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Meme War II: European Vacation

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What to do about Tommy Robinson has long been a moral quandary for the Dissident Right. The purist position was, “No, the guy is a narcissist conman controlled by Zionist Jews” – which no one on our side really disputes.

But there was the pragmatist argument, which went, “Okay, so Tommy is a shady character and a Zio-shill with Jew handlers, but he had a large audience of the kind of people we want: white, angry, patriotic, and energetic British proles. Tommy’s fans were the Glengarry leads, ripe for the red-pilling. Might it not be better to approach them as friends?”

But more than that, Tommy’s movement seemed to be all Britain had. He was the only guy with any momentum. The British National Party (BNP) was in shambles, and there wasn’t much of a Dissident Right in Britain. That was still mostly an American thing. Tommy’s movement was the closest thing to an identitarian movement with wide appeal and capable of mobilizing significant numbers of people. It wasn’t identitarian per se, but if you were drunk and squinted yours eyes, it vaguely resembled one.

And then there were arguments over whether Tommy qualified as “the enemy of our enemy” (the establishment did seem to legitimately hate him). The debate over whether to take down Tommy’s movement from the outside or to subvert it from the inside raged on.

It looks like Tommy Robinson Inc. has resolved that debate for us. After a string of high-profile defections, controversies, and Dissident Right ideas seeping into Tommy’s fanbase, Team Tommy have declared all-out war on ethnonationalists. So war it is. I guess that means “take it down from the outside” wins.


Tommy Robinson with Avi Yemini & Ezra Levant


Brian Bishko, aka Brian of London

I think we all knew that a showdown with Tommy Inc. would happen eventually, but I don’t think anyone expected it to happen so soon. But with their release of the video “The Elephant In the Room [4],” Team Tommy has declared war on ethnonationalists in general and Mark Collett in particular.

With Mr. Robinson now in jail, Tommy’s foreign Jewish handlers and lieutenants have taken full control of Tommy Inc.’s entire brand and media apparatus without the influence of the operation’s one gentile: Robinson himself. And without the presence of that one gentile (however cucked he may be), these foreign Jews have gone, as the blacks say, “buck wild.”

I’m talking about foreign Jews like Canadian Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, the money man. Then there is Avi Yemini [5], an ex-IDF soldier who lives in Australia and who runs TR News – and who was recently charged with assaulting his wife. Rounding out the unholy trinity is Brian Bishko, South African-born but now a ten-year resident of Tel Aviv who goes by the name Brian of London [6] on social media – because he lived there once upon a time. Why have all these Jews who don’t live in the UK taken such a great interest in a British nationalist movement? One wonders . . .


These are the people controlling Tommy’s brand in his absence; it’s a whole new ballgame. Tommy’s a carpetbagger, but his Jewish handlers are committed Zionist Jews. You can expect a lot more petty vindictiveness, Holocaust guilt-tripping, Nazi analogies, disingenuous arguments, and a more intense sense of urgency to crush any sign of awakening white identity among those who will listen to them than if they were mere con men.


The Daily Stormer has been covering this story closely and striking nerves along the way.

There is some disagreement as to how much Tommy Robinson is involved in what’s going on, or if these things would be happening if he were not in prison. Many people, fans and critics alike, seem to make a distinction between Tommy the Man and Tommy the Movement. There are some critics of Tommy the Movement who say that it’s rotten and has completely gone to hell, but who still think well of Tommy the Man – one even suggesting that Robinson may be secretly woke on the JQ. But Tommy’s Jewish handlers insist that Tommy the Man is being kept informed of developments and approves of them. But whatever is actually the case, even if his Jewish handlers are saying and doing things that Tommy the Man would disapprove of, the fact remains that these are his people who he appointed and left in charge. The best-case scenario is that he’s a bad judge of character.

Ezra Levant must be feeling a mix of dread and déjà vu. Levant saw Rebel Media’s North American ambitions thrown into disarray first-hand by the rise of White Nationalism sweeping the US. One such example was Gavin McInnes, a one-time contributor at Rebel who left to start the Proud Boys. (McInnes has recently returned to the Rebel fold.) But the most embarrassing episodes of Levant’s North American adventure was when two of Rebel Media’s heavily-promoted women, Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern, went rogue on him. Goldy and Southern rose to prominence under the Rebel brand, but gradually became exposed to and sympathetic towards white identitarian ideas. Goldy was fired from Rebel for appearing on a Daily Stormer podcast and spent some time afterwards bumming around White Nationalist circles. She famously said the 14 Words on a Millennial Woes stream.

Southern, on the other hand, was fired under mysterious circumstances rumored to be the result of some kind of insubordination. But post-Rebel, she started palling around with European identitarians, and her content became more focused on issues of interest to the Dissident Right, such as the situation in South Africa and the European migrant crisis. Whether or not Lauren Southern ever truly qualified as “White Nationalist,” she was branded as one by the media, which surely annoyed Levant, who strove to avoid such associations.


Faith Goldy & Lauren Southern in their blue-pilled Rebel Media days.

With Rebel’s North American enterprise falling apart, what did Ezra Levant do? He went to the UK, teamed up with Tommy Robinson (who has his own fake-edgy Alt Lite Zionist operation going on), and starts the grift machine up again. The best part about going to the UK for him was that the “Alt Right” hadn’t caught on there yet. Team Tommy could afford to dismiss the “Alt Right” as a primarily middle-class American phenomenon (with Millennial Woes being the one high-profile British outlier). It was an extension of America’s greater Trumpian Zeitgeist, posing little threat to his “British working class” movement with roots in British soccer culture and whatnot. Most of the major players were American. Its style, sensibility, and irony were very American. Ezra Levant was thus free to make a pretty pence off the well-meaning working class patriots of old Blighty without those darned White Nationalists sticking their little button noses in where they don’t belong.

But the British contingent of the Dissident Right has started coming into its own lately. With America cornering the White Nationalist blog and podcast scene, the Brits took to YouTube, and have become a significant presence in the post-Internet Bloodsports era. There are now several prominent British content creators making race-woke videos from a British-centric perspective. Way of the World [10] has emerged as one of the most respected and popular content creators in our circles, garnering more than a hundred thousand subscribers by making top-grade normie-friendly and red-pilled content. Scotsman Millennial Woes [11] and Englishman On the Offensive [12] both have respectable subscriber followings, and Morgoth’s Review [13], an obscure blogger a few years ago, has acquired a devoted following since expanding into YouTube, and recently became the subject of national controversy when Morrissey posted one of his videos on his official site.


But the breakout star of the last few years has been ex-BNP Youth Leader Mark Collett [15]. Unlike most of the Dissident Right, who are children of the Internet, Collett comes from the world of real-life activism and electoral politics. Having parted ways with the BNP,  he has turned to online pro-white activism. First teaming up with another Brit, Tara McCarthy, as co-host of This Week on the Alt Right, he was also a favorite guest on the David Duke Show. What works on the Internet does not always work well in real life (see Charlottesville), but Collett has proven that his skills and experiences translated well to the Internet as he has become one of White Nationalism’s most visible social media presences. He brings a different approach than a lot of us meme warriors. His presentation style is not flashy or overloaded with infinite layers of irony. He is very optics-conscious, sticks to the basic facts and talking points, and communicates them in a way that is accessible to average white working-class people. It’s simple, but effective, and Collett is increasingly becoming the “face” of the British Dissident Right.

Collett has been a particular thorn in Tommy Robinson’s side. Collett and Robinson’s antipathy for each other is well-known, and it’s easy to see why Robinson would be threatened by Collett. A major part of Robinson’s public persona is his supposed working class “street cred.” He used to be involved in soccer hooliganism. He’s run with some tough crowds, gone to prison, and seen a thing or two. But the problem for Robinson is that Collett can match Robinson in “street cred.” He’s working class himself, and he’s been fighting for white Britons for going on two decades now. Collett was being oppressed by the British establishment for talking about Muslim grooming gangs before anyone had ever heard of Tommy Robinson.

There was a recent skirmish between the two camps. In a recent livestream, Collett single-handedly took on four Zionist Jews from Team Tommy [16], including the aforementioned Brian of London, a top Robinson lieutenant. Collett performed so well that the stream was promptly deleted. It is for the reasons above – and more that will be explained below – that Team Tommy has decided to cast Mark Collett as the anti-Tommy Robinson, the Basil Rathbone [17] to his Errol Flynn [18], in their war against ethnonationalists.


While the above may only have a fraction of Tommy Robinson’s reach (there’s probably a large degree of overlap in their fanbases, and a high percentage of those people are Americans), the fact is that Britain now has enough homegrown talent that it can form its own scene within the greater Dissident Right landscape.

This is bad news for Tommy. One of the strongest arguments for supporting Tommy Robinson was that while he was deeply flawed (to put it mildly), he was simply all the UK had. There wasn’t much Dissident Right presence after National Action got shut down. Tommy was it. It was either Tommy, or total globohomo. Take your pick. But now there is a growing ethnonationalist community giving the British people another option. Tommy is looking less like the only game in town.

The first shot of Meme War 2: European Vacation was fired by Team Tommy into its own foot. For a long time, Tommy Robinson has been hyping up and soliciting funds for a documentary called The Rape of Britain that was alleged to be an explosive, four-hour deep dive into the Muslim grooming gangs and the mass rape of English girls. But when Tommy Robinson at last announced his latest documentary, it was not The Rape of Britain but was in fact called Shalom, a documentary about some old Jewish guy who had to flee Britain for Israel because Muslim immigrants were bringing in too much anti-Semitism, essentially portraying Jews as the main victims of Muslim immigration. This was a deep betrayal of his overwhelmingly white gentile fans who, unlike Shalom’s protagonist, have no such escape hatch. The old safe havens of America, Canada, and Australia are arguably in worse shape. Britain is the hill they have to die on.

Most of Tommy’s fans probably don’t know much about Zionism other than that it has something to do with Jews. They have, though, probably heard their hero called a Zionist shill or a Jewish shill before, and maybe they didn’t know exactly what that meant. But the Shalom curveball got a lot of Tommy’s fans asking questions.

Shazia Hobbs


In America, we like to joke about based black guys in Trump hats. But in the UK, it’s ex-Muslims: people who were raised Muslim but then saw the light and realized that the West is in fact the best, and then become anti-Islam activists. And just as the based black guy will do the bit about how “it’s not you white people, it’s really welfare and bad fathers holding us back,” the ex-Muslims do the routine about how “Islam is just as bad as you think it is and you are right to fear it.” It’s hope porn for Boomers. “If that one can figure it out, maybe the rest can, too!”

And, like based black guys in Trump hats, ex-Muslims are in high demand in civic nationalist movements desperate for a magic talisman which will give them +3 resistance to accusations of racism on a 1D20 saving throw. Half-Pakistani, half-Scottish Shazia Hobbs was one such ex-Muslim hired by Team Tommy, but then she got woke on the JQ and went rogue.


Hobbs grew up as the daughter of a mixed-race couple in Glasgow during the 1970s and ‘80s, when such things were still rare. She was raised Muslim and dealt with racial harassment from whites, but faced worse from her fellow Muslims. She left Islam after being subjected to abuse and became a staunch critic of the religion of peace. She has a written a novel inspired by her experience, and has done charity work with victims of Muslim grooming gangs.


Team Tommy hired Hobbs as a featured writer on TRNews, the official Tommy Robinson news site, writing articles critical of Islam from her own unique perspective. But her employers were aghast to learn that there was more to Shazia Hobbs than criticizing Islam. She wrote an article for TRNews about the Frankfurt School [23] in which she blamed Jews for Communism (explicitly saying “the Bolsheviks were a Jewish sect”), and detailed how Jews were behind the creation of hate speech laws.

She wrote another spicy one called “Hypocrisy [24]” about allegedly Right-wing and anti-PC people who complain about the Left calling every little thing “racist,” but who throw around the term “anti-Semitic” just as casually:

There are those who cry at being called Islamophobe yet think nothing of calling others anti-Semitic. These people sometimes threaten to sue for libel if called ‘racist’, while accusing others of being anti-Semitic often merely because they choose not to stand with Israel on every issue.

Most of the people on the right applaud and cheer when I speak the truth about Islam and the many harmful practices that occur in the Muslim communities. Yet many of these very same people are shocked and disgusted if I mention the Jews or Judaism in anything other than positive terms.

When TR News refused to publish one of Hobbs’ j-woke articles, she published it elsewhere. That was the last straw. Team Tommy cut ties with Shazia Hobbs and deleted all her previous articles. It was the whole damnatio memoriae treatment, like she had never existed. When fans were unconvinced that what she said was really that bad, Team Tommy was able to dig through her social media history to uncover some saucy j-woke humor. One time she referred to the British legal system as the “Jewdiciary.” She had also retweeted a tweet by j-woke musical satirist Alison Chabloz [25], which made reference to Tommy’s “Zionist handlers.” It’s not what Shazia Hobbs said that got her in trouble, but what she knew – which was entirely too much.



And it was revealed on a recent livestream [28] that Shazia Hobbs had reached out to Robinson’s nemesis Mark Collett some months ago through a mutual acquaintance, and the two became fast friends. The natural suspicion from Team Tommy is that Collett had brainwashed poor Shazia and led her astray. But she would not be the last member of Team Tommy to jump ship.


Dionne Miller


Ex-police officer Dionne Miller, known online as Secret Sources [31], reminds me a bit of the aforementioned Alison Chabloz. A mild-mannered, middle-aged woman from the Midlands, she is a tad eccentric, but otherwise is your average everyday white woman. She’s not the kind of person you would expect to be super-woke on Jews – but boy, is she. And she’s really, really into Holocaust revisionism [32], too. She ran a modest YouTube channel of just a few thousand followers. She was recently invited to give a speech [33] at Tommy’s July 4 event at the Old Bailey before he went into prison. Controversy then erupted after her extremely j-woke YouTube videos came to light (her YouTube channel has since been banned; subscribe to her new channel here [34]).



But before Team Tommy could cut ties with her, Miller disavowed Tommy’s movement [36]after a two-hour conversation with one of Tommy’s close friends. No sooner had she done that then she immediately made a video plea [37] to Tommy’s rival Mark Collett:

Hello. This video is a direct plea to Mark Collett. Mark, I hope you get to watch this because I need your help . . . This journey of mine has brought me to one conclusion: that you are one hundred percent correct.

She then talks about Jewish control of the media, and says that the British government is owned by Saudi money and that the US is controlled by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “It seems we are back in the age-old battle of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam,” she says. Watch the whole video. It’s pretty emotional.

Despite everything, however, Miller is still a defender of Tommy the Man. Even if she does think his movement has been hijacked by Zionist Jews, she believes Tommy the Man is a sincere and decent guy (he did give Miller her big break), and is confident that Tommy would not be allowing his handlers to run rampant as they are at the moment.


This gets us into the “Tommy is secretly based” theory.

Unlike Shazia Hobbs, who got red-pilled after being hired by Tommy Inc., Dionne Miller insists that she has been calling out the Jews for years, and has the videos to prove it. Additionally, she has a video message from Tommy Robinson saying that he and his mother watched and enjoyed Dionne Miller’s videos, and he would be happy to have her speak at his event. On July 4, Tommy again mentioned onstage while introducing Miller that he had watched many of her videos.

Mind you, Dionne Miller’s videos are all about Jews. So if Tommy is telling the truth, that means Tommy watches and enjoys Judeo-critical content. The alternative is that Tommy is lying, and that he had never seen her videos, but said so either to be polite or to lay on some flattery. And yet I find it hard to believe that Tommy would book a speaker for such an important event sight unseen. And it would be hard for him not to notice all the Jew stuff from even a cursory glance at her productions. So perhaps Tommy is either “down low” j-woke, or he is at least tolerant enough of such views that he doesn’t consider it a deal-breaker.

Look, I ain’t shilling for Tommy, but this is part of the story.

Lucy Brown


Before /pol/: Lucy Brown hanging out with Tommy Robsinson.


After /pol/: Lucy Brown (far right) hanging out with Based British (second from left), Mark Collett (center), and Millennial Woes (third from right).

Before Shazia Hobbs and Dionne Miller, there was Lucy Brown. Until as recently as 2016, Brown was largely apolitical. She briefly dabbled in liberal activism, but never quite felt at home among liberals. She then got involved with Tommy Robinson’s movement, became part of Tommy’s inner circle, and then rose to prominence when she was hired by Ezra Levant as a British correspondent for Rebel Media. But like all great Rebel Media e-thots, she was eventually fired, and then started hanging out with ethnonationalists.

By the time she was ousted from Tommyland, Lucy Brown was already growing disillusioned after viewing the shadiest of shady underbellies of the Alt Lite (she was roommates with Alt Lite conmen Caolan Robertson and George Llewlyn-John). She had started to have doubts about the purpose, optics, and usefulness of the #FreeTommy public demonstrations, and was thrown under the bus by Tommy shortly after going solo.

Still, Lucy Brown managed to carve out a niche as an independent journalist. She is Anne-Marie Waters’ first choice interviewer, and while she does not identify as a White Nationalist herself, she is on friendly terms with people on the British Dissident Right. She’s appeared on Millennial Woes and Mark Collett [41]‘s livestreams, which is enough to cause scandal by itself.


But she did a recent stream with Morgoth’s Review [43] which was so explosive it demanded a response from Team Tommy. Morgoth, himself a strident Tommy critic, thought it would be fun to get together with Lucy Brown, who has her own axe to grind with Team Tommy, and did a schadenfreude livestream about the ongoing controversies rocking the Tommy movement. Lucy provided some pretty damning gossip:

I know there’s a lot of cocaine going on behind the scenes. And I just think that’s thousands of pounds of potentially the money that people are giving you, because they’re living in areas that have been so affected by mass immigration and that anyone talking about it they see as a hero, and then you’re going to just go and waste all of that up your nose.

And as for Tommy’s followers getting red-pilled? “A lot of Tommy supporters are now starting to question why we have to all be pro-Israel.”

If you’re a Tommy-hater, this is the stream for you.


Brown has since gone into hiatus. She got the expected response from Team Tommy, but also took some flak from White Nationalists for not being one.

Lucy is still digesting a lot of the red pills. She “gets it” to some degree, but she’s still in what I like to call the “surely there must be another way!” phase. You know what I’m talking about: Those few weeks, to months, maybe years after you’ve first taken the red pill, and you think, “Okay, so maybe there is something to that whole race and IQ thing, and there sure do seem to be an awful lot of bad Jews out there. And yes, the anti-whiteness has gotten completely out of hand, and I’ll admit the demographics are kind of scary. But that doesn’t mean we all have to become Nazis, does it? That seems a tad extreme. I’ll admit things are bad, but Nazis? Surely there must be another way!” But then, a few months later, you’re saying, “It looks like the fate of mankind depends on every white person becoming a Nazi, or else we all end up slaves to Jewish bankers.”

Lucy is still in that in-between phase. She’ll get there. Letting go of old illusions is hard, but they are also hard to carry for long distances. But in the meanwhile, Lucy felt she was getting attacked on all sides, caught in the crossfire of an Internet civil war, and has withdrawn – the first casualty of Meme War II: European Vacation.

At this point, we have to wonder: Where are all the based American women? Germany produced Ursala Haverbeck and RageAfterStorm. Canada produced Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern. And Britain has produced all the red-pilled women in this article. America only has Ann Coulter, and she’s an honorary man. What is it about American culture that we produce so few based women compared to the rest of the white, or even Anglophone, world? Feel free to speculate in the comments.

You might think that this story is a refutation of the “white sharia” crowd, as the e-thots really came through this time. It’s women who are getting red-pilled and causing all this trouble for Tommy. They started something that could possibly culminate in the collapse of Tommy’s movement – something that even Hope Not Hate, the antifa, the mainstream media, large portions of the Dissident Right, and the British government couldn’t do. But of course the white sharia people could counter that this story actually proves the subversive nature of women. Virgin Civnat Tommy trusted these women with his movement, only to see them betray him for Chad ethnonationalists. If Tommy hadn’t let these women into his movement in the first place, he wouldn’t be having these embarrassing controversies. He’d still be running a thriving grift machine instead of a movement in crisis. It was the women who were his downfall. That’s how the game works. One day, your e-thot is telling you how based you are; the next day, she cucks you for someone even more based. Thus, if we let women in our movement, they may likewise one day eventually sell us all out to wignats.

The Elephant in the Room


But the fact that Tommy’s defectors are women presents a problem for Team Tommy, because they are so far removed from the “Nazi” stereotype. The fact that they are women is unusual in itself, but Shazia Hobbs is half-Pakistani, Dionne Miller is a middle-aged ex-cop, and Lucy Brown . . . well, Lucy used to be a Rebel Media e-thot, so her character arc was totally predictable, but the other two are playing against type. So the standard playbook (skinheads, mom’s basement, small penis, etc.) isn’t going to work on them.

There is also a degree of risk when it comes to “beating up a girl,” even a Nazi one. It can be bad optics if you go too hard. Some men’s protective instincts kick in, and before you know it, you end up looking like the bad guy. There is a significant subset of the population that would consider punching Richard Spencer acceptable, but would consider punching Evalion [46] totally indefensible because she’s a girl.

So when it came time for Team Tommy to respond to the above controversies, they needed a man to be the primary target; someone they could beat up on and meme into a Hollywood Nazi stereotype. You’d have a hard time doing that with Shazia Hobbs, with her dark complexion and chirpy Northern accent. Dionne Miller looks like your elementary school teacher. But Collett has been in the public eye since he was a young edgelord. Collett lets them stick to the standard playbook.

The majority of “Elephant in the Room [47],” aka “How to Burn a Real Nazi,” comes from the BAFTA-winning [48] documentary about Mark Collett called Young, Nazi, and Proud [49] made in 2002, when Collett was 22 and just beginning his BNP career. In it, the Jewish journalist lied about his ethnicity to gain Collett’s trust, and recorded conversations with Collett that Mark thought were private, including positive things about Nazi Germany. The first half of the hit piece is just clips of this documentary interspersed with some commentary.

The narrator of “Elephant in the Room” has this slow, working-class, cockneyish, “hard man”-sounding voice. Not quiteThe Long Good Friday [50].” I mean, it’s kind of that vibe, but a little more understated. Knowing that Tommy Inc. is being widely accused of being Jewish shills, they got the most goyish and British-sounding guy they could get to narrate their Zionist propaganda. They were kind enough to print the words on the screen for Tommy’s elderly supporters, who are hard of hearing but still competent enough to work a computer.


“Tommy is his own man” is a new thing that Tommy’s handlers are trying to force into a meme. Tommy handler Brian of London repeated it again in his response to this video [52]. According to Brian, the reason why Tommy’s tenure at Rebel didn’t work out is because Tommy couldn’t handle having a boss. He’s too much his own guy, too much of a rebel to have a bunch of suits breathing down his neck. That’s just how much his own guy Tommy is.

Much of this video looks like it was directed at his old Boomer audience. The video mentions some mean things Collett has said about Winston Churchill, and stresses that, by contrast, Tommy Robinson is Churchill’s number one fan. The implication here is that Tommy is the true British patriot who admires great British heroes, while Collett admires foreigners like mean ol’ Hitler.

In addressing Dionne Miller, the documentary stresses that six million Jews most definitely died, and emphasized that the claim was – and I quote – “not bullshit.”


The video ends with a clip of an interview Tommy Robinson did with Sargon of Akkad, where he talks at length about his dislike of White Nationalists, as well as all the based minority friends he knows and loves. Team Tommy goes all in on the blue pills. It’s pretty terrible. Don’t watch it. Instead, watch Mister Metokur’s stream about it [54] with commentary – or, if you’re in a hurry and just want the gist, @jengasamurai on Twitter did a good point-by-point rebuttal [55].

They also conveniently turned off the comments and the share ratio. However, some of the original comments were screenshotted before they were turned off:





As I said, much of it appears to be directed towards his older audience, and they may know full well it will lose them young supporters. But the older fans have all the money. So if an ethnonationalist wave is breaking out, the first thing they’ll try to do is to attempt to inoculate their older fans against Britain’s most prominent ethnonationalists, and play up classic British memes about Churchill and the whole “our grandparents beat the Nazis and ended the Holocaust” thing.



Perhaps Tommy’s Jewish handlers know that they are fighting a lost cause; that, like in America, the British youth will eventually grow tired of the civic nationalism and look for something more authentic – which always ends up being ethnonationalism. Maybe they are just playing for time and trying to collect as many shekels as they can, while they can. If it was a movement concerned about its own future and that of the country, its youth would be the people they would most want to win over. Instead, they put out this blue-pilled video with History Channel-tier narratives, which young people who dabble in dark corners of the Internet are more cynical about.

This debacle has a lot of players in it, and there have been claims and counter-claims everywhere, drama happening over multiple livestreams, and shots being fired on Twitter. I’m sure there are entire subplots I missed. But one person who has been following it closely and commenting on it extensively is Nick Lawrie. Nick Lawrie [62] was a normie civnat Tommy Robinson supporter, but began his red-pill journey a year ago after discovering Millennial Woes’ videos. He is now sympathetic to the Dissident Right [63]. Like Dionne Miller, Nick Lawrie still thinks well of Tommy the Man, but believes his movement has become rotten to the core: “The ethnonationalists just seem to have more integrity.” Lawrie’s channel is interesting to watch as a document of a normal, working-class British guy red-pilling in real time. He has videos on every aspect of the recent Tommy controversies from a working-class perspective. Subscribe to him.

It would seem suicidal for Team Tommy to start an Internet war with the Dissident Right. It is here that having a large percentage of American fans gives Collett and his colleagues a big advantage over Team Tommy, because they can draw on some of the best trolls in the Anglosphere – seasoned meme warriors who eat Zionists and civnats for breakfast and can dominate the comments sections and amplify the response from our guys. Tommy’s audience of Boomers and pensioners, half of whom never learned how to program a VCR, are not going to be of much use in such a war.

Team Tommy’s biggest asset was always Tommy himself and his singular, snaky charisma. His handlers have all of Tommy Robinson’s vices, but none of his charm. Say what you like about Tommy, but he is a smooth operator. You don’t get to be as big as Tommy is without a high degree of talent for something. But now that Tommy the Man is in jail, and without Tommy’s salesmanship to put lipstick on the pig, Tommyism the Ideology is being exposed for what it is, and Tommy the Movement looks destined to go the way of the YouTube skeptic.