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Earth Day Special

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Today is Earth Day, which has been an occasion to call for conservationism and environmental protection since it was first celebrated in America with bipartisan support in 1970, in response to the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969. Although in recent decades, environmentalism has come to be identified with the political Left, taking stewardship of the Earth and seeking harmony in the relationship between man and nature has traditionally been an issue of the Right. Progressives, on the other hand, especially as manifested in Communism, have historically been proponents of mass industrialization, believing that it is as possible to transform the planet into a technological utopia as they consider it possible to alter human nature itself, and exhibited complete disregard for the destructive impact their projects had on the natural world.

Today, of course, despite some differences in their surface rhetoric, the mainstream Left and Right are united in viewing the Earth as nothing more than a resource to be exploited for economic growth, differing only in the details. But the True Right has always recognized that man must be understood within the context of the natural order as a whole, and that it is only by understanding and respecting our place within it that societies and individuals can truly grow and prosper without sacrificing their children’s futures.

We would like to draw your attention to the following articles which deal with these themes:


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  1. JB
    Posted April 22, 2019 at 5:16 am | Permalink

    Roger Scruton’s environmental book is worth examining too.

    • Lord Shang
      Posted April 22, 2019 at 6:41 pm | Permalink

      Everything from Scruton is worthy of serious consideration. I do suspect he’s another of those whom Greg Johnson has criticized for “saving themselves” – avoiding frank discussion of White survivalism, despite knowing the truth – instead of “spending themselves” in service to the ultimate good of White preservation, which is surely the foundation for conserving anything and everything else dear to Scruton’s heart. That said, his “green conservatism” is, imo, correct and the last word on the subject.

      Of course, one cannot ignore, as so many “rightwing greens” do, the vital role of technology (and the capitalist economy which incentivizes and praxeologically undergirds its continuing development) in the forthcoming war for White survival. Revilo Oliver noted many decades ago that it was the West’s superior technology (esp military technology, obviously) which alone prevents our “immediate annihilation” at the hands of other, less tolerant races. “Green conservatism/nationalism” is all well and good, and, within bounds, I strongly support it. But those “bounds” are that it must be directed outwards towards the Other, rather than gone about in the typical leftist way, by imposing ever more burdens on ourselves so as functionally to prevent the imposition of environmental responsibility upon ‘precious’ nonwhites.

      The greatest biospherical threat comes from human overpopulation, which today and for quite a while has been concentrated in the Third World. It was originally caused by White Christian + secular liberal “do-gooder” interventions in the nonwhite world, which decreased morbidity and raised fertility (and this vicious cycle now simply perpetuates itself of its own momentum, though harmful White food and medical and financial aid also continues unabated).

      I hope I preach to the choir when I assert that ideally we want much greater White, along with much less nonwhite, fecundity. This is only fair, given that Whites and Whites alone (as races go) are dying out, whereas the Third Worlders are recklessly proliferating. It is hypothetically conceivable that at some very distant point White overpopulation could become an ecological problem. But no one reading this will live to see that point. For now, responsibility must be imposed upon the Third World to reduce its fertility. The West can aid in this by stopping all aid (except for contraceptives), and ending all nonwhite immigration (which acts as an ecological “safety valve”, both physical and psychological, for various Third World countries, and only has the effect of delaying their necessary assumption of procreative good behavior).

      • Oldltradesman
        Posted April 23, 2019 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

        “The greatest biospherical threat comes from human overpopulation, which today and for quite a while has been concentrated in the Third World. It was originally caused by White Christian + secular liberal “do-gooder” interventions in the nonwhite world..”

        The propaganda justifying White Christian and secular liberal interventions in the third world is The Platinum Rule – that is, the ethics of non-reciprocity.

  2. Bobby
    Posted April 22, 2019 at 7:36 am | Permalink

    John, great little essay on the fate of “environmentalism”…When I was growing up in California, in the 1960’s the environmental movement as you said, started to become “serious”. I remember the Santa Barbara oil spill disaster and how people used detergent to clean seagulls and other birds with. The detergent companies took immediate advantage of that My mother and father were the kind of young adults at the time who loved to go on vacations to different U.S. states, mostly in the pacific northwest and the southwest U.S. In 1974, they decided to see the Worlds Fair that was held in the city of Spokane Washington. It was one of the smallest world fairs ever held. It’s main theme was the environment, or what the different nations of the world were doing to help the environment. Even the Soviet Union had an exhibition. The Fair was known as EXPO 74. Your article brought this event, so long ago, back to my mind and I could not help but think how badly the world’s advanced nations have failed, since then, where the environment is concerned.

    • Lord Shang
      Posted April 22, 2019 at 5:38 pm | Permalink

      Such nostalgia! I, too, was dragged from CA up to the Spokane Fair as a child in 1974. I’d forgotten all about that trip. I recall at one point we and another family got lost in some woods, and I was seriously scared we might get attacked by a Bigfoot (a “cryptid” which I still have difficulty believing does NOT exist; the number of related “sightings” or stories goes back centuries).

      I overwhelmingly disagree with this statement, however:

      “I could not help but think how badly the world’s advanced nations have failed, since then, where the environment is concerned.”

      It is the world’s advanced (specifically White) nations which are virtually the only ones who have done anything to preserve the natural environment (even the superior Japanese, an admirably hygienic ethnoculture – in contrast to generally filthy Chinese – think nothing of hunting whales or other aquatic life to extinction). This of course is a product of the White man’s superior ethicality and moral conscience (which, paradoxically, is now destroying us via NOT “altruism” per se, but cuckholded, virtue-signaling racial sentimentalism and lack of true moral character masquerading as misplaced “compassion”).

      Most of the Third World views the planet as a giant, untreated sewer. Look at China’s rampant toxic pollution, India’s lack of concern with human sanitation, Africa’s rabid environmental abuse and ruin (actually, one could mix & match each of those areas and behaviors, and the resulting statements would remain true) – or the disgusting volume of bio-undegradable garbage that illegal alien settler colonialists, er, “precious refugees coming to enrich us with their diversity”, leave all across the US/Mexico border area. Whites are the morally best race, and Nordic Whites are the cleanest people. It is thus no accident that Whites are also the world’s environmental leader race.

      When the Third World was smaller and less economically developed, this wasn’t so much of a problem. But thanks to the shared-Western-medicine-and-food-aid-created Third World Population Bomb, as well as Western foreign aid / “economic development assistance” (and esp the allowing of China’s accession to the WTO), the Third World is now indeed populous and industrialized enough to be inflicting serious and accelerating (and possibly permanent) damage upon the biosphere.

      What are the two greatest issues of the age for White Preservationists, Occidentalists, and even all humanity? One, end the nonwhite immigration, passive genocidalist conquest of the White West; deport all nonwhites from our Ethnocontinent of Europe (and all illegal aliens from everywhere else); and then partition the White-diasporic lands so as to allow for at least a few apartheid ethnostates (a giant one in North America; a small one in South Africa; and something for Aussies and Kiwis). Two, planetary nonwhite population REDUCTION / population control, by whatever means are most efficacious. To accomplish this we need (somehow – forget the science to be discovered; I don’t know how this research effort could even be launched politically) to start developing race-targeted airborne sterilization agents, as well as some sort of ethnobioweapons to be held in ultimate reserve.

      • Miha M
        Posted April 23, 2019 at 8:50 pm | Permalink

        White nationalists like to say:” American blacks are 13% of population but account for 50% of violent crime”. How about: “Whites are 13%of global population and consume 50% of global natural resources.” 3rd world overpopulation is a problem, but its their problem and its their problem to fix. We need to stop interfering with their internal affairs already and work on our problems.

        The core question concerning us is: are there too many whites in this world. Lets assume we will ethnically cleanse Europe and said enclaves. Is current number of whites optimal for that habitat?

        • Lord Shang
          Posted April 24, 2019 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

          I have no idea what you’re talking about. I doubt you have, either. The bulk of the world’s pollution is produced by nonwhites (and the imbalance is growing). White [capitalist] nations have the most stringent environmentalist legislation.

          Whites are the only race shrinking in numbers. There are far too few of us, both for our own and the planet’s good. More Whites, fewer nonwhites. That should be the slogan of the Occidental Right.

  3. Ride The Neon Tiger
    Posted April 22, 2019 at 8:01 am | Permalink
  4. Alexandra O.
    Posted April 25, 2019 at 10:59 am | Permalink

    I have always been a heartfelt environmentalist, for I love all of nature — trees, animals, insects, roaring rivers and waterfalls, vast stretches of forests, tropical jungles — IT ALL! However, during my 75 years of life, I have seen so very much of it dwindled away by mankind — cutting forests is my greatest hatred! But the ONLY solution I see is stopping overpopulation of humans. And I limit that only to “Third-World Humans”, because they are having the most children, anywhere from 4 to 10 on average, in Africa, the Middle East, SE Asia, South America and Oceania. The European and North American crowd is on decline — BECAUSE we are smart enough to look to the future and see the results of overpopulation. This makes it totally a racial issue, and I won’t back down from that! But neither can I or any other intelligent person state it publicly! Big problem — what can we do?

    • Lord Shang
      Posted April 25, 2019 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

      Just talk about Third World overpopulation and its consequences. I do so all the time, as a straight White man, not self-employed, living on the US West Coast. Race I mostly avoid; ditto gays, but only because they don’t interest me; I absolutely avoid discussing feminism (as I hate to divide Whites, plus I have far more interactions with White women than with nonwhites).

      But immigration I discuss constantly, and planetary overpopulation (and the relation between the two issues) all the time.

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