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The Last Temptation of Owen Benjamin


Owen Benjamin

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On the Dissident Right, it can sometimes appear that we exist in a constant state of stalemate – that nothing is happening and that we are all just wasting our time. Progress and gains are being made, but slowly and imperceptibly – unless you know what to look for.

The blue-pilled are getting a tiny bit more purple every day. Things that were only discussed on the chans and message boards a few years ago are now out in the open. People know about the Great Replacement that is underway, so much so that our overlords now feel compelled to address it. For the time being, their position is still, “It’s all a conspiracy theory [2],” but we’ll be at, “Yes, and it’s a good thing” soon.

But progress is slow. Cultural change usually is. Our society didn’t become this decadent overnight, and it won’t be undone overnight. But we are making gains. The only problem is that it doesn’t always feel like that. At times, it may even seem we are moving backwards: people are getting deplatformed, people quit, others melt down, and Trump is turning to the Dark Side. At times, there just doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get our ideas from the underground out into the mainstream. The whole system is designed to keep that from happening.

Milo Yiannopolous was very close to making the leap from alt media darling to mainstream celebrity. After being one of the stars of the 2016 MAGA movement, Milo’s future looked bright. His appearance on Bill Maher was to be Milo’s first step on his way to mainstream celebrity status. But less than a week after that appearance, his career was in complete shambles over pedophilia accusations, and the rest is history. I’m not going to go into the specifics of the Milo controversy – we all know it. But the point is that our overlords tolerated Milo’s existence until he started flying a little too close to the Sun. The swiftness with which the establishment came down on Milo was startling, and the whole affair offered a clue about what would happen if one of /OurGuys/ started getting a little too famous. Mainstream? Hell, half our guys aren’t even allowed on Twitter.

“Buuuuuuuuuuut,” you might say, “what if someone who was already a famous mainstream figure and had a bazillion fans got red-pilled and just went full White Nationalist? They would (at least for a time) be able to bypass all the institutional obstacles arrayed against us and get the message out to the masses (at least for a time)! It could totally change the game!”

And so we watch the horizon, waiting impatiently for signs of such a person. “When’s Pewdiepie gonna come out as pro-white? He’s dropped all these hints already! When is Molyneux gonna go full JQ? When is Morrissey gonna quit music and go into politics? We could use him. Is Crowder Jewish? What’s his excuse? Yeah, and when is Alex Jones gonna tell us who those shapeshifting reptilians really are [3]?”

Essentially, people are looking for a sort of messiah: someone who is already established in the mainstream, or at least outside our circles, with an audience of normies so large and loyal that they are nigh impossible to completely silence. Too many people will want to hear what they have to say and will seek them out, no matter how much censorship is thrown at them. Someone that big. In other words, a Chosen One who, even if he did end up getting crucified (which he almost certainly would be), would be able to spread the Bad News about “life in the world to come” to a shitload of normies first and red-pill a certain percentage of them, enough to make an immediate and earth-shattering shift in the cultural landscape. Then all those newly red-pilled normies would take up the cross themselves and start evangelizing in honor of their fallen Savior.

The odd thing is that on the handful of occasions when a person somewhat fitting that description has come along and started fashing out, it’s been someone that no one expected –  and the Dissident Right has been slow to notice and react.


Half-Hungarian, Half-Iranian YouTuber JonTron

Back in 2017, Jonathan Aryan Jafari, aka JonTron [5], a YouTuber with a two-million-subscriber channel who had previously been best-known for his video game reviews, suddenly started saying some based stuff on Twitter [6] about immigration, and even went full race-realism. Judging from his talking points and terminology, it sounded to me like JonTron was a regular reader of VDare. Despite getting intense heat [7] from the media and even his own fans, JonTron stuck to his guns – at least at first. But he made the mistake of agreeing to a debate with the slippery Twitch streamer, Destiny.

JonTron performed competently in the debate [8] – admirably, for someone whose specialty is not politics – but he failed to shine, and was at times wobbly against Destiny, someone who fancies himself an expert in debating White Nationalists. Shortly after the debate, JonTron eased off and decided that he was going to stop talking about politics, and the matter has since faded into memory. (For more on the JonTron affair, check out Mister Metokur’s video [9] on it.)


YouTuber RageAfterStorm

Someone who turned to be a better messiah was RageAfterStorm. While Rage was nowhere near as famous as JonTron, her conversion to White Nationalism and subsequent online crucifixion had more far-reaching consequences. She triggered something that raged long after she had been bullied off the Internet, and altered our own fortunes immeasurably. RageAfterStorm was a cookie-cutter Sargon of Akkad-style YouTube Skeptic. She did your typical “safe edgy” videos about feminists, SJWs, and all the low-hanging fruit. But there were two things that set RageAfterStorm apart from most people in the YouTube Skeptic community.

First, RageAfterStorm was young, female, and attractive, which gave her an edge over most of the pillow-humping nerds of the YouTube Skeptic community, who were all putting out more or less the same content. Obviously, “same content plus a pretty face” is going to win out. Within a matter of months, Rage racked up an audience of seventy thousand subscribers, something it takes most Skeptics years to attain. Second, unlike most YouTube Skeptics, RageAfterStorm actually had a skeptical mind. She wasn’t just in it for the e-celeb status. She was not satisfied merely with waving her fist at feminists for shekels. She wanted to get to the truth and see just how deep the rabbit hole went.

While Rage released dozens of videos in her brief career as an online commentator, she will forever be remembered for one video where she said that race is real and declared herself a White Nationalist. “Race IS Real [11]” can charitably described as clumsy and poorly-argued, and much hay was made of her listing The Daily Stormer as one of her sources. But the main thrust of the video was absolutely true: race is real. And you couldn’t help but admire her courage. She even acknowledged in the opening of the video that she expected ferocious backlash. But, guns blazing, she went anyway. What followed began as a feud, then became a debate, and then became an all-out war that would eventually encompass two entire online communities [12], various affiliate allies, and co-belligerents – resulting in doxxes, broken careers, and a significant realignment of the alt media landscape, with White Nationalists making substantial inroads on YouTube. (For the full RageAfterStorm story, Mister Metokur is again your man [13].)

As far as messiahs go, we got a lot of bang for our buck with RageAfterStorm, although perhaps “messiah” is a tad hyperbolic. Rage would be more akin to a Joan of Arc. She helped us break a stalemate and was burned at the stake for it, but she did not quite take us to the Promised Land. Still, the affair demonstrated the possibilities when someone from outside our circles flips. It led to the Sargon vs. Spencer [14] debate, and the rise of Internet Bloodsports [15]. YouTube is now an indispensable part of our movement’s growth.


This brings us to the latest candidate for Chosen One: Owen Benjamin [17]. This is a completely different ballgame altogether. Unlike Jontron and RageAfterStorm, who were merely e-celebs, Owen Benjamin is a genuine celebrity [18]. By now, you have surely heard of the popular comedian/actor/musician/presenter with a thriving TV and stand-up career who all of a sudden became super-woke on Jews and doesn’t care who knows it. Or maybe you haven’t. But (((you know who))) sure has. “There’s a New Jew Hater in Town: Owen Benjamin [19],” warns The Times of Israel. “‘Comedian’ Owen Benjamin Mocks Holocaust Victims [20],” swoons IsraellyCool while clutching its pearls. “Owen Benjamin: Another ‘Red Pill’ Overdose Victim [21],” says Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt, before fainting.

Owen Benjamin may not be a household name like Louis CK, but having had multiple hour-long TV specials on HBO and Comedy Central, having done extensive sitcom and TV work, and performing at sold-out theaters, Benjamin is (or was) playing at the highest levels of the comedy game. He was once engaged to Christina Ricci. He was also known for his conservative views – a rarity among stand-up comics. While politics was never the central focus of his act, he did dabble in commentary, and mingled with alt media personalities like Gavin McInnis, Joe Rogan, and Stephen Crowder.

I mention all of this to show that Owen Benjamin had a lot to lose. Unlike JonTron and RageAfterStorm, Owen Benjamin was successful in the mainstream entertainment industry, and so pursuing his craft was dependent on having access to those institutions. Rage and JonTron faced public backlash and maybe even deplatforming, but being “Internet personalities,” they could have found some other social media platform to host them. Owen, being a comedian “in the real world,” needs someone to give him a physical stage – and (((you know who))) usually runs those.

Another twist is that while Rage and JonTron were all about race-realism, Owen Benjamin is all about dem Jews. He is not a White Nationalist, as far as I can tell. He is aware of cultural and institutional anti-whiteness, but otherwise indifferent to race. If he is down with the Fourteen Words, he’s keeping it close to his vest. But holy shit is he red-pilled on Jews. He has talked about their role in banking, academia, media, entertainment, [22] pornography [23], global politics [24], Communism, and the Bible [25]. The whole Culture of Critique thing. Holocaust revisionism. All of it. He even mentions the fact that, according to the Talmud, Jesus is currently boiling in shit in Hell [26]. He’s been thinking about Jews [27], and let me tell you, he is none too pleased about some of the shenanigans and tomfoolery that ol’ Shlomo has been getting up to.


One might argue which is the more controversial topic: race-realism or the JQ. Some call anti-Semitism “the ultimate taboo,” but I would say race-realism triggers a more intense response from a greater number of people. The only ones who are offended by anti-Semitism are Jews. Most white gentiles find anti-Semitism confusing rather than offensive. Most normies cannot wrap their heads around why someone would “hate” a group of people that “look white” to them. Only Jews and anti-Semites know the answer to that. Most people associate anti-Semitism with conspiracy theorists, and thus tend to consider it more “crazy” than “evil.” In my experience, the average person is far more triggered by the idea that some races are smarter than others than the idea that two percent of the population is actually running the country. They just find it kind of weird. And unfortunately for Owen, Jews control most of the institutions a stand-up comedian needs in order to pursue his craft. In terms of destroying an entertainment career, going full JQ is probably more suicidal than going full race-realism – which would still be suicidal, but slightly less so.

Owen Benjamin first came on my radar on Oscar night in March 2018, when word started going around that some famous comedian would be live-tweeting during the event and saying some super-edgy “racist” stuff. I went to his Twitter, and sure enough, there was a very drunk comedian tweeting his musings about the Oscars quite frankly, and saying some pretty based stuff.




This may seem tame by 4Chan standards, but for a mainstream working comedian, that was some pretty bold stuff. You had to admire his balls, but you also knew he was going to wake up with a hangover and hundreds of voicemails from his agent, manager, and loved ones pleading for him to pick up his phone.

But there was one tweet in the middle of Benjamin’s Twitter rampage that stood out for its soberly serious, yet haunting, quality: “I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but I’m oddly OK with it.”


And that, my friends, is called “foreshadowing.”

Had Owen just dropped a red-pill? Because the feeling he described is an awful lot what taking the red-pill feels like: disorienting, but also clarifying. Who knows? But it was here that Benjamin’s life and career began to take a dramatic turn.

After that Oscar night, I didn’t pay much attention to Owen Benjamin for a while. But I heard things. First, I heard that he was refusing to cuck in regard to his Oscar night tweets. “Good for him,” I thought. Then I heard he got banned from Twitter. Then I heard he had pretty much burned his bridges in the stand-up comedy scene. Then I noticed him spending a lot more time with Alt Lite people like Gavin, Crowder, and even Alex Jones. Hey, there’s still a lot of money in that scene. I was glad to hear things worked out for him.

Then I heard he had started talking and joking about Jews. And then I started hearing that he had become completely obsessed with Jews, and that they were now all he ever talked about. At this point, Owen Benjamin had become too hot a property for the Alt Lite types, and he had started mingling with more Dissident Rightish personalities like Faith Goldy [33], Vox Day [34], and E. Michael Jones [35]. By then, I was starting to get curious.

But it was when I heard that Owen Benjamin had titled one of his videos “To Learn Who Rules Over You [36]” that I thought, “Okay, it’s time to see what this whole Owen Benjamin thing is about.” And the video did not disappoint [37]. It began with Owen going on an extended roast of Alex Jones (who had recently banned Benjamin from Infowars in response to him saying that he was a “big fan” of Hitler). Benjamin accused Jones of being a liar, a fraud, a shill, and a coward for refusing to address the issue of Jewish power [38]. And this was coming from a guy who was appearing in sketches with Amy Schumer a few years ago. Fifteen minutes in, and the hype was earned. And indeed, Owen Benjamin is obsessed with Jews. How obsessed is he? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being Donald Trump (absolute philo-Semitism) and 10 being Adolf Hitler, I would rank him somewhere between Bobby Fischer [39] and Mr. Bond [40]. Owen Benjamin has a one-track mind, but I like where the train is headed. Gimme a ticket.

This video goes on for over two hours, and he does it with a very charming and likable demeanor. He seems like a really nice guy – and not a phony kind of nice, either. He seems like an honest guy who just really, really hates Jews.


Owen Benjamin and Alex Jones

And he’s done stream [42] after stream [43] like that: just goofing on Jews for hours on end.

Benjamin is an amusing guy to watch, but there is a slight trainwreck quality to it all. His streams are an odd salad of surreal humor, Alt Lite conservatism, fringe theories, religious mumbo-jumbo, and a shitload of anti-Semitism. And he is an autiste, for sure. The vibe is chill, but there is a manic undercurrent running through it as his mind meanders from one topic to the next, and back to Jews. Thousands of viewers watch his streams, but I don’t know how many of them are hate-watching. (He also has pretty fun short videos about Jewish comedians disrespecting Christians [44] and a particularly surreal bit about the Holocaust [45].)

Then, last week, Benjamin did a stream that has caused him to tone down the Jew stuff a bit. The stream is entitled “Ben Shapiro is Worse than Hitler [46].” This four-hour epic begins with Benjamin going guns blazing into the Jews, per usual, with particular venom being directed at Benjamin’s personal te noir, Ben Shapiro. Partway through, he read a letter from a friend of his, an Iraq War vet who became a drug addict and overdosed upon returning home. It was very emotional, and at one point, Benjamin began to choke up. He was clearly upset that he had lost composure on a stream; he’s a comedian, after all, and part of that job involves dealing with hecklers and smiling when you’re having a bad day. Comedians have to keep their emotions in check, and he lost his cool. It was unprofessional.

After that stream, Benjamin decided to dial it back on the Jew talk, citing a sign from God as his reason. He is now saying, “Not all Jews are bad. It’s just the elite Jews, the Zionist Jews running the show, who are the problem. The elite Jews are bad, but the normie Jews are just as much victims of the same class of people.” In other words, he’s started NAXALT [47]-ing the Jews (Not All X Are Like That). “The elite Jews are bad, but NAXALT.”

Is that cucking? Yeah, I guess. But if that is all he had said from the beginning, I think people would have been happy with it. A famous comedian who only talked about elite Jewish and Zionist power would still have been eyebrow-raising. The fact that he went further than that and is now walking it back is a bummer, but still a net gain. And I can’t fault a man for not being pure enough when he’s already sacrificed so much. It’s easy for me to tell him to be purer when I’m not the one with a high-six-figure (seven-figure?) comedy career on the line. He walked away from a life of fame and status few could ever achieve in order to call out the Jews. If he were truly a cuck, it’s strange that he’d only start cucking now. And the establishment hasn’t forgiven him, either. Earlier this week, Benjamin’s Paypal got cancelled [48] while he was in the middle of doing a stream.

Still, one has to wonder just why Owen Benjamin is doing what he is doing. Is he really so principled that he would walk away from a celebrity lifestyle in the name of what he believes? Or is something more going on here?

Some have speculated that he’s lost his mind, or that consuming so many red-pills so quickly has shattered his brain. The red-pill is pretty intense, but most people don’t go through the red-pilling process quite as publicly as Owen Benjamin has. And there’s the alcohol factor. It was present during his Oscar night tweet-storm, and he’s visibly been drinking in his rantier videos. One wonders how much of his courage comes from his Dutch ancestry.

But for a guy whose once-highly successful career is now in ruins, Owen Benjamin seems surprisingly content. He doesn’t appear bitter or regretful. He is currently living off investments, and unless he is putting up a front, he seems to be perfectly happy staying at home, gardening, spending time with his family, and streaming to his fans at night.

Certainly, Benjamin’s fellow comedians are perplexed by his recent metamorphosis. One such fellow is Mike Drucker. Drucker – who, by the way, eats at Chinese restaurants on Christmas, if you know what I mean – is a stand-up comic and writer for the comedic abomination Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. If you aren’t familiar with that show, it’s basically a poor man’s version of Last Week with John Oliver, which is itself a pale imitation of The Colbert Report, which in turn was a cheap, second-hand knockoff of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – which was a shadow of what it was when it was hosted by Craig Kilborn in the 1990s. Oh, but this one has a chick.

Full Frontal also seem to be particularly [49] obsessed [50] with [51]white [52] supremacists [53]” – noticeably more so than other shows of its kind, of which there are many. Maybe that’s the angle they are going for. The Right-Wing Watch of late-night comedy. Best of luck with that, guys. It keeps us in the conversation.

Back to Mick Drucker . . . Drucker is a Jew who has a huge hard-on for telling people that he is not a Jew – even though he is totally a Jew. Like here [54], see? Not a Jew. No ifs, ands, or disclaimers about it.


Or here [56]. Got it? Not a Jew. Cut and dry.


Or this [58]. I mean, how many times does he have to tell you? Not. A. Jew.


But then, wait, what’s this [60]?


Or this? [62] You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy!


So either Mike Drucker is a Jew pretending to be a gentile, or he is a gentile who is occasionally willing to co-opt the legacy and suffering of Holocaust victims for virtue-signaling purposes when the mood suits him. No doubt he’ll fall back on the excuse that, “Well, according to Talmudic Law, Jewishness is passed down through the mother, and it’s my father who is Jewish, and I was never Bar Mitzvahed, so technically . . .” Sure thing, Shlomo.

Listen, (((Drucker))), if someone is calling you a Jew, it’s probably because you are behaving in stereotypically Jewish ways. And if you are behaving in stereotypically Jewish ways, it is probably because you have fifty percent Jewish DNA. So the thrust – the spirit – of the claim, “You are a Jew,” would be accurate. You’re still being a Jew, even if you don’t think you technically are a Jew because of this or that rule. It doesn’t matter. You’re still being one. In fact, hanging it all on a technicality is itself stereotypically Jewish.

For the record, Owen Benjamin is reportedly one-eighth Jewish himself, although he is a practicing Christian and doesn’t suspiciously go around saying, “Guys! I’m not Jewish! Guys! Guys! Don’t forget, I am most definitely not Jewish.”

But I digress. Why am I bringing up this Christ-killer again? Oh, yeah.

A few weeks ago on Twitter, Mike Drucker oy vey’d a tweet [64] out which is universally assumed to have been a passive-aggressive jab at Owen Benjamin:

As a comedian, you have to make career goals. For instance, getting a good tape, booking colleges, and not becoming an alt-right YouTube comic. Something you did just because you didn’t get cast as the fourth lead in a sitcom once. And it somehow means the entire system is out to get you.

Passive-aggressively kicking a man when he’s down? And he wants us to believe that he’s a gentile . . .

It’s funny that Drucker describes a comedian’s obligation in purely careerist terms. According to him, Benjamin has a duty to live up to traditional bourgeois standards of success: make the most money, and perform in front of flesh-and-blood people, just like in grandpa’s day. It’s as if having something to say is an afterthought. This is very easy for Mike Drucker to say, because as a liberal, his political beliefs align with the interests of the corporate establishment, and he tells jokes in line with those beliefs – and so that establishment is willing to provide him a job.

But a Right-wing comedian has to make sacrifices. There is no path forward as a Right-wing comedian. You can be a normie comedian who happens to have some Right-wing views, but you cannot be a “Right-wing comedian” the way Jon Stewart or Margarette Cho are “Left-wing comedians.” The industry would never promote such a person, no matter how talented. If you want to make money being funny and Right-wing, you have to go on the Internet.

Part of this is because the comedy industry is strongly Jewish, to be sure. But it is also because offended liberals are far more likely to complain than offended conservatives. A conservative can watch The Daily Show or Bill Maher and chuckle here and there at a clever, well-crafted joke. But liberals are incapable of laughing at themselves. Liberals get angry when mocked. So from the perspective of a club owner or a TV producer, a fanatical Left-wing comedian is still safer than a milquetoast Right-wing comedian.

Stand-up comedians like to look down on Internet comedians, since in their eyes it is not “real comedy.” But stage actors used to say all the same things about film actors. Movies weren’t real acting. A stage actor can only perform in one city at a time, whereas a movie actor can perform in every city across the country, every night of week. Sure, Owen could be performing live for eight hundred people a night in college auditoriums – but instead he’s streaming to eight thousand per night.

Whatever the reason, Benjamin has been spending less time talking about Jews in the last couple of weeks and more time talking about some of his other interests. Oh, yeah, about those other interests . . .


As obsessive as Benjamin is about the Jewish Question [66], Owen Benjamin is equally – if not far more – fanatical [67] about [68] the [69] idea [70] that [69] the [71] Moon [72] landings [73] were [74] a [75] hoax [76]. He is quite passionate about this subject. Plus, he is more than merely religious in a Nick Fuentes kind of way. He believes God gives him signs, and is at work in his life. He believes that Bob Dylan sold his soul to Satan – and he doesn’t mean that as a metaphor, either. No, Owen Benjamin believes that Bob Dylan literally sold his literal soul to literal Satan [77].

Okay, so Moon landing stuff and some religious kookery are tolerable, right? Sure. But then, in his more recent streams, he has started dabbling in Flat Earth conspiracy [78] theories. He still insists that he’s not a Flat Earther; he’s just asking questions. Questions that sound an awful lot like he is starting to question whether the world is round or not. (JF did a stream of his own [79] recently in response to this.)

And herein lies the problem with Owen Benjamin: It’s great to have a high-profile mainstream figure expressing our ideas to people outside our circle. It gives our ideas credibility when they are repeated by such people. But when that same person is also promoting fringe ideas that are either irrelevant, or just plain nuts, it has the opposite effect, putting them on the same level as such kookery.

Whether we actually went to the Moon or not is neither here nor there, given that it’s not being used to influence politics or culture. By contrast, lies about the Jews, lies about race, and lies about the Second World War are used to justify all manner of evil. Our immigration policies and educational system are based on lies about racial realities. Our nation’s support for Israel is based on lies about Jews, not least of which is the idea that they are God’s chosen people. And preventing a repeat of the Second World War is used as an excuse for all manner of repression by our overlords. So which is in more desperate need of debunking?

If the Moon landings were faked, I assure you that they ain’t getting any faker. We can get back to that. Let’s secure the existence of our people and a future for white children first, and we’ll revisit the Moon landings at a later date. The Flat Earth stuff is really inexcusable, though. It makes me wonder if Benjamin really is trying to convince people that he is crazy, as part of a plan to get his old career back. But Owen Benjamin doesn’t strike me as being cunning in that way, and he seems happy where he is.


So between JonTron, Rage After Storm, and Owen Benjamin, we have seen three cases of high-profile normies expressing hardcore Dissident Right ideas. What are some lessons we can draw?

The main problem with waiting for messiah figures to change the game is that the newly red-pilled are not always the best spokesmen of our ideas. It’s not as if when someone decides to join our side that they magically turn into Jared Taylor, and have perfect command of all the arguments and counter-arguments. JonTron came out as a quasi-White Nationalist, but then struggled in his first debate against Destiny. Destiny isn’t that strong, but it takes a pro to handle his arsenal of strawmen, whataboutisms, lifeboat scenarios, and verbal sleight-of-hand.

Still, it’s great to see new people with large normie audiences drifting closer to our side – but we should be realistic in our expectations of how useful they can be. It would be great if one day Brad Pitt suddenly had Kevin MacDonald’s brain and could articulate the JQ as well as he does – but that is a fantasy. If that happened, he probably wouldn’t do a better job of explaining it than Mel Gibson does.

Owen Benjamin is very entertaining to watch for somebody who is already woke on the JQ, but I wonder how red-pilling what he does is for the unconverted. I can’t help but feel there is a certain “guy ranting at the bar” quality to it. Someone once told me that red-pilling someone is like defusing a bomb: you have to cut the wires in just the right order, or else the whole thing blows up. And this is very true. In my opinion, race-realism should always come before the JQ for several reasons. First, without race-realism, the JQ is just an issue of assimilation – and it’s more than that. Second, race-realism is an easier red-pill to swallow because you can demonstrate it with charts, graphs, and numbers. The JQ is a more complicated and abstract issue, and it’s easy to sound like a kook if you don’t know what you’re doing. And because the JQ is such an important and complicated issue, I have mixed feelings about its most famous spokesman being a novice.

Fortunately, Owen Benjamin is platforming more “big brained” people like Vox Day (who is apparently Benjamin’s new bff) who do know how to red-pill. And indeed, it has been announced that Vox and Owen will soon be launching a video streaming and podcasting site [81] together. He also recently said that he is a fan of Nick Fuentes [82]. Perhaps the best thing someone like Owen Benjamin can do for our cause is to platform our best talkers. It would be mutually beneficial. The Dissident Right’s online audience is large, and Owen Benjamin – for the time being at least – has been limited to an online career.

Owen Benjamin is not an intellectual. He is an entertainer, and should be treated as such. If nothing else, he is certainly desensitizing people. That’s all I can really say about him. I advise everyone to check him out and make up your own minds. He recently did a stream on the highly Jewish nature of Seinfeld [83] in which he played clips of the show with the laugh track removed to demonstrate that its characters are sociopaths. It might be a good place for a newcomer to start.

Owen Benjamin is . . . something else. I have no idea where this is all going to end up, but I’m curious to find out.