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American Sardaukar


Lance Corporal James Blake Miller, USMC, during the Second Battle of Fallujah in November 2004.

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I don’t even have to check the comment section of Éordred’s excellent “Der Fall Amerika [2]” to know that there’s going to be more than one claiming a variation of “not all Americans are like that.” I know this because this was at the back of my mind while reading it, and because, of course, not all Americans are like that. I mean not just that there are good Americans like our gracious Editor-in-Chief here at Counter-Currents, but also there exist vast swathes of the American public who are enemies, active or passive, of the selfsame globohomo which so disgusts Éordred.

They’re deplorables, rednecks, Trump-voters, bible-believin’ Christians. They’re the salt of the earth ‘muricans who didn’t quite build the nation as much as tame its vast hinterland and subjugate the Indians. They’re the people of President Andrew Jackson, of lawman Wyatt Earp, and of General George S. Patton. Oh, and Larry the Cable Guy.

These are the people who go hawk ptooey when you mention the federal government (hawk ptooey), who fought against the savage host of the tyrant Lincoln (hawk ptooey) in the War of Northern Aggression, and who later ran moonshine to make money and spite the anti-fun Puritans of the North (hawk ptooey). They stand today against globalism (hawk ptooey), immigration (hawk ptooey), degeneracy, (hawk ptooey) . . . heck, everything we dislike, ‘cept ‘murica.  Most of what disgusts Éordred makes these people spit spitefully.

They are, in a sense, natural allies of the European nationalists, if only we could stop leveling our criticism against “Uhmerica the Stupidful” and thereby trigger their patriotism and innate distrust of European stuff, especially the hoity-toity stuff that sets our hearts aflutter. They are themselves European nationalists, in the sense that they are nationalists of country derived from Europe (the USA). I am talking about those strong men and beautiful women who are American by birth and Southern by the grace of God: the Scots-Irish, the sons of the Southland and them white men of good character as took their culture later on.

They are the people closest to us in temperament, spirit, and culture. Theirs might be the last honor-based culture in the West, with the exception of us Eastern Europeans. They are a warlike nation, descended from men of the borderlands between England and Scotland, herders who had to protect their flock. They have contempt for civilian government, and they’ve seen many lords come and go. They rely on self, kin, and the gun. Hard in visage and temperament, the men are men and the women are women.

If elsewhere, parents tell their children “don’t fight,” in the Southland, the father will say “don’t fight like a pussy,” and then teach yon Southern youngblood to deck his brother as a man should, from the hip. If the mother interferes and attempts to soften the little shits, she gets a taste of the belt. This does not often happen – Southern women are tough and know their place. The Appalachian mountains hide what John Denver called the “misty taste of moonshine” – and well they should.

While we have good reasons for being suspicious of alcohol in today’s Dissident Right, let’s not pretend that a warrior culture doesn’t need something like it – strong liquors for strong men with which to court courage and celebrate victory. The South is a place where kin is the be-all-and-end-all of all things. Not for nothing will a self-respecting redneck boast of his many cousins. Many cousins means many rifles pointed at whoever wronged you. Many cousins means many places to hide when the law (hawk ptooey) comes after you. Many cousins means many opportunities for work when the hard times come. Now for the obligatory inbreeding reference – it means that the wealth and hemophilia stays in the family.

Way I sees it, pardners, is them Southern boys is like Uhmerica’s Balkan, minus the internecine warfare. Or . . . huwell, it’s family feudin’ in the stead of mutual genocide.  Being a half-savage Balkan boy myself, there’s a strange kinship I feel for these people. I’ve met many Americans over the years, but the Scots-Irish are the only ones who understand that me and my brother are better men both for having fought each other with intent to injure at various stages of our development (most recently in October 2017; he’ll remember that one for a while). Silly and sappy though this song [3] may sound to others, it makes me suffer, not just for the little towns of the South, but for the little town where my grandfather was born, hollowed out by the globohomo. Oh, and you thought Larry the Cable Guy isn’t gonna feature any further. Huwell, pardner, you had it wrong. Larry the Cable Guy is probably the only guy who can make me laugh harder than Mr. Bean. And I don’t mean one of those hee-hee chuckles. No, Larry the Cable Guy makes me laugh with my belly (by virtue of his ginormous belly).

They’re also the people on whose backs the Potomac Hegemony got built.

The Southerners, the Scots-Irish are those who fight the rich North’s wars. They fought and died on the shores of the Tigris and Euphrates, they’ve seen the most intense urban combat since Stalingrad at Fallujah, and their blood stains the ancient rocks of Afghanistan and fertilizes the rice paddies along the Mekong river in ‘Nam. Southern men fight in the thrall of the effete Yankee-Yiddish elites who aim to remake the world in the image of their insane utopia. This elite holds them in contempt, and yet they keep on fighting, out of a misguided patriotism for an Uhmerica that no longer represents them, and in fact hates their guts.

Because of all heretofore written, I call them American Sardaukar.

My country has had the misfortune of running afoul of the Potomac Hegemony’s agenda at least two times that we know of. Both times, we were forced to accept humiliating terms under threat of annihilation, for the crime of having run-ins with one of the Hegemony’s bioleninist [4] client tribes. My countrymen have a healthy distaste for all things American. I once got into a fight with a guy for quoting Benjamin Franklin on the subject of beer. In the guy’s defense, he was completely blotto on the aforementioned liquid, as befits a savage warrior Balkan boy. As was I. In fact, I was too drunk to fight back, or feel his relentless blows. Ah, memories.

I call them Sardaukar after the soldiers of House Corrino in the Dune novels. They enforce the will of the Padishah Emperors; they are soldiers beyond compare, raised on the brutal world of Salusa Secundus. They are the key to the hegemony of the Imperial House Corrino over the Known Universe in Dune. Only the defeat of the Sardaukar at the hands of Paul Atreides’ Fremen brings an end to House Corrino and the dethroning of Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV.

There’s much to admire about the courageous and warlike Sardaukar. They exemplify strength – even the Fremen who end up displace them as elite enforcers of Imperial will respect them as great warriors. The Sardaukar are fanatically loyal and no strangers to the use of cruelty as a means of psychologically dominating their enemies. I call America’s warrior caste Sardaukar because the Sardaukar are one of the very few examples in fiction of a warrior race that fights for the bad guys (who are of a different race), but who are nevertheless honorable and admirable.

Two major differences between the Padishah Emperor’s Sardaukar and American Sardaukar must be noted. Firstly, America’s warriors do not live the best of lives, second only to the Emperor – and this will become important later on. Secondly, the downfall of the Hegemony will not transpire as in Dune, where they clash with an even tougher warrior race, the Fremen, but rather through a decaying in the quality of American Sardaukar.

Let’s start with some things we more or less agree on. The Potomac Hegemony has infinite financial resources due to their control of the petrodollar and the overwhelming power of the US military, which is largely manned by the Scots-Irish. This allows them to play economic tricks. Thus, the mainstream economists have no clue what’s going on, whereas the heterodox economists can’t stop bellyaching about debt. However, this isn’t a problem. If you’re strong enough to crush your creditors, do you really owe them? Several ruffians I’ve known in my time would say quite to the contrary, those creditors owe you an apology for even thinking of you as a debtor.

The Potomac Hegemony is also controlled by people who either have a burning passion for despising white people, are intent on acquiring gnostic powers – or are weak, ineffectual bureaucrats who are also rather dumb and naïve. In all probability, it’s all three and then some. Oh, and much though they may hate white people, they especially hate the American Sardaukar for reasons . . . well, it has something to do with the gnostic powers. Apparently, the magic doesn’t work unless all of intermixed humanity is under their power, and it also probably has something to do with the fact that the Potomac Hegemony consists mostly of nerds who ineffectually jack off while the pretty girls run after those strapping redneck boys in uniform. Well, that’ll learn that alpha male!

So, what happens is that the Potomac Hegemony is in a sense sawing the branch it’s sitting on. They’re dumping Mexicans, blacks, and other . . .  ahem . . . disruptors into the lands and neighborhoods of the American Sardaukar. But more than that, they have tasked their servile lieutenants in the media, Hollywood, the medical and psychiatric establishment, and most insidiously, the pharmaceutical industry into shredding the culture of the Scots-Irish, marinating them in degeneracy, dumping opiates into their communities, and profiteering off the suffering of this warrior race, insulting them as they go. The redneck who has bled like no one else for America is the butt of every joke; he is decried as toothless, witless, and inbred, and his daughters must become temple prostitutes for diversity if they are to redeem themselves from their evil, racist heritage. His son must not in any circumstance become masculine and confident, for he might fight back against the thieves of his patrimony. It’s better for him to become a homosexual and thus strike yet another blow against his own people. White Americans of all stripes, but the Scots-Irish most of all, are dying of despair: alcohol, drugs, and suicide. The opiate crisis could either be deliberately orchestrated to injure this population, a cynical money-grub by the Sackler crime family [5], or a natural outgrowth of genuine despair; as well, of course, as that typically American custom of taking pills for everything. It doesn’t matter, ultimately. The result is the same.

And if that wasn’t enough, remember that infinite money cheat that the Potomac Hegemony typed into the console? Well, it also allows them to run infinite deficits without financial ruin.

The thing about deficits is, despite what the practitioners of that voodoo called economics will tell you, they have a price. Value departs your country for foreign lands, and only by improving domestic production as a result of the incoming goods (or cash) at the same rate as the value departing the country can one justify the deficit. Otherwise, your country’s currency suffers, and you’re faced with inflation. That’s never fun, though you can develop an impressive lower back from carting wheelbarrows full of trillion-dollar bills to the local convenience store.

You can sidestep that by forcing everyone else to use your funny money. The Hegemony has done that by means of foisting the petrodollar on the world, backed by its immense military might. So, you can run infinite deficits, which allow you to prop up your various satrapies, even those as cannot survive by themselves, and that’s without even getting into the whole foreign aid thing. HUZZAH!

Well, you’re still systematically pumping value out of your country, not gaining from the exchange, and papering over the loss with funny money and other financial shenanigans (it’s good to keep in mind that Wall Street is a Hegemony outpost). That means you’re decreasing the capital value of the land itself, which is to say, its ability to produce. Eating your seed crop, if you will. Or more precisely, destroying that capital which serves to employ Heartland America and the Scots-Irish in particular.

Now, unemployment is no picnic, as I discovered to my great surprise when I quit my job as a wildly successful insurance salesman in order to become a full-time hipster independent filmmaker. But hey, you can go on welfare, right? Then all you have to deal with is the boredom and self-hatred which arise in white people whenever we are not gainfully employed. Oh, and the Scots-Irish are a warrior caste, remember. They turn to violent, criminal, and ultimately self-destructive behavior if they’ve got nothing to do and no enemy to squish. They rapidly develop a rather nasty form of the work-resistant personality [6]. This transfers to their children, who grow up watching Pop drink beer, watch sports, and do precious little else with his life.

Replaced, poisoned, countersignaled, reviled, betrayed, unemployed, unemployable. Civic nationalism – the ideology which the Potomac Hegemony has crafted to keep them in thrall to the skin of old America that the Hegemony has worn in a disturbing Buffalo Bill fashion since 1865 – is falling apart (and good riddance). The Scots-Irish are getting the memo. They’re checking out. Every month, it seems we hear of how the US military is running out of golems to act as enforcers of the yarmulke lobby’s will.

In a previous post [7], I mentioned how the Red Empire, the Right-globalist wing of the US government, doesn’t really care if white people are replaced, because they can play at Caesar just as well with brown toy soldiers. Well, that’s what they think. In reality, they depend on the American Sardaukar, this highly loyal, tough-as-nails, high-IQ race of true grit and integrity. No amount of shifty-eyed Mexicans, most of whom join up to learn skills to be later monetized as sicarios for the cartel, or maybe even to deal some drugs to their fellow soldiers, will paper over the gaping, redneck-shaped hole in US military might.

Vox Day recently made a video [8] (Darkstream!) explaining how the US military is finished. I was expecting something more inspired, but it came down to something about how China is producing new anti-ship missiles, and muh carriers. I’m sure it’s a valid military concern, but seriously, this is the downfall of US military might? Some new form of anti-ship missile? Doubtless shallow historians of the future will declare it the Wunderwaffe that tamed the Western barbarians and Made China Great Again, but . . . it’s a stick which goes boom on one end and whoosh on the other.

No, what’s lacking is the brains, balls, and wherewithal to develop a counter, a counter-tech, a counter-tactic to this new technological threat. And to do that, you need a dedicated, fanatical warrior caste with roots in its country, which isn’t reviled by the elite it serves, which isn’t poisoned, deliberately or otherwise, by that same elite’s myrmidons in the pharmaceutical crime syndicates, and which is above all not threatened with extinction by being outbred in its own nation. You need the sons of borderers, the tamers of the Appalachian mountains. You need those guys which the Hegemony hates so goddamn much, they’re willing to threaten their own position on top of the world to destroy it. You need Jackson, Earp, and Patton, and yes, even Larry the Cable Guy. You need the American Sardaukar.