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Guide to Kulchur, Episode 15
The Return of Game of Thrones Seen from the Right

[1]93 words / 24:54

In this Guide to Kulchur [2], Fróði Midjord and John Morgan inaugurate a new series of programs in which they will will briefly discuss the episodes of the new (eighth) season of Game of Thrones as they are broadcast. In this installment, after discussing their impression of the series as a whole so far, they analyze the implications of the events of the first episode, particularly in light of the show’s increasing gravitation towards Social Justice Warrior themes and depictions over the years. The episode is available on both YouTube and Spreaker (see below).

Listen to “Game of Thrones s8e1, comments from the Right – Guide to Kulchur, ep 15” on Spreaker. [3]