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The Story of ChuckE2009

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Who is ChuckE2009? Just a humble welder. A working class man. Father Antonio Vieira would describe him as “the salt of the earth.” A normal white man like millions out there, working a skilled job, unassuming and dutiful. What distinguishes him however is that he runs one of the biggest YouTube channels about welding [2], with 556,000 subscribers.

I am employed in a similar occupation as ChuckE, but in many ways I am also the opposite of ChuckE. I am also employed as a tradesman, but I am a university student, from a privileged family, who decided out of ideological reasons to start working with his hands. ChuckE did not go to university and was not interested in it. Instead, he is self-taught. He was red-pilled before I ever was: by his own claim, he was red-pilled in 2014. But he kept it a secret until the day I am writing this, May 10, 2019. I didn’t even start this journey until 2015, and at that time I was merely having doubts and questions. I am the indoctrinated, born to privilege white man who is ignorant of his people’s plight and who needed to actively deprogram himself from leftist thinking and parasitic pretenses to labor in order to become a normal right-wing, working-class man. ChuckE was born as the honest working class man with an IQ above his station, but who uses his talents productively in other venues than his job.

This might all sound a bit socialist, but I am really no socialist. I studied economics, I know why socialism cannot work. And more than that, I think socialism keeps bad genes alive when they should be allowed to die off. But I also admire, and have by choice joined, the working class. Because I believe all non-direct labor that neither creates nor builds is parasitic. Management, office work, data entry is all predicated and parasitic upon true productivity. Even our financial system, from stocks to the monetary system is all reliant upon and a derivative off the productivity of the labor of a worker. That does not mean it is superfluous, however. All complex systems require management and administration. But do realize that the labor of the working man is the building block of the entire system. Without him, there is nothing. No quarterly profits to base your short on. No commodities to purchase futures on. The fact that our modern world has a hierarchical view that puts the office worker above the workman (even though the skilled workman earns easily double to triple that of an office worker) is a historical relic that does not match reality.

Anyway, back to ChuckE. He decided to reveal himself recently, by reading Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto as an audiobook, with some commentary. In a video he posted the day after, he explained he had decided to drop the mask and had started dropping small red pills 2 months earlier. Because, in his own words, “there comes a point that a man must realize there are more important things to fight for, and not just be occupied by purely material concerns.” His main obstacle to going all out was his job. A concern I am familiar with, and have heard from many people as their main obstruction to becoming a more active voice in this movement.

ChuckE2009 decided to drop all pretense and come out as an ethno-nationalist shortly after the Tarrant reading. His main reasoning being that the video was spread on 4chan, so journalists would definitely pick up on it sooner or later. And he did not come out as an ideologically vague ethno-nationalist either. He knew all the demographic talking points, the criticism of degeneracy. He even named certain groups that I can’t name. He went on a hard ethno-nationalist rant for his 556,000 mostly white male subscribers.

ChuckE is an example of how most any white person can be woken up to ethno-nationalism and identitarianism. In my job, which even despite the demographics is 90% white Dutch, every man I work with hates foreigners. They dislike their work ethic, their ways. They know not to say it when the boss is around but they will have outbursts on the work floor sometimes. “I wish they would throw all these foreigners out!” I have heard men shout when they felt free to express themselves. It is only because they feel disprivileged and impotent that they shut their mouths. And they have an understanding of respectability. These men may be coarse, but don’t be mistaken, they have money (a skilled trade will earn you an easy €4000 per month, taxes paid) and they are reliably socially conservative. In daily talk, homosexuals and foreigners do not earn much praise.

ChuckE is proof that such men can wake up to identitarian self-interest when prompted. Or even when they are somewhat smart and do the research themselves. Quite easily even. And that is what I find so very encouraging about this. So that is the story of how one of the largest welding channels (almost three times the size of the biggest ethno-nationalist channel, Red Ice) joined our side. As he has said, “I didn’t ask for any of this. I wanted to be a dairy farmer.”

For the rest, see ChuckE in his own words [3].