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The Other N Word

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Jewish comedian Jackie Mason once made an interesting point during a Q&A routine he did at the National Press Club back in 1993. He said that black people are like women [2]. What did he mean by that? Not that blacks are weak or feminine in any way, but that both blacks and women (or, feminists, really) have a tendency to dictate how white men can speak to them. For example, if a white man calls a feminist a girl, or a Miss, that’s sexist. Why? Because feminists say so. Further, if a white calls a black a Negro (or, in Mason’s case, a schwartze), that’s racist. Why? Because the blacks say so. Of course, there are epithets that are always offensive: “bitch” and “nigger” are the two most obvious examples. What Mason was touching on, however, was how feminists and blacks constantly redefine what’s offensive – not due to any objective measure, but due to their own political agendas. This amounts to speech policing.

Mason, of course, was annoyed by this. Even more annoying was how he failed to mention that Jews are guilty of the same thing: always looking for anti-Semitism where there may or may not be any. Ever use the word “globalist [3]” in a negative way? Guess what? You’re an anti-Semite. And it doesn’t matter if you say you’re an anti-Semite. It matters if they say you’re an anti-Semite. There is no benefit of the doubt given. It’s the same with blacks and feminists. The anti-male freakshow that was the Brett Kavanaugh hearing [4] in November 2018 speaks for itself. Remember also the white Washington, DC staffer who used the word “niggardly [5]” correctly in a sentence twenty years ago? Yeah, he was condemned as a racist by ignorant blacks who didn’t know the word’s Scandinavian origin or that it means “stingy.” A niggard, after all, is a stingy person.

In a sense, however, Mason was more correct than he realized. This kind of behavior is womanly – but in a bad sense. It’s basically petulance projected from a position of weakness. It’s self-centered, mean-spirited whining, and an attempt to gain influence without earning it. I believe most white men have a distaste for such behavior because it is not honest and it celebrates mediocrity. It’s also cowardly because it promotes belligerence without any formal declaration of hostilities. Furthermore, it chafes against the First Amendment and other Enlightenment principles that some of us still cling to in our less-enlightened age. If we have a God-given right to freedom of speech, then we have a right to be given the benefit of the doubt when we use the English language correctly. Sometimes a niggard is just a niggard.

But white men do not have freedom of speech these days, and we are never given the benefit of the doubt. We constantly cede the initiative to feminists and non-whites whenever we let them henpeck us into defensive measure such as apologizing for speech transgressions, arguing our innocence in good faith, or, even worse, self-censoring. The recent Steve King debacle [6] in Congress shows that this is getting worse, not better.

Dealing with such abuse requires a paradigm shift that – so far – few white men are willing to make. Instead of bemoaning this state of affairs as unjust and wondering why the rest of the world can’t act like them, white men should recognize this as the new normal and start taking up some of these cowardly weapons for themselves.

I don’t like it, either. If it’s any consolation, we can attribute all this unpleasantness to the emancipation of Jews and blacks, and the advent of feminism, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This sort of thing became inevitable once these people were granted the same political rights as white men. Most Jews, blacks, and feminists can’t change their behavior, and it would be stupid of us to ask them to do so. Further, the power of the racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic charges are real. They can and have ruined lives; therefore we must take them seriously.

As the West becomes more feminized and more non-white, white men are rapidly approaching a fork in the road. Continuing along the path of race-blind civic nationalism will only lead to oblivion, since it does little to resist the leftward lurch of progress. This is tantamount to following gentlemanly rules of engagement, while feminist and non-white identity groups leech power and influence from white men by any means necessary. We must stop pretending that these groups are acting in good faith and recognize speech policing for what it is: an attempt to attain power and influence without having to earn them. It’s racist against whites, it’s sexist against men, and it is every bit as vicious and oppressive as its proponents claim white men to be. If we keep playing by the rules that blacks, Jews, and feminists lay down for us, white men will ultimately be powerless in their own countries and in their own homes.

Of course, white men could simply stop at this fork and do nothing. Despite the famous MGTOW logo, this is, in effect, what Men Going Their Own Way [7] are doing: they are opting out of history. By encouraging men not to have children and stay home to lick their wounds, they are essentially giving up the struggle. It’s tempting to do this, especially after being victimized by a feminized legal system which often affords more rights [8] to wives and mothers than to husbands and fathers. But giving up only hastens the leftward trip to oblivion for those men who don’t want to capitulate to the Left, or who are lucky enough to have married well. Hardly an acceptable solution – one that contradicts the fighting spirit that most white men possess, and have possessed for millennia.

Taking a right turn at this juncture would be optimal. This would ultimately entail the historic motion of breaking off from the declining West and reestablishing white ethnostates. Modes of government could then be formed which correspond better to human nature than the ones we have today. This sounds great, of course, and should be the end goal for any racially aware white person. However, this option is fraught with risk and likely will require a hot war or tremendous repressive measures to achieve. This is not to say that white men should give up on ever forming an ethnostate, but that we should recognize that we are not ready to do so just yet. And what can we do today to get ready for an ethnostate tomorrow? We can start by resisting the leftward pull of history. This will hasten the break and give us the greatest chance of success. After all, with the way things are changing demographically in the West, fighting for a white ethnostate in 2040, when whites will still make up around fifty percent of the population, will be a lot easier than doing it in 2080, when we will make up thirty percent or less. Since speech-policing white men is one of the Left’s primary measures of preventing this struggle from ever happening, this is what white men should resist most of all today.

“Resist,” however, is the operative word. One can say that Representative Steve King “resisted” the smears of the Left by proclaiming his innocence [9]. According to him, the quotes attributed to him by The New York Times were incorrect and taken out of context. The Times claimed he said, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization – how did that language become offensive?”, thereby insinuating that such language shouldn’t be offensive. King later explained that there should have been a period, not a dash [10] after “white supremacist.” His implication was that while the labels “white nationalist” or “white supremacist” certainly are offensive (and often unfairly ascribed to conservatives), “Western civilization” should never be.

So did this “resistance” work? Of course not. King was unanimously slammed in Congress. Republican leadership removed him from all committee assignments. And, in an absurd move, Congress passed a resolution condemning “white nationalism and white supremacy as hateful expressions of intolerance.”

Apparently, to say that white men are guilty until proven innocent would be giving too much credit to our enemies. They have no intention of establishing our innocence at all.

Imagine that between the leftward and rightward courses in this upcoming fork is an impassable cliff. In no way can the present direction be maintained once we reach this fork. Whites will ultimately have to choose either the left (i.e., capitulation to “progress” as envisioned by our enemies, which will amount to demographic suicide) or right (i.e., the establishment of ethnostates which will guarantee our survival). There will be no middle ground. When defensively resisting speech policing by the anti-white Left, people like Steve King are not pulling us closer to the rightward path. They are trying to keep us on the present civic nationalist course, a course that, uncoincidentally, concurs with many mainstream interpretations of Christianity. Such a strategy exudes weakness since it is not the strongest one we have at our disposal, and further, it fails to acknowledge the rude impact we have waiting for us if we think that civic nationalism will save us in the end.

The best way to avoid the oblivion of the leftward course and going splat against this impassible cliff is to adopt the Left’s favored method of demographic warfare: speech policing. We must do unto them as they do unto us. Had Steve King and the Republican establishment responded to censure from the Left by decrying the anti-white racism [11] of the Times and attacking the Democrats for saying racist things [12] themselves, whites across the country would be freer to speak our minds about what’s plaguing our culture these days – and how can we solve problems without even being able to talk about them?

But this still isn’t enough. Whites shouldn’t merely wait for attacks from our enemies before springing into action. We should also aggressively hunt for signs of anti-white racism [13] among our enemies and ding them for it. Every. Single. Time. We need to proactively police their speech. We need to constantly redefine what’s offensive to white people based on no other criterion than what’s best for us at any given time. To do this, we must find the kind of epithet that Jackie Mason was complaining about. Sure, there are the obvious ones like “cracker” and “redneck.” But our most powerful enemies will not resort to such crude attacks. They will veil their anti-white racism with other epithets, ones that can be quite deadly if used properly.

And what epithet do they use most often? Nazi. The other N word.

“Nazi” is the perfect weapon to use against white identitarians, since it galvanizes the Jews, who are the brains and money behind the Democratic Party. It also reminds the present generation of whites of whom their ancestors fought against in the Second World War. Nothing says “enemy” better than Nazi. Labeling someone a Nazi (or, more accurately, “nazi”) who has no affiliation with real Nazis and doesn’t parade around with Nazi paraphernalia not only permanently stifles that person’s voice in his own country, it also opens the door for all sorts of discrimination and abuse to be leveled against him, including violence [14]. But since the vast majority of the people being called nazis these days are not Nazis, we can draw the conclusion that this epithet is not honest in the same way that a redneck does not need to have a red neck in order to deserve such an insult. No, “nazi” is nothing less than a racial slur designed to intimidate and oppress white people, white men most of all. It’s basically “nigger,” but for white people. Anyone who calls a white person a nazi because he is racially aware suggests that all racially aware whites are Nazis. This is tantamount to saying that racially aware whites should have no rights at all, while racially aware members of other races should.

That is racist.

If we are serious about resisting the Left and ultimately splitting off into ethnostates, we need to start using the same weapons the Left uses against us. This means blasting Leftist individuals and institutions every time the N word leaves their lips or pens. And that happens a lot [15]. If we can start suing people on this basis, all the better.

And if anyone ever asks why such an epithet is so offensive, we should respond by saying “because we say it is.” That is all the reason we will ever need.

Spencer J. Quinn is a frequent contributor to Counter-Currents and the author of the novel White Like You [16].