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Inshallah, the THOTs

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Why do we have such things as white Sharia?

I mean, it’s a funny meme, and sharing images of Ramzan “Ginger Sharia” Kadyrov to trigger jihad-watching BoomerCons is highly entertaining, but hardly anything is done just for the lulz. Now, whether there are people out there who sincerely support white Sharia is of no consequence. People support all sorts of stupid ideas, as the success of Scientology will attest. But to me, white Sharia was always something to bash people over the head with – a big ole club which arises in my mind’s eye whenever someone says shibboleth or shillelagh or whatever nasty implement burly potato Slavs use to kill each other.

Why do we have such things as the MemriTV screengrabs?

MemriTV appears to have been begun as a project by Israeli intelligence to translate Arabic- and other kebab-language media into English, as a way to “shine a spotlight on hate speech wherever it appears.” Translated into sensible speech, it means trying to turn Western eyes on the ways in which Muslims express themselves in their media – contrasting Islam against liberal values and implicitly decrying Muslims as savage, for not living up to said liberal values.

In the early days of the meme, some guy in a Facebook group decried it as a “psyop by an Israeli general.” Which I suspect it honestly began as. The way I sees it, if it’s true that it’s an Israeli psyop, it shows us how the Jewish ability for memetic warfare atrophies when they’re not surrounded by gentiles, either that, or they assumed the sale too far. Memri TV backfired horribly. The internet cheers on the “hate preachers.”

The failure of MemriTV as a propaganda effort I suspect comes from the fact that in showing us how those bad Muslims are horribly illiberal, sexist, racist, anti-Western, anti-media and antisemitic to the point of hating every Jew except Jerry Seinfeld, it shows us ways in which Muslims are free and we were not.

Muslims can quite freely name the Jew – in fact, naming the Jew is required if you want to have some status among Muslims. Muslims can frankly discuss racial and gender differences, as well as proudly proclaim their religion. Muslims can freely declare themselves superior to other faiths. Muslims can freely demand that women submit to them. Muslims can freely condemn homosexualism, atheism, and other forms of anti-natural behavior. Most importantly, though, Muslims are free to be unapologetically masculine.

Whether you’re a student of history, in tune with your natural instincts, or fond of lending an ear when Grandpa’s halved the whisky, you’ll remember that we, the emasculated, proscribed and hated white men of the West, used to be like that. We were free, we were frank, we were candid, we were unapologetic, we were dominant, and we were masculine.

I won’t get into what happened. Bigger brains than mine have tackled that question. What concerns me is this instinct of the white man to feed his dormant masculinity with imagery and memetic from foreign climes, where it’s no longer illegal to be a man’s man. I’ll invoke the wisdom of my fellow bearer of the superior Balkan genotype, one Mike Enoch, who in a recent appearance on Jean-Francois Gariépy, claimed that today’s dissident rightists were rap-loving whiggers in the olden days. According to his reasoning, it’s because rap was the last refuge of masculinity, before my pick for president come 2024 waltzed into the scene with his skinny jeans, college degree, and submission to an a posteriori form of Kardashianism.

Nihilistic and materialistic, rap was nonetheless atavistically masculine. In our fragilizing, sanitized, contemptibly safe world, any shred of adventure, even if it boils down to popping a cap in yonder nigga’s ass cos he said yo mama suck broke ass muhfugga dick, or some other bix nood reason is like broccoli to a starving man. He’ll demean himself and offend his taste buds in order not to starve.

When Greg Johnson rightfully decried white Sharia as a dead-end meme, I nonetheless felt a need to play devil’s advocate for the cause of white Sharia, even though there’d been no cogent defenses for white Sharia from the white Sharia types. This is my way of dealing with the fallacy fallacy, which is the fallacy of assuming an argued position is false because it’s fallaciously argued. In defeating the steelman (opposite of strawman) of a position, we can learn quite a lot, even if the steelman itself is wrong. Specifically, if someone is sane and acting in good faith, they bring you important information even when making a bad argument or arguing for a wrong position.

When people who should know better agitate for white Sharia, when your edgy friends on Facebook give thots a taste of their shoes, we are witnessing a primal scream – white men yearning to be masculine and yearning for meaning. We need to feel confident in ourselves and we need to link our souls to the transcendental. The two seem to be linked in some strange way. YouTuber Nick Fuentes is a milquetoast in many ways, but a steel-spined lion when thots need patrolling. Witness here on Jean-Francois Gariépy’s show how he mercilessly patrols a pornstar thot who tries to virgin-shame him. Sincerely held belief can turn a man into a conquering cunt destroyer while his willie is still by woman unspoiled. I can’t prove the connection, but I’ve seen religiosity go hand in hand with contempt for feminine wiles enough times to recognize that there’s an Empedocles’ dog type situation there. Maybe religion provides heuristics which allows otherwise timid men to act with courage against female narcissism. Maybe anchoring oneself to the infinite transfers its resolve to he who is anchored to it. Who knows?

I presume that the readership is bright enough to understand that white sharia and whiggerdom are very bad ideas.  What we need is an authentically white and western expression of masculinity, one that hopefully is linked to the transcendent in a way only white people can be – nonwhites are disappointingly shallow in the spiritual realm. Nowhere is the presence and absence of the Faustian spirit more evident than in the realm of faith. Sadly, I don’t think we can have a bespoke Männerbund dedicated to powerlifting and prayer – such things are only forged in the crucible of history, when a white man pushed to his physical limits exerts outward an indomitable will and when crushed on all sides by the ugliness of the world, reaches into himself, into a reserve of infinite space to create a universe of meaning. God knows how many brave boys were crushed into the mud before this thing that modernity took down was built. Remember that nobody gifted Spongebob Squarepants his pineapple house. He acquired it through jihad.

What I predict will happen is a sort of retreat-with-an-attitude from the world. The sexual utopia is distracting the alphas, but the average beta Joes, the guys who thought they could be moderately masculine good providers and access women in this manner, they’re getting pretty bitter. You don’t want bitter betas. Bitter betas turn nasty pretty fast. Oh sure, you can threaten them with job loss and maybe even prison, but you know what’s even worse than that? Genetic death – dying without issue. Wives and children are what society throws at the feet of betas in hope they don’t burn it the fuck down. A beta denied this bare minimum has no incentive not to burn society to the fucking ground. Better, as the man said, to burn out than fade away. Better to die in a prison riot with a slain foeman at your feet and a defiant snarl on your face than waste away playing Sony Nintendoes and pocket pool at age 58. It’s a bit dramatic and some guys will go down this route, and others still may yet, to quote a recalcitrant Jewess, shrug and stop carrying the world on their shoulders. Busy bees that they are, the labor of betas built this world. And they’ll take it down by merely going away.

When the world goes away, a new one will be forged to replace it. Whoever does that will have the sort of thing that we like about Memri memes, white Sharia, whiggerdom and other forms of masculinity. There will be a strong faith behind this someone, an anchor to the transcendental. And, it will be an authentically white expression of faith and machismo – ever reaching into the infinite, ever projecting its will, ever patrolling inshallah, the thots.


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  1. EF
    Posted December 28, 2018 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

    Nicholas you’ve made some excellent points, and yet doing so with a light touch. Commendable.

    Muslims don’t take sh-t AT ALL when it comes to their religion. For instance some years ago a play was put on in London depicting Jesus and His disciples as homosexuals. The “Christians” did NOTHING, the Muslims, since Jesus is a revered prophet in Islam,, took to the streets and they closed it down, the play disappeared.

    Americans are even worse, Larry David in his HBO show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ had on his best friend Jerry Seinfeld, they did a segment where they visit a Christian family and the painting of CHRIST is URINATED on by David as Seinfeld grins.
    William Donahue the head of the Catholic League wrote a letter to HBO for an apology, he NEVER heard back from them.
    Imagine if a major network trashed Judaism? Yeah.

    White Christians have let America become what it is…Hezbollah fights for Lebanon Christian AND Muslim, they have a Christian segment! So don’t be surprised, or all that disdaining of some looking for a solution in that outlook. White males have let White women abort millions of their babies, because (((the Tribe, their sycophants, and their bedfellows))) want Whites exterminated. So Hezbollah, as a White Catholic woman wrote years ago, might just be a “MODEL FOR MANLINESS”

    • Buttercup
      Posted December 28, 2018 at 3:46 pm | Permalink

      I think an article on the now-disappeared original alternative right site put it well, that just like the Architect in the Matrix, nature has the view that “There are levels of civilisation we are prepared to accept.”

      However, when white men are switched on to the fact that they are being targeted based on their race, they immediately adopt racially solidaristic attitudes. The bulk of normiecucks and fence sitters are our market, not hardened liberals. Deeply conservative attitudes towards abortion are still common and not yet illegal, thankfully.

      • Wanred
        Posted December 31, 2018 at 9:10 am | Permalink

        Any chance of finding this article again, Buttercup? Or could you elaborate on “There are levels of civilisation we are prepared to accept.”?

        • Buttercup
          Posted January 1, 2019 at 8:50 am | Permalink

          Sadly because Spencer isn’t fit to be a dogcatcher in Minecraft let alone IRL he’s not only failed to republish and publicise the Alternative Right dot com archive, but has actually deleted it (I just google-fu’d and Radix has an index of authors that goes to nowhere).

          The article (I can’t remember the author) was riffing on the idea that if white civilisation contains the seeds of its own demise, then nature will be largely indifferent to an Islamic world, and playing on the meme from The Architect in the 3rd Matrix film. The Architect threatens that there are “levels of survival we are prepared to accept” (basically, that humanity can be turned into robo-serfs if they don’t come along quietly). The film is largely bullshit but it was a good cultural throwback at least. The article equated this to an Islamic Europe if a White Europeans dont get their act together.

          I don’t believe that White Sharia is what it will take, and think that syncretists who peddle this sort of stuff have gone off the reservation as Islamisation and a browning of whites out of existence go hand in hand. However when it comes to tough choices, there are levels of survival that we have to be prepared to accept. Stay tuned for commentary on this in an upcoming analysis of “The Day of the Triffids”.

          • Posted January 2, 2019 at 1:28 am | Permalink

            Be that as it may, NW Europeans are the least kin-selected of people on the planet. Perhaps when racial solidarization is finally achieved, it will be too late. But I believe there is hope because our enemies have married anti-white activity with anti-masculine activity. The attack on masculinity is what will rustle many more jimmies.
            And gods be praised, most of the PUAs are on our side.

    • Seek
      Posted October 16, 2020 at 2:11 pm | Permalink

      That Muslims are “offended” and driven to violent revenge merely by satire speaks of their own infantile personalities, and not of supposed Western decadence.

  2. Arthur Konrad
    Posted December 28, 2018 at 3:22 pm | Permalink

    To return to the basics:

    The state of anomie is often simply the expression of incapacity. When men say “I don’t believe in monogamy anymore”, what they actually convey is “I don’t believe in my (our) strength to establish monogamy through exercising physical and moral authority”. Or in other words, witnessing the cuckoldry of the previous generations, men embrace decadence as the norm.

    “Clever” philosophers of “natural rights” often remark that in all deviancy of sexual life nowadays, nature strives to assert some kind of imaginary right of hers, but as one man remarked, the only thing that is 100% “natural” is living in a cave and dying of dysentery at the age of 31.

    Men used their strength, wit and belief in their own right to establish Civilization, and that includes monogamy as well. That monogamy cannot support itself without firm social structures is evident, but unsurprising for everyone but the unexperienced men who believe we somehow went from dugouts to Notre Dame by relying on our own inertia.

    P.S. Even the polygamy of certain cultures such as Islam and Mormonism is radically different institution from the “free love” of the supposed “natural” world.

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