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Gaslighting the Normies

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[1]Have I got news for you, folks. Apparently, someone used the word “family” at Googlestein headquarters [2] and the various inadequates, lunatics, and sodomites which comprise the workforce of the data-thieving gigacorp found themselves horribly offended. This accursed three-syllable construction is ‘exclusionary’; it triggers homosexuals, who like to think of their unnatural unions as families, barren spinsters, and cock carousel riding spinsters-to-be as well as someone whose, and I quote: “. . . family consists of me and several other trans feminine folks, some of whom I’m dating. We’re all supportive of each other and eventually aspire to live together. Just because we aren’t a heterosexual couple with 2.5 kids, a white picket fence, and a dog doesn’t mean we’re not a family.”

As the Jew said after his nefarious plot to subvert gentile well-being failed, “oy vey.”

Families are now homophobia, according to this ragtag bunch of inadequates which diligently spies upon you and sells your personal data to government agencies, criminal organizations, and advertising agents. The CivNat, garden-variety anti-SJW Sargonite clique are gonna have a field day with this one. Expect much signaling of centrist virtue from the likes of Jordan Peterson, (((Dave Rubin))), while the neocon after-shul special will probably sound something like “The Conservative Case for Abandoning Families.”

However, we in the brainier, non-cucked Right cannot merely tut-tut at the loss of muh freeze peach, call for the restoration of non-political workplaces, and sarcastically demand our audience imagine our shock at the latest in Leftist lunacy. Rather, we must delve deeper. We have to gain a profound understanding of what exactly we’re facing, why we are faced with it, what it intends to do, and how to combat it.

The Spandrell, one of the most incisive contemporary neoreactionaries, is of the opinion [3] that this is a power play, that the inadequates are lording their newfound power over a helpless normal majority, on pain of loss of livelihood. Speaking out against this insanity gets you fired, and in certain European countries, jailed. I, for my humble part, retorted that it also accomplishes the goal of humiliating us before our conscience, as Theodore Dalrymple points out [4], by forcing us to utter untruths, and absurd untruths at that. The regime destroys our sense of probity, constructing a society of emasculated liars.

The truth, I fear, is even deeper than that.

There’s truth to the statement that the lies our enemies spout are demonstrations of their power to lie with impunity, this is only true insofar as we know they are lies and have an alternative – the truth. Therefore, Leftist propaganda is power play against a red-pilled Dissident Rightist. Furthermore, the humiliation only functions is the globohomo has the power to compel us to utter these falsehoods, or at the very least remain silent and not question them, which implies that one lacks fuck-you money or at the very least fuck-you employment in the US, or applies to everyone in Europe where speaking out against these lies constitutes a criminal act. To a red-pilled man nevertheless hamstrung by his position in life, the propaganda is an agent of humiliation. However, neither of these two types of man are the object of propaganda.

The object of propaganda is yon humble normie, the salt-of-the-earth John Q. Citizen who diligently pushes the right buttons in his cubicle to keep the world turning. Now, it’s not likely that the propaganda will deceive our archetype of averageness – his body will by itself revolt against these lies. For example, no matter how many times one repeats that Bruce Jenner is not only a woman (a lie), but a stunning and brave woman (a damned lie), a heterosexual man will not desire to copulate with said masochistic, attention man-whore.  And yet, that it’s Caitlyn not Bruce, and that said Caitlyn is stunning and brave is repeated ad nauseam by the rich and beautiful, by the smart and educated, and most importantly, by the powerful. How is a normie to digest this?

Well, a better question would be “how would the white normie digest this?” We pale men have the blessing and curse of building high-trust societies. This doesn’t just mean we trust each other, but also that we trust our societal superiors in the government, priesthood (religious and secular), in the systems of production, and elsewhere to do what’s best for us, or at least not step on us too roughly. The Chinese have no problems when it comes to pointing deer and making horse [5]. It has something to do, I suspect, with the Chinese conception of the government as a dangerous tiger to be avoided. Deception is justified when one thinks like that. The Chinese also do not trust strangers, or each other for that matter. This, I think, imposes a hard limit on their civilizational attainment when compared to whites, but that’s a topic for another time.

The white normie, however, is the descendant of warrior aristocrats who roamed the Pontic-Caspian steppe, fighting among each other for pure prestige, and even before that, the descendant of men who lived on the edge of habitability in the frozen wastes of Northern Europe, perhaps even on the ice sheets itself, hunting megafauna, attaining prestige and status by this. We are, in many ways hunters, driven by that heroic quest for the truth as the most elusive of quarries. To be lied to is not pleasant. To be lied to, and prohibited from saying “you lie” is even less so. But being lied to while you’re prohibited from saying “you lie” AND having no words and concepts with which to retort is horrible. It’s more or less what gaslighting feels like.

Briefly, gaslighting is the systematic use of deception in order to make someone else question his memory, perception, or sanity. It’s a favorite tactic of sociopaths and narcissists to gain complete psychological dominion over their unfortunate victims. The usual way to do it is to do something, e.g. insult the victim and later on claim that the insult never took place and insinuating that the victim is inventing or imagining things, especially to third parties. This is especially insidious when the third parties expect a normal interaction between the abuser and victim, e.g. a normal parent-child relation and find claims that the abusers did abusive things incredulous. The phrase “no mother would do anything like that” might be bandied about.

Propaganda as gaslighting is somewhat different in our world. By assuming the commanding heights of society, our enemies have effectively created a situation where they are alone with us in the room, they the abuser who controls the information flow, we as a helpless victim. Imagine a child born to a narcissistic mother. Or better yet, plumb the YouTube archives for thousands of thousands of videos of people who’ve grown up with narcissistic parents. Few things are more pity-inducing than the stories of these wretched sons and daughters of real-life monsters.

Imagine being immersed in deception from birth, but unable to escape the truths embedded in your body and your very genes. Imagine being lied to relentlessly, having no way to the truth, yet still sensing that there is such a thing as truth, of something you’ve been denied and yet your body craves as much as it craves water, if not more so.

Now imagine being called crazy, or worse, evil, when you try to seek the truth. You’re terrorized into believing that only muh Nazis seek the truth. In fact, truth-seeking is self-actualization, it’s a vector into infinite space, which is the essence of Faustian man and therefore muh evil Nazis.

You’re not allowed to notice things. Noticing patterns is evil and crazy. You don’t wanna be like those crazy people we’ve cordoned off from good society. No, what you hear in the media and in the universities is true and any instinct you have to the contrary is evidence that you’re just as crazy as those crazy Nazis. You are bad for wanting to know the truth.

Reviled and persecuted as we in the dissident right may be, at least we have a model with which to compare the lies produced by the opposite side, indeed we can differentiate between friend and foe based on the quantity and quality of lies produced by various people and institutions, which is to say we can think politically in the Schmittean sense.

A good heuristic I use in my personal life is to be careful about trusting normiecons and CivNats who espouse a seemingly non-political globohomo lifestyle position. Carbohydrates vs. fats and long-distance running vs. weightlifting are particularly good heuristics. Mike Enoch and Eric Striker have perfected the art of identifying and decrying bugman behaviors. A grown man losing his shit over an overproduced, overhyped, and overpriced gaming system is in all likelihood not /ourguy/.

But the normie operates without this awareness. In fact, he’s not allowed to think in a Schmittean manner – he is bombarded non-stop with calls for “unity” and incessantly propagandized into fearing “polarization.” In fact, anything that helps him draw a distinction between friend and foe is bad, which brings us back to the war on noticing. Race, religion, ethnicity, language, lifestyle, these are all political things – things we can use to differentiate between friend and foe. To notice them is to have a map of the world, which allows you to orient yourself. However, he who can orient himself is neither lost nor frightened, and cannot be controlled, manipulated, molded and treated as a fungible asset by the Lovecraftian edifice which sits astride the world.

The propaganda serves to make the normie question his sanity whenever he questions globohomo. It doesn’t help that we on the margins have our eccentrics and weirdos. The thing about incessant, bare-faced lying is that it hurts the person being lied to, especially if the liar receives no comeuppance. For the normal white person, who has a conscience and finds lying wrong as an activity in of itself, the world stops making sense when liars go unpunished. It’s enough to make a bloke seriously consider himself insane.

Compounding the problem is the fact that our enemies control the psychiatric establishment, and in fact might have invented psychology and psychoanalysis as a means of industrializing the gaslighting process and giving it a veneer of scientism. The very idea of normative psychology makes me shiver. The entire field is intensely hostile to neurological pluralism, to the very idea that not conforming to the environment of, for example, the school is not indicative of mental illness. Fidgeting in class now constitutes grounds for loading up young boys with amphetamines. The psycholophasters work hand in glove with the pharmaceutical mafia to line each others’ pockets and extinguish the creative fire of Aryan man, smother it under mounds of lies and chemicals, so that they may reign over a wasteland populated by eunuchs, cowards and their nonwhite morlock familiars. Or so I’ve heard.

It’s not just silliness. It’s not just political correctness gone mad, as the center-right and other impotents like to say. It’s not just a deviant insisting that their commune of self-mutilating sex addicts wallowing in the filth of their own fornications is a family! It’s a case of soul-shattering chutzpah, lies so enormous as to mortify the spirit with all truth declared insanity and evil. It’s war on our civilization and who we are. And if we dare raise our voices, then in comes the friendly doctor who’ll load you so full of psychotropics, you’ll quite honestly love Big Globohomo.