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The Social Justice Warrior as Nascent Totalitarian

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Memetic discourse is historically unique, but there is a striking similarity between Social Justice Warrior (SJW) discourse and the totalitarian discourse of past eras. Political rhetoric in totalitarian societies is narrow and circular; everything that is said is just a reiteration of what’s already been said. Any original or nuanced thought in a totalitarian society is crushed or weeded out. Everyone must stick to the approved talking points and stay within the confines of the narrow and limiting ideology that has been bequeathed to them. Everyone has a “captive mind.”

Also, as with totalitarian ideologies of the past, within SJW memetic discourse there is a condemned group of people who are mercilessly and relentlessly attacked and blamed for society’s problems. The Communists and the Nazis both had their condemned groups. Whites serve this role in SJW ideology: everything wrong with society can ultimately be attributed to whites, particularly heterosexual whites, and most particularly male heterosexual whites.

White SJWs are compromised by their genetics, and they will be continuously monitored for ideological compliance. White SJWs are also required to show the proper level of subordination and humility toward the dominant victim groups. Even the most radical, orthodox SJW will be periodically subjected to some form of internal criticism and re-education – intersectional “struggle sessions” – if he or she is white.

As in Stalin’s Russia, SJWs have external and internal enemies. For SJWs, the external enemy – the “Other” – is conservative and moderate whites, especially if they’re male and/or heterosexual. The SJW’s internal enemies are the SJW whites, heterosexuals, and/or males who aren’t doing enough to prop up the more powerful victim groups, as well as those SJW whites, heterosexuals, and/or men who don’t flagellate and humiliate themselves enough to atone for their “privilege” and unfortunate genetic baggage.

In SJW discourse and politics, the biggest “victims” are in fact the most powerful group – they’re a sort of SJW proletariat. The most privileged victim groups are the vanguard of the SJW revolution, and they are the ultimate arbiters of SJW truth. (Think of Chairman Mao, whose humble peasant origins gave him the bona fide Communist “authenticity” he needed to rule.)

Thus, SJWism is an embryonic totalitarian movement and a fully developed totalitarian ideology. And I think it can be said that SJWism is a descendant of Communist totalitarian ideology in form, even if its specific content is somewhat different. Communism was an ideological tool that enabled some segments of society to seize power and use that power to marginalize the new Other, thus completing the cycle of transition.

Communist discourse (officially) relied almost entirely on economic arguments (though ethnic nationalism often turned out to be a more powerful force than economics in Communist societies). In SJWism, we see a tool for seizure of power that has the same form, same structure, and the same “mechanics” as Marxist-Leninism, but the content of its ideology is based more on sexual and racial identity and a hierarchy of victimhood than it is on economic class. In SJW ideology, economic class has been superseded by racial and sexual class, and class warfare has been superseded by racial, sexual, and gender warfare.

Economics still plays a role in SJW ideology, but insofar as SJWs subscribe to an economic theory, nine times out of ten they subscribe to a vague and generalized (and usually ignorant) notion of Marxism or “socialism” (“late stage capitalism” and other such buzz phrases are often bandied about), and in any event, race and gender are at the forefront of the SJW ideology, not dusty, old economic theories.

If SJWism was to become the ruling ideology in a multi-ethnic totalitarian state, I predict that ethnic nationalism would win out in the end and things would fall apart – just as happened in the Soviet Union with SJWism’s ideological ancestor, Marxist-Leninism.