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An Alternative Kind of Deplatforming

Naomi Wu

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Recently, Naomi Wu’s story was brought to my attention on Twitter by Hank Oslo of the Myth of the 20th Century podcast. Naomi Wu is a tech adept from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), living in Shenzhen. She does a bit of coding, but mainly focuses on building gadgetry, and she has invented things such as LED display hats that project images over your face to help circumvent the face detection software that has become ubiquitous in the urbanized parts of the rather autocratic PRC. What makes her interesting to a Western audience is that she does vlogs about her gadgets on YouTube, and until recently she maintained a Patreon account. She has, in her own words, the biggest English-language following of any PRC citizen. But in the eyes of the country’s Communist Party, she is on the cusp of being a Western subversive. This is because she advocates for gender equality and meritocracy in tech. Frankly, this doesn’t particularly interest me, being the patriarchically-minded autocrat that I am. But it did interest VICE News.

VICE News contacted Wu, requesting to interview her as part of a report on her activities. Wu agreed, but wanted to keep the conversation focused on what she does in tech circles (3D printing, inventing gadgetry, coding), because talking politics to a major Western media outlet might expose her to PRC repression. To this effect, both parties signed a written agreement. VICE News, being the peddlers of quality journalism that we in the Dissident Right have come to expect, of course broke the agreement and focused mainly on her feminist activities, attempting to “debunk” a conspiracy theory which claims that Wu is just a pretty face who does video presentations about projects that are actually being carried out by a white man with whom she is in a relationship.

This allegation of her being a feminist (terminology that Wu stringently avoids, as it is a no-no term in China), combined with the notion that she might be a mouthpiece for some Westerner, would mark her as a clear agent of Western ideological subversion, which can get you quickly unpersoned and sent to a reeducation camp in China. Just ask the Uighurs, who are often accused of spreading subversive Islamist ideas, or the Chinese Christians, who are facing increased political repression. Wu was obviously not pleased and protested their decision, but the report presenting her as a proud feminist fighting Chinese tech’s patriarchy was released over her objections. Wu then spent several months gathering social media support and attacking VICE, at one point threatening to doxx its editor.

Here enters a character with whom we are familiar on the Dissident Right: Sarah Jeong, formerly of VICE, currently of The New York Times – and a committed anti-white activist. She is infamous for her tweets declaring her hatred for white people and their opinions. As Wu herself has pointed out, Jeong, quite hypocritically, only dates white men. Jeong was assigned the job of discrediting Naomi Wu’s claims that VICE had knowingly put her in danger, being the resident Asian. Jeong was born in South Korea, but left when she was only 3, and has only been back once on holiday in her entire adult life. That is the limit of her knowledge of both South Korea and Asia. Jeong opined that conditions in the PRC aren’t as bad as Wu claims, because she is familiar with South Korea and free speech is quite safe there. This is a rather strong indictment of the press’ relationship with reality, if not of their commitment to the truth. The New York Times subsequently published a video attacking Wu as being too feminine and sexualized, accusing her of only making vlogs to milk men for money, thus betraying the feminist cause. This could be true – milking betas for money is an established business model for Western women, after all.

VICE and The New York Times managed to get Wu kicked off of Patreon during their campaign, forcing her to quit activism and take a job coding instead. Wu has not been able to find alternative ways to obtain funding since then. PayPal and Bitcoin are blocked in China, as are GoFundMe and other sponsorship sites. For a time, Wu set up shop on SubscribeStar, but it was deplatformed by PayPal and MasterCard because Sargon of Akkad had migrated there after being banned by Patreon. And this is what initially attracted my attention. On one hand, her otherwise unrelated story ties in with some Dissident Right figures. On the other, she is facing the same deplatforming and media attacks that we are – funnily enough, from the same media companies.

I don’t much care about Naomi Wu as a person or her activism. She is a subversive element in China; she is attempting to spread feminist gender equality there. She is also a transhumanist, a philosophy I personally despise for its anti-human nature. But while I am uninterested in her fate, I find it ironic that the very same Social Justice Commissariat that is supposed to champion these ideas and its proponents is behind her persecution. It shows that profit motive is far more powerful to them than their supposed ideology. This is the neoliberal aspect of the ruling ideology showing itself: if they come under fire from their own side, they will deplatform and defund them, too.

Naomi Wu’s story ties in neatly with other recent stories of media dishonesty and harassment. The Covington Boys of course spring to mind, as does the story Buzzfeed made up out of whole cloth about Donald Trump instructing his personnel to lie to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. And now these dishonest journalists themselves are being laid off en masse, with over a thousand journalists being fired this week alone. So it is quite ironic that VICE would force Wu into a coding career – a job many of them may soon have to take themselves.

It is not only we who are facing these issues, but dissidents of any kind who do not perfectly align with the ruling neoliberal, Cultural Marxist agenda. It is therefore perhaps possible that a broader coalition consisting of more than simply the Dissident Right could be formed in an attempt to get some kind of alternative payment platform going. That coalition might not last, but as financing is one of the biggest constraints we face, if we can find a way to solve it, we will be that much closer to advancing our agenda.




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  1. Éordred
    Posted January 29, 2019 at 4:01 am | Permalink

    If people want to know more about the specifics of Wu’s case, she wrote two very lengthy articles in somehwat broken English on explaining the whole situation from start to finish, with screenshots of twitter and email exchanges with the media and a copy of the agreement she signed with Vice.

  2. Frag
    Posted January 29, 2019 at 7:34 am | Permalink

    Good article. appreciate your concise style of writing. Keep it up.

  3. mak_p
    Posted January 29, 2019 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    This is great in that it points out the contrast between China’s internal and foreign policies. Chinese are actively supporting and financing the social degeneracy in the West, all the while moving their own society in the increasingly socially conservative direction of the sort that would be unimaginable in the West. This is as obvious as it is in the case of Israel, but many on the Right appear to be almost willfully ignorant of it.

    (On another note, nice to find another openly anti-transhumanist fellow, and here out of all places. Transhumanism appears to be increasingly popular in the more intellectual corners of the Right these days.)

    • K
      Posted January 29, 2019 at 3:23 pm | Permalink

      Is there direct evidence they are financing the social degeneracy? I ask because I keep running into rightists who think Chinese are this bastion of traditionalism that is against globalism.

      • Comtaose
        Posted January 30, 2019 at 5:40 am | Permalink

        China is very much like Israel in this regard, preaching and practicing open, strong, even strident traditionalism and ultra-nationalism within its border and on its own populace, while singing high praise of globalism on the international stage with the main target being the western societies. Hypocrisy and duplicity galore indeed. The main mentality and motive behind China’s aforementioned strategy and corresponding action is very apparent in that China aspires to subjugate the West and replace US as the new dominant power in the world, thus it sees great advantages in emphasizing its own unity and cohesion to consolidate its own position both materially and mentally, i.e. ethnonationalism to itself; while at the same time sparing no effort to undermine, weaken, atrophy, soften, enfeeble and emasculate western men with every possible means, i.e. globalism and multiculturalism to the West.

        It is of course understandable for White nationalists to admire China’s ruthless tactics and want to learn some of them, but ultimately it must be born in mind that China deems the western white men as the ultimate rival and adversary to defeat and subdue. It would be utterly senseless and stupidly self-defeating to blindly admire and extol China’s premeditated and self-serving “nationalism” and “anti-globalism” for its own sake without realizing the true intent and scale of the Chinese Menace that is the source of its calculated and disingenuous alternate employment of nationalism and globalism.

        China the nation thinks in purely “win-or-lose”, “zero sum game” mode of ultra-nationalist and hegemonic terms and is determined to become the new master in the current and near-future international geopolitical power contest despite its frequent, smarmy, and sanctimonious lip service to “cooperation”, “win-win”, and other globalist bullshit. It is my impression that some otherwise intelligent and perceptual White nationalists such as Andrew Anglin has recently let their newly found fondness of and admiration for the hardcore uber-nationalist and ethnocentric China blind their rational perception, much like a similar take on Islam did to the minds of many western White nationalists previously. This is understandable, but plainly impetuous, unwise, and wrongheaded. China as a nation state remains indisputably the ultimate rival and adversary of the West and the White race in a long run. Whites may do themselves good by learning some of the tough mentalities and badass tactics of China or Islam selectively, but should never forget China has avowed and exerted tirelessly to incapacitate, defeat, and subjugate the White people of the West and should never confuse methods (appreciating China’s merits and strong points) with goals (preserving and defending the White interests and White survival, bewaring China’s evil ambitions and plots against the West).

        As to the specific point whether China is financing social degeneracy in the West, direct information in this regard is indeed scanty, but considering China’s unmistakable geopolitical aim and long term strategy as described above, as well as the fact that China has been actively infiltrating the western societies especially into the media circles of US and other western countries by means of purchase and acquisition of various media outlets and collaboration with Jew controlled Hollywood to concoct pro-Chinese propaganda campaigns vigorously using its financial clout, combined with another revealing fact that China’s official media has ceaselessly and luridly painted a false picture of “racist” and “White supremacist” America and constantly and ridiculously condemned the “oppression” and “discrimination” of blacks and other minorities by Whites in US society in its domestic propaganda on its own people even this day, it is logically predictable and sensible to conclude that the Chinese money and effort are becoming increasingly a collusive part of the Jewish-globalist agenda of multiculturalism, egalitarianism, diversity and depravity for the White people in their ancestral homeland.

        As I have repeatedly and amply argued and demonstrated above and in previous occasions on this platform, China has been masterfully employing an alternate use of nationalism and globalism according to its different needs in the sense of serving its own interest and harming that of the White West all to its own advantage and to the detriment of the West. China uses nationalism to maintain the regime’s legitimacy and rally its own masses, capitalizes globalism to further enrich and strengthen itself with economic and commercial gains, and uses globalist, multicultural-egalitarian poisons to further compromise and corrupt the White nations. Today’s China is not defying or countering the Globalist-Jewish agenda in any genuine and principled sense, the two sides, both harboring ulterior motives, are actively working with and using each other. They are jointly plotting against the White nations hand-in-glove for a near-future global co-domination, and are simply haggling over prices and bargaining about profit division with each other. The time of their final showdown will come, but only over the cold dead corpse of the White West. It is thus the solemn and inescapable duty of every self-proclaimed White nationalist and racialist, and for that matter, of every Japanese and Indian nationalist as well, to thwart and foil the evil and sinister Jewish-Chinese plan in pocket for all gentile nations East and West.

        • K
          Posted January 30, 2019 at 6:48 pm | Permalink

          I have experienced Chinese hypocrisy first hand and as always thanks for responding Comatose. I found your articles helped me understand my experience in China. I had tried explaining to many nationalists that China is not this defender against globalism and they are the one of primary beneficiaries of globalism, but without more in your face evidence for many rightists will still think China is some ally without understanding China’s mentality and absolute hostility towards whites.
          Anglin among others does not know what he is asking for when being happy about Chinese led rule. Like you said many nationalists admire Chinese deep nationalism which makes them inaccurately think China respects White people’s right to sovereignty.

  4. LS
    Posted January 29, 2019 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    The author states:

    “She is a subversive element in China; she is attempting to spread feminist gender equality there. She is also a transhumanist, a philosophy I personally despise for its anti-human nature. But while I am uninterested in her fate, I find it ironic that the very same Social Justice Commissariat that is supposed to champion these ideas and its proponents is behind her persecution. It shows that profit motive is far more powerful to them than their supposed ideology.”

    I do not agree with that conclusion. I would suggest that their attack was motivated by the resentment of some lumpy female in the apparatus of ‘VICE News.’ And concerning politics, I don’t think they find women whose ready success puts the lie to their oppression narrative palatable in general.

    And there is another issue related to resentment: I suspect many of these junk-credentialed white liberal females are resentful of the success of smart non-white females with marketable disciplines. I think they realize they are being overtaken by their psychological and intellectual superiors. In a way, the world is passing them by. Naomi Wu represents that somewhat.

  5. Francis
    Posted January 29, 2019 at 10:14 am | Permalink

    This worries me.

    Americans have lost their spirituality. To be an “American,” means to advocate a Eurasian infiltration and the promotion of globalism. Americans can’t be white, but they are allowed to be “white” if everyone was Eurasian.

    The Elephant in the room is this consensual race mixing among GenXers and Millennials who see Asians as “one of us.” The irony is that it will create a new race that wont’ have much of a purpose.

    Obviously, the wake up call might happen in the next three decades. Or maybe, they will co-opt all these Eurasians into a new racial identity that is similar to Jewish exceptionalism.

    • K
      Posted February 2, 2019 at 2:36 am | Permalink

      It is likely the Chinese will just absorb the half-breeds back into their race. They have no problem with race-mixing as long as it is whites and on their terms. The thing they don’t like is white men taking Chinese women, but that aspect has nothing to do with mixing and has everything to do with their inferiority complex. A Chinese man gets a lot of face for bedding and marrying a beautiful white woman even more so if he has children with her. They see it rightfully that they are being conquered or beat in a sense when another man takes one of their women. That is part of the reason people that think they are traditionalists are fools.

  6. Altitude Zero
    Posted January 29, 2019 at 11:08 am | Permalink

    Wu illustrates that Vox Day is right when he says “Don’t talk to the Media!” No matter what they may say, no matter what “agreements” you may have with them, no matter how sympathetic a journalist might seem to be, they will destroy your life if they sense that they can get even the slightest advantage from it, and of course this goes double if you’re on the Right. I don’t agree with Vox Day on a lot of stuff, but he’s dead right about this.

  7. Gnome Chompsky
    Posted January 31, 2019 at 9:06 am | Permalink

    Force fired conformist Internet journalists into coding careers?

    ROFLMAO, they are too stupid.

    Data entry, maybe, for the few, if any, who can touch-type.

    Had to say it.

    Otherwise, interesting article and mainly interesting comments.

    K is very correct about China and *trade* globalism, it is clearly to their advantage for some time to come, but I am not so sure about the rest of it.

    If governments such as those of, for example, the U.S.A., Candidia, and Australia were not so eager to sell their own people out, instead falling over themselves to de-industrialize and sell huge amounts of land and housing stock, and a second passport, to wealthy Chinese, the situation may be different. You cannot blame the P.R.C. government for the craven actions of your own politicians, nor for viewing the situation and thinking ‘these polities are just full of lunatics’.

    I read that Australian politicians recently, instead of doing anything for their people, gave a long-term lease on their main northern port to China. This is doubly funny because, it seems, they are letting the U.S. Marines and U.S.A.F. Strategic Air Command use nearby facilities at the same time.

    Anglin is all over the place, but he is a good and entertaining writer, though his enthusiasms shift by the week or month.

    The site he runs does a good job as a red pill (not for me, was already there), and some sharp commentary. It isn’t TOO or CC, etc., but has its place.

    I was showing a couple of (east asian) colleagues a Memetic Monday when we dined together very late last year, they understood all of the visual jokes, and had a laugh, let’s face it, the modern western ‘left’ is simply sad clown world, without the sympathy factor of a true sad clown.

  8. JB
    Posted February 5, 2019 at 12:21 am | Permalink

    On the Chinese, read Ralph Townsend’s “Ways that Are Dark.” Some things never change.

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