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An Update on Francis Parker Yockey’s The World in Flames & Call for Der Weg

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We’d like to offer an update on our long-awaited anthology of all of Francis Parker Yockey’s extant shorter writings, many previously unpublished: The World in Flames [2] (click for details). We have come across German versions of some of Yockey’s essays that were published in the Buenos Aires-based journal Der Weg during the 1950s; in some cases, the English originals have been lost. We are looking to see which new essays we can discover and are having them translated back into English for inclusion in this volume. So far we have managed to uncover the first part of Yockey’s essay, “America’s Two Political Factions,” which was long thought lost; the second part has survived in its original form, in an issue of Frontfighter that we have. We are hopeful there are other texts to be found as well; we will know very soon. We understand that some people are growing impatient, but we want to make this book as complete as possible and we think our readers will appreciate having access to more material which is unavailable elsewhere when they finally have it in hand. Rest assured this will be our last delay, and as soon as we can integrate any texts that are found in the issues of Der Weg we have discovered, we will go to press.

And speaking of Der Weg, if any Counter-Currents reader has access to copies of this journal and could provide us with copies of them, this would be of great help to our research, not just into Yockey but into other interesting authors who were published in it, and we would make this material available in English translation. If you can help, please contact me at jmorgan (at) counter-currents.com. And thank you!