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Guide to Kulchur, Episode 17
Game of Thrones Seen from the Right

The Return of Good & Evil to Westeros

[1]119 words / 16:38

In the latest Guide to Kulchur [2], Fróði Midjord and John Morgan discuss the current episode of Game of Thrones, which saw the long-awaited battle between the good guys (or, at least, the living ones) and the Army of the Dead. Although this episode, being mostly action, was relatively short on drama and intrigue, it did represent a continuing trend away from the moral ambiguity that was characteristic of the show in its early years, and a clearer good versus evil dichotomy has emerged. And also, a lot of people got killed. The episode is available on both YouTube and Spreaker (see below).

Listen to “Game of Thrones s8e3 seen from the Right – Guide to Kulchur, ep 17” on Spreaker. [3]