Earth Day Special

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Today is Earth Day, which has been an occasion to call for conservationism and environmental protection since it was first celebrated in America with bipartisan support in 1970, in response to the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969. Although in recent decades, environmentalism has come to be identified with the political Left, taking stewardship of the Earth and seeking harmony in the relationship between man and nature has traditionally been an issue of the Right. Progressives, on the other hand, especially as manifested in Communism, have historically been proponents of mass industrialization, believing that it is as possible to transform the planet into a technological utopia as they consider it possible to alter human nature itself, and exhibited complete disregard for the destructive impact their projects had on the natural world.

Today, of course, despite some differences in their surface rhetoric, the mainstream Left and Right are united in viewing the Earth as nothing more than a resource to be exploited for economic growth, differing only in the details. But the True Right has always recognized that man must be understood within the context of the natural order as a whole, and that it is only by understanding and respecting our place within it that societies and individuals can truly grow and prosper without sacrificing their children’s futures.

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