American government is actually fine, insofar as it doesn’t interfere with business and that its primary purpose is spreading democracy around the world – preferably in countries near Israel, since they tend to be the least democratic, dontchaknowit? This one is called neoconservatism, and I believe our readership is not only familiar with it, but is sick of it.

I call upon ye, dark forces of Internet autism, to suss out from the various heapings of praise and scorn from the establishment media outlets and their accursed blue-check confederates the social credit scores of various famous people. I guess a certain amount of guesswork might be necessary, but it’s good to try. If we can rank people, we can deduce from their behavior which actions earn social credit and which actions cost social credit, and we can get a more-or-less accurate picture of the Western social credit system. This will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that our ruling class is merely LARPing as beleaguered revolutionaries [7]. In fact, we’ll be able to quantify their LARPing by measuring the difference between their actual social credit score and their perceived low station in society. Call it the Ruler Delusion Spread, or something snazzier, like the Conveniently Crazy Coefficient.

Now, obviously, we’re going to have to have racial categories. No white woman can have a social credit score higher than the Obama girls, simply because black women are sainted in today’s society, but among black women, we can have a fair competition. Now, even though being fat, loud, and annoying are considered boons in a black woman in today’s world, I strongly doubt that Diamond and Silk [8] have higher social credit than the Obama girls, because they’ve committed the sin of liking Orange Man. Oh, and don’t believe that our souring on Blumpf here on the Dissident Right is going to give us a pass. No, we liked him back before Benjamin Netanyahu gave him his horns. Speaking of Bibi, yeah challah cost and all that, but doesn’t he oppress those poor brown Palestinians? We’re going to have to dock you some points for that, Jew Hitler.

It was times like this that I wish I was as autistic as some of you wonderful people. But no matter. This is an interesting and fun project, and it will generate great lulz if implemented, but let’s look to the distant future. Should we in the West survive our clash with demographic destiny, we might just have to implement – or rather formalize – an existing social credit system, just as the Chinese have. This one, however, will clearly favor pro-survival, pro-civilizational behavior, and it will be tailored to white sensibilities, and better yet, to the needs and national quirks of every separate nation, region, and locality. We’d be damned fools if we assume that Swedes and Spaniards can be governed by the same rules, and slightly less foolish if we assume the same for Basques and Andalusians.

One of the things that gave me a visceral negative reaction to the Chinese social credit system is its tendency to reward grass-eating, docile behaviors. Personally, I would hate the idea of my people becoming grass eaters, so I’d structure the social credit system to favor rambunctious, willful behavior, in order to breed a population of proud warriors. It will cost us in social stability and wealth, but some things are more important. Besides, Europeans do not really need rigid social stability the way the Chinese do. The relatively greater frequency of alpha male traits in Europeans suggests that we are used to following orders from local alphas presiding over relatively small groups of men. This correlates to Europe’s geography, with many independent water sources and mountain ranges dividing relatively self-sufficient valleys, in contrast to China, where rice’s water-intensive cultivation process has made the population dependent on centralized power. This makes us highly flexible and adaptable when it comes to problem-solving, and we should be comfortable with pluralism in methods of rule. We can decentralize in Europe, and the King can be relatively powerless, with the bulk of the power distributed among local worthies, headmen, mayors, and landed gentry, each governing in a manner concordant with the land and the people of their locality. In fact, attempts by Europeans to order their affairs in a centralized manner usually end in unmitigated disasters.

It is right to learn, even from the enemy. In good time, and if we survive our present predicament, China will become our primary enemy. When that happens, we cannot face them equipped with inferior social technology. We must play to our strengths and realize that we will always have a social credit system. It is best, therefore, to formalize it and tailor it to European needs, rather than keep it oblique and unclear. We shall then meet our Han counterparts on the great field of civilizational and cultural struggle. And beat them.