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Golems, Golems Everywhere


David Cole

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Recently, David Cole beat me to the punch with a brilliant article entitled “Stop With the Golems, Already! [2]” It deals with a topic that has been rolling around in my mind since the kerfuffle caused by Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s tweet [3] about the Benjamins. Basically, Omar revealed a powerful truth behind the support Israel enjoys in the US government [3] – that it is more or less bought and paid for [4]. For this, she got labeled an anti-Semite [5] and apologized [6], but later tormented her tormentors by stating [7] that Jewish groups “push for allegiance to a foreign country.” What would have destroyed a white politician only made this non-white politician stronger. She got away with it, and the people most frustrated about it are – appropriately enough – the Jews.

It’s one thing to rail against anti-Semitism found on the Right (what little of it there is these days), but it’s something else entirely to have to stamp it out in your own home. And what is the Democratic Party if not the political home for American Jews? They’ve done more to expand and refurbish that hideous structure than any other demographic. This is their gold-plated safe space, and for them to share it with someone who likes to trigger their neuroses with the truth just might be too much for some of them to handle.

Cole’s insight – which is perfect, by the way – is that Ilhan Omar is a golem, the manifestation of the mythical avenging monster in Jewish lore which shtetl rabbis conjured up to defeat the wicked gentile. And after whitey gets his, the rabbis then lose control of their creation one way or another, and the thing starts attacking Jews, the very people it was supposed to protect.

Typical Cole:

What is Congressmuslim Ilhan Omar if not a golem? For decades, leftist Jews have been the biggest boosters of flooding the West with Third World immigrants. “Hey, here’s a plan – let’s dump a hundred thousand Somalis in the whitest parts of the U.S. That’ll save us from Fargo Hitler!” Inundating the West with nonwhite immigrants is seen by Jews as an insurance policy against “white supremacy.” The idea is that these immigrants will act as a wedge, diluting “white power” while remaining small enough in numbers to be manageable.

But since this “small enough in numbers” thing is not exactly panning out, Jews are now being forced to grapple with the monster they created, since lately it’s been turning on them – just like in the story.

Often in his articles, Cole will criticize groups of people (including his own, the Jews), but will take it only so far. Sure, he likes to bitch-slap this demographic or that for their collective stupidities, but he seems to do it not in order to inflict pain, but to show his subjects the errors of their ways . . . just enough to get them to wake up from their self-inflicted stupor and see the long, clear avenue back to the America of Cole’s youth, in which the Proposition was still a rock-solid ideal and every ethnic group got along better than they do today. As a result, his writing often resembles an intervention, which is why I tend to zone out when reading him. I just don’t think this junkie is going to kick the habit.

I detected something different in the golem article however. Cole was hitting the Jews pretty hard this time, harder than usual, maybe even harder than he realized. Then he ended the article on what seemed to me like an uncharacteristically fatalistic note. Maybe he has done this before and I missed it. Regardless, I found it jarring. David Cole ended an article completely without hope – and the hope he lacks is for his own people.

This is essentially the first step to hardened anti-Semitism. Not that everyone who loses faith in Jews becomes a Jew-hater, but any committed counter- or anti-Semite must operate with the knowledge that the Jews just aren’t going to change. You can argue with them, you can be their friends or enemies, ask them pretty please, and they are still going to do what they are going to do. Even history has blunted its claws on the backs of their stiff necks. You’d think that after a Holocaust and a number of expulsions, pogroms, and other acts of anti-Jewish repression, that Jews as a group might become a little self-reflective about why this keeps happening to them more than anyone else. But no. It’s no use, really. Despite his article’s imploring title, Cole seems to concur.

Here are some of the assumptions that Cole makes about his own people that bolster his legitimate frustration with them:

  1. Jews are behind importing Third World immigrants (golems) to the West.
  2. Jews view golems as “an insurance policy” against white anti-Semitism.
  3. Jews do not care if these golems harm white people or the United States as a whole.
  4. Jews created a similar golem in the Soviet Union a century ago.
  5. Jews may be smarter than Muslims, but Muslims are “stronger and more numerous” than they are.
  6. Jews should fear Muslim golems more than whites, but don’t.
  7. Jews continue to vilify white people when they shouldn’t.
  8. Jews refuse to learn lessons from their own folklore.
  9. Jews, “brilliant retards” that they are, are not going to change.

Aside from the part about the retards, would Kevin MacDonald or any other Judeo-critical Dissident Rightist disagree with any of this? Could one get any more “woke” on the JQ here? (By the way, David Duke just called to tell me to say thanks to that boychik Cole for doing his work for him. “Look at that punim!” he exclaimed while holding a picture of Cole. “What a mensch!”)

Seriously, Cole has entered the Culture of Critique zone (cue the spooky music), which is interesting, since he has been consistently hostile to the Dissident Right [8] ever since it became a thing a few years ago. So here he is, an opponent of the Dissident Right, taking up some of the most fundamental and controversial positions a Dissident Rightist could hold.

Here’s Cole nailing the coffin shut on any doubt:

In a perfect world, these rabbinical Rain Men would finally get the fuck over the Holocaust and end their war of hostility against the West. They’d see that whites are no longer the enemy, but indeed the opposite. They’d see that importing foreign mud to mold golem after golem in traditionally white regions of the U.S. is bad strategy.

But the world isn’t perfect, and Jews are our dumbest geniuses. It’ll take a lot more than one or two Ilhan Omars to make them rethink their views. Hell, if the exodus of French Jews from a France now infested with immigrant golems hasn’t altered their thinking, nothing will.

This bears repeating: David Cole admits that nothing will alter the thinking of Jews. Yes, maybe he was being hyperbolic to make a point. But this quote appears towards the end of his article, when he was swinging hard for the knockout. He wasn’t joking, and he never walks it back. And if he’s right like I think he is, then how can he or his readership not believe that White Nationalism would be a perfectly reasonable response to all this?

According to Cole, Jews are hell-bent on making America less and less white; they have the power and money to do this; and they are not going to stop. They are essentially forcing whites to chomp down on a kosher shit sandwich on rye. Should it matter to whites if Jews have to nibble on it, too? Whites are the ones with nowhere else to go, while diaspora Jews, regardless of their religiosity, will always have nuclear-armed and fiercely ethnonationalist Israel to which to flee if things get a little too hot for them – sort of like what happened in the Soviet Union post-Stalin.

This is White Nationalism 101. Can David Cole not see this? If Jews are so intractable, then what does he propose white people do to protect their eroding demographic majority? Should they just let themselves be led into minority status by Muslims and Hispanics, each of whom have low average IQs and miserable human rights records in their own parts of the world? Since Cole himself admits that Jews are a big part of the problem, would he blame whites if they turned to anti-Semitism out of pure self-preservation? For example, would he object if American whites suddenly banned all Jews from serving as judges in federal courts, and from holding public office and donating money to political causes? Would he object to nationwide boycotts on Jewish businesses, or the hostile takeover of Jewish-owned media companies, or similar acts of overt anti-Jewish repression? Or how about simply deporting them all? It’s not like Israel wouldn’t take them, right?

These measures would solve the problem of white demographic oblivion pretty quickly, would they not? They wouldn’t be good for the Jewish diaspora, but, since diaspora Jews don’t exactly concern themselves with what’s good for whites, why should whites care about what’s good for diaspora Jews? And without their creators to prop them up, their fearsome golems would suddenly become a lot less fearsome.

Now, I honestly do not want the above scenario to play out. I’d rather not relive the early days of the Third Reich and have whites resort to such drastic measures to get their country back. What I would rather have is White Nationalism as a peaceful and practical alternative to dancing the demographic death mambo or declaring Civil War 2.0. We split apart the country more or less along racial lines, shake hands, and be done with it. Yes, it wouldn’t be quite as simple as that, but such problems would be solvable problems. And it would be win-win for the diaspora Jews, since they would finally be rid of those awful white anti-Semites they’ve been sweating over for centuries.

Back in May 2016, in an article called “The Day Reagan Yelled at Black People, [9]” David Cole expressed scorn for the oft-touted idea of a white ethnostate in North America’s Pacific Northwest. Here’s what he wrote (emphasis mine):

Look, you wanna spend your days dreaming of the Northwest Territorial Imperative, you wanna devote your time to electing future gauleiters to administer Nueva Germania in the Rockies, knock yourself out. As long as you don’t go Buford Furrow on anyone, you’re only harming your own ability to have real-world impact. Because none of that North American white-homeland hogwash is ever going to happen.

In light of his latest article, however, I wonder if he still feels this way. Is the idea of a white homeland in North America still “hogwash”? I think I have made it clear that, while White Nationalism might be unthinkable to some, it remains the best option for whites when compared to losing the demographic wars or adopting a sharp anti-Semitic stance in order to win them. There really is no fourth alternative here. Given the indubitably accurate information Cole laid out in his latest article, can he offer any better ideas?

Or can he finally admit that the solution to our troubles lies somewhere west of the Mississippi, and that it has nothing to do with golems?

Spencer J. Quinn is a frequent contributor to Counter-Currents and the author of the novel White Like You [10].