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Check Out Counter-Currents’ New BitChute Channel

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In keeping with the pattern of racially discriminatory censorship which is silencing white people’s political perspectives across social media and the tech industry, Counter-Currents’ official YouTube channel was deleted without warning in June of this year. But every time they knock us down, we’ll just pop up somewhere else. Thanks to one of our readers, who helped to preserve and upload them, our videos can now be viewed on our newly-created BitChute channel [2]. Many of our old videos have already been reuploaded to it from our archives, and we will continue to post new content there in the future. You can find it here [3].

More and more, as the tech industry continues its battle against democracy and older platforms like YouTube purge themselves of debate regarding disapproved ideas, videos offering innovative perspectives will be moving on to BitChute. We recommend browsing their site and perhaps even bookmarking it as your default video viewing platform.