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Only White Identity Can Save Western Civilization

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Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 in order to expand our efforts to build a metapolitical vanguard for White Nationalism. So far, we have received 93 donations totaling $19,942.92. We set our goals high because the task we have before us is formidable, but not impossible. Right now, we are on track, but we need your help to keep the momentum so that we reach the finish line!


If there is any hope for Western civilization, it can only spring from white identity. White identity is the best – and really, the only – antidote to the Left and its globalist, anti-white program. Simply put, white identity amounts to fighting fire with fire. The Left, led disproportionately by liberal diaspora Jews, learned long ago that the best way to defeat the Right was through a conglomerated non-white identity. In Europe and America, Jews have been a necessary component of the multiracial coalition which has been threatening the white majorities since the 1960s. The recent congressional condemnations of both anti-Semitism [2] and White Nationalism [3] attest to how complete the Left’s victory has been, and how Jewish the Left is by nature.

Over the years, the Right has employed several strategies to resist this leftward lurch of history, but has accomplished little more than buying time. Fundamentalist Christianity was one movement that stalled the Left’s agenda, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, with the rise of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority and similar movements. Such efforts may have helped to elect Ronald Reagan and led to an ostensible renaissance of conservatism in America. But they didn’t stop the leftward slide of Christianity itself, nor did they stop non-white immigrants from coming to the West, where they naturally became the Left’s foot soldiers. The same could be said for the pro-gun and anti-abortion movements: They focus on short-term gains (or at least preserving a tolerable status quo) and ignore how long-term demographic changes will necessarily transform the West for the worse.

At the time, Bill Buckley and the intellectual arm of mainstream conservatism weren’t any better. Abjuring white racial consciousness while tacitly allowing neoconservative Jews like Norman Podheretz and Irving Kristol to act on theirs [4] may have had some benefits in the Cold War, but it didn’t convince Jews en masse to vote Republican. It also didn’t keep the neocons from abandoning the pro-immigration platform of the Left. To make matter worse, it was the neocons (along with Buckley himself) who purged [5] the Right of some of its staunchest (and, not coincidentally, most race-realist) defenders in the Birchers, and later, the paleoconservatives. Such short-sighted tactics are why the National Review is now the publication of ineffectual cuckservatives such as David French and Jonah Goldberg, and in many cases works against [6] the conservative principles upon which it was founded.

While Trumpian civic nationalism is a step up from all of this, it still falls short of what the Right needs for ultimate victory. Yes, President Trump’s honesty about Mexican and Muslim immigration is a welcome change. Yes, America First is a good idea. Yes, even threatening to use Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport illegal immigrants is preferable to what the Democrats or Republicans have to offer. Further, one cannot deny Trump’s great work on the economy. But his idea of bringing in qualified or talented non-whites [7], his constant waffling [8], and his overall inaction [9] in building the Wall and carrying out other anti-immigration measures limits his approach. The Left could just wait Trump and his successors out until the day when non-whites gain control of the body politic by sheer numbers. That day is coming, and the civnats can do little to stop it.

The reason why all these efforts fail is because they have no defense against non-white identity. Non-whites dishonestly presume the equality of races, and can therefore use the race card as a political equalizer where whites, as a host population, cannot. Further, non-whites these days have racial solidarity that whites could only dream of having. As Edward Dutton has pointed out [10], in multiracial settings, the group with the highest sense of ethnonationalism always dominates. While whites enjoy a supermajority, they can endure or mitigate this domination fairly comfortably. Once this supermajority disappears, however, whites will find themselves dominated in the West by non-whites for the first time in centuries. This will be a disaster for them. Either they will subscribe to the Left’s genocidal agenda by submitting to it, or they will be forced to fight – either option being, of course, fraught with violence and danger.

Only white identity inoculates one against Leftist rot. Only white identity offers a program that will permanently resist Leftist progress. Only white identity offers a peaceful solution to our current troubles. Only white identity can save Western civilization. The Left – that is, the racial, globalist Left –  cannot survive in an environment of strong white identity, either of the racial, ethnic, or nationalistic varieties. Its purveyors will be rejected because they are Jews, or because they are shilling for a Jewish agenda. Further, its non-white beneficiaries will be rejected because they are non-whites who are acting according to a non-white agenda. Will some good Jews or non-whites be lost in the shuffle? Undoubtedly. But preserving white people and white civilization is a plus that will outweigh whatever minuses a racialized white population will accrue.

Where Trumpism puts America first in America, white identity puts white people first in white homelands. This is how it should be. Anything less will ultimately result in warfare or extinction for whites.

This is why all whites must inculcate and act on their white identity today. If we wish to project ourselves and our civilization into the future, we will have to do this sooner or later. Better sooner than later, given the brutal and uncivilized nature of the people who will soon dominate us if we don’t. This is also why we need to support those thinkers, leaders, and activists who are currently serving white interests. These people are our vanguard. They are our eyes and ears; our spokesmen. They are also the most vulnerable among us. In a sense, they are deflecting onto themselves some of the danger that whites will face in the future. For this, they deserve our unmitigated support.

This is where Counter-Currents and similar pro-white publishing and media outlets come in. Counter-Currents sees the future clearly, and is taking pains to alter current metapolitics in order to peacefully transition back to normatively white societies in the West. As I have said before, there can be no nobler goal [11].

Supporting Counter-Currents now may hurt financially, but that’s nothing compared to the hurt we will feel by not supporting it. Ultimately, it’s about life and death. Our race is a race worth protecting, and our civilization is a civilization worth preserving indefinitely.

Please give today and help us see it through.

Spencer J. Quinn is a frequent contributor to Counter-Currents and the author of the novel White Like You [12].


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