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The 2018 US Elections:
A Near-Death Experience

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The 2018 US elections were actually very good for Donald Trump. As of this writing, the Republicans gained 3 seats in the Senate and lost 28 in the House of Representatives.

The Lying Press and certain White Nationalist commentators are, of course, spinning this as a repudiation of Trump. But that is false. It is a long-standing phenomenon in American politics that the party of sitting presidents loses in the midterm elections. Thus the yardstick to measure what has happened is past midterm elections. In the 1994 midterm elections, Bill Clinton’s party lost 8 seats in the Senate and 54 seats in the House. In the 2010 midterm elections, Barack Obama’s party lost 6 seats in the Senate and 63 seats in the House.

The worst case scenario was a Democratic takeover of both houses, which would have allowed Trump’s impeachment. Republicans lost seats in the House of Representatives but gained in the Senate. If the House votes to impeach Trump, the Senate will stop them. Democratic control of the House will, however, stop more standard Stupid Party tax cuts, which is a good thing, for it will help Trump re-focus on what got him elected in the first place: border security, economic nationalism, and an America First foreign policy.

And there is every sign that Trump is refocusing on these essentials. For in the last weeks of the campaign, Trump seems to have had a political near-death experience. He saw just how perilous his hold on power really is. He saw just how suicidally stupid Republican politicians are, running on tax cuts and economic growth while America is disappearing before our very eyes. He saw the migrant caravans being formed and sped toward the border for a Camp of the Saints test of nerve. He saw Jews weaponizing the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre [2] against him and the First Amendment. He saw Jews in the Forward [3] and the New York Times [4] openly admit that anti-white race-replacement immigration is regarded as a path to permanent power by the Jewish community and the Democratic Party.

Fortunately for Trump, the Left decided to make this election a referendum on Donald Trump. For Trump is far more popular than most Republicans. So Trump sprang into action, with a frenzied and grueling schedule of campaign rallies that would have killed many younger, weaker men. For a few weeks, we saw the Trump we loved from the 2015-2016 campaign again. Whatever happened to that guy? We want him back.


And it worked. Based on past midterm elections, this could have been much, much worse. Trump may have just saved his presidency. It remains to be seen if he has just saved America.

In truth, the losses were well-deserved. The Republicans deserved to lose because they strayed from Trump’s populism. Trump deserved to lose, because he strayed from his populism too. By returning to basics at the last possible moment, he almost performed a midterm miracle. Again, it could have been so much worse.

But a lot of us are skeptical now. We are wondering if Trump trotted out ending birthright citizenship and other populist red meat merely to save himself and his worthless party for another round of tax cuts, foreign policy distractions, and fundamental betrayals of white America. Trump has to start delivering, or we will not fall for the same routine in 2020.

A near-death experience is often an occasion to examine one’s life. When one actually feels in one’s guts just how short and contingent life can be, one tends to re-evaluate one’s priorities. One gives more time to genuinely important things. One lets the small stuff slide. Trump saw his whole presidency flashing before his eyes. Let’s hope he saw much more: America’s death or rebirth. Let’s hope that he gets back to Making America Great Again.

This election was also a near-death experience for the Right, especially White Nationalists. We should know by now that we can’t depend upon Republicans. And Trump himself is at best on probation. We can only depend on ourselves.

We’ve got to stop deluding ourselves with white pills and powders. We were never the vanguard of Trumpian populism. Nor is our job to delude others with Trumpian 4D chess apologetics. From the very start of Trump’s campaign, I said that White Nationalists need to use Trump, rather than let Trump use us. And when Trump was first elected, I said that White Nationalists need to play the role of Trump’s loyal opposition on the Right. We want him to succeed. But he won’t succeed unless we constantly battle against the bad policies and people who have deflected his administration for the first two years from the populist-nationalist vision that got him elected. Our greatest assets are truth and the credibility the comes from speaking it. Some of us have squandered that capital shamelessly for the past two years.

Trump is not the last chance for the white race in North America. He is merely the last chance to save the present American system. He is their last chance, not ours. But the establishment is too stupid to realize that, so they want him gone. A lot of them want him dead. By opposing him, they only hasten their own end.

White Nationalists need to get serious again. Trump will probably not save us. That was always a long shot. Thus we have to save ourselves. We would be flattering ourselves to claim that we are the last hope for the white race in North America, since many generations to come will join this battle. But we should act as if that is true. We should weigh our every word, our every deed, as if the fate of the world is entirely on our shoulders. It focuses the mind wonderfully.

White Nationalists have been drifting from defeat to defeat basically since Trump’s victory. We were strongest when we were a leaderless, non-hierarchical, largely online metapolitical movement attacking the false ideas and terrible consequences of multiculturalism, as well as mocking the stupidity and moral squalor of the establishment.

We became weaker when we decided prematurely that it was time to follow leaders into street confrontations with antifa and the political system that coddles them. We can win any argument or flame war. But we can’t win street battles. It is time for us to get back to what works: metapolitics, the propaganda war. For all the bluff posturing about taking the streets, we do not control one square inch of American territory. But once we change minds, the establishment has proven itself powerless to change them back.

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