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NEETs, Work, Women & Marriage

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When it comes to the subject of NEETs (people ‘Not in Education, Employment, or Training’), it seems to me that the YouTuber Godwinson was correct. He made the argument that all people had periods of being a NEET: when a child we had Summer holidays where we had no routine, in between jobs when we are looking for the next job we lose routine structure, we all have these periods of being a NEET, and this time with no routine and work can actually be useful for us. We stand back and collect our thoughts, start making plans and stop being a NEET. His main argument was that the NEET lifestyle should only be a transitional period before making your position in the social world. It is a time and lifestyle which allows you to make a real step into the world as a worker, as a member of the social world, and also as a member of the hierarchy of your nation. In this sense, Godwinson is correct, he was also correct in his criticism of the NEET lifestyle: that to live like that exclusively is no life at all; it must always be a period to move on from, not a period to live in. Especially for young men who have yet to carve out their social status.

When it comes to young men, we will have periods of being a NEET just after school before our first job, or during our university and college work, when we have free time and free money from the state. The problem is that through this we lose routine and make ourselves the kind of person who won’t be a good member of a workforce. What male NEETs must do is force a routine upon themselves: force yourself to get up at the same time every day and make sure it is early. Exercise before breakfast or lunch or dinner/tea or before each. These two things alone will give you a routine and a hunger for action. Getting up early makes you realize how long the days actually are and how much time you have to do things, while exercising will help you pump yourself up, be healthy, have a healthy appetite and also to build the kind of body which can work without becoming exhausted. If you are the kind of NEET who spends all of his time reading and studying for personal fun, you need to exercise rather than wither away. By having a routine, no matter how simple, getting up early and exercising, you are setting yourself up as a responsible member of any workforce. It is also a good plan to have a very large breakfast which can keep you going all day, and also give you an excuse to exercise: for example if you have eggs, bacon, sausage and buttered toast, that will give you plenty of energy, and also plenty of reason to convert that fat into muscle.

Once you have a simple routine going for yourself, all of your spare time should now be spent on finding a job. This is where NEETs fail, and make up excuses. It doesn’t matter what job you get, just get one: Starbucks, McDonald’s, cleaning, anything: it doesn’t matter because your goal should not be work, but being a member of a workforce. While in this job, never be late, be willing to leave later than your shift calls for, let people rely on you, if a member of staff asks for help: do it. Speak little, don’t take part in small talk except in order to be friendly and open to your colleagues, never complain, and when you work with someone who is annoying or doing a bad job show them how to be and do better, and make a comment when their work improves: sincerely congratulate them with a statement like ‘That’s why I like working with you’ or ‘That is why we all are happy when you are here’. When you identify someone as better than you at your job, respect them, listen to them, and ask them what you could do in order to be better and more like them. Last but not least of all: apologise when you make a mistake, and show you won’t repeat it by asking how to do it correctly next time. Take all advice and criticism as a showing of wanting you to be better and around – your work colleagues want you around and want you to do a good job so you can stay around – this makes everyone’s job easier, and even enjoyable.

All of this will make you the kind of person that your boss and co-workers will call when they need someone to come in, you will be relied upon and trusted, you will get more hours than the useless emergency people, and the other members of the workforce will respect you: working is not about the income or material gain, it is about carving out a social position for yourself. For men this is essential, and gives us a sense of worth and self-respect which empowers us to do more, and to actually go out there, make mistakes, correct them, and make something of ourselves. The ultimate goal here is to make yourself into the kind of man who can start building a family, who can supply it with an income, and also to become a role model of the hardworking man who takes responsibility, and comes home to his family. There is a joy in work, and it is often because you have a family behind you, supporting you as you support them.

When it comes to the subject of NEETs, the topic of women seems to get ignored quite a lot, which makes sense since most of the NEET talk is about young men who just stay at home playing video games. What is ignored is that the NEET lifestyle in a woman is an indicator that she is waiting (whether consciously or not) to give meaning to her life. If a woman is a NEET, she will stay at home, usually keep the place tidy, indulging in hobbies like reading, knitting, and baking. Does any of this sound familiar? Like a mother, perhaps? That is exactly what the NEET lifestyle in a woman is: an empty version of motherhood. These women already know naturally that the working life is not for them, they spend most of their time keeping their home clean and tidy, and the rest of the times they spend on hobbies. This makes them perfect for starting a family with. All a young man with his first job needs to do is make a declaration of loyalty to this woman: be honest and open with her: you want to start a family, you have your first job where you are trusted and respected, and you have disposable income which you could spend on starting a family. That way, a woman can see exactly what she wants: a man who is willing to do work, will be loyal to her, and supply her with everything she needed as a NEET, but also everything she needs as a woman: a family, a reliable husband and a household.

The reason she is a NEET is because she is happier at home, but there is something missing. She knows she needs and wants something, which is why she is at home and waiting. So, not only do young male NEETs need to go out in the world, they also need to contact a female NEET and enrich her life with meaning so she can transcend her NEEThood, and transform it into what it was meant to be in the first place: motherhood.

You show how serious you are when you make it clear that you want to marry and have children, because when an individual works for the family he transcends the individual. You are now working towards a metaphysical end; you will bring forth life and make it real in the world: through this both the male and female fail to be mere individuals. By showing a woman that you trust her, that you will unite with her, bring forth life with her, and that you trust her to be loyal to your household, family and children, you enrich her life into the one she always wanted. This will make her look back on her NEET life as empty, and she will understand that she wanted this all along, although she didn’t know it. The same can be said of the male NEET lifestyle, we work away at our own hobbies and want to be a certain type of man, but we do not know why: because we want to be a father and husband, and that demands respect and strength in the social world, in the personal world, and in the household.

So, unwittingly, the NEET female is the perfect type of female to transform into a mother, because she is already on her way there. All you need to do is be loyal to her and show her you are serious, that your words match your actions, and that you trust her to become the mother of your family. You show loyalty through hard work, by marrying her and by building a household and family with her: it is your family, her’s and your’s. This shows a deep level of love and trust, and a woman who used to be a NEET will not betray you, she will be happy that her lifestyle finally has a deep meaning to it, it finally makes her happy on a level that she has wanted for as long as she can remember.

So, young men of the NEEThood, do not rise up and make a man out of yourself just to throw yourself at the first woman who gives you attention, find a woman who already shows signs of being a mother. A NEET girl is a traditional woman trapped in the modern times, go and marry her. Take her out of her atomized existence and bring forth life in your family. That tradition is dying to come back in the biology of every NEET female. Find yourself a NEET girl and go and make her into the mother she can be, and in the process become the father and man who was respected within your nation as you built it.