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2018: The Year to End all Years
(And What to Expect from 2019!)

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It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad. In fact, quite a few good things happened in 2018 – in the world, and even in our Movement.

Just for kicks, let’s first look at what the Establishment is celebrating. CNN ran an article on its website with the encouraging title “2018 Wasn’t ALL Bad: Here Are All the Good Things that Happened in the World.” One will find herein listed such milestones as

  1. “Meghan Markle became the first woman of color to join the British royal family.”
  2. “The first Muslim and Native American women were elected into Congress.”
  3. “Texas elected the first openly LGBTQ African-American woman judge.”
  4. “Colorado elected the first openly gay governor in the US.”
  5. “Nevada became the first state with a majority female legislature.”

It’s reassuring that CNN has its priorities in order. Meanwhile, the opioid crisis continues unabated. But, take heart: “Major fashion brands united against climate change.”

Nothing has been done to address undoubtedly rampant election fraud, all of it benefiting Democrats. But at least “A city in Georgia [South Fulton] became the first to have its criminal justice system led entirely by black women.” The original article quotes black Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers saying, “It came together very organically.” That is an excellent choice of words and should be taken quite literally. We are told that “Sellers hired Cofield [also black], the court administrator, and then they worked together to hire everyone else [also black].” Progress!

Meanwhile, CNN continues, “For the first time in Marine Corps history, a woman was in charge of an infantry platoon.” Hit the dirt! (Have you ever seen a woman handle an assault rifle?)

Europe’s migration crisis hurtles onward, with Sweden seemingly on the brink of civil war. But – hurrah! – “Scotland became the first country to back teaching LGBTI issues in schools.” (LGBT . . . . I?)

Advances in mechanization continue to eliminate more and more jobs for the unintelligent and unskilled, while in Europe and America the unintelligent and unskilled keep streaming in. Indeed, they are touted as the solution to all our problems. While there appears to be some hope for Europe (especially in the formerly-Communist countries), over here it remains to be seen whether Orange Man will ultimately do anything to stem the tide. But fear not! “African-American films showed up strong in Golden Globe nominations,” and “Crazy Rich Asians and Black Panther led the way in diversity and inclusion at the box office.”

My friends, the cluelessness of all this is actual reason for hope. As Greg Johnson said in his recent review of Jan-Werner Müller’s What is Populism?, “take heart: an establishment this out of touch is truly doomed.” Indeed, 2018 has presented us with some strong reasons for hope. If forced to name the single most important event of the year, I would definitely cite the Yellow Vest protests in France. (More important even than “the caravan.”)

The odious Macron (otherwise known as Jupiter) swore he would not give in to their demands, then quickly did an about-face and offered concessions. But the protests show no signs of stopping. The Establishment media has done a good job of trying to portray them as exclusively concerned with a proposed fuel tax (levied to combat “climate change”!). But the truth is that many are the complaints of the Yellow Vests – which they have made explicit in public statements – and among them is the crisis posed by unassimilable foreign migrants.

The Establishment has responded with vigorous proofs of their irrelevance. Macron’s crumby concessions notwithstanding, his detachment practically rises to “let them eat cake” levels.

Near the end of the year, Madam Merkel announced in a speech that “nation states today must be prepared to give up their sovereignty.” She went on to state that governments should not listen to the will of the people on matters of immigration and national sovereignty. Helpfully, she pointed out that there is no such thing as “the German people,” and that “the people” just means whoever is living within a nation’s borders. If Merkel had gone on to state that not listening to “the people” is the way to protect democracy from “populism” I would have been unsurprised. The ironies are so thick today, as is the hypocrisy and shamelessness. Only a few weeks earlier Macron had announced that “Nationalism is treason.” I’m tempted to call this Orwellian, but Big Brother would have had too much sense to adopt such a slogan.

Of course, it doesn’t much matter what Merkel says – and here we come to the really good part. Her CDU is polling so badly she had to step down as its leader, and has promised she won’t run again for Chancellor in 2021. Theresa May has botched Brexit so badly she has promised to step down as her party’s leader when the next election comes around. And on December 18th, Belgium’s Prime Minister was forced to resign over the migration crisis. With Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland in the hands of nationalists, and the Danes, Slovaks, and Czechs holding firm to sensible immigration policies, things are looking up.

Here’s what I think we can expect in 2019. First of all, the Yellow Vest movement is already spreading to other European nations. There is deep dissatisfaction among the indigenous peoples of Europe – the true Europeans – and they are closer to open revolt than anybody has imagined. I predict that we will see the spread of violent protests across the continent, even in the most seemingly emasculated nations like Germany, Sweden, and the UK. The Tommy Robinson protests of the past year were misguided but they were about much more than Tommy Robinson – and were a sign of things to come. If Britain holds a “second referendum” on Brexit, and thus tries to completely subvert the will of the people, there will be riots. The Sunday Times has already reported that there is a plan in place to deploy troops to the streets in the wake of possible chaos following a “no deal” Brexit. Surely this also applies to the scenario of no Brexit at all.

Of course, we should not expect that the globalists are going to relinquish power without a fight. In the US, 2018 saw a continuation of the Left’s unhinged attempts to get something, anything on Trump. He has even been accused of ruining Christmas.

Perhaps the most unpleasant American political episode of 2018 was the Democrats’ gang rape of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This proved once again, if any further proof were needed, that for all its moral posturing the Left is utterly without principles and without shame. We should expect more of this in 2019, especially since Democrats will soon take control of the House of Representatives.

Europeans should expect more clumsy attempts to punish dissent. This includes a possible attempt by the EU to criminalize criticism of migration. This is the move of an Establishment that is on the defensive, and ultimately it will only make things worse for them – and better for us. This is not to deny, of course, that in the short term some good people may suffer as a result of such laws. But we have to remain focused on the long term. We have arrived at a point where all the claims about the “New World Order” once dismissed as paranoid fantasies have now been proved obvious truths. The agenda is the replacement of indigenous white peoples, the destruction of national sovereignty, the nullification of democracy by an unelected elite, and the suppression of all criticism of this agenda. One has only to consult the statements that are now openly made.

Stateside, we still at least have the First Amendment, and can count on its not going away anytime soon. Nevertheless, there are plenty of threats to free speech. For example, a bill has been proposed that would impose financial sanctions on Americans who support boycotting Israel. The bill has an impressive list of supporters, including Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (((surprise!))). It was drafted with the help of (((are you ready for another surprise?))) the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. After objections from civil libertarians, the bill was toned down: the original version made boycotting Israel punishable by up to 20 years in prison! A number of states have already passed their own versions of this bill.

Expect to see more of this in 2019. Such laws, when challenged, will likely not survive the Supreme Court. Expect to also see more censorship of conservative and nationalist views by tech companies. But here I am also optimistic. This censorship has been widely criticized. Millions of Americans depend on such sources as Google and Facebook for all their information. It is now obvious that tech company censorship has the power to affect the outcome of elections. Expect increased discussion of regulating these companies as public utilities. At the very least, the tech companies may, up to a point, back away from such censorship to forestall any legislation.

2018 also saw the publication of two outstanding books which will help us tremendously. One was Chuck Palahniuk’s Adjustment Day (which I reviewed here). It’s a “sequel” of sorts to Fight Club – the Atlas Shrugged to Fight Club’s Fountainhead – and it reflects Palahniuk’s deep immersion in the culture of the Far Right. Palahniuk isn’t one of us, and the book parodies many movement “types.” But ultimately it will only help us, whatever its author’s intentions may be (and they are murky at best).

The other book is Greg Johnson’s White Nationalist Manifesto, which is the best-argued, most eloquent brief summation of our ideas out there.

True, there were other good tidings in 2018. The summit with North Korea. Unemployment at its lowest level since 1969. Trump pulling troops out of Syria. That woman who gave birth after receiving a uterus transplant. The conviction and incarceration of Bill Cosby. South Korea closing its largest dogmeat slaughterhouse. But the foregoing sums up what I found most significant in the year that was – and where I think we’re headed. I expect big things in 2019, and I have set lofty goals for myself. In 2018, under one nom de plume or another, I wrote 26 articles for Counter-Currents. In 2019 I plan to match that, or outdo it. I have said it before countless times and I will say it again: our Cause is the only thing that truly matters right now, and the only thing that is worth fighting for and living for in this time of decline.

What will you do for our cause in 2019?


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  1. Steve
    Posted January 1, 2019 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

    Did anyone see Chuck Palahniuk on the Joe Rogan experience talking about the Alt-Right and that he is an avod reader of the Daily Stormer? Link below.

    • Jef Costello
      Posted January 2, 2019 at 12:14 am | Permalink

      Yes! I linked that in my essay on the book.

  2. Oil Can Harry
    Posted January 1, 2019 at 7:46 pm | Permalink

    Excellent piece. BTW remind me not to get arrested in South Fulton, Georgia.

  3. Elenka
    Posted January 2, 2019 at 4:23 pm | Permalink

    Jef, the more you write, the better off we are.

    And I intend to continue my subversive efforts in the enemy camp.

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