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The Ironies of History

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The ravages of old age are mitigated by its consolations. Physical action is slowed, but one’s actions seem more purposeful than those of youth. It takes longer to learn things, but the things learned in old age seem more meaningful. At the very least, the wisdom afforded by old age grants a depth, a new perspective as it were, to the not always systematic formal and informal education that one received as a child. In my seventh decade of studying history and pondering historical subjects, I have come to the conclusion that the chief motivating factor of history—indeed, the hermeneutical key that unlocks the secrets of historiography—is not the Great Men of history à la Carlyle, nor the quotidian minutiae of the Annales School, nor even the eschatological certainties of Christianity or Marxism, but irony.

Yes, irony, “the state of affairs that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects,” is, in my opinion, the governing force of history. How many persons in 1918 thought that the actions they were taking to ensure that there was never another “War to End All Wars” would practically ensure that another, even more deadly conflagration would take place? Who in 1776 could have imagined that the phrase “All men are created equal . . .”—a throwaway line in a cobbled-together document written hurriedly under impending British attack—would be used to justify granting civil rights to people who by their own devices had invented neither the wheel nor written language? Imagine the incredulity of the many Christian martyrs viciously murdered by Muslim rulers and their Jewish satraps if they were alive today to witness the sorry spectacle of millions of their co-religionists celebrating every act of violence perpetrated by the descendants of those who murdered the man they believe to be the Son of God. The list of such ironies goes on and on.

It is, therefore, more than amusing to watch the unfolding of current events with their myriad ironies front and center. By all rights, the consequences of the ill-conceived and poorly-executed Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally should have halted the advancement of White Nationalism in its tracks. Yet, by overreacting to the rally, the Left has actually done White Nationalism a great service by removing the so-called political leadership of the Alt Right from public activity. The ineptitude of the Alt Right’s leaders was of a Keystone Kops magnitude, and the sophisticated and well-thought out theoretical program of White Nationalists was being drowned out by LARPing Nazis, semi-incestuous Stahlhelm-wearing Okies, and podcasters who think that they are being edgy because every other word they say is a grammatical variant of the f-word—that is, when they aren’t blaming the baby boomers for all of the world’s woes, including their own inability to get on in the world.

Lacking Alt Right targets, the Left started to attack civic nationalists, establishment conservatives, and all manner of normies. More White Nationalists have been created in the year since Charlottesville than in the previous decade, which would not have been possible if the Nazi LARPers and their ilk had still been engaging in political activism. Ironically, the Antifa’s attack on Mitch McConnell and his wife while they were dining at a restaurant may prove in the long run to have been a much more crucial factor in enshrining the Fourteen Words in federal law than all of the Tiki torchbearers LARPing as Hitlerjugend. Furthermore, the Alt Right’s demise has allowed White Nationalists to sever their ties with a failed—perhaps more accurately described as a stillborn—political movement. White Nationalism is a much larger and much more important political and intellectual movement than any subset within the Left-Right political spectrum. For White Nationalism to succeed, it will need to be led by intelligent, mature, sober, rational, self-aware realists—that is, adults. The stakes are too high, the barbarians are at the gates, and the fate of Western Civilization (read White Civilization) requires that no more self-inflicted wounds like Charlottesville can be allowed to occur again. As such, allow an old man to offer a few words of advice:

  • Optics matter: We can discuss the nuances of Nazi ideology or the efficacy of Mussolini’s corporatism after the Fourteen Words have been made manifest. Until then, displaying the Hakenkreuz, making the Roman salute, or singing the “Horst Wessel Lied” are needless provocations that serve no practical purpose.
  • Don’t behave like Hillary. It’s always a bad political move to denigrate a class of potential voters. Remember Hillary’s deplorables? Not many voted for her. Do you really think that many baby boomers will vote for your candidates if you continue to blame them for every bad thing that has happened since Adam and Eve’s banishment from the Garden of Eden?
  • Odin and Baal are not making comebacks. LARPing as Vikings or ancient Phoenicians is not a viable religious alternative. It is also not likely to attract many people to the cause of White Nationalism. Remember that Christianity is an essential part of white civilization and that the Gramscian race through the institutions began in the Church, and was first denounced by Pope Pius X in his 1907 encyclical Pascendi dominici gregis. If you want white people to regain a sense of spiritual purpose, you’d be far better off to help the Church (in both its Catholic and Protestant manifestations) recover its religious backbone and anti-Semitic roots. There is no better way to defeat the evils perpetrated by the Jews than in a vigorous and self-confident Church that has shed its dispensationalism and fully admits what is obvious to anyone who has read the Bible: the Jews killed Jesus and Jews are no longer the chosen people.
  • Think before you act. If you can’t hold your liquor, it’s best to hold your tongue. Don’t invite the world’s press (that is, Leftists, aka the enemy) to your meeting and then all but encourage your participants to do stupid things like giving the Nazi salute. Also, don’t expect to be able to organize a revolution if you can’t organize a conference that proceeds to its scheduled conclusion without being shut down.


  1. SO
    Posted October 30, 2018 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

    All so very true… The squabbling whites have over specific historical/social phenomena or positions is flat out retarded when the very ability to have these discussions is under threat (ie existing in the first place…). To be frank, getting whites to agree on anything is fairly difficult, but this has of course led to the most philosophically and ideologically productive, dare I say diverse, civilization on Earth. But so many are focused on their niche ideology or the abstract injustice of X historical event, so many just want to be *right* and that hit of dopamine that comes when others concede to them. Very much like herding cats. The 14 are all that matters at this point in history.

    Also, I’ve always thought it so strange how one finds people in this movement advocating for ancient, defunct religions, the traditions of which we really don’t *understand* no matter how much reading one does. Even though I am not a Christian myself (I’m not an atheist, either), it is the spiritual and historical bedrock of every extant white nation today, the starting point. Getting Christians to remember who killed Jesus, and, most importantly, that they are *not* the chosen people anymore is paramount. Every time I hear a Christian call the Jews God’s chosen, it makes me want tie them to a chair and force feed them the Bible (that they clearly haven’t read). The Israel-worship from evangelicals is honestly one of the few things that makes me deeply uncomfortable.

  2. Posted October 30, 2018 at 5:41 pm | Permalink

    I strongly disapprove of this:

    “The ineptitude of the Alt Right’s leaders was of a Keystone Kops magnitude, and the sophisticated and well-thought out theoretical program of White Nationalists was being drowned out by LARPing Nazis, semi-incestuous Stahlhelm-wearing Okies, and podcasters who think that they are being edgy because every other word they say is a grammatical variant of the f-word”

    It wasn’t alt-right people who caused violence at the rally. It was sabotaged by the city intentionally pushing alt-right into antifa. Prior to the daytime rally the torchlight procession went off without a hitch, proving to all concerned that it is antifa and the establishment working hand-in-glove that are responsible for the violence.

    Secondly, any public showing of Rightism you can expect some cosplayers to come out – and it’s not implausible that they are agent provacatuers from the establishment, media, or simply troublemakers.

    Thirdly, TRS are an intelligent and strategic crew and have withdrawn from public rallies precisely because of how badly things went and how little control they actually had to prevent this. In a retrospective on TDS of antifa assaults on Proudboys/Oathbearers and similar groups they all agreed that not being a public target was invaluable as the Left would lash out at the centre-right in their absence. Your digs at them aren’t constructive content.

    “It’s always a bad political move to denigrate a class of potential voters”, and it’s also a bad political move to denigrate an entire subset of movement people who are not only your allies, but are willing to risk jail, unemployment, fists, flamethrowers, acid and pepper spray to represent your views.

    “Remember that Christianity is an essential part of white civilization” /Was/ an essential part.

    Charlottesville was not a self-inflicted wound. It was partly Wannabe Fuhrer Grandstanding (Richard Spencer), establishment aggression (revoking permits at the last minute, forcing right wingers into Antifa), and partly a simple tactical mistake of demonstrating in enemy territory and thereby allowing things to be taken control of. It was a learning curve for TRS, Kessler and the other organisers.

    That enough people had enough manpower to stage a demonstration – even an ill advised and foolhardy one – is a point to our side that ideas are gaining traction. I’d rather have a growing movement with some Bad Optics Misfires than a stagnant and declining one. I think Charlottesville was a good thing that went as well as it realistically could have.

    Any mob is an implicit threat – it shows the number of people aligned to a cause who’s support can no longer be counted on if they are pushed too far. Charlottesville showed that the overton window was being stretched to breaking point and, I believe, helped pull it back in our direction by showing the depth of public support. If Charlottesville hadn’t been staged then, perhaps Lindsey Graham would not be talking about ending birthright citizenship now.

    Overall I am very disappointed in the tone and tact of this article.

    • Quintilian
      Posted October 31, 2018 at 5:14 am | Permalink

      Anyone with a room temperature IQ could have seen that inviting people flying Nazi banners to meet in a city completely controlled by the radical left was a disaster in the making. Intelligent political leadership means picking battles wisely. Just ask King Pyrhus. As to your disappointment, get used to it. Life is full of disappointments and I’m sure you will experience many more before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

      • Posted October 31, 2018 at 5:39 am | Permalink

        You seem hellbent on burning bridges that don’t need to be burnt. The Left never disavow their crazier or kookier elements, but here you are disavowing peaceful demonstrators on your own side based on how it will be covered by the controlled media. Your article seems almost purposefully trollish and your response to my reasoned points is a slight and a snub.

        Take your own advice, pick your battles wisely – don’t demean your own side over what could have been done better historically, ESPECIALLY when TRS actually agrees with you and have said in their shows that they don’t think nazi or confederate cosplay is relevant or appropriate.

        Save your energy for writing better content. Spitting ire at me about how I should get used to disappointment (will that be your stock response to readers deciding to no longer bother keeping up with your work?) is astonishing in its immaturity. If you can’t even take constructive criticism from fairly harmless pop culture critics, you have no business advising anyone on leadership.

        • Quintilian
          Posted October 31, 2018 at 7:16 am | Permalink

          Calm down Buttercup and try to think logically and strategically. I am not trying to burn bridges; in fact, I am trying to get Boomer-baiters to keep from self-immolation. Because of the insanity of the Left, Boomers and Normies are coming over to our side. Tucker, Rush, and Ann Coulter regularly talk approvingly of our positions. The horrors of the 1965 Immigration Act are discussed openly at gatherings of Boomers and normies. Every week sees the Overton Window moving to the Right and with it Normies and Boomers more accepting of our positions as mainstream. It is the quintessence of political stupidity to constantly denigrate an entire category of people who are moving in our direction at an accelerating pace. Another thing to consider is that deplatforming is going to become an even greater issue in the near future and you may find out that you will need the particular talents of the Boomers, to wit, the ability to write a check, address an envelope, and mail it. Remember, we funded political movements in the past without Paypal, and for us the Internet is only a convenience, not a necessity.

    • Posted October 31, 2018 at 9:08 am | Permalink

      Great post.

  3. Russell
    Posted October 30, 2018 at 7:27 pm | Permalink

    I think that you are wrong in one regard. That the gods of ancient Europe are not making a comeback. As one of the many people practing and spreading the old ways, I can assure you that we are coming back. It won’t be the only way but it will be a force in the future of our discussions. Christians seem to discount our religion as LARPing and forget about the thousand years that we fought to hold onto our gods. Ours is a way that is still compatible with our folk soul and compatible with a modern life. Any sort of Universalist faith will fail to provide a haven for our people. It was Christianitys need to spread itself that helped put us into this position in the first place. If I can recommend Alain De Benoits “On Being a Pagan” and Colin Clearys “Summoning the Gods”

    • Franz
      Posted October 31, 2018 at 3:06 pm | Permalink


      Very true.

      It’s been over 7 decades now that Robert Graves gave everyone the Black Pill and said we either return to our ancestral ways or wait till we get blasted back to the caves. Nothing Graves said in the late 40s sounds dated. If anything, he’s more timely now than then.

      As a peace offering I might just note that Jesus the Carpenter as a man-god fits the Greek stereotype well enough that Christians can be accepted as a Brother Tradition, as long as they know our non-Christian folk aren’t going to dump the elder gods for the Canaanite retrofit.

      Might go over, might not. But offering an olive branch makes sense.

  4. R. Gene Pool
    Posted October 30, 2018 at 11:03 pm | Permalink

    Here’s the irony of ironies: Antisemitic Christians worshiping a particular Jew as God. Seems the white man is destined to serve the Jew one way or another.

  5. Benjamin
    Posted October 31, 2018 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    With regards to religion: Christianity is on the downwards spiral.

    I’m in my late 20s, live in a secular area of the USA, and have scarcely known ANY devout Christians either my own age or of the preceding generation.

    Christianity is not a popular “meme” for folks my age, or in White culture in general, outside of the Bible Belt region.

    While I agree that it’s stupid to publicly denigrate Christianity if you’re a candidate running for office, this idea that we need to really embrace this dying and cucked foreign religion because of “muh optics”, is ridiculous.

    The church IS NOT going to become any less cucked, any less racially universalist, etc, than it is now given the demographics of church-goers and that organized religion is a money making scheme.

    Nobody is going to “Make Christianity Based Again”. That ship has sailed. At best, it helped preserve some culturally conservative values for a time and was semi-legit BEFORE mass literacy became a thing and White people knew what was actually preached by Rabbi Yeshua Bar Yosef (a.k.a. Jesus) in the NT. But that’s no longer the case.

    Y’all should check out Thelema if you want a personal religion to follow. Do “Liber Resh” 4x a day, say “Will” before meals, go to EGC Mass if there’s an OTO body nearby, and read Aleister Crowley.

    Not only are Odin, Hercules, and Nietzsche Saints Of Thelema, but one could make a decent case that the “Hadit” of Liber AL is synomois with Kek/Lucifer, the “bringer of light” (I.e., the redpill of knowledge), and the whole religion is certainly more agreeable to a life affirming ideology than celibate monks whipping themselves all day because of “muh sins”, or “resisting not the evil-doer”.

    No, Thelema will never become a mainstream religion, but neither will “Alt-Right Christianity” either, and at least it’s far more in line with our ethos and does it contain all of the Slave Morality baggage of Christianity.

    • Leon
      Posted October 31, 2018 at 4:33 pm | Permalink

      You had me until you started talking about Thelema and Kek/Lucifer. How many people do you think a made-up quasi-Satanist occultist thing like that’s going to appeal to? No one with any good taste.

      • Benjamin
        Posted November 1, 2018 at 5:26 am | Permalink

        How many people is “1488 Christianity” going to appeal to?

        “Let my servants be few and secret, they shall rule them many and the known” — Liber AL

        The West is going to be in an indeterminate religious state for quite awhile whether or not we win.

        Pluralism, diversity, and special snowflakism has won out over homogeneity and uniformity, and that’s not going to change for awhile even if Greg Johnson became President tomorrow.

        Do what thou wilt and embrace the Apple ???? / Redpill ???? and it’s giver: Kek / Hadit / Lucifer / Phosphorous.

        I’m not waiting around for a strong central government or upstart religious movement to tell me how to worship, and neither should you.

      • Adrian
        Posted November 1, 2018 at 6:43 am | Permalink

        Leon, thank you for writing my comment for me (better than I’d have done).

    • Anonymous
      Posted November 1, 2018 at 5:07 pm | Permalink

      “I’m in my late 20s, live in a secular area of the USA, and have scarcely known ANY devout Christians either my own age or of the preceding generation.”

      That’s been my experience as well. Optics wise, identifying with the Church is as bad as the Nazi crap, because while my generation sees the Nazis as the quintessential example of evil, we see fundamentalist Christians as the quintessential example of stupidity and un-coolness, and that’s even worse. At least the Nazis, according to our view, could do smart and cool things like building tanks and V-rockets. Fire and brimstone preaching has no sex appeal.

      Now you may say we’ll ditch the fundamentalism, stuff like the belief the world is six thousand years old, but keep the good stuff like the opposition to feminism and homosexuality. But then we’re no different from the liberal Christians, picking and choosing what parts of the Bible we want to follow and what parts we want to ignore. It’s much better to argue for those things directly.

  6. Ike
    Posted November 2, 2018 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

    Nobody is LARPing as a Viking. Nobody serious anyway. This silly semetic desert religion has never worked for us as a people. It’s not how we feel and it’s not how we think. It’s contrary to our nature and it’s been dying since the 1600s. Have we not tired yet of pretending we believe in this nonsense? We’ve always been pagans but we’ve lost sight of the fact that it’s so. All of our high festivals are pagan and it seems to me that explaining to our people that hey ya know what Christmas doesn’t have anything to do with christianity, it’s pagan. So you see, you’ve been a pagan all along and didn’t know it.

    • Benjamin
      Posted November 3, 2018 at 12:48 pm | Permalink

      Exactly. See also: my comments below

      The only thing I’ll add in is that, there are obviously two ways for a religiously woke White man to go about the RQ (Religious Question):
      (1) sperg out about it (e.g., “Yahweh is a foreskin gobbling Semitic volcano demon; wake up America!”) and turn everyone around you off
      (2) be presentable (e.g., “I don’t really identify with Christianity, but if you look at all of the High Festivals of the religion, they’re basically pre-Christian European, so I’m fine with Christmas, Easter, etc because they’ve been with us a long time, we can enjoy XYZ without buying into the Jewish dogma surrounding it hook-line-and-sinker”) about it

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