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Swamp & Snake:
Media Pathology & the Establishment’s Inquisition


The Dutch Party for Freedom candidate Géza Hegedüs

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American media strategies: the Knavs case

From the very outset, President Trump’s brave attempt at draining the bureaucratic-kleptocratic “Washington swamp” of establishment politics brought out the poisonous snakes of the American mainstream media. Headed by the spin doctors and “fake news” masters of CNN, President Trump has come under sustained attack: vicious attempts at character assassination, with backbiting scandal-mongering and deep-state political intrigue being amplified coast-to-coast, along with round-the-clock journalistic mockery and taunting of the most infantile and malicious kind.

President Trump’s election marked the end of a journalistic era: the defeat of the Social Justice Warrior discourse at the hands of the American electorate meant that mere political correctness and virtue-signalling no longer sufficed to mislead the American people. The “establishment media,” still backed up by Social Justice Warrior “academic consensus,” but increasingly sidelined through digital freedom of speech, is now cornered and showing their true colors: the pet snakes of the hostile elite have been forced out of the murky waters and must now fight for their lives. Their camouflage skin – the “moral high ground” – and forked-tongue doubletalk are starting to lose their effect, and the mainstream media has to resort to bare teeth and lethal poison. The journalistic head lackeys – the editors and scriptwriters – of the defeated globalist oligarchy are resorting to the ultimate weapons of targeted censorship, ignoring and downplaying the successes of the Trump presidency in job creation and law enforcement while making use of black propaganda, such as by concocting a rehashed Watergate scandal with Hollywood-style “Russian collusion.” Meanwhile, the lesser snakes – the talking heads and columnists – are taking it upon themselves to poison the well of President Trump’s public support by projecting the guilty conscience of the old, hostile elite on the new administration. Thus, the naturalization of Viktor and Amalija Knavs, the First Lady’s parents, was widely portrayed as an example of the supposed hypocrisy of the Trump administration given that President Trump had vowed to halt “chain migration.”

Chain migration meant that, between 1981 and 2016, thirteen million legal immigrants to the United States were followed by a second wave of twenty million additional ones, [2] all of them relatives and dependents. The obvious aim of President Trump’s overall clampdown on mass immigration is to preserve the essence of America as a historical vision and nation. America’s “Manifest Destiny” – to become a “City on a Hill,” a “Land of the Free” and a “Home of the Brave” – is under direct threat from Third World mass immigration. The fulfillment of this destiny depends on the shared societal vision of its original WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) founders. This vision is closely interwoven with the WASPs’ rugged individualism, work ethic, social solidarity, and internalized moral compass. It can still be maintained even with a certain measure of admixture from compatible cultures and ethnicities, but it is now in obvious danger of being swamped by entirely incompatible mass immigration. The point at which wine is changed to water is approaching: America’s social fabric is being torn apart by urban decay, endemic crime, massive substance abuse, and structural welfare dependence. These escalating problems are intimately related to the rapid changes in the ethnic makeup of America, caused by decades of a de facto “open borders” policy promulgated by cynical neoliberal globalists.

Earlier, between 1850 and 1930, up to ten million non-WASP Europeans (Catholic Irish and Italians and Protestant Germans and Scandinavians) were successfully integrated into American society: their Western, Christian cultural background proved sufficiently compatible with that of their WASP host population for them to function and thrive without major conflict. The American “melting pot” functioned as long as it was used to fuse compatible materials. The Hart-Celler Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 changed all that: European immigration virtually ceased altogether, and non-European immigration commenced – first as a trickle, and then as a wave. As the neoliberal experiment of the globalist New World Order gained momentum, the floodgates fully opened in the early 1990s: by the year 2000, at least sixteen million Latin Americans, three and a half million East Asians, and two and a half million South Asians immigrated to America. On the whole, these non-European immigrants have proven to be entirely unassimilable, creating new ethnic fractures in addition to the unresolved older racial conflicts between the Caucasians and the Afro-American and Native American populations.

It was only after the 2008 financial crisis that a groundswell of “indigenous” – Caucasian – resistance to escalating multiculturalism and imposed diversity became politically significant. After half a century of open borders, the legacy of the hostile elite’s policies could be seen in deep societal divisions along ethnic lines. The de facto censorship of ethnic crime statistics [3] and of government-enforced inter-ethnic wealth distribution (affirmative action, “social benefits”) indicate that this hostile elite is fully aware of the politically lethal effect of a full understanding of the societal destruction that is being wrought by its “open borders” policies. Sensing that the full scope of this destruction can no longer be hidden and is now slowly filtering through into the political arena, the hostile elite-controlled mainstream media are increasingly opting for a “blame the victim” approach.

Thus, after five decades of “chain migration” that has changed America’s social landscape into a patchwork of ethnic ghettos, the mainstream media is now pointing out how “hypocritical” it is that the First Lady’s parents have become naturalized citizens during the Trump presidency. They conveniently forget that these two people, of European (Slovene) descent and Christian (Catholic) faith, and highly unlikely to ever constitute a financial burden on the country, would have also qualified for naturalization under the pre-Hart-Celler dispensation – something that cannot be said for the tens of millions of Third World immigrants that have been channeled into the country during the subsequent neoliberal “open borders” regime. Immigration such as this, by European Christians, actually strengthens America.

Thus, the subliminal meaning of the Knavs’ chain migration media controversy becomes obvious: to the hostile elite, chain migration is entirely acceptable, as long as it benefits its preferred immigrants: inassimilable Third Worlders who push down labor costs, push up consumer prices, increase the hostile elite’s electoral base, and allow it to divide and rule the nation. The real message of the mainstream media is this: It is unfortunate that sometimes European Christian immigrants are still able to take advantage of the hostile elite’s immigration policy, which has been specifically designed to decrease the demographic weight of the European-Christian core of America – otherwise known to them as the “deplorables.” In other words: these deplorables – the real victims of globalist-engineered Third World mass immigration – are to blame for “racism” and “hate” when they try to redress the balance by voting in a President who has promised to protect them. It is this ultimate doublethink that the fork-tongued mainstream media is now promoting. The American people instinctively know it, hence their hatred for the “fake news” of the “fake media.” But it is not only in America that this new strategy of orchestrated cognitive dissonance is being pushed by the globalist news media.

Dutch media strategies: the Hegedüs case

The recent surge of anti-globalist resistance that began in 2015 in the Anglosphere with Brexit and Trump is now also starting to affect Continental Western Europe: the Five Star Movement’s (M5S) power bid in Italy and the rise of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) are clear indicators that even the European “ground zero” of post-war globalist nihilism is being affected. These seismic shifts in the political landscape reverberate even in The Netherlands, which is formally still firmly under the rule of a monstrous alliance between the neoliberal Right and the regressive Left. The Dutch globalist hostile elite, presently represented by a multi-party neoliberal/pseudo-Calvinist government, still maintains its grip on power by means of a political cordon sanitaire and tight press censorship, but its margins for maneuvering are rapidly diminishing [4]. The Dutch mainstream media – basically made up of the state-run radio and television network (NPO) plus two foreign-owned newspaper conglomerates (De Persgroep and TMG) – still take their cues from the American mainstream media, and are now resorting to the same desperate “blame the victim” strategy. Thus, the recent rise to fame of the Dutch patriotic politician Géza Hegedüs was widely portrayed as exposing the supposed “hypocrisy” of the Dutch patriotic movement, given Géza Hegedüs’ foreign ancestry and his employment record.

Géza Hegedüs, a representative of the new guard of the Dutch patriotic movement,[1] [5] recently granted an interview to the establishment newspaper De Volkskrant [The People’s Paper], which is owned by De Persgroep. It is now often ironically referred to as De Omvolkskrant, after the German term for “ethnic replacement”: Umvolkung.[2] [6] In this interview, he discusses the controversy surrounding his very short tenure as the top candidate in Geert Wilders’ patriotic Party for Freedom (PVV) during the run-up to the March 2018 Rotterdam municipal elections. This controversy centered on Hegedüs’ supposed “extreme Right-wing” views and associations: these caused Geert Wilders, who was afraid of media flak, to somewhat hastily dismiss Hegedüs within twenty-four hours after the publication of supposedly “damaging information” by the Dutch Antifa.[3] [7] What is particularly interesting about the publication of the Volkskrant interview on July 27, 2018 was not the article itself – which is predictably used to smear Hegedüs – but rather its follow-up in the mainstream and social media. Immediately, the regressive-Left academic establishment attacked De Volkskrant for not obeying the unwritten rule that the “extreme Right” should be ignored and silenced. This unofficial rule states that all those who dare to analyze – or even mention – the “inconvenient truth” of ethnic replacement should be studiously ignored. It also states that its side-effects, such as Islamist terrorism, inter-ethnic wealth transfers, and crime should be covered with the oikophobe (self-hating) cloak of xenophile (hyper-altruist) charity.

In short, De Volkskrant had broken the omertà (the mafia’s honor code of silence) of the politically correct establishment: it had even undermined the “moral foundation of [Dutch] society” by deviating from the party line of the hostile elite, designed to “protect the people” through cartel politics and media unanimity. An acrimonious media controversy ensued, resembling a debate between the Inquisition’s judges and its henchmen about the respective advantages of a public and a secret execution. De Volkskrant retaliated by accusing the higher establishment of unwarranted censorship, stating that the “common people” are mature (presumably brainwashed) enough to form a proper (presumably politically correct) judgment.[4] [8] For now, in this somewhat undignified battle within the hostile elite, the “constructive journalism” strategy of De Volkskrant seems to have prevailed over the total censorship of the academic elite. But it should be remembered that all factions within the Dutch hostile elite are still united by their single common goal: managing and manipulating the public debate in conformity with the corrupt self-interest of the neoliberal “Ali Baba and the Seventy Six Thieves” (Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his half-plus-one parliamentary majority) and the “deconstructive” ideals of the nihilistic, Social Justice Warrior “intelligentsia.”

For professional, establishment journalists, substantive research into the ideas of the “extreme Right” – now defined as everything that moves beyond neoliberal and Cultural Marxist platitudes – holds no interest: their only concern is in empowering neoliberal kleptocrats and self-annihilating Cultural Marxists. The real origin of the political ideas and ideals of political dissidents such as Géza Hegedüs are entirely ignored; the interview hardly digs into the life experiences and intellectual developments that motivate the interviewee. In the mainstream media, “extreme Right” is a standard label that is automatically attached to anybody who breaks the psycho-social taboos regarding ethnicity and immigration – especially when such taboo-breaking thoughts are followed by political action. The more extreme the manifestation of “multiculturality” in social injustice, criminal perversity, and political absurdity, the faster the stigma of the “extreme Right” is applied. The “cosmopolitan” and “diversified” ground zero of Dutch postmodernity is Amsterdam, the headquarters of De Volkskrant and the “bubble” playground of the cognitively-dissonant Dutch “intelligentsia.” It is here that De Volkskrant is fishing in the murky waters of politically-correct demophobia and oikophobia. There, in the heartland of the “progressive” media and academia, the suspicion of an “extreme Right” allegiance now already automatically attaches itself to all – automatically “privileged” – white males: these suspects must now bend over backwards to prove their politically correct credentials. Thus, politicians, journalists, and academics are bending over further and further, but they forget that flexibility can only buy a short stay of execution in any totalitarian system. In totalitarian regimes – Stalin’s Great Purges, Mao’s Cultural Revolution – the accuser of today is always the accused of tomorrow.

The new strategies of the mainstream media – perverse victim blaming and facile labelling – point to a new, openly anti-indigenous policy on the part of the hostile elite. After the Trans-Atlantic popular rebellions of Brexit, Trump, and M5S, a substantial debate and a rational discussion about vital social questions such as ethnic conflict, mass immigration, and feminization are no longer possible: the besieged Social Justice Warriors have retreated into their citadels of power; they are closing the gates of the democratic process and public debate. The bought-and-paid-for journalists of the mainstream media are likewise resorting to last-ditch mass-psychology techniques to prolong the hostile elite’s hold on power for as long as possible. In its interview with Géza Hegedüs, De Volkskrant applied these techniques: it appealed to pseudo-populist feeling and sub-rational resentment. Thus, Hegedüs is used for an inverse projection of the rising but unspoken popular fear of accelerating ethnic replacement: his Hungarian ancestry is used against him when he warns about the ethnic replacement of the Dutch people. Thus, the same Cultural Marxist newspaper that has been promoting the anti-national political agenda of unlimited non-Western mass immigration by fake refugees is now subtly disqualifying Hegedüs as “not Dutch enough.” The true perversion of this sub-intellectual move becomes apparent when it is known that Hegedüs’ parents were not only Western – European, Christian – “immigrants,” but also real refugees: they fled their native land for their lives during the Communist repression in the wake of the Hungarian Rising of 1956. The omission of these simple facts by De Volkskrant characterizes the general Cultural Marxist atmosphere of half-truths, innuendo, and the witch-hunt that De Volkskrant assumes suits the tastes of its shrinking but wealthy soixante-huitard leadership: the increasingly ideologically demented and politically psychopathic Baby Boomer intelligentsia.

It is this elite that, ever since the halcyon pioneering days of neoliberalism (Thatcher in Britain, Reagan in America, Lubbers in Holland) has managed to amass capital by exploiting the common people of The Netherlands through austerity, privatization, and internationalization. As a result, in 2018, after decades of neoliberal “shock therapy,” masses of indigenous workers and entrepreneurs are bankrupt and unemployed. It is at this point that De Volkskrant – ironically, once a Catholic newspaper that promoted social unity and labor solidarity – indulged in a pseudo-Calvinist, under-the-belt attack on Hegedüs, pointing out the bankruptcy of his company and his reliance on the social security system – a fate that he shares with many indigenous Dutchmen who have been made redundant by the neoliberal casino economy. This is the same social security for which generations of hard-working Dutchmen have paid taxes, but which is now being abused by the hostile elite as an instrument of “social return” economics by being made conditional on obligatory participation in unpaid work. This new form of slavery makes a mockery of a social security arrangement that was originally created for a people with a high-labor ethos who never stopped working without good reason, and that had the decency to show solidarity with those who were truly unable to gain a living by work. This is the same social security system that – all for the sake of convenient and short-term labor cost reductions, consumer price increases, and gaining electoral supporters – is now abused by the hostile elite to subsidize and facilitate ethnic replacement by importing masses of non-Western free riders, jihadists, and rapefugees. Hegedüs, who has been subject to a professional ban that is even more draconian for him than for regular Wilders supporters, is clearly not included in these groups: this would make the under-the-belt Volkskrant attack despicable, if it was not so transparently infantile; it in any case totally disqualifies De Volkskrant as a pretender toward being a “quality newspaper.”

“For our freedom and yours!”

Thus, the Dutch patriotic movement rejects the new strategies of the nihilistic mainstream media, and it reaffirms its full support for all those who bravely stand up for the rights of all of the Western peoples to remain masters in their own countries. Given the fact that the challenge of ethnic replacement – the combination of self-hating sui-genocide and non-Western mass immigration – is now threatening all of Western civilization, it is important that all of the Western peoples make a common stand against this common threat. The old Polish revolutionary slogan – “In the name of God, for our freedom and yours!” (W imię Boga za Naszą i Waszą Wolność!) – can point them toward this common cause: a confederacy of sovereign nations which will stand up for Western civilization.[5] [9] For the Dutch patriotic movement, all Westerners, all Europeans, and all Christians are welcome in such an alliance. For the Dutch patriots, all Westerners of non-Dutch descent who – like Géza Hegedüs – are born in our country, who have lived here all their lives, and who speak our language are considered assimilated, in the same way that in America all Europeans who came to pursue the American Dream are considered assimilated. It is time that all of the European peoples around the world, in their Eurasian ancestral homeland as well as throughout the overseas Anglosphere, unite and stand together. The Dutch patriotic movement congratulates all those who – like Géza Hegedüs – are bravely standing up for Western indigenous rights in the face of the new, semi-totalitarian hostile elite of “cartel politicians” and purchased journalists. In the face of this mighty enemy, it takes character and courage to stand up and say, “my people first”: American politicians who put America first and Dutch politicians who put Holland first deserve respect. The Dutch patriotic movement wishes them success in their efforts to drain the swamp of globalist political correctness and to kill the snake of anti-identitarian “deconstruction.”

This originally appeared at the Dutch Erkenbrand Website [10].


[1] [11] Géza Hegedüs is also a representative of the Dutch patriotic Work Group IDNL. Its English-language website may be found at www.identitair.com [12].

[2] [13] The original article is here [14]. Its title can be translated as “I  [meaning Hegedüs] think that the [indigenous] Dutch should remain the majority (group) in this country.”

[3] [15] Among the “damaging facts” cited were Hegedüs’ incidental contacts with Study Group Erkenbrand, the Right-wing think tank for which the present article was written. Its Website also now has an English-language component [16].

[4] [11] The original article is here [17]. Its title can be translated as “Wrong types [meaning patriots such as Hegedüs] can be interviewed without peril.”

[5] [11]Also cf. the author’s “Hellstorm: Ten Western Perspectives on the Eurasian Project,” Journal of Eurasian Affairs (2018), vol. 1.