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A Triumphant Conference

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Everyone felt it. The 2019 American Renaissance Conference had a palpable sense of forward movement. The 2018 conference took place at a time when the movement needed (and got) a success. This year, the mood was optimistic, energetic, and eager. The movement—more mature, disciplined, and serious than ever—is unquestionably on the march.

The usual gaggle of protesters showed up, tightly controlled by Tennessee law enforcement, though in another example of anarcho-tyranny, several covered their faces in defiance of the law. “Hey Nazis, remember Stalingrad?” read one sign. Clearly, they don’t remember the gulags, Pol Pot, and mass starvation. Demonstrators tried to harass conferees driving into the park—four were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and assault—but they were held at a distance from the conference and were even more irrelevant than usual. (Extended raw footage of demonstrators and police, including mounted officers, can be seen here. There is an interesting arrest sequence about 14 minutes from the end.)

Patrick Casey, leader of the American Identity Movement, was the first speaker, and warned of the “specter” of Woke Capital. Powerful financial institutions support Left-wing causes, particularly mass immigration. The mainstream conservative movement has been slow to recognize that “capital is not a friend to America.” Meanwhile, the Left has redefined “oppression” in racial and cultural rather than economic terms, essentially justifying collaboration with big business. Big Tech, banks, and media conglomerates coddle socialists as they persecute identitarians. Mr. Casey argued that capital is actively driving Leftist trends, mostly out of “sinister and cynical” self-interest. He argued for activism and education to overcome the “false consciousness” promoted by a corrupt, globalist ruling class, and ended with a fiery call for a new elite.

Pat Casey

Well-known novelist and cultural commentator John Derbyshire explained his concept of an “Arctic Alliance” between Asians and whites. He said these groups have in common a high mean IQ and low fertility rates, which could lead to a common strategy against the “demographic” and “dysgenic” threat posed by mass immigration. Mr. Derbyshire raised and then refuted several objections to his plan. These ranged from questions of terminology and feasibility to larger issues about whether Asians will follow whites down the path of self-hatred. He wondered whether ethnomasochism is unique to whites or is “the inevitable result of post-industrial society.” He argued that the purpose of groups like American Renaissance is to resist dispossession and to build a defensive strategy of “Arctic peoples” that can ensure the survival of civilization.

John Derbyshire

Jean-Yves Le Gallou, one of the founders of the influential European New Right organization GRECE, former member of the European Parliament, and founder of ILIADE, described the origins of the European people and the geopolitical divisions in Europe today. He noted that all Europeans derive from common ancestors 5,000 years ago, and that Europe’s population remained essentially unchanged until the middle of the last century.

Jean-Yves Le Gallou

Mr. Le Gallou divided Europe into the three areas: Invaded Europe, Threatened Europe, and Resisting Europe. Nations in the first category are quickly becoming majority non-European, and he traced the “Great Replacement” to postwar guilt and the ideology of “human rights,” which leads to the absurd doctrine that “every person is supposed to be replaceable.” He concluded with Dominque Venner’s prophecy that the current struggle is an opportunity for Europeans to be “reborn and find themselves again.” He finished with a deeply inspiring European identity video produced by ILIADE.

Jared Taylor’s short answer to “why we are winning” was “because we’re right and our opponents are wrong.” His longer answer included the fact that most Americans no longer trust the mainstream media or the federal government, both of which oppose our racial interests. The message that “we have the right to be us and only we can be us” is spreading, despite obstacles such as deplatforming. Mr. Taylor noted that white advocates are the only group who challenge the ruling class, which scarcely notices even the most radical Communists or anarchists. Mr. Taylor noted that at least some academics are beginning to take white identity politics seriously and fairly, and are citing polls that show 30 to 40 percent of whites take their racial identity seriously.

Jared Taylor

Mr. Taylor described very encouraging political trends in Europe, where new, identitarian parties are springing up to represent rising racial consciousness. He also praised the high quality of the able, committed people now joining the movement, calling today’s young activists a deeply heartening sign for the future. Finally, he said that because the Left has “made everything racial,” whites, too, are forced to think in racial terms, which will encourage them to see that they must determine their own fate. He concluded with a declaration of faith that there will someday be a place on this continent “that is exclusively ours.”

John Morgan analyzed the rise of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, calling him a “beacon of hope” for defenders of Western Civilization. Mr. Morgan began by explaining the historical circumstances that created a Hungarian identity defined by defiance and resistance to outsiders. He noted that the governing Fidesz party moved from center-Right to populist-Right in response to the migration crisis, and now wins elections by opposing mass immigration, the European Union, and the George Soros empire. Mr. Morgan emphasized that Hungary proves mass immigration can be stopped. Mr. Orbán is also promoting natalist policies to ensure the continuity of the Hungarian people.

John Morgan

Hungary proves that resistance is possible, and that a small, East European country can have an outsized influence on the continent and the world, but Mr. Morgan argued that Hungary cannot fight alone indefinitely. The forthcoming European Parliamentary elections are critical, and ultimately nationalists must take power in other countries and govern as Mr. Orbán does.

Lana Lokteff of Red Ice began with a clown horn—but delivered a philosophically grounded speech that drew on Oswald Spengler, Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung. She noted that the popular meme of “Clown World” harks back to the archetypal European character of the fool, who can speak forbidden truths and embrace chaos rather than vainly trying to resist it. She argued that the West is at the end of an inevitable historical cycle, and that mockery is the best weapon for those who want to speed the end of this destructive phase. By mocking the present elite, white advocates can hasten the coming of a new order that is in harmony with human nature.

Lana Lokteff

The charismatic young activist James Allsup delivered an after-dinner address that was both inspiring and practical. He criticized President Trump’s betrayals on immigration, but also credited Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign with invigorating young activists who have become the backbone of white advocacy. Mr. Allsup condemned the neoliberal elite that is destroying America’s identity and quality of life by importing migrants. For this elite, migrants reduce wages and swell the ranks of consumers. In response, Mr. Allsup called for local, face-to-face community-building and support networks, saying that whites have the opportunity to construct a nation from within this crumbling empire and create a true “American Renaissance.”

James Allsup

Sam Dickson offered his usual valedictory address. He argued that many of our opponents are consciously lying, selectively applying the law, and falsely linking white advocates to violence. Our rulers aggressively prosecute the Rise Above Movement while they let antifa crimes go unpunished. Black Lives Matter has never been held accountable for the murders of police officers by activists linked to their movement, but white advocates are held collectively responsible for atrocities like the recent New Zealand shooting. Mr. Dickson argued it is instead the “crusade for equality” that is vastly more likely to lead to deaths, such as the Katyn massacre, the Cambodian killing fields, and the mass suicide/murders inspired by the egalitarian American pastor Jim Jones. Mr. Dickson encouraged the audience to have faith in the moral righteousness of our cause, to take pride in our identity, and to pursue excellence rather than equality.

Sam Dickson

The conference was yet another resounding success. Local television even covered it in a reasonably even-handed way.

We are deeply grateful to the staff of the Montgomery Bell State Park, the law enforcement officers who ensured public safety, and the attendees, all of whom conducted themselves with decorum and good cheer.

Our cause is advancing. If we take to heart the message of this weekend, our victory is inevitable. The truth is on our side.

We look forward to seeing you next year.

Mr. Hood is a staff writer for American Renaissance. He has been active in conservative groups in the US.

The above article was reprinted from American Renaissance.


  1. Bobby
    Posted May 20, 2019 at 4:33 pm | Permalink

    When it comes to politics, I’ve learned more from Gregory Hood, than from having read over 80 books on the subject in general. All I needed to say.

  2. Alexandra O
    Posted May 20, 2019 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

    There really seemed to be a lot of positive observations by this entire group of speakers, and it certainly gives hope that the tide is beginning to turn in our favor. Let’s hope so, and let’s keep it up. We certainly seem to be censored and banned in some media, so we have to watch our words but keep on posting and speaking. Thanks to our ‘leaders’, who spoke at this conference, for setting a higher bar. For my part, I have to say that Counter-Currents has been a great inspiration on this path as well. After being banned on FB a few times, I am more cautious, but I get my points across. I feel there is hope now.

  3. Bernie
    Posted May 20, 2019 at 6:35 pm | Permalink

    Glad to hear it was a great show. I’ve been to many AR conferences and look forward to attending the next one.

  4. Ambrose Kane
    Posted May 20, 2019 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    “John Derbyshire explained his concept of an “Arctic Alliance” between Asians and whites” – This doesn’t surprise me, especially when one considers that Derbyshire has an Asian wife and half-Asian children. I know he will deny that this has influenced him, but I find it hard to believe that his own act of miscegenation hasn’t motivated him in some sense to hope for an ‘Arctic Alliance’ between Asians and Whites.

    I find the notion of an ‘Arctic Alliance’ less than convincing. Although the Asians, generally, have some admirable qualities and traits, they are very much different than Whites. They are conniving and deeply committed to their own. Their ethical framework differs greatly from the western one, especially one that might be influenced by Christian values.

    Moreover, such an ‘Arctic Alliance’ will inevitably lead to greater miscegenation between Asians and Whites. How can it not when such an alliance and cooperation is encouraged as something good for us? This is probably last thing we should want or promote since our birthrates are already greatly dwindling.

    I don’t know if Derbyshire has an ‘Asian fetish’ as some have maintained. However, it’s become clear to me having listened to him on several occasions that he is far too pro-Asian for my tastes. At a time when our numbers are dwindling and when anti-White propaganda is spreading at fever pitch throughout the world, the last thing Whites should be encouraging is ‘alliances’ with Asians or any other racial group. We ought to be suspicious when such calls come from one who is himself married to an Asian and has produced half-Asian children.

    • James Dunphy
      Posted May 20, 2019 at 10:36 pm | Permalink

      Derb told his kids to associate with whites and Asians and to avoid blacks and Hispanics. In terms of everyday life in America, this is sensible advice, but it’s bad long-term. There’s nothing ideal about white Asian hybrids. We already have them, and they are nothing special. Most nations ending in “istan” have DNA that can be modeled as split nearly evenly between East Asian, South Asian (think India), white, and middle eastern. That sounds like a typical high caste American academic setting, but what have central Asians having this delux mixture done? Apart from occaisonally meddling with the affairs of Asian and white civilizations, very little.

    • Lord Shang
      Posted May 21, 2019 at 12:28 am | Permalink

      Agreed. Derbyshire is smart and principled, but at heart I think he is a eugenicist and/or “civilizationist”, rather than a White Preservationist. By “civilizationist”, I mean someone who cherishes and upholds the “civilized” values associated with public order maintenance, and personal discipline and restraint, and thus, when combined with biodiversity realism, will be wary of blacks (witness his famous and wise “The Talk”); not want to import Western freedom crushing, culturally hostile, and explosively violent Muslims, or corrupt and criminal and generally behaviorally lower class Latinos; but might also find attractive behaviorally acceptable and in some ways admirable East Asians. That these Asians are not OUR people doesn’t bother the civilized eugenicist, for whom behavior supersedes race.

      As an Occidentalist, I, too, am a eugenicist and a civilizationist, but I’m also a racialist because I want Western civilization to survive in its ethnocultural specificity, and believe its essence can be perpetuated only if persons of the same race and thus psychological type which created that civilization in the first place still exist. Thus I oppose any racial amalgamation, even with “superior” (really, “non-inferior”) East Asians.

      The White man is at his healthiest wholly on his own. 100% apartheidist sovereignty is indeed the goal.

    • Time Traveler
      Posted May 21, 2019 at 8:11 am | Permalink

      What John Derbyshire did by breeding with a non-white Chinese woman is no less excusable than a white man breeding with a black woman and then groping about for some reason to justify it. In the end, it comes down to a matter of degree for Derbyshire, but not principle. For if Derbyshire approached it as a matter of principle, then he would denounce whites breeding with non-whites no matter their race and no matter their IQ. For once you produce mixed-race children (as Derbyshire did) you have permanently ended your white lineage. In short, Derbyshire annihilated his English ancestors the moment his Chinese wife popped out that first baby.

      Now John Derbyshire’s trying to spread his moral acceptance of miscegenation at a conference allegedly to prevent the very act that he is guilty of. But the real disappointment here is that Jared Taylor keeps inviting this unabashed race-mixer to speak at his conferences and that so many whites keep paying for the “privilege” of hearing John Derbyshire “justify” the most heinous crime a white can commit. Kevin Alfred Strom potently addressed this very issue in one of his best articles. “Race-Mixing – Worse Than Murder”. Someone should email a copy to Jared Taylor, since he seems to have lost his way in this regard.

    • BroncoColorado
      Posted May 21, 2019 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

      We have little reason to fear the mythical “Arctic Alliance”, it won’t happen. The Middle Kingdom has everything to gain by following its millennial pattern of separateness combined with a barely disguised attitude of superiority. The Chinese leadership anticipate that patience and cunning could deliver them world mastery without a nuke fired. We are their number one competitors, they have no reason to align with the White race, even temporarily, and every reason to stealthily oppose and weaken us.

    • Claire Morgan
      Posted May 21, 2019 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

      Maybe I wasn’t listening carefully enough, but I don’t remember Mr. Derbyshire advocating misegination in his speech. I thought he was suggesting we re-prioritize our international allies.

      Wasn’t he saying we should work with high IQ countries against the influx of low IQ immigrants into our countries? Asian peoples tend to understand ethnocentrism anyway. For example, didn’t the Chinese TV in Toronto endorse Faith Goldy?

      • Lord Shang
        Posted May 23, 2019 at 4:42 am | Permalink

        I did not attend this event, so cannot speak to The Derb’s exact words. While I doubt Derb advocates miscegenation, how does he think Asians are going to help White nations stay White? As I mention above, Derb is a civilizationist as opposed to a racialist. Also, perhaps his “Arctic alliance” is concerned with truly global problems on which we could work together out of mutual self-interest, like pollution (Asians, esp Chinese, however, don’t care in the least), or containing global contagions.

        Ultimately, we must awaken our people, while simultaneously fighting to stop mass immigration, and working towards White ingathering and eventual ethnostatist secession. There is no other approach to save our race.

      • T. Hansen
        Posted May 23, 2019 at 7:03 am | Permalink

        Claire Morgan: “Maybe I wasn’t listening carefully enough, but I don’t remember Mr. Derbyshire advocating misegination in his speech.”

        By his very very actions John Derbyshire has advocated miscegenation, no less than a known liar advocates dishonesty. Ask yourself this: who is the stronger advocate of miscegenation – one who talks in favor of it but never engages in it, or one who simply commits the actual act? John Derbyshire’s actions speak louder than words, for he deliberately and consciously chose to engage in miscegenation with a Chinese woman and therefore is a de facto advocate it. That this even needs to be explained to whites who claim to be racially aware does not bode well for our survival.

    • Benjamin
      Posted May 23, 2019 at 7:25 am | Permalink

      I don’t know if an “Arctic Alliance” is feasible or desirable IRL.

      That said, it’s an interesting concept and I’m glad AmRen allowed him to give his speech.

      IIRC, they let Jack Donovan give a speech on masculinity a few years back, which also isn’t, strictly speaking, a WN only topic.

      It’s good to have some diversity instead of the continual monolithic talking points

  5. Stronza
    Posted May 21, 2019 at 12:10 am | Permalink

    Were there any other speakers not listed here?

    Lana Lokteff has been known to bash baby boomers. I suppose Jared Taylor, Tom Sunic, Kevin MacDonald, D. Duke and a few others who had the misfortune to be born in the 40s, 50s and first half of the 60s should head for the hills.

    • Happy Larry
      Posted May 21, 2019 at 11:17 am | Permalink

      In 2018, Nick Fuentes conducted an entire speech bashing Boomers. It was funny to witness the audience, almost entirely Boomers that year, all race up to the microphone to voice their indignation.

      • Stronza
        Posted May 21, 2019 at 2:06 pm | Permalink

        Thanks. I had never even heard of Fuentes so I looked him up. His talk was entitled, “Generation Z: The Answer to the Boomer Problem.”

        I have no intention of listening to his speech. Hearing by happenstance the beauteous Lana on a video a while back was enough for me. There’s various slices of the population you can blame things on – but year of birth? Maybe in 20 years things will be so bad that the hip generation of that era will tear a strip off her generation’s hide.

    • Lord Shang
      Posted May 23, 2019 at 4:28 am | Permalink

      Every generation since the 30s has been disastrous for America and the White race. But the hipster Millennials are the absolute worst. Look at their Obama voting rates.

      But it’s a stupid discussion. Most Whites today are racial losers (many are actual losers, too). We live in a culture of racial depravity. If Whites weren’t such fools and indoctrinable jerks, we would not be facing extinction, even granted our superior moral sense. Creatures maladapted to their ecological niches go extinct. Such is the only law of life.

      WNs must separate ourselves from racial progressives just as much as from nonwhites.

  6. Vance West
    Posted May 21, 2019 at 3:54 pm | Permalink

    American Renaissance 2019 was very enjoyable. Greg and a generous donor deserve thanks for distributing free copies of Manifesto to all attendees. I’ve finished it in two days – a great read!

  7. Donn
    Posted May 22, 2019 at 2:22 pm | Permalink

    I disagree with Jared Taylor’s statement that “We are winning.”

    His ability to have a successful conference, successful because he was able to have it at all in the face of leftist opposition in the “free world,” is irrelevant to the issue of winning or losing the US to third world invaders and the successful fight against WHITE rights. I know people try to be optimistic, but do we need to go this far to claim we’re “winning” when we have no political power and little protection of the law…except in Tennessee?

    • Vance West
      Posted May 23, 2019 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

      Donn, there are many reasons to be optimistic. Never before has there been a youth activist organization in the United States of the quality of Identity Europa and American Identity Movement. The conference and the movement overall is also younger and of a higher personnel quality than ever before. Causes like these take years, if not decades. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are gaining momentum and relevance.

      • Donn
        Posted May 24, 2019 at 11:18 am | Permalink

        Vance: Thank you for your thoughtful and courteous response. I agree we have reason to be optimistic and set an example for others, but I don’t agree that we’re winning when we have zero political power and almost no protection of the law. I agree that it’s going to be a long hard fight and I recognize the heroism and dedication of so many who have devoted lives to the fight, some since before we were born. I am not giving up, but we need to gain a lot more ground before we can proclaim that “we’re winning.”

        Thanks again.

  8. Paul R. Rattray
    Posted May 24, 2019 at 11:18 am | Permalink

    In the case for a White Nation, the word victory can only be celebrated when there is an actual White Nation founded upon natural order sovereignty. Pronouncements of victory before then are but fuzzy sentiments issuing from a race wallowing in the throes of extermination.

    Mr. Jared Taylor “concluded with a declaration of faith that there will someday be a place on this continent “that is exclusively ours.”” Such a place already exists and is known as the Ozark Plateau, where the average white population is in excess of 85% and, in many cases beyond 95-98%. I suggest y’all wake up and smell the coffee then get on the “white flight” bandwagon and relocate here as soon as possible.

    Unless there is a well planned concerted effort to design and implement the construction of a white ethnostate, no amount of polemics or political activism against the current burgeoning Global Totalitarian Socialist State will stave off the eventual extermination of the remaining 589 million whites on Earth. At the current rate of decimation, the white race has less than 500 years remaining!

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