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The Adults Left the Room a Long Time Ago:
The Transsexual Issue

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A week ago, I flew from my West Coast abode to a gym equipment and fitness symposium in Washington, DC. My lodging was provided by my older half-brother, who is raising a batch of teenage girls attending high school in northern Virginia’s expensive ‘burbs. After dinner, in his study, he explained that he was starting to become aware of transsexuals. In the current high school social scene, there are a great many. In this same scene there is effectively one hundred percent support for them among students, psychological experts, and society in general, as well as for their deliberate choice to pretend to be the opposite sex.

The local supermarket near where my older half-brother lives has a transsexual cashier, and his oldest girl has a transsexual friend who caused a family drama that, in my half-brother’s words, “didn’t put [him] in the parenting hall of fame.” Transsexualism has spread beyond the family level, too – a great many of the top “women” CEOs are actually men pretending to be women. Women’s sports is also being warped by the transsexual revolution. The top “female” athletes are increasingly transsexual men. The anti-transsexual feminists are correct: If society accepts men pretending to be women as bona fide women and transsexual accomplishments as bona fide women’s accomplishments, all gains by actual women will be swept away by boys wearing dresses. And while I am not supportive of feminist ideology in general, actual women making real achievements is something of value, and to have it swept away by fraud is immoral.

Transsexualism is the putative cure for a supposed mental illness called gender dysphoria. However, it is more likely that transsexualism is a social contagion [2], or to put it more simply: transsexualism is a fad spurred by the Internet. A socially anxious kid can become a “cool kid” to a degree if he or she comes out as “trans.” If a person takes hormones or undertakes sex change therapy, this fad – this misplaced response to normal teen angst – may very well lead to permanent, severe damage to one’s body. In the future, transsexualism and its associated hormonal and surgical treatments will come to be seen as something as barbaric as the lobotomy. That the transsexual phenomenon has become so powerful in today’s culture is a symptom of a common saying:

There are no adults in the room that is American society and culture.

Where did the adults in the room go?

Transsexualism is a social contagion which is wrapped in the package of the various social revolutions of the 1960s. It has all the ingredients of Women’s Lib, the Sexual Revolution, Gay Liberation, and the Civil Rights movement. All of those movements contained a great deal of social poison, and all of them would have been virtually forgotten by now except for the fact that the whole of mainstream American culture has deliberately chosen not to look at any of the results stemming from these movements. Pushing Civil Rights has burned cities, caused the 2008 mortgage meltdown, destroyed schools, triggered suburban sprawl, and saddled American politics with endless racial grievance issues. Sub-Saharan rule in every large city creates an urban prairie wasteland, and desegregation has made public transportation dangerous. The other movements also created problems: Women’s Lib led to the divorce explosion, and Gay Liberation helped to spread AIDS.

There was some pushback on the sexual elements of these revolutions. The former Religious Right – a mixture of Evangelical Protestants and conservative Roman Catholics – worked very hard to curb the problems of divorce and homosexuality while cravenly avoiding race realism, but this movement nevertheless collapsed for a number of reasons. First, they missed the boat on combating the HIV/AIDS plague. This created for a divide between the Religious Right and the mainline Protestant churches. Second, the Religious Right went all in for President George W. Bush. As his presidency sank as a result of his poor decisions, the Religious Right sank, also.[1] [3] Finally, the Religious Right was so focused on the abortion issue that they missed out on many other problems.

Other institutions have also failed in their adult responsibilities. Professional psychology has gone off the rails: smoking, “toxic masculinity,” and so on are all mental illnesses now, while schizophrenia and other, genuine problems remain uncured. The psychology profession has gotten its way in that the gatekeepers controlling entry into the profession are all upholders of the modern zeitgeist, which includes unwavering support for LGBTQ issues [4]. Likewise, the mainline Protestant denominations have all ensured that anyone seeking to be ordained or otherwise employed in the ministry is on board with the LGBTQ agenda.

Transsexuals aren’t really homosexuals

The trouble with transsexualism has nothing to do with homosexuality in general. Gay men in America have become one of the few groups that sometimes (though not always) field adults in the room. On the racial level, it could be possible that gay men might be beneficial to the group in a Darwinian sense. The exact mechanisms for this are uncertain, but the fact that gays still exist despite the fact that they tend not to reproduce and that their activities have often been suppressed throughout history hints that there must be some advantage to it. Further exploring this, however, is beyond the scope of this article. The point here is that transsexuals aren’t really gay men or lesbian women in the traditional sense, and this creates a number of problems.

The first problem is that transsexuals as a group are not really a homogeneous mass. An obvious split is man to woman and woman to man. There are also transsexuals who are homosexual, in that a man to woman is attracted to bona fide men, and there are heterosexual transsexuals, in that a man to woman is attracted to bona fide women. The same also exists in woman to man transsexuals. There are also transsexuals who merely pretend to be the opposite sex, and those who have actually undergone gender reassignment surgery. And then there are those who have not had surgery, but are taking hormone treatment.

Several adult statements must be made here regarding the next problem. One instinctively knows that men to women transsexuals have a large potential to be dangerous. Men dressing as women are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Women to men transsexuals run the risk of getting themselves in very dangerous situations. (It must be pointed out that Drag Queens are not really transsexuals. Drag Queens are merely an act.)

Transsexuals from the parents’ perspective

A dilemma for parents with teens is how to properly channel their children’s budding sexuality. In the case of boys, it is much simpler: the boys themselves must figure out how to control the very powerful sexual urges that come upon them in puberty. Learning to control these urges is part and parcel of becoming a man. With girls, the parents must do more to protect their daughters, given that the consequences of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy are quite severe. Parents should also help with matchmaking, although it seems this has largely stopped. Older women should be conspiring with each other to get their young men and women together.

One simple mechanism for channeling sexuality is to monitor the time one’s children have with members of the opposite sex. With a transsexual, that is all up in the air. In transsexual dogma (there is a dogma), one should automatically accept the chosen gender of a trans person, regardless of whether or not there has been actual surgery. There are no real signposts for social interactions with such people and there are all sorts of pitfalls. With the situation as it is, all parents are likely to deal with a transsexual as a friend, and thus face the drama.

Where to go from here?

The problem may very well burn itself out. Gay Liberation, of which transsexualism is the most socially constructed and unnatural part, has nowhere left to go. We now know that of all the forms of marriage, lesbian marriages are the most unstable, and very quickly the romance of such relationships will fade in mainstream culture. Gay men aren’t getting married in large numbers. In the future, we are likely to see a great many people who came out as gay in the early stages of their lives confess either that it was all an act, or that they were forced into such a life. The scandals and mea culpas have yet to begin, but they are on their way.

Regarding transsexuals, the consequences will probably be more extreme. The worst possible result is for a person who gets a full, irreversible sex change procedure to regret the decision. Another is when a person comes to realize that hormone therapy has damaged their body in some way, and that, in fact, he or she was an actual girl or boy all along. Psychologists who are urging socially awkward kids to become transsexuals to ease their issues are really only making their issues worse. Now the kid must do all sorts of work and still end up “misgendered” by people who think the transsexual is just an ordinary tomboy.

Some time ago, I watched an older man discuss Thomas Jefferson’s contradiction – a man who promoted liberty even while owning slaves. Regarding this, he said words to the effect that it is easy for a modern person to point out Jefferson’s hypocrisy and condemn slavery, given that the debate regarding slavery is long over. However, we are doing things right now that other generations will find immoral, absurd, and barbarous. Transsexualism is one such thing. While this phenomenon might burn itself out, the longer it exists, the more victims there will be of this foolishness. It’s better to fight it and help bring it down. It will take courage to reverse this absurdity given that the most popular, talented, and powerful support it, but the most powerful, talented, and popular have supported evil in the past – and that evil was nevertheless vanquished in the end.


[1] [5] One might argue that the progressive, mostly Protestant, Second Great Awakening finally collapsed over a two-year span when the Democrats swept the 2006 midterm elections; its midpoint was Jerry Falwell’s death in 2007, and its final moments came with the election of President Barack Obama.